uncredited photo

Visual Trickery. Flushing, NY: Headed on a crash course? – No, the just just appears to be aimed toward the left field stands at She stadium. It actually is flying far beyond the stands on its way to La Guardia airport. The optical illusion was created by the cameraman’s 135mm lens. UPI Photo 7/2/69 (written on verso) / source: VTG


On this day in 1958, the United States established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as part of its commitment to winning the “space race.” Since then, the agency has made some of the most significant contributions to our understanding of the universe. In honor of NASA’s anniversary, here’s a gallery of its most iconic moments.

It was ten years ago today that Hunter S. Thompson shot himself. He was one of the most brilliant voices and fantastic characters in 20th century literature, and a genuinely talented journalist whose unconventional approach opened politics to a generation of youth. His writing style was so unique that he became a one man genre - someone completely inimitable, yet so captivating that it’s impossible to read him or listen to him speak and not accidentally steal some element of Gonzo. He was also a hell of a photographer, too (with his favourite subject being himself), and - according to this photo - the uncredited inventor of the selfie stick.