• [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 27:33] Steve: my computer just made a noise and I don't know what it meant
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 27:36] Steve: it was like
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 27:39] Steve: bwang
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 27:43] Shawn Ahmed: haha
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 27:50] Shawn Ahmed: email
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 27:54] Shawn Ahmed: you got an email
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 28:01] Steve: wait did you actually get that
  • [2014. 1. 15. 오후 1: 28:05] Steve: that is the best

Coming Out & Talking About Abuse

There are days I feel completely like this. I honestly don’t know what keeps me going at times, but I know I want to help others and see the world - haven’t done much of either. I honestly feel like an ant in a world of human feet stomping on the ground at will. Right now my heart is in pain after watching this. I don’t know how much or what I can do, but I do know I just want hug him, be in silence, and just do nothing until he feels even the slightest bit better.

Can we get a huge huge huge round of applause for Shawn at TheUnculturedProject for being the bravest, kindest, most badass son of a bitch to tread through this unkind world.

He’s done so much for so many people, it’s about time we show our appreciation. Send him some love guys, show him how much nerdfighteria cares!

(P.S. If you ungrateful fuckers don’t SHOWER this kid in love, I will come and punch you in your sleep)


Shawn continues to make wonderful things happen and help others to make wonderful things happen and augh I just love his work, it’s terrific and so community-focused.