uncreationdude replied to your post: A couple days ago I experienced the phenomina of…

you won’t be making fun of him when he becomes the unquestioned ruler of latveria

But Doom isn’t a pampered white American teenager.

starlightexcellent said: Sounds more like Franziska von Karma-in-training.

His “fool"s weren’t nearly articulate enough. It was like a wannabe Mr. T "foo” abbreviation. Like “Yo foo’ gawn go dis party foo’ pick up sum ladeez foo’” This is no exaggeration of how he was talking, I’m pretty sure he said that verbatim at one point.

domestication said: I once made a bet with a friend for him to go one hour without saying fool. His response? “Fool, I can easily go an hour.”

That’d be giving this guy too much credit. He’d be more like “Ah ha das no prawb foo’.”