Title :: High Lady, Queen, Spy by aneverfixedmark

Word count :: 7,169

Chapters :: 3/?

Rating :: Mature

Relationships :: Feyre/Rhysand

Characters :: Feyre, Rhysand, Tamlin, Lucien, Morrigan, Nesta, Elain, Cassian, Azriel, Ianthe, Bron, Hart, Alis, OC, Tarquin

Additional Tags :: post acomaf, acomaf

Language :: English

Summary ::  Feyre has been in the Spring Court for nearly two months - Hybern’s soliders are pouring in every day and every day she must fight to keep her secret. The High Lady of the Night Court, Queen of Night Triumphant, is a spy. Uncovering secrets, playing the game, dismantling their armies from within… Every wretched day brings her one day closer to reuniting with her mate - but when? And will they be able to circumvent the war to come?

The first half of “Another Way Home” is now live on AO3!

When a young girl is found murdered in cold blood, Nick Valentine is determined to track down the killer. His investigation leads him straight into the hold of a gun-running mob, run by the mysterious Riley Hayes. Has Nick bit off more then he can chew? And will he and Riley uncover the real threat to Diamond City before its too late?

Its always a tremendous joy to write with @waffleguppies and we had a lot of fun writing this one! We hope you enjoy it!

You can read it here!!

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anonymous asked:

Do you HAVE TO get the Genocide exclusive endings to get the True Ending, or can we just get all the other endings?? I don't WANT to kill everyone to put Chara fully at peace, but if o have to...

Yes, you do.
Chara will not be satisfied until you’ve known true suffering as they have, they will not be laid to rest until every tiny secret is uncovered and every wound is felt. Frisk is merely their tool to gain a sense of closure with.


‘Did you know that the civilisation –’

June was rambling, and you knew that it was only to fill the quiet of the place. She was excited about the new dig that the two of you were going on, the artefacts that you might uncover. But she was also thrilled that you were there. She’d been wanting you to come on another dig with her for ages. She loved the little stories that you told her, the fact that you let her talk about all the different things, even though you knew about them as well. She loved that you wanted to come with her, that you were always there by her side.

‘Used the stones to help them tell the future?’ you finished, a small smirk on your face as she looked over her shoulder at you. ‘I told you that, remember?’

A light blush rose up her cheeks as she nodded, carrying on into the chamber. ‘And this is why you’re the best partner,’ she said in a small voice.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).


In Saudi Arabia, children are indoctrinated at a young age to hate Shia Muslims, minority sect muslims and non-muslims. The state religion is implemented by state-sponsored preachers that ensure a distorted version of reality is delivered to each student. This culture of hatred is aligned with Saudi foreign interests, which include funding extremists around the world that kill Shia Muslims, minority sect muslims and non-muslims alike. This curriculum is then exported to countries abroad, where it is preached and delivered by teachers. Textbooks from Saudi Arabia are found globally, from Syria, to Pakistan, to Canada, the U.S., and U.K. Saudi Arabia funds the building of mosques and Islamic centres in western and non-western countries to promote their ideology. The result of this indoctrination is the creation of fringe terrorists groups dedicated to the decimation of Shias, and other minority sects, and of course non-Muslims. 

Despite this public knowledge, countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Spain, Pakistan and a litany of others are allies with Saudi Arabia and protect and further its foreign interests.