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“President Obama, my name is __________ and I’m calling from _______ to urge you to stop cooperating with ICE! The breaking apart of our families and of our hearts, must stop now! Under your presidency, over 2 MILLION deportations have been ordered! Enough is enough! Stop the deportations, and break ICE instead, THIS VALENTINE’S DAY!”

This Valentine’s Day join us as we demand: President Obama stop breaking up families and breaking hearts! Break ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) instead!

#BreakICE #NotFamilies! This Valentine’s Day @WhiteHouse will hear our roar: #Not1More deportation!

How are we really celebrating this 1 year DACA anniversary ?

So this DACA anniversary is this Saturday. Many will celebrate and many will really analyse the impact it has had on our communities. And when i say impact I mean: the language it introduced in terms of how we speak about “desirable immigrants”/“deserving” undocumented, the impact (or not so much impact ) on many undocumented youth that do not qualify for daca , the impact of DACA in terms of it creating some type of relief for some undocumented youth which is great but does not really acknowledge the real immigration reform needed , the impact of undocumented organizers activist on the ground occupying OFA and years of push by immigrant communities that led to DACA (not because Obama loves us or because of “pro” immigrant national organizations ), the impact of DACA on organizers and many undocumented youth led organizations , how daca has aided people in the coming out undocumented process, how daca for many has frozen their coming out undocumented process, how about the way daca gives us a glimpse in terms of how CIR is being talked about “model minority” and this “pull your self by the bootstrap to qualify” status , how many DACA eligible undocumented youth that have applied are being rejected , for those that have been granted DACA being oppressed in this country has not stopped unlike popular belief , how DACA saves you but your family is still targeted for deportation, how about a dialogue on how daca undocumented youth are being discriminated in their jobs, or not being able to find jobs , larger conversation on the emotional & psychological toll of DACA on immigrant undocumented youth communities ,how DACA is hella expensive, how for many “pro” immigrant organizations DACA has allowed them to be lazy, many scholarships/jobs/ internships now opening up to DACA undocumented youth ….how about ALL UNDOCUMENTED YOUTH , the limiting conversation to only “DACA” undocumented youth. DACA was never an end goal , our communities deserve EVERYTHING- this country/government owes us everything (all rights and services including health care ) and it is about ALL our communities (that includes LGBTQ and Trans immigrants) ……I am anticipating all this happy cheery vague bull shit celebration e-blasts but i truly hope we have a critical dialogue and impact of DACA during this 1 year anniversary and continue to have a critical conversation on immigration and this bullshit CIR bill .

Drivers License on Progress!

Guess what guy took is written test for a drivers license and passed? I did! I feel like at an opera show and winning a School District from under my chair. I felt like I won an award. I felt like the most amazing person in the world! I would like to thank god and my mother and sisters and my helpful DACA supporters! Let’s pass that immigration reform now!

The old lady at Admissions who tried denying my initial college registration years ago cause I was undocumented, ended up being the one who had to accept my petition for my degree today. Of all the staff available, I was sent to her window.  I’m sure she doesn’t remember me but I couldn’t help but smirk at her ass. Maybe there is some poetic justice in the world.


That DACAmented life and its privileges and its contradictions and all the feelings we get once you’re part of it. 

Sometimes I feel really conflicted about my legal status.

At once, the gravity of being undocumented and my parents’ almost unwillingness to pay for my DACA application is almost overwhelming.

But at the same time, I can’t help but feel incredibly privileged with respect to other undocumented students because I attend an elite private college that essentially covers all financial aid (with the exception of tax withholdings for being an “international” student–which amount to about 2K$/year).


I wish men governed this Earth the way God governs the skies and galaxies because if they did, then every one would have a fair piece of justice and mercy. An equal contribution of these two things would provide every one with an equal chance of happiness and progression.

But, this is not the case. 

I am accepting that men have erased these Godly rules and principles from their books. Instead, they choose to rely on their ever changing notion of justice.

and neither is served.