There is a song that my mother always sings when she’s in a good mood. “On that green pasture, i want to build a house like a picture. With my beloved, I want to live for a hundred years.”  I don’t exactly know when it started, but very naturally, I started to have one dream. On that green pasture, I want to build a house like a picture. With my beloved, I want to love happily for a long long time. Even when I knew I didn’t have much time left, I didn’t give up on my dream; I only reduced a hundred years to three months. But now … the very last dream I dream in this world … the very last thing I must put my life on, is not to live happily with Eul in the house like a picture. But to leave after I return to her the truth and justice that I took away at the start.

I just had a dream where hannah was doing a mdk and then she fell and hit her head but didn’t realise it was bleeding and grace comes in and sits her down in front of camera and tends to her wound and they give eachother looks and hannah makes puns about being braindead and then they look into eachothers eyes for a moment as grace puts the plaster on and the hartbig feels are intense and it was beautiful

My Overwhelming American Horror Story Feels

I am just gonna sit in the corner of my room, facing the wall until Jan 2nd. But until then, I will explode my feels on Tumblr tonight:


- Coat hanger abortions?! Really FX? How DA HELL did the network get away with that?! 

- The fact that Dr. Arden mentioned eugenics proves he’s a Nazi. I believe you Ann Frank!

- PEPPER IS BACK!!! I knew it I fucking knew it!! She just popped up like the plot twist that I knew she would be!! Pepper, the normal voiced, midwife, alien plot twist!!!

- Bath salts Santa didn’t die!!! asdfghjkl!!!

- Oh Sista Jude - you’re gonna get your ass beat in that asylum, I bet my Tumblr account on it

- New Bloody Face…… not as skilled with the knife as the original I’m afraid 

- If Grace is alive then Alma is alive…….. which means Kit x Alma can still happen. :::In Murray Povich’s voice::: Kit….. you ARE the father…… of TWO children

- Don’t worry about missing that loony French record Sista Jude broke…… Mary Eunice will fix it with her Satan powers

- I dont want to live on this planet anymore…….. until January 2nd >_<