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TIA! (hi you don't know me. but I love you uwu) I JUST READ YOUR FRENCH TEACHER HANNA STORY AND MY SWEET FUCKING JESUS I NEVER HAD A TEACHER KINK BEFORE BUT HOLY SHIT I DO NOW. I CHOKED ON MY JELLO WHILE READING THAT STORY!! (Sorry I'm strange, but yes, I loved that story :D Thank you for existing in such a crappy (I'm supposed to be studying for a test) world)


don’t choke on food plz that’d be a terrible way to die

Ah no this ask is so sweet. I’m really glad you liked the fic so much <3
But now u need to

welI well well look what we have here….

its another ask thing b/c uncontainablefeels tagged me back :^)

rule 1: write down the rules. rule 2: answer the questions from the person who tagged you. rule 3: make up 11 new questions and tag some people. rule 4: tag the person who tagged you so they can see your answers

1. Do you prefer being awake in the early morning or late night? late at night; being up early is okay but that means u gotta get up early and I’m not about that life

2. Favorite outfit to wear? short lil skirts, floral prints, converse, or layered jackets, ripped jeans, big flannels

3. Bees? bees. 

4. Do you procrastinate or get things done right away? lol i procrastinate so much I’m a disaster

5. What’s one song that you jam to whenever it comes on? bubblegum bitch  ;)) 


7. Most embarrassing moment? all of them lol (okay not really probably like calling my teacher mom or something idk i do stupid shit p much 24/7)

8. Favorite meme? ‘aesthetic’

9. Dream job, if money, or time, or anything else wasn’t a problem? ooh gosh either something in genetics; probably research-based, i’d like to work in a lab, and write on the side. a career in music would be amazing too but unrealistic considering my talent levels :///

10. Apple or Windows? apple

11. Do you like setting things on fire? it looks so pretty ofc i do

and my questions are: 

1. what’s the last book you read for fun? 

2. whats ur favorite class in school at the moment? 

3. have you read the entire harry potter series and do you still sometimes cry about it? (bc i do) 

4. how much fanfic do you read, and of what? 

5. what are you most proud of rn? 

6. do u have a favorite pillow? why is it ur fav? 

7. if u had a horse to race in the kentucky derby what would u name it? 

8. do u like deviled eggs? 

9. whats ur fav band/solo artist rn? 

10. what’s the last song u sang out loud? 

11. what’s the last thing u bought for yourself? 

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I got tagged in a thing

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Rule 1: write down the rules. Rule 2: answer the questions from the person who tagged you. Rule 3: make up 11 new questions and tag some people. rule 4: tag the person who tagged you so they can see your answers

1. Do you prefer being awake in the early morning or late night?

Haha im not a morning person so late night

2. Favorite outfit to wear?

Jesus tits I have to pick one? Idk 

3. Bees?

Yes save the bees 

4. Do you procrastinate or get things done right away?

Procrastinate usually

5. What’s one song that you jam to whenever it comes on?

Um i dont know um um um markiplier‘s outro song is p cool

6. Dogs or cats?

7. Most embarrassing moment?

A lot of my life has been pretty embarrassing

8. Favorite meme?

The inappropriate audition songs meme. That was p funny I guess lol

9. Dream job, if money, or time, or anything else wasn’t a problem?

Screen acting

10. Apple or Windows?


11. Do you like setting things on fire?


My questions (yay the hardest part of this):

1. Favorite beverage?

2. Favorite superhero/supervillain?

3. Favorite animal?

4. Do you prefer cooking at home or going out to eat?

5. Pens or pencils?

6. If you could have your hair any way you wanted it, what would it look like? Long, short, color, style, etc.

7. Books or movies?

8. Do you still have stuffed animals?

9. Favorite mythological creature?

10. How many blankets do you sleep with at night?

11. Do you have a comfort object (childhood bear, blanket, person, etc.)?

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TAG GAME! yayyyyy thanks to ginger-at-war for tagging me!

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I was tagged by: ginger-at-war
Name: caroline
Nicknames: egg
Sign: libra 
Gender: female  
Sexual/Romantic orientation: aromantic pan(or bi)sexual 
Height: 5'4’‘ 
Favourite colour: navy blue
Time and date of the current moment: jan 12, 3:29 pm
Number of blankets I sleep under: so many. uncountable piles of blankets. its cold up here. don’t judge me. 

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1. During an apocalypse, which between the two of us do you think would die first?

If it was you and I? Idk. Probably me. I’ve always assumed that I’d die very early on in an apocalypse.

2. If you could bring anyone back from the dead, who would you bring back?

My pop-pop Tony. He was the only grandparent that actually genuinely cared for my brothers and I and was selfless. He was also an atheist and a stoner.

3. What was high school like for you?

Was? Sorry, I honestly can’t speak about high school as a past experience yet.

4. Do you act immature, mature, or just like your age?

It depends on the situation. If I’m being silly, I’ll act more immature, but I’d like to think that I’m mature in every other way.

5. Do you want a pet sheep?

Sure. I do live in PA, so I suppose pet sheep aren’t very uncommon around here.

6. Your favorite band is playing their last-ever show… On a school day when you have finals! You already bought tickets because you were originally supposed to have finals the week before, but they got rescheduled to the day of the concert. The tickets are still good. What do you do?

awh shit. Idk. Sell the tickets to somebody who really wants them then go take my finals.

7. If the world had to pick a single language to speak across all continents that wasn’t a language you already knew, what would you want it to be?

(I speak 4 languages so this is really fucking tricky) It’s be really cool if everyone spoke Welsh or Swahili.

8. You like bacon?

yessss (i’m a horrible jew)

9. Do you have scoliosis?


10. If you broke a bone, which would you hope wouldn’t be it?

My tailbone. I’ve bruised my tailbone before and let me tell you, it hurts like fuck.

11. If you broke a bone, which would you not mind as much?

An arm or a leg. I’ve never broken anything that gives me the power to leave class early or get out of gym class, so something like that would be… new? Yeah. New.

hella-spooky-holmes’s amazing questions: Spoopy (is that even a thing still?) Halloween edition!

1. Have you ever used a ouija board?

2. What is your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve been?

3. Favorite Halloween candy? (Example: tootsie roll releases different flavored rolls in October and my favorite is vanilla flavored)

4. Do you/did you regularly trick-or-treat in your neighborhood or did you go out with friends to their neighborhoods (we all have that one friend who is and/or lives near a rich neighborhood)?

5.  Do you have a Halloween costume that you regret?

6. Weirdest thing somebody has given you while trick-or-treating?

7. Do you have your costume yet? (If you’re doing something with a costume)

8. Whats your weirdest Halloween experience?

9. Do you watch Tim Burton movies religiously during the month of October? 

10. Horror movies: yay or nay?

11. Do you believe in ghosts?

Bonus question: What do you call infamous the night before Halloween when people go out and prank their neighborhoods?

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about your self, publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) have a great day! (: (whoops my hand slipped and I accidentally sent it to you again)

ooh i see how it is

1) the sweater I’m wearing rn is v. fuzzy and v. floral and it looks like wallpaper and i love it

2) im p good at the school, though its stressful af 

3) i make really good cookies

4) im a grandma friend 

5) my hair is ginger and I’m never going to cut it

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/Sorry for so many/ Mrs. Hudson, Moriarty, Magnussen, Henry, Skull, aaaand pick one you want to answer :)

(For those who don’t remember I did a thing)

And oOooO Ty :)

Mrs. Hudson: Coffee or tea?

Uh… I don’t know. Tea, but coffee when I need a pick-me-up.

Moriarty: Do you hold grudges?

No usually. It honestly depends on what happened. 

Magnussen: Do you have a good memory?

Most of the time, yes. I sometimes even lie about things saying I forgot that ___ happened because I’m too lazy to have a conversation about it.

Henry: Do you have any phobias?

Spiders, death before truly loving somebody, heights, and finding bugs at the bottom of my drinks.

Skull: Favorite music?

My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Lady GaGa (I honestly enjoyed her music more during the Born This Way time), and long violin music (I’m a violinist, so I’ve learned to love certain songs)

(Pick one…) Sherlock: Describe yourself.

Physical: Female. Very thick lightish brown hair with bright red dyed tips. Brown (but in the right light they’re hazel) eyes. Jewish nose. Small yet fuller lips. Great eyebrows (I’m always told this so I’ll just put it down. Apparently I have eyebrow game). Round face. Always blushing for no apparent reason. Average height. Curvy body type. 

Character: Sassy, but know when to stop. Humorous/comedic. Over-the-top. Intelligent. Low self esteem most of the time, but I sometimes have small bursts of high self esteem. Usually faking a smile, but I’m okay with that, it’s been like that for the past 4 years. Loves reading, writing, and drawing and obsessed fan.

(Sorry this took so long, the last one was going to be the picture option, but I couldn’t because my room’s too dark to take a good picture of myself so I wasted at least 5 minutes just on turning on and off lights.)