uncontrolled substance

This soul of mine, every night stands in the porch of an unknown feeling not yet revealed by a complex web in life ,wandering in the fields of strange senses ,searching the  meaning of you…

I know you were forged with the tools of the gods ,i know you were made of silver pearls ,enlighted in a masterplan to pour over me your uncontrolled wild substance by erotical  desires with your enchanted words ,i know  you were made to overcome passions to touch women’s hearts to  whom may die for you !

I know you came from the Olympus,the high mountain of   the mighty powers ,dwell far away from mankind which  tricked our tiny understanding of Love ,made us so small ,so selfish ,with no notion of the geometrical expansion of depht ,of lengh ,of height  where   our hearts may not burden,,,,

This soul of mine, can not streched this  meanless body of a sinner ,imperfect but suffering indulging me ,appealing me to be led to your magnificent melodical strenght of a Man ,a Man pulsing in every note of a lyrical song,in every breath which nature aspires …im nothing comparing to your stunning mind ,comparing to those who surround you ,to those who are attracted by  your metaphorical skill of shapping one’s heart ,with your voice of thousand thunders ,shattering ,slashing  into million golden eargerly feelings in me…

I know you were melted with the finest rare gems of all universes .you are the one which  the tales of ancient wizards could not dare to tell,yes you the master of the strings ,of every vein ,the strings of a precious poem …how i wish i could live forever in your glorious heart ,be the one who feed your lust ,your hunger of beauty,be the one who painted the night starry skies with my Love ,be the muse of your grandeur ,your brightness ,,,,

This soul of mine can only touch slightly the surface of all your layers ,this soul of mine has a hole that can never be sealed during days,during nights ,during seasons of my heart but only a simple glance of your mysterious traces over me. i can light my burden ,wishing you like an undying flame in this wild forest which is a simple drop of your shadow enduring  in me as a passion engraved ,carved in my whole flesh and blood…

I  want to born in you  ,to live  in you and die in you ,my Olympus god ! 

“ He came from the Olympus “  From me to you 

happy ending

uncontrolled use of
controlled substances.
coming down 
while going up.
a priceless cliche
traded for time.
respire for the traveler
who never leaves home.

a fair amount
of unjust change.
a brief sentence
encompassing eternities.
a shortness of breath
due to long-lived euphoria.
a reuptake inhibitor
for affordable failures. 

elegant words describing
unrefined axioms
during a polar vortex 
in more than two states
demand universal acceptance
for the horribly disfigured
antihero of the dystopia
who sacrificed love
for an insipid хепи ендинг. 


Aside from his duties as the face of Fizzco, an enraged Balloon-thing and an advocate for public intoxication of an uncontrollable substance known as Overcharge, Fizzie’s also an antenna ball in Psyonix’s Rocket League, the game with a premise that’s just as outlandish as all of Sunset Overdrive. 

Soccer/futbol, overcharge-powered cars and an ill-mannered antenna ball sounds like the perfect formula for #badass! 


Inspectah Deck Ft. Masta Killa - Friction