*rubs hands*
it’s time for hoe prince to get laid

It started the way the whole mess had begun, with an inappropriate kiss on a dance floor. This time, however, it was slower, hidden in the back of the room. Sobriety was a fleeting idea just out of reach. Perhaps it was just the atmosphere that was too heady, making actions spin and fingers clumsy. He could feel the tremors in his hands, felt them wriggling and twisting up his bones. She made him nervous, in a good way. Everything had to be perfect, because there was no room to screw up with her.

One, two, three minutes too long and he was leading her away from the noise, away from the crowd. Up the stairs, down the halls, he took her by the hand, fingers woven together like roots. The door to his rooms closed and their lips met almost in sync, a little messy, a little uncoordinated. When he pulled away, it was to rest his forehead against hers, to smile stupidly against her smile, because neither of their mouths were working right.

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Potential therapeutic target for Huntington's disease
In the new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, scientists in the laboratory of Steve Finkbeiner, MD, PhD, showed that modifying the huntingtin protein through a process called phosphorylation can actually make the protein less toxic and allows cells to eliminate it more easily.

There is new hope in the fight against Huntington’s disease. Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes discovered that changing a specific part of the huntingtin protein prevented the loss of critical brain cells and protected against behavioral symptoms in a mouse model of the disease.

Huntington’s disease causes jerky, uncoordinated movements and a loss of control of motor function. It also results in deficits in learning and memory, as well as personality changes, such as dementia, depression, and aggression. Huntington’s is ultimately fatal, and there are no treatments to stop or slow its progression.

The disease is linked to a mutation in the Huntingtin gene, which causes a protein of the same name to fold up incorrectly like misshapen origami. Neurons cannot get rid of the misfolded protein, so it builds up in the brain, wreaking havoc in the cells.

In the new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, scientists in the laboratory of Steve Finkbeiner, MD, PhD, showed that modifying the huntingtin protein through a process called phosphorylation can actually make the protein less toxic and allows cells to eliminate it more easily. In fact, phosphorylating a specific spot on the protein called S421 protected a mouse model of Huntington’s from developing symptoms of the disease.

“I was shocked at the profound effect phosphorylation had on the Huntington’s model mice,” said first author Ian Kratter, MD, PhD, a former graduate student at Gladstone and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). “They showed few signs of the motor dysfunction, depression, or anxiety that are characteristic of the disease. In most of our tests, they were virtually indistinguishable from healthy mice.”

The mice were also protected against neuron death, particularly in the striatum, the movement and reward center of the brain that is first affected in Huntington’s disease. The scientists think that phosphorylation enables neurons to remove more of the harmful protein so it does not accumulate and damage the cell.

“Phosphorylation helps control how proteins fold and the systems in cells that clear proteins,” explained Finkbeiner, who is a senior investigator at Gladstone. “This is exciting, because a lot of the work we’ve done points to these protein removal pathways as being important not only for Huntington’s disease, but also for other neurodegenerative disorders. Understanding how phosphorylation links to these pathways could help treat several different brain diseases.”

The researchers are now exploring ways to mimic the effects of phosphorylation with a drug.

I had the Best Idea for a Jasper Redemption Arc

So they manage to de-corrupt Jasper but in the process she develops total amnesia

This leaves the gang with what amounts to a large uncoordinated puppy that gets excited at everything. But like this she gets to learn without a get indoctrinated prejudices holding her back

Later memory fragments return, leaving her confused and upset. Knowing shed once hurt her friends so bad

Even later it’s revealed that her memory did fully return but for weeks she’s been faking it, scared of loosing her new friends if they thought she’d turned back

This is Owen, my watchdog OC.
He is a nonverbal autistic, and dreams of being a child psychiatrist. He doesn’t go into battle very often, because he is very uncoordinated, but mostly he doesn’t actually want to hurt anyone.
He really loves to help people if they’re having a bad day (and has a secret crush on Wander), and many of the watchdogs go to talk to him when they need someone to listen, and Owen genuinely cares about their feelings.
He loves grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk, secretly hides a Valentine’s Day card from Wander under his pillow, and is very loyal to the Hater empire despite his crush. Commander Peepers keeps him around because he’s the only one who will listen to his rants about Lord Hater.
He loves everybody on the ship and they all love of him, and Lord Hater is actually really jealous of that.

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So just imagine: You're about to sit down, and watch a new episode of Voltron, when your screen goes blindingly white, and you're suddenly falling through a whirlwind of colors, and you suddenly pop out of the vortex, your eyes still closed, and a groan escapes your lips, as the person beneath you groans as well. Your eyes shoot open, to see a strange, but somehow, familiar setting, and four VERY familiar people staring down on you with mixes of alarm, concern, and confusion.

pl s….. i would mcfucking die im so uncoordinated and not in shape and dumb but at least i’d die in SPACE. also im like. super mentally ill which is why i have zero (0) survival instincts like first mission i’d do something dumb and get shot

This is the best day of Scott’s life.

They’ve brought him home a baby brother - Scott’s second brother and he’s so entranced he can’t take his eyes off the bundle of blankets in his arms. Virgil doesn’t really do much; he just eats and sleeps and sometimes when he cries, Scott picks him up and he stops being unhappy. Massive blue eyes peer up at him from his blankie and uncoordinated fingers reach out to grab hold of Scott’s hand.

Scott holds him tight and safe and this is the best day of Scott’s life.

Virgil’s three now and Scott’s his favorite word.

In the darkness when everyone’s supposed to be asleep, sometimes there’s an oof and a Scott? before hands grasp at his duvet and a little Virgil follows it, half of Scott’s size and a lil nervous of the things that might be lurking under his bed.

Well Scott’s seven and not afraid of no monsters. He takes his torch and baby brother’s hand and fills Virgil’s whole room with light ‘til he can see there’s nothing there but shadows and stray socks. There’s admiration in those big brown eyes and a sloppy kiss goodnight before Virgil slips back into his dreams, safe and sound in the knowledge that Scott will scare the monsters away.

It’s the best day of Scott’s life when he can keep his baby brothers safe.

And then suddenly Virgil’s five and Scott’s gotta let his hand go ‘cause they’re at the gate to Kindergarten and it’s time for Virgil to spread his wings and fly. ‘Cept he doesn’t, he turns right back round and sticks himself to his big brother like glue.

“S’okay, Virg.” Scott holds him as tight and safe as he did the day their parents brought him home. “Kindergarten’s real cool. They got whole tubs of crayons and glitter and all the stuff that’s too messy for home. It’s gonna be awesome. I promise.”

And at the end of the day when his little brother comes racing back to him with glitter in his eyebrows and something blue in his hands that’s supposed to be Scott, it’s the best day of Scott’s life to see that smile on his face.

Virgil’s ten now and too young for this. Dad’s carrying Alan like a balloon that’ll float off into the sky if he lets go even just a little. Johnny’s gripping Gordon’s hand tight which leaves Scott to reach out to Virgil as they follow their mother’s casket out into the dusty churchyard.

Sometimes hands aren’t enough. Scott’s arm goes around his little brother’s shoulders, keeping Virgil upright as much as his brother supports him. They’re gonna need to stick together so much as their mother disappears beneath the earth this time and their father begins to fall apart.

It’s the worst day of their lives but at least they’ve got each other.

The world’s a different place when Virgil’s 21 and he graduates from Denver School of Advanced Technology. He’s a man now and so is Scott as he waits in the shade for his brother to leave the campus one last time.

It’s not been an easy journey to this point in their lives, but whoever said life was easy? It requires time and effort and sometimes for one person to reach out and bridge the gaps that open up across the years.

And Scott does, when his old best friend appears from between the gates and those brown eyes meet blue. He reaches out just like he did the first time he ever met his brother to welcome him home. To begin again like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Or – as Virgil will come to learn once they make it home to their father – like a Thunderbird.

Best day ever.

(happy birthday, lil bro! <333)

marching band AUs

-”I play the flute and you play the trumpet and I got dared to shove my instrument in the trumpet bell because I’m immature as hell and you saw me” AU
-”I forgot my water bottle and I’m not drinking out of the nasty community cooler so can I drink from yours?” AU
-”Hi I missed the day where we learned the field show and I won’t speak up about it and you stand next to me and I’m really uncoordinated” AU
-”You’re really short and you play the bass drum and my friends and I laugh at how funny you look carrying it and you come over to yell at us and holy hell you’re cute” AU
-”You took the last good snack and I’m not saying I’ll smash my saxophone over your head for the last chocolate pop tart but” AU
-“I just pretended to shove my clarinet up your ass because I thought you were my friend but you’re not” AU
-“You took the last flip book of songs so we have to share” AU
-”You’ve flat tired me like seven times I s2g I don’t even care that it’s your first year of marching I’ll kick your ass these shoes were expensive” AU

Ok but I need a musical theatre dance class that isn’t….that kind of musical theatre dance class, ya know?? Like one where you just play the great Broadway bangers and dance around (who cares about specific choreo), belt/lipsync passionately, just….whatever you want ??? idk like zumba but for uncoordinated musical nerds like me

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craziest dream?!?

Man I’ve been havin’ some crazy ass dreams lately but the ones I remember most vividly are from childhood and my favorite was right after shrek came out and also right after these yo-yo performers came to my school to try and sell us their yo-yos by convincing our uncoordinated baby butts that if we bought them we could do all sorts of cool shit. Anyway.

I was sitting in my house but it was like 3x bigger than my house with huge floor to ceiling windows and I was sitting inside the legs of one of our counter stools (I did that a lot) and I was messing with a yo-yo and I was reading an instruction sheet for it and this HUGE ASS SHREK starts walkin around outside, like, godzilla size and I was scared shitless.

So I’m hiding under this chair in the middle of this perfectly transparent room and armed with nothing but a yo-yo hoping this green monstrosity doesn’t see me and he bends down and looks right at me and I woke up and cried.

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when i was a kid i won a shadow plushie from an amusement park and when i got home my uncoordinated self accidentally set him down on a butter dish. i literally started crying... i dishonored shadow with a butter stain..... anyway my parents put him in the washing machine and i sat in front of it the whole time supervising him spinning around and feeling guilty. im sorry shadow

oh dear! 

tbh im sure shadow enjoyed his impromptu butter snack and washing machine ride though.

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"You called for sex?"

“Wh-what? I-i-i dunno who you’re…Wh-what you’re talking about…” His face was flushed, his speech more uncoordinated than usual. Clearly drunk. …and he may have put a questionable ad on RickList.

Here Comes the Baron
  • Here Comes the Baron


This is a (very, very late) birthday gift for Cartre! The 2nd of 3 (Well, of 4 if you want to count my reaction to Robobot’s final boss). Anyway, this is supposed to be Baron Von Bones’ general theme. Hope you like it!

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Ok, so i have been looking all over for this post and im 90% sure its one of yours. Bucky orders steve to take off his suit after a mission but steve's to uncoordinated to get it off cuz hes crashin, so he thinks hes been bad so buck has to punsh him even tho he doesnt think steves bad. Can you help me find this?

It took me a minute, but I found it! :D

It is, indeed, mine and you can find the post is here <3

First Impressions

A little thing describing the circumstances of the merc trio meeting for the first time. It may be kind of stuttery or rusty-sounding; it’s been a while since I worked with the original story material.

Her armor feels wrong.

Erin knows it’s a foolish thought. The armor she wears is the same she’s always worn, as an Archangel, as an EIA informant. It’s the armor she died in, and now it’s the armor she lives in again.

Nothing feels right, she suspects, after coming back from the dead. Her sutures are still sore, the burns across her shoulder and chest sting as her chestplate shifts across her undersuit, and all her movements are stiff, uncoordinated. Her face in the mirror is still the same, though, the same scars, the same freckles, the same blue eyes in a pale face framed by copper-red hair. Perhaps that’s the only thing that reminds her she’s really alive.

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