When Professor McGonagall calls the name, “Black, Sirius,” a boy with dark hair and darker eyes emerges from the crowd of nervous first years. His back is straight, his head is high, but his eyes betray him–terror lurks behind his irises as the sorting hat is placed over his head and falls all the way over his nose.

The hat finds this boy’s mind to be full of the traditions and social niceties that come with a pureblood upbringing. There is a sense of arrogance, which sticks out, as though it has been implanted there–as though this boy has heard his family speak so highly of themselves for so long that he’s forced to believe it himself. But beyond that is a spark of rebellion, and the hat knows that if it were fed the right fuel, the fire that would ensue would be uncontrollable. The hat feels this boy’s own self-contempt; there is a deep aching to be free, so strong that it’s visceral. 

The hat sees a stubbornness of the likes he has rarely seen.

A small, timid voice asks, “are you going to put me in Slytherin?” The voice says Slytherin as though it’s a poison that freezes the insides. 

The hat only chuckles. It doesn’t say, “I didn’t even consider it.” Instead, it shouts to the Great Hall, “Gryffindor!” and watches as the dark haired boy walks to his new house table, with a look that is equal parts triumph, and fear.

“Lupin, Remus,” is a thin kid in robes that are a size too big. He has nervous ticks–he chews on his lower lip, and tugs at his sleeves; when he sits on the stool he can’t stop bouncing his legs. 

“What have we here?” says the hat once it falls over the boy’s head. “I’ve never sorted a werewolf before.”

It’s amazing how quickly the boy’s thoughts turn cold. There’s a moment of anxiety, until he reasons out that no one in the Great Hall can hear what the hat is saying to him, and that anxiety is quickly filled by anger.

“Go on then,” the boy says briskly in his head. “Sort me into Ravenclaw, since I know you’re going to. I know I’m smart and bookish. The boys I met on the train even said so, when they saw me reading a muggle book.” 

This boy is compassionate and mild-mannered usually, the hat sees, but his insides are burning. There’s a maturity that shouldn’t be there–as though every time his bones shift to make room for the monster, he ages along with them. The hat, feeling what this boy feels, notices dull pains in every corner of his body, where the wolf has scarred the skin, broken blood vessels, and cracked the joints. Along with the maturity there is a stoicism–this boy literally is always in pain, but he’d never say so; wouldn’t even hint.

“With an attitude like that?” the hat finally replies. “I think not.” And it feels the boy’s jolt of surprise when it belts out, “Gryffindor!”

“Pettigrew, Peter,” is a conundrum.

He is a mousy boy, with a lot of baby fat, and a slight tremble. But the hat can tell that there is much more to him than that.

There is an overwhelming sense of self-preservation, along with a tendency for hero-worship, and a need for acceptance. This is not a boy looking for power, however, this is a boy looking for survival. The hat contemplates Hufflepuff, but for all his passivity, this boy has an inkling of courage that the hat just can’t ignore. 

“Tell me,” the hat decides to ask. “Where do you think you belong?”

“I met nice boys on the train,” says the boy. “They’re both in Gryffindor now. I think I’d like to be in Gryffindor too.”

The hat ponders this for a good long moment, before conceding and yelling, “Gryffindor!” because after all, the greatest mark of courage is the courage to ask for what you want. 

The easiest sorting of the day comes from “Potter, James,” who struts up to the stool in a manner that looks somewhat ridiculous on an eleven year old.

The hat falls over the boy’s eyes and is hit by a rush of certainty; of expectation. The boy, not unlike Mr. Black, comes from a long line of purebloods, and there is a similar arrogance that lingers, but it’s less pronounced–it’s more natural. This is a boy that is sure of himself and his abilities, and also his moral convictions. The hat sees someone who stands for things strongly, and would die before seeing them taken. 

He had thought he had seen the worst case of stubbornness in Mr. Black, but this boy could give him a run for his money. What a force of nature, the hat thinks to itself, those two would become should they ever decide to work together.

It takes approximately ten seconds for the hat the shout out, “Gryffindor!” once again, and it watches the boy jump down with a self-satisfied smirk. 

The boy joins his house table, next to the other new additions, and they sit shoulder to shoulder, grinning at one another. 

This year’s Gryffindor first years, home at last.


(do not repost) old halloween comic from last year! this actually happened to me when I was a kid and it was probably the last time I went trick or treating….

25 Struggles Only INFJs Will Understand

Heidi Priebe 

1. Being able to predict with eerie accuracy how a situation is going to play out, but being too polite to tell people that they’re making a mistake… so just keeping quiet and having to watch exactly what you thought would happen, happen.

2. Having zero interest in casual dating in a world that’s obsessed with flings and one-night stands.

3. The consistent, nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that you’re not living up to your full potential.

4. Having much never met another person like yourself, since INFJs are (a) Only 1% of the population and (b) Usually inside reading a book.

5. The constant struggle of wanting alone time but feeling the uncontrollable compulsion to go make your loved ones happy.

6. Fooling everyone into thinking you’re an extrovert while you’re in public and then confusing the heck out of them when you don’t want to go out tonight because… well, you just don’t want to.

7. When pretty much all of your favorite people are fictional.

8. Not wanting to work for a corrupt, capitalistic society … but also needing to pay rent and eat.

9. When you want to go to sleep but your brain wants to stay up analyzing the great mysteries of the universe.

10. Having such a clear idea of something in your mind that it’s impossible to convey it using words, so you just talk around the concept for hours and end up making everyone more confused than ever.

11. Being just idealistic enough to conceive of a Utopian society but just realistic enough to understand all of the reasons why it could never exist.

12. When a conversation with someone doesn’t unfold the way you meticulously planned for it to in your mind.

13. Being in tune with absolutely everybody’s feelings except your own.

14. “Funny thing – I already watched our entire relationship play out in my mind. It ended in a painful divorce ten years down the road at which point I lost custody of our beautiful Dachshund Aristotle, whom I loved with all my heart. So no, I won’t be available to go out on a second date with you.”

15. Oscillating between revealing absolutely nothing about yourself to others and then revealing way too much and apologizing for it.

16. Actually, feeling the need to apologize for pretty much any emotion or need that you outwardly express.

17. Accidentally creating ridiculous standards for other people in your mind and then being disappointed when they fail to live up to them.

18. Hating conflict but having people constantly come to you with their conflicts.

19. When you finally find the nerve to open up to a loved one about what you’re thinking or feeling deep down – and then they still don’t get it.

20. Needing close relationships in order to be happy, but also needing a lot of alone time in order to be happy.

21. Being a magnet for self-destructive people and then dwelling on their problems ten times more than they do themselves.

22. Being intellectually gifted but also entirely out of touch with the world around you.

23. Being a compulsive people-pleaser in relationships because your partner being unhappy would actually feel worse than you being unhappy.

24. Kind of fitting in everywhere but really fitting in nowhere.

25. When you occasionally remember that the rest of the world doesn’t live life almost entirely inside of their minds – and honestly having no idea what that must be like.


Okay so I know we’ve all talked about how Killian respects Emma’s choice with the whole “if she wants me to hold her” thing

But been we also talk about how Killian is willing to risk whatever danger a wager with the dark one may bring

NOT to hold Emma with both hands


IF that’s what she wants

This guy is willing to risk it all JUST FOR THE CHANCE to hold Emma, even when it’s not a sure thing.

  • Me: WHOA whoa whoa everyone's talking about this fanfic so i should read it
  • Me, after reading Anterograde Tomorrow: TT_____TT I AM NEVER TOUCHING ANGST FANFICS EVER AGAIN //cries at the sight of green and yellow Post-It notes//
  • Me, a few days later: omooo~! i loved watching absolute boyfriend so i know i will love this fanfic ^-^
  • Me, after reading Absolute Chanyeol: //hugs myself and cries// DO YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST DO THIS TO ME? MY TEARS ARE POURING OUT ALONG WITH MY FEELS //sobs uncontrollably//
  • Me, a few days later: "Arbitrage" . . . hmm cool title... oh & they are race car drivers in this fic omfg that's so hot, i MUST read this!!!
  • Me, after reading Arbitrage: O_O jongin... //unable to speak anymore//
  • Me, after a few days: //sigh// my heart may never recover from the pain i felt whilst reading those fanfictions..
  • Me, after a few days more: waaaaaaa, it's chanbaek!!! >0< but 10080?! What does that even mean? omg now i'm REEEEAAALLLLYYYY curious~! //decides to read it//
  • Me, after reading 10080: //deteriorates into a pathetic sobbing puddle of tears and feels and pain//

30 Days of OTP ♦ 02: Love Confession

this happens … less five minutes after Luffy figures out his feelings for Law

“Anyone leaving Fairy Tail has got to be taught the three laws...”
  • First! You must never, for the rest of your life, reveal any tacticts which could prove to be a handicap to Fairy Tail. 
  • Second! You must never contact past clients for personal gain.  
  • Third! Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might. You must never consider your own life to be off little value and you must never forget about your friends, who loved you.  

Gray needs to tell this Natsu in their last fight