do you remember?

Summary: It’s the night before their wedding. Izuku and Shouto did a little throwback. 

Tags: Dating, Dates Gone Wrong, Fluff, Pure fluff, Late night talk, wedding, big day, proposal

Note: This is to make up for yesterday angst. A prequel to Shoe Game@tododeku-week Day 6 | memories | quote


‘Do you remember our first date?’ Izuku’s soft murmur broke the silence of the night.

Shouto, who was starting to drift off to sleep at the lull of the conversation, blushed crimson on reflex. He always blushed whenever Izuku mentioned dates.

'The official one or the first first one?’ He asked. Because Uraraka and Tsuyu had told them first thing when they started dating for real that it felt like they had been dating for ages, with how many times they did things with just the two of them.

'The official one,’ Izuku replied fondly. It was too dark to see but Shouto was certain Izuku was smiling softly.

'Yeah. Why?’ He answered. Looks like he was not going to sleep early tonight.

'Do you remember the movie we watched?’

'Yes, yes I do.’ It was a special outdoor showing of Jaws. Widescreen on the bank of a lake at the dark of the night. They were taken out to the middle of the lake on a rickety old wooden boat to enjoy the movie. The movie was old, 19070s old, but it was surprisingly engaging. Izuku languidly dipped his arm elbow deep into the lake, not really watching the movie, but watching Shouto watch the movie. His left arm, which was thankfully dry, made an excellent head rest for Shouto.

That would have been a perfect night out if it had been a normal, innocent show.

As it was, there were people swimming around, grabbing arms and legs and scaring people out of their wits as the climax hit.

Shouto didn’t know about that. Neither did Izuku.

When the scene with the shark dragging itself up the half-submerged boat rolled around, Izuku let loose a terrified scream. Shouto, already on edge, was startled enough to set himself on fire and burn the wooden plank underneath him.

Izuku jumped onto him and clutched at his neck, face bleached white in fear.

Their combined weight on one side of the boat sent them both toppling over into the dark water.

'You climbed onto my head and refused to climb down while I swam us back to shore.’ Shouto deadpanned, looking at the luminous stars and galaxy painted on the ceiling. Luckily it was a warm night so he had hardly any difficulty guiding himself and Izuku the deadweight to the shore.

Izuku sputtered near his head, rustling about in the blanket.

'I did not!’ He protested indignantly.

'And you were convinced that there were sharks. In a sealed off fresh water lake. One hundred kilometre inland.’

'There are fresh water sharks!’

'Not native to Japan.’

Izuku huffed in annoyance as he had no comeback for that.

'Well, at least I don’t fall asleep in an IKEA wardrobe.’ He steered the conversation in a completely different direction. Shouto didn’t need to turn around to see how madly Izuku’s eyes were twinkling.

They had agreed to never talk about that again.

‘We had an agreement.’ Shouto reminded, a bit peeved but mostly embarrassed.

There was a reason why they never mentioned that.

Dripping wet and soaked to the bones, they left the movie unfinished to hunt for new clothes. The nearest store they could get clothes from was a thrift shop, which had them some rather interesting choices.

Within five minutes, Shouto picked a white polo shirt and a pair of surprisingly comfortable black jeans. Not much different from his initial clothes.

Izuku, on the other hand…

His eyes literally lit up when Shouto drove them into the parking lot of the shop and he was out before Shouto even released his own seatbelt. It took him nearly ten minutes to locate Izuku, standing in front of a bookshelf, head bent a 90 degree to look at the title on the back of the books. Water made a pool at his feet. He looked so much like a downed rat, hair plastered to his head, clothes stuck onto his lean muscular frame. Shouto was probably not much better but it was so endearing to see Izuku like this. He had to physically drag Izuku away from the books to search for clothes.

(He made a mental note to have one of the biggest bookshelves and most comfortable reading nooks installed when they moved into a bigger apartment. If his room was smaller because of that, then so be it; as long as he could see Izuku’s dopey smile all the time, any sacrifice was worth it.)

Izuku was too distracted to pick his own clothes so Shouto had to do it. And he did it well. Izuku offered no objection whatsoever, still too distracted, so Shouto believed it was a job well-done.

His boyfriend only paid attention to what he was wearing when they were driving away from the thrift shop.

‘Shouto, what am I wearing? Why am I wearing All Might merch? Oh my god I’m not 10 anymore! Wait, why are we at IKEA? What are we doing at IKEA?’ His voice was an octave higher than it had been in the beginning, face flushing crimson.

‘I am hungry.’ I want to check out the bookshelves.

‘We can eat somewhere else,’ Izuku nearly begged.

‘They’re too far,’ Shouto said. ‘I’ll be quick.’

‘Can I just stay in the car?’ Izuku changed tactic when begging didn’t work.

Shouto merely shook his head.

He didn’t understand. They wore each other’s merch all the time. An All Might hood T-shirt and matching pants were not as outrageous as Izuku made them to be. And how could his boyfriend not see how cute he was in those? The yellow things sticking out from the hood would be absolutely adorable if Izuku decided to pull the hood up.

‘I have an image to uphold!’ Izuku whispered into his ears scandalously, trying in vain to hide behind Shouto as they walked to the restaurant section of IKEA.

‘There are few people around. They won’t pay attention,’ He said while prying Izuku’s hand away from his shirt so he could take it in his own hand. ‘You look cute in them.’

Shouto would never get bored of watching Izuku’s face flame up. So, he pushed the hood over Izuku’s face and pressed a soft kiss on his covered head. Izuku’s hand felt hot in his hold but he didn’t try to push the hood down so Shouto took that as a win.

He left Izuku alone for a few minutes at the restaurant with the pretense of looking for doormat since theirs showed wear of time while in reality, he meandered over to the bookshelf section.

Then he got distracted and lost track of time.

He found an interesting wardrobe. Wooden, tall, mystical. Kind of like the one in Narnia movie.

The inside was equally Narnia-inspired with demo woollen sweeping-the-floor coats and off white fluffy carpet. It was also big enough for him to sit comfortably. A little bit too comfy as he felt his eyes start to droop and he lost the fight against sleep.

When he woke up again, it was to Izuku’s half-panic, half-dying-of-laughter face.

‘I almost called for a hero agency before I realised I was a hero. And I did a spy move to get away from the security guy while running around searching for you. We actually spent a night in IKEA. I was having a panic attack and you were sleeping away in a wardrobe!’ Izuku howled uncontrollaby, shaking so badly the bed shook with him.

Shouto endured the embarrassment as Izuku laughed himself to a coughing fit. He half-heartedly pounded on Izuku’s back to ease it.

‘I will not mention Jaws night again if you never bring up IKEA wardrobe in the future,’ Shouto bargained.

‘Deal,’ Izuku agreed easily, shaking his hand once before going back to giggling.

What a load of dung. They both knew they would bring those up again at any given chance.  

They lapsed back into silence, broken only by Izuku’s intermittent snorts. The luminous stars on the ceiling shone brightly, almost heavenly in the absolute darkness of their room.

‘Do you remember the time we danced in the rain?’ Izuku gently snuggled up to his side, whispering into his ear.  

‘Of course.’ How could he not? It was the first time he ever felt so alive. He hadn’t smiled and laughed so much since ever.

A visit to cat island. Sun shower. Before Shouto could run to the eaves of a nearby house, Izuku yanked at their joined hand and swung him around.

It was not much of a dance since they were just doing whatever moves they felt like doing. Moonwalk, robot, tap-dancing, arm-waving. At one point, they held hands and swung themselves in circles, until they both could not stand up straight. Izuku straight up lay flat back on the middle of the road. Shouto leant onto the lamp pole a tad too far.

Luckily for them, there was no one watching, only a band of ten or so cats all huddling together on the porch of a house, eyeing them attentively.

Which somehow reminded him of something completely unrelated.

‘Do you remember when you proposed?’ Shouto turned the silver band on his left hand around.

‘How can I forget?’ Izuku chuckled. ‘Our moms are our best fans.’

‘Your mom said, what, ‘there are two beautiful engagement rings in your bedroom, Izuku. Do you mind if I show them to Shouto?’’

‘Exactly that. And I almost choked to death.’ Izuku laughed. ‘I bet your mom planned that too. She kept eyeing my mom with a smile throughout dinner.’

‘You went so red that a ripe tomato cannot be any redder.’ Shouto recalled fondly.

‘As if you were any better.’ Izuku placed his head on his chest to stick his tongue out at him.

‘You popped the question right then and there.’

‘And you said yes.’ Izuku dragged his arm across Shouto’s chest to stare at the ring on his left hand. Shouto pulled his arm out from under the blanket and placed his left hand next to Izuku’s. ‘Best day of my life.’ Izuku intertwined their fingers and kissed them gently.

Shouto ran his right hand through Izuku’s fluffy hair rhythmically. He felt Izuku’s breath deepened.

‘We should sleep. There’s a big day ahead of us.’

‘Uhm, good night Shouto. I love you.’

‘Good night Izuku. I love you too.’

Daryl Dixon x Reader - Perfect (Request)

Pre-Apocalypse AU

Fic based on “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Teen Daryl x teen Reader (18 years old)

@kingdixonreedus : please please please make a DarylxReader with the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran



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Babysitter - Michael Clifford smut

My mother hired a babysitter for my little brother but i wanted to go out and party. The babysitter turned out to be a real hottie so i didn’t mind to stay home for once.


my mom insisted on my brother getting a babysitter. I think she doesn’t trust me as much since the last time i went out when i was suppose to watch him. I didn’t know i was suppose too. It was saterday and it got really cold outside. I was going to a party but my mother took the car and i was not walking 5 miles. The babysitter was coming and even though i was home. My brother is 5 so could leave him alone till the watch came. My mom told me he was 2 years older than me and was he gonna watch me too, but i was planning otherwise. 

The bell around 7 o’clock and i really didn’t wanna get up. I got up after it rang about 6 times, “I’m soo sorry i didn’t hear it untill now” i said with a fake sad tone but my breath got abit taken away when i looked him in his eyes. “Sure, i’m Michael” he said rude and walked in without asking. He looked really good i didnt expect that at all. “I’m (y/n) make yourself comfortable.” He threw his backpack against the counter and looked around. “Where is your little brother?” I sat on the couch and put on the television while texting my friends about him. “He’s already asleep you just  have to check on him every hour” he nodded and looked though his backpack. 

“You want something to drink or eat Michael?” i said genuinly smiling at him. “No i’m good” he said and pulled a beer out his bag, he sat on the other side of the couch and opened it. “I don’t think my mother would like you drinking on the job.”  said arrogant and continued typing. “Well (y/n) I’m legal and you’ve bin drinking that ‘coke’ really fast” he said and took the remote from the table. “I was watching that” i tried to grab the remote but he held it high above his head and flashed an award winning smile. “Fine i’m going in half an hour anyway”i said happy since i finally managed to get a ride. 

“No you’re not” He said seriously. I just found someone who was willing to drive me and a stupid babysitter was not gonna stop me. "Yes i am" i said and stood up to go change. After 10 minutes of touching up my make up he opened the door and looked at me.

 “I could have been naked you know” i said angry, i was mad now and determined to go to that party so i had no problem with being sassy to Michael. “I don’t mind” he said and sat on my bed. I looked in my closet and picked got a black dress and shorts with a simple shirt on it. “Which one is better?” I asked holding the sets in front of me. He looked at them and then back at me. “The dress is to slutty and the shirt is to plain” he said like we have been friends forever. I looked at him confused but he answered :“i had a really obnoxious girlfriend” i looked at them again and yeah the dress was indeed too slutty. “So are you gonna go now or what?” I asked ready to get changed since i didn’t have much time left. 

“No i’m good” he smiled at me again and made himself comfortable on my bed. I pulled off my hoodie and went searching for a better bra. I heard him mumble something and looked at him, he darted his eyes up to mine fast but i could see it was hard for him. “Something wrong Michael?” I asked innocent but he shaked his head and gave me another smile. I got out off my legging bending over a little longer than needed and walked to the mirror.

I saw him shift in his seat and turned around. I stood in front of his with my hands on my hips. He kept smiling at me and looked around the room.  heard a buzz and looked at my phone, bending over the desk. My ride wasn’t coming so i was stuck with Michael the whole night. “Fuck” I heard him say and i looked around. I grabbed my leggings off the fround and sat next to him to put them back on. I looked at his pants and saw an obvious tent forming and smirked at him. “Why can’t we have some fun since i’m not going anymore” i said as innocent as possible and put my hand on his crotch. 

He groaned at the touch and looked at me biting his lip.  “Ah fuck it” He said and kissed me hard. He was rough and put one hand on my boob and the other on my side pulling me closer to him. I started unbuttoning his pants and he moved me so i was straddling him and grabbed my ass. He leaned back and pulled his shirt off. “You’re not a virgin right?” He asked husk, his lips already swollen and red from the kiss. I shaked my head biting my lip and rolled my hips on his. He kissed me again and unclapsed my bra. 

 He started moaning and kissed down my neck. I finally got the buttons of his pants undone and tangled my hands in his hair. He sucked particularly hard on the spot right under my ear and had me moaning in seconds. He marked me with a big purle spot while i tugged at his pants. He pushed me on my feet and stood up to pull off his pants. I layed down on my bed and watched him struggle. “Take those off” he said pointing to my last piece of clothing.

i took them off and he crawled on the bed hovering over me. He kissed me again and slowly moved down my body. He sucked on one nipple and rolled the other one in his fingers. I moaned at the feeling but i needed more so i sarted rubbing my legs together. I tangled my fingers in his hair and tried to push his head down a little but it wasn’t moving very much. “Michael please do something” He looked at me and suddenly pushed in two fingers making me gasp. He moved down and licked up a tripe and stopped at my clit.

 I moaned uncontrollaby when he sucked on my clit and moved his fingers fasters. “Come on babe” I grabbed his head and pulled on his hair making him groan. I moaned his name and rolled my hips against his face. He looked at me and curled his fingers. I clambed my legs together but he pushed them apart and pushed my legs up to my face making the friction even better. I was very close to cumming and i tried to let him know but only moanes and pantings came out. “You can cum for me princess” He said against my head. I came hard grabbing the blankets next to me. He sucked me clean and came up to kiss me. 

I could taste myself on his lips but i didn’t mind. We finally made out for real and i moved my hand down to rub his dick trough his boxers. “Fuck me Michael” I said in his ear. He moaned and bit on my neck trying to muffle his moans. “Condom?” He asked opening my bedside drawer and grabbed one. I snatched the condom from his fingers and put it on my lips. I got on my knees and put it on. His lips where caught between his teeth and moved my hair aside to look at me. I rolled the last part on and smiled at him proud of what i can do. I got on my hands and knees on the bed and looked over my shoulder to see him smiling at me. He slapped my ass making me moan and smoothed it after. “You like that princess” He said and slapped me again, I moaned in response and moved my butt eager to get him to fuck me. “So desperate for my cock i like it” He said and slammed inside of me. I screamed out and almost lost the strength in my arms. he held my hips and moved fast. 

“Is it good princess?” he was breathing uneven too and slapped me again but this time with less force. “Yes Michael so go-ood” He moved in different ways, sometimes slow and than fast again so my orgasm was building strong. He moved over me and grabbed my boob pinching my nipple hard. He knew exacly how to bring the plessure but i knew his own orgasm has coming fast too. My moans got louder and started to sound like porn. I was never fucked like this before and surely not with a cock this big. He moved back and digged his nails in my hips pounding in me. He grabbed my shoulder and pushed my body up so i my back was against his chest. 

 He snaked one hand to my clit and rubbed fast and small circles on it. My moans turned into screams and i grabbed behind me to hold his shoulder for support. He sucked another spot on my neck and breathed his hoth brath there. “Cum for me (y/n)” He panted out and thrusted harder. I came hard and almost fell back down from how strong my orgasm was but he held me tight  and moved his hand from my clit. His thrusts became sloppy and i could feel his cock twitch inside of me. He came moaning my name in my neck and holding me tighter. 

He pulled out once his breathing got more even and layed me down on the bed. He walked to the bathroom and came back with a washcloth. He layed it on my stomach and moved it down my core slowly. He pulled on his boxers once he was done and searched though my drawers for clean underwear. He handed me then and sat on the end of the bed smiling at me. “Your parents aren’t coming home for at least 2 more hours” I pulled on the underwear and grabbed a big shirt from my closet to put on. “What do you wanna do Mikey?” I said and handed him his clothes. “Wanna watch a movie downstairs?” He asked lookig at me sweet and pulling his uncomfortable pants back on. 

“I would love to” 


malecshipper91  asked:

Malec max death 😈😭

Alec was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He had decided to get away from the trouble, his griefing family and friends. All he needed now was some time to sort out his thoughts. 

Ever since Sebastian had killed Max, Alec had not cried. There was a lump in his throat, sure, and Alec knew that, if he would open his mouth to speak, the tears would start streaming down his face, so he’d decided to keep his mouth shut. Talking wasn’t necessary anyway, everybody felt and thought the same things. Everybody felt raging hate towards Sebastian and thought that Max had been way too young to die. 

Alec heard noises in the house and supposed it was one of his family members who’d made their way back from the funeral.

He groaned as he heard steps on the stairs. He didn’t need anyone’s company right now. 

There was a gentle knock on the door and only a matter of seconds later, someone slowly opened it and stepped in. Alec sighed and swung his legs over the edge of the bed to sit up. As he did so, he caught a climpse of the person who just came through the door. 

He mouthed Magnus’ name, remaining silent. 

“Oh, my dear Alexander”, Magnus said, clutching one hand onto his chest before walking toward the Shadowhunter and sitting down next to him, a worried look on his face. He put an arm around the Shadowhunter and pulled him in, pressing his lips on the top of Alec’s head. 

“I’m so angry, Magnus”, Alec spoke through his teeth. He took a deep breath and released himself from Alec so he could look at him directly. “You know what Izzy said? That she should’ve been there to protect him?” He swallowed, knowing that it was too late, he could already feel the tears making their way down on his cheeks. “Well, hell yes, I should’ve protected him, too. We were his siblings, Magnus, we promised him to take care of him no matter what and now-”

Alec couldn’t manage to finish his sentence. Instead, he threw himself back into the warlock’s arms, sobbing uncontrollaby, his fist clenched around the thin fabric of Magnus’ shirt. 

Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec. Once again he put his lips on the top of the Shadowhunter’s head. He couldn’t help but shed a few tears himself. And he hated that he could do nothing to ease Alec’s pain but hold him and tell him it was going to be okay, although he clearly knew that it wouldn’t be, the chair Max had been sitting in would now remain to be empty.

GhiraZant - Baby Headcanons (Part 1)

Welp, Skype Team Villain discussion with skullvis and burninether have spawned an inordinate amount of headcanons on GhiraZant babies, Ganondorf babysitter, and Twili culture.

This is the first of many.

Part One: Thoughts on Twili Reproduction

Now it comes as a surprise to no one that the Twili have been heavily shaped by the radioactive powerful magic of their realm. Its influence and the confined space of the dimension have created an incredibly unique race. They are a magical tribe near perfectly suited to the Twilight itself, and they fairly thrive in the place.

What some may not know, however, is that the Twili population is rather low. In addition, the ratio of men to women has been inconsistent and inproportionate at the best of times in their long history. Taken as a whole this creates something of a bleak picture for their future, and would eventually mean their slow and lingering death as a race.

… Or at least it would save for a rather unique evolutionary adaptation.

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