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Indeed, the lashing out is beginning to look less and less fearsome, and more and more impulsively buffoonish and self-defeating. And there’s a broader pattern developing here, one that undermines a key narrative about the Trump presidency, in which Trump is pursuing strategic disruption and breaking all the old rules and norms to further an unconventional presidency that is designed to render the old way of doing business irrelevant. It’s obvious that all of this is now actively undermining his own designs, on multiple fronts.

Donald Trump is suddenly looking like a very weak autocrat

This is just going to make him even more dangerous than he already was.


If you don’t know about it already, you’ve got to start paying attention to 5ivepillars, an incredible streetwear brand that’s inspired by Islam

“We were discussing different ways to give back to our community, in both conventional and unconventional ways,” designer Farrukh Ershad tells Refinery29. From there, he launched the first T-shirt of the collection: “I (crescent and heart) Islam,” a twist on the classic “I heart NY” tee. The effort was both successful and charitable, donating profits from more than 100 shirt sales to Helping Hand for Relief and Development, a global humanitarian organization that responds to human suffering after emergency situations.

Photos: 5ivepillars



Polaroid Cube

Unconventional design is not the only advantage of the Cube. It is packed with functionality. It is shockproof and water resistant, very rugged and durable, but it also provides you with 1080p HD video, 6MP photo quality with 124° wide angle lens.



BTL Y-Wing∗TIE/sk x1 “Y-Striker”

Like many ‘Ugly’ starfighters, Griffon was built out of necessity as much as by design. Her copilot/gunner/astromech, Threece, bears to dubious honour of being responsible for that design, instructing her construction from parts scavenged after the Battle of Scarif in 0 BBY. Christened by her first pilot, Ria Talla, she is now flown by Admiral Talla’s adopted daughter, Lt. Pinna Talla. Threece has remained with the ‘fighter in the decades since, owing both to her being the only ‘fighter she’ll agree to fly in, and her being the only astromech who’ll agree to fly in she.

Part of the Rebel (now Resistance) Raptor Cell, Griffon typically engages in solo guerrilla operations, or providing fire support for larger operations (sometimes planetside). Within Raptor Cell, Griffon bears some notoriety as a Hanger Queen, with her unconventional design necessitating extensive maintenance, and a lack of adequate landing gear. Pinna and Threece, however, are afforded some respect for being foolhardy enough to fly her.

With the TIE-Striker’s wings, adaptive ailerons, and aerodynamic repulsors, Griffon excels in atmospheric combat, though she is more than capable in vacuum with its twin ion engines. From the Y-Wing she inherits hyperdrive capability, deflector shields, and a superior armament. Many components have been replaced or upgraded since she was first built. The most noteworthy change is the replacement of the prow-mounted lasers with heavy ion cannons, and the corresponding replacement of the dorsal ion cannons with turret-mounted blasters. She retains a compliment of proton torpedoes and ion bombs, as well as light, wing-mounted lasers.

Project Runway: Every Unconventional Materials Challenge Ever
  • That One Designer: Uh, I've never used unconventional materials.
  • That One Designer: Designers just DON'T do that.
  • That One Designer: I just wasn't expecting this.
  • That One Designer: I'm just going to glue stuff to some muslin fabric....even though I was specifically told not to do that.
  • That One Designer: This isn't fair.
  • Me: Have you ever actually watched the show?

Bomberg is a young Swiss company that makes a great, military-style watch. Reinventing the classic timepiece, they create and sell an array of modern watches of exceptional quality that cater to the modern man.

Bomberg introduced the Bolt-68 watch in 2014. The year 1968 represents the roots of the brand and is in reference to one of the most significant years of the 20th century, one that saw great social change and innovation. The term “bolt,” emphasizes the strength of the collection and its unconventional design. This watch is unique because it was designed with the patented bayonet system giving the option to also turn it into a masculine pocket watch. To do so, twist the watch face counter clockwise. The watch face pops off and has both a clip and a substantial chain attached to the back of it. This is an interesting spin to a modern timepiece that’s exclusive to Bomberg. The Bolt-68 is available in two models and a variety of cases, while the Bolt-68 Skull is a limited edition with a black chain representing skull and crossbones.

This watch was simple to pair with my already established fall wardrobe. I mixed it with a classic brown, blue and white gingham spread collar shirt fromCotton Brew, a crested buck tie from J. Crew and a wool navy blazer also from J. Crew. The Bolt-68 by Bomberg is a big, bold timepiece that needs no other accessory.  Pairing classic wardrobe pieces with this innovative watch design is definitely a conversation starter.  

The Panjandrum was a creation of the Department of Development of Various Weapons (Department of Miscellaneous Weapons Development, or DMWD), an agency of the British Admiralty whose job was to research and design of unconventional weapons. It was a self-propelled bomb that would destroy coastal theoretically concrete bunkers several meters thick. It would be launched from a boat at a considerable distance from the coast and was expected to reach its target without guidance, thus paving the way for the subsequent assault landing forces. It consisted of a loaded with up to 1,800 kg of explosives that had been added to it at its ends two large wooden wheels and iron tread three meter diameter drum. A small solid rocket placed on wheels would spin the engine and provide the propulsion needed to reach a speed of about 100 Km / h, pass over any obstacle in its path encontrase and crashing his goal