Start the New Year Right by Following these Disney Blogs

New Year to Follow Great Blogs!

All Types of Disney Postings:
thedisneyprincess - the best and most popular disney graphics on tumblr (in my opinion) [the reason I joined]
simpledisneythings - my biggest tumblr crush - great disney lists/graphics!
disneyforeverlives - all disney - HUGE VARIETY
waltdisneyconfessions - confession blog
disneycouples - graphics and gifs of disney couples
judgmentaldisneynerd - memesite of non-disney fan annoyances
cooldisneyfacts - neat facts
undapperdisneythoughts - disney pick-up lines (some NSFW)
thatawkwarddisneymoment - funny disney posts and awkward moments
mcdisfan - general disney but lots of pin and vinylmation as well
disneyxovers - Disney crossovers
disneybound - disney fashion! - GREAT outfits
mydisneywardrobe - more disney fashion
f***yeahdisneyfanart - Tons of fan art for all movies and characters
disneycakes - Disney cakes
thedisneyvault - general disney
disneycocktails - Alcoholic drink recipes inspired by disney characters
Disney Mania - general disney
Disney Leading Ladies Merchandise - Coloring Pages and photos of disney merchandise (adult themed, not kid stuff)
assholedisney - NSFW hilarious disney graphics

Disney Parks:
kidsindisney - kids and disney face/furry characters
f***yeahdisneyphotography - mostly park photography
disneyworldcastmembers - CM perspective and parks mostly
disneylens - Park photography with an awesome tags list for searching

Movie Specific:
hellyeahpixarbrave - Brave (2012)
fyeahwall-e - Wall-E (2008)
hellyeahtangled - Tangled (2010) [the other reason I joined tumblr - wonderful tangled blog]
fyeahprincessaurora - Sleeping Beauty (1959)