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The 7th House - The House of Marriage and Partnership

Since I’ve been getting a lot of asks about the 7th House I decided to make a post on it. While the 7th House can represent businesses partnerships and lawsuits, this post will be focusing completely on the personal relationship aspect. Remember that we usually attract these partners because the planets in our 7th House will give us the same traits in relationships.

The 7th House gives us an indication as to what we’re like in relationships, what kind of people we attract and who we’re attracted to, remember that the 7th House cusp is also the descendant.

Planets in the 7th House: Planets in the 7th House will not only indicate the placements of our marital partner, but also the nature of our marriage(s) Remember that we usually attract these partners because the planets in our 7th House will give us the same traits in relationships.  

Sun in the 7th House: Energetic, lively, romantic partners, partners with solar/Leo influence or sun in the 1st/5th House, fun and optimistic relationship.

Moon in the 7th House: Warm, protective, emotional partners, partners with lunar/Cancer influence or moon in 1st/4th House, family oriented, loving relationship.

Mercury in the 7th House: Intellectual, cold, logical partners, partners with Mercurian/Virgo/Gemini influence or Mercury in 1st/3rd/6th House, intellectual, mind stimulating, cold relationship

Venus in the 7th House: Charming, fair, sweet partners, partners with Venusian/Taurus/Libra influence or Venus in 1st/2nd/7th House, fair, romantic, sensual relationship

Mars in the 7th House: Assertive, aggressive, masculine partners, partners with Martian/Aries influence or Mars in 1st House, aggressive, conflicting, sexual, exciting relationship

Jupiter in the 7th House: Optimistic, honest, adventurous partners, partners with Jupiter/Sagittarius influence or Jupiter in 1st/9th House, motivational, influential and adventurous relationship

Saturn in the 7th House: Strict, respectable, classy partners, partners with Saturn/Capricorn influence or Saturn in 1st/10th House, hardworking, cold, strong and stable relationships

Uranus in the 7th House: Rebellious, unconventional, unique partners, partners with Uranian/Aquarius influence or Uranus in 1st/11th House, chaotic, unusual, eccentric and exciting relationships

Neptune in the 7th House: Dreamy, dazed, deceptive partners, partners with Neptune/Pisces influence or Neptune in 1st/12th House, deceptive, dreamy, intuitive and loving relationship

Pluto in the 7th House: Power hungry, sexual, powerful partners, partners with Plutonian/Scorpio influence or Pluto in 1st/8th House, power struggling, sexual, intense and transforming relationship

Signs in the 7th House: While the planets in our 7th House tell us more about or partners, the sign on the cusp tells us more about ourselves. Some people don’t have planets in the 7th House and that is fine, it just means that you look at the sign and it’s planetary ruler. For example, if you have Aries on your 7th House cusp, it will have more or less the same affect as having Mars in the House. Now, in some charts you will have what’s known as ‘intercepted signs’ and that is when there are more than one sign in the house. In these situations, we look at the sign that is on the house cusp, the other sign in that house is more like potential, we take on those traits from time to time (even more so if a planet in the 7th House is in that intercepted sign).

Aries on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affects of Mars in 7th, makes someone ‘the leader’, provides an element of conflict or assertion

Taurus on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affects of Venus in 7th, makes someone down to earth, reliable and provides an element of luxury

Gemini on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affects of Mercury in 7th, makes someone witty and thoughtful, provides an element of communication

Cancer on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of the Moon in 7th, makes someone protective, loving, clingy and provides an element of home

Leo on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of the Sun in 7th, makes someone energetic, creative, romantic and provides an element of purpose

Virgo on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Mercury in the 7th, makes someone intellectual, logical, cold and provides an element of service

Libra on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Venus in the 7th, makes someone fair, loving, compassionate and provides an element of romance

Scorpio on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Pluto in the 7th, makes someone need control, powerful, sexual and provides an element of growth

Sagittarius on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Jupiter in 7th, makes someone optimistic, blunt, influential and provides an element of adventure

Capricorn on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Saturn in 7th, makes someone respectable, strong, strict and provides an element of stability

Aquarius on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Uranus in 7th, makes someone unique, unconventional, smart and provides an element of freedom

Pisces on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Neptune in 7th, makes someone ditzy, dreamy, intuitive and provides an element of deception

Uranus In The Houses

Uranus In The 1st House: unconventional appearance and attitude towards life; you may switch up your fashion preferences and hairstyle very often. you prefer to go with the flow and take everything as it comes

Uranus In The 2nd House: unconventional finances; you may find yourself bringing in an income through non-traditional manners and experimenting with different ways of making money

Uranus In The 3rd House: unconventional intellectual abilities; you may possess an intricate mind and you are always thinking outside of the box. your thoughts can potentially be perceived as shocking or unacceptable

Uranus In The 4th House: unconventional home; you may have a chaotic, high-strung family and you find solace in your bizarre home life. you feel as though you are the black sheep in your family

Uranus In The 5th House: unconventional creativity; your passionate streaks come in waves - some are high and some are low. you may rebel in an energetic way and create your own rules to life

Uranus In The 6th House: unconventional work habits; you may do things in an oddly specific way and you confuse others because you seem calculated, but you don’t necessarily know what your plans are beforehand. you have various routines

Uranus In The 7th House: unconventional relationships; you are either a wildly eccentric partner, or you look for a partner who lives up to your eccentric ideals - maybe both. you do not want to be controlled or dependent on approval

Uranus In The 8th House: unconventional profundity; you do not seem to judge anyone or anything, which makes you tolerant but also hard to read. you may find a safe place in darkness. you’re emotionally nonchalant and take care of your problems alone

Uranus In The 9th House: unconventional philosophies; you may rebel against the convictions of others and follow your own unpredictable journey, uncovering personal truths firsthand. you like to explore the weirdness of this world

Uranus In The 10th House: unconventional goals; you are intensely free-spirited and you refuse to conform to society’s expectations of what you should be. you may seek a career that is obscure or difficult to attain

Uranus In The 11th House: unconventional friendships; you give your friends the freedom to do as they please and to act as they please. you welcome unusual elements into your life. you bring people together and embrace your quirks

Uranus In The 12th House: unconventional spirituality; you may have a great understanding of the universe and you tend to have erratic fantasies/dreams, as well as artistic talents that are impossible to define

prologue (daddy issues)

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naomi saverin is a prostitute at eichen house, california’s largest underground sex trafficking conglomerate, specializing in werewolf therapy. being a sex worker is all she’s ever known. until one day, she gets hired by the hale pack, and she meets isaac lahey. if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s daddy issues. 

he’s frustrating and stubborn. he constantly challenges all her beliefs, but through it all, he gives her hope for a better life. after a life time of disappointments and insecurities, and her past threatening to kick down the door at any moment, naomi finds it difficult to let him in. but you have to understand–it’s hard enough navigating a teenage romance without being contractually obligated to have sex with all your boyfriend’s friends.

pairings: isaac x naomi (main), derek x naomi, derek x stiles, scott x naomi, scott x kira, theo x naomi, brett x naomi

warnings: mentions of abuse, some unwanted sexual contact, rape attempts 

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Where would you take a little on a date if she's shy or gets anxiety around people easily or in a public place?

A night under the stars and or quiet picnic.
Go to places at unconventional times.
Someone’s house with board games and such.
Go see a movie that has been out for a while, so no one else will be in the theater.
Hikes, walks. The zoo but on an off weekday.

Start from there and slowly move your way up.

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can you explain house cusps for me

I’m planning on making a post on them but I’ll give you a rough explanation!

There are twelve house cusps and they each represent a different part of our lives and personalities. While sometimes there can be more than one sign in a house, the sign that the house cusp is on, is the one that rules the house.

1st House: Associated with Mars and Aries, represent self-image, identity and appearance (also known as the Ascendant)

2nd House: Associated with Venus and Taurus, represents security, finance, the voice and luxury

3rd House: Associated with Mercury and Gemini, represents communication, short trips, siblings and learning

4th House: Associated with the Moon and Cancer, represents childhood, family, the home and the mother

5th House: Associated with the Sun and Leo, represents creativity, the ego, vital energy and sometimes the father

6th House: Associated with Mercury and Virgo, represents health, service, institutions and work

7th House: Associated with Venus and Libra, represents partnerships and marriage, business affairs and lawsuits

8th House: Associated with Pluto and Scorpio, represents transformation, the sharing of money, sexuality, power and control

9th House: Associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius, represents knowledge, higher learning, wisdom, philosophy and travel

10th House: Associated with Saturn and Capricorn, represents publicity, reputation and career

11th House: Associated with Uranus and Aquarius, represents social life, society, rebellion and unconventional ways of life

12th House: Associated with Neptune and Pisces, represents dreams, illusion, relationship with substance and intuition

Zodiac Signs as Game of Thrones houses

Aquarius- House Martell

Defining Characteristics: unconventional, progressive, independent.

Pisces-  House Tyrell

defining characteristics: emotional, idealistic, charming 

Aries- House Targaryen

defining characteristics: willful, ambitious, temperamental, 

Taurus- House Baratheon 

defining characteristics: stubborn, practical, loyal

Gemini- House Greyjoy

defining characteristics: dedicated, versatile, self-assured

Cancer- House Arryn

defining characteristics: organized, domestic, devoted

Leo- House Lannister

defining characteristics: dynamic, confident, dramatic

Virgo- House Stark

defining characteristic: analytical, dignified, patient

Libra- House Tully

defining characteristic: artistic, affectionate, charming

Scorpio- House Bolton

defining characteristic: secretive, strong willed, passionate 

Sagittarius- Free Folk beyond the Wall

defining characteristic: jovial, freedom loving, enthusiastic

Capricorn- House Frey

defining characteristic: practical, secretive, competitive 

Tonight & Tomorrows Exercise Will Be Super Cleaning The House.....

I have people coming over on Saturday and I haven’t done A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!


  6. DUST



Hi hello, normally don’t do these long winded posts but going to step out here for just a second. I’m sure many of you are already aware, but for my friends who aren’t: I just wanted to share that right now is such an important time to be involved in the theatre community and to witness theatre. Within the past several months, a number of shows have begun to completely change the game for how American theatre is going to be made (not just talking about Hamilton!!!). Underdog, Fun Home (playing in Broadway’s smallest house with unconventional Musical Theatre material, a nine person cast, and a mere five piece orchestra), was the first musical with an all-female team to take home the Best Musical tony award. Already this year’s broadway season is much more inclusive that it’s counterparts with shows such as Deaf West’s Spring Awakening, Hamilton, Allegiance, etc. Anyways, I guess I’m just coming out here to say that change is underway and I’m really psyched about it. Art is super cool and and we should get excited when we have the opportunity to watch it develop and be at the forefront of change. Rad.

Biggest pet peeve: people who own snakes and other uncommon pets because they’re “edgy” and “weird” and then proceed to treat the animals like shit again because they’re “unconventional” etc. etc.

There are plenty of abusers and morons out there. You’re not unconventional for housing your snakes all together, free-roaming in a shed on the back forty; you’re just an asshole. An asshole who fails at even the most basic comprehension of the whys and hows behind animal care.

It does not make you interesting. It does not add to your personality. If your self is so vapid and vacant that the only way you can interest other human beings is via the forced suffering of animals, you need to sit down with yourself and work it the fuck out - preferably away from other living things.

Talkin’ Tiny

I’ve told you that Jeremy and I are paring down our material possessions in hopes that we can eventually downsize to a smaller home. But the definition of “small” that we’re aiming for has gotten a bit….tiny.

You’ve probably heard of tiny houses because of the documentary on Netflix or the specials on HGTV or maybe the posts that pop up on Facebook and Pinterest. We personally are in love with Tiny House Nation (from the FYI network but we’ve watched two seasons on Amazon Prime). Jeremy and I can’t seem to get enough of these itty bitty, smartly designed spaces. I think the technical definition of a tiny house is a structure under 400 sq ft. I told Jeremy that I would draw the line at 350 sq ft though and I don’t think that’s unreasonable. ;) I think the sweet spot for us would be around 450 sq ft.

Here are the reasons that I think a tiny house could work for us:

  • It’s just the two of us. And three small dogs.
  • We’re pretty small people. Both of us are under 5′6.
  • We spend the majority of our time at home together in the basement or bedroom.
  • We are unconventional people and love unconventional housing. 
  • The modern design we adore at a lower price than we’d usually find it. (Google: “Modern Tiny House” to see what I’ve been drooling over.)
  • I’ve always loved and wanted a loft and most tiny houses have lofts in order to take advantage of vertical space.
  • Freedom. Yes some of these structures are on wheels, but I’m talking more about the financial freedom a small house and small house payment would bring.
  • Lower utility bills. 
  • Less to clean & less upkeep.
  • We want to spend more time outdoors.
  • We desire simplicity.

Here is my short list of concerns (the list is short not because I don’t have many concerns but because I’m not going to bore you with all the obvious “what ifs”):

  • Jeremy: books
  • Me: photos & scrapbooks

We are both doing really well cleaning out excess in these areas, but I just don’t know if we REALISTICALLY could get rid of enough to exist in such a small space. 

This is an ongoing discussion and we need to do a lot more research to see if it’s feasible for us. But regardless of whether we go tiny or not-so-tiny or small or small-ish, we are gung ho and excited about simplifying our life. :)