Do you ever just think about how painful it would actually  be getting hit with a crowbar once? and then just think about how Jason had to endure those….repeatedly. How he could last that long, stayed strong and  still have the best interest for his mother in mind…above everything


Only the best from Italy, particularly Naples where you can find Boglioli soft jackets and Finamore shirts and pocket squares.

There’s a trait some well-intentioned, smart, activism-minded people have that makes it deeply unpleasant to talk with them and horribly unconstructive to try to share my experiences with them, and I’ve been trying to put a finger on what it is.

For a while I thought it was “complete conviction that they’re right” but that’s not it, because some of them will self-flagellate constantly about how their perspective is limited and not only does that not help, it often makes things worse (and I know some people who are utterly convinced they’re right who I can still have constructive and interesting conversations with).

Then I toyed with “complete conviction that they have nothing to learn from me”, which is a little closer - the people who self-flagellate about their limited perspective don’t tend to then listen to people with different perspectives - but still not quite right.

The thing, I think, is the conviction that their ideology is completely right, and where they’re wrong it is because they’ve erred from the ideology, so even repeatedly demonstrating they are wrong won’t get them to evaluate you on your own terms. New information either fits into the ideology or fits into one of the known (and dismissed as stupid) criticisms of the ideology. So nothing you say gets evaluated on its own merits. So nothing you say gets evaluated at all - just identified as friend or foe and then, if foe, rolled eyes and exaggerated sighs as it is explained to you why Critics Of the Ideology are stupid. 

But I wasn’t talking to the ideology! I was talking to you!

DAY 3054

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 10/11,  2016                Wed/Thu  2:01 am

Birthday - EF - Poonam Bhuwalika

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poonam the Kolkatan from Bengal, not West Bengal anymore .. birthday greetings for the 11th .. some synonimity of dates here .. hehe .. love form us all .. happiness always to you from your Ef ..

The overwhelming reactions to the trailer of PINK have me both excited and anxious .. Anxious because now there is the film to follow and the reactions of that to follow .. always happens .. we deliver .. the audience collects .. and then ..

Some of the comments and messages that have come my way have been somewhat surprising .. they come from them that have never commented to me on my trailer launch .. it is always a sign .. deciphering it shall be unconstructive but yes interesting and deliberate ..

What is PINK is now almost known .. but what is the film is unknown .. and that will be disclosed on the 16th of September .. 

The Ef most generously puts forth its graciousness in wanting to promote the film and does so in various ways .. they have asked me and sought my indulgence in how it should be done and what needs to be executed by them .. I have hesitated on this aspect most times .. hesitated because I really have no idea of how marketing is done .. or how I should ask the ever present and helpful Ef to give ideas and modes of its PR .. 

I shall refrain again ..

There are activities that are multi purpose which are occupying my time .. and they are so diverse that the diversity is affecting my thoughts on BLOG ..

So early morning there is huge amounts of dubbing to do .. towards monuments that are being constructed to build memorials of eminent personalities that affected the polity of the land .. there is the sound that needs to be done on the Somenath Temple and its history .. there is campaign for the Clean India effort .. there is song for the Siddhivinayak Temple and to sing the exquisite AARTI of Ganesh .. ‘jai dev jai dev, jai mangal murti ..’, a favorite of mine .. there are scripts to read urgently .. 4 immediately and give consent .. 2 to be heard instantly and 6 to be considered in time .. there is the TB world wide campaign and its progression and work to be done .. then the Hepatitis awareness campaign which has been initiated by me through example .. 2 other campaigns are in the making .. apart from all this are the endorsements that are constantly requiring time for their shoots .. and above all this is the time needed for the family and the little one and the bigger ones .. and not to forget the most important family the Ef .. hey have requests and demands and attention to be given .. you have not sent me love .. you did not notice me today .. you have forgotten me .. can i meet you .. remain well do not work so hard .. we love you and want to see you soon .. are you ok you have not replied to my message .. and did you like the art work that I posted .. 

YEEEAAAAHHHHHH .. I LOVE YOU ALL AND CARE FOR YOU AND NOTICE ALL .. just that at times it becomes difficult to address each one .. so forgiveness is sought .. right ..???

Now the dub in the morning is a couple of hours away .. so ..

yes .. good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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Seven Thoughts About Contemporary Dress

Some more musings from our old friend, Mr G. Bruce Boyer. This time around he’s given us 7 thoughts on contemporary dress.

1.    It’s about mixing the contemporary with great vintage pieces

There’s a certain pride in Old World craftsmanship, in objects that have stood the test of time, in style rather than momentary fashion. We’re not into looking like the past, but showing that we value it.

2.    It’s about comfort

Good tailoring these days isn’t unconstructed, it’s deconstructed of all the heavy, stiff linings and padding. Nobody wants to go around wearing 30 pounds of stiff, grey fabric. Starch was a Victorian invention.

3.    It’s about reflecting our personalities

These days “the uniform” – the old business outfit of the dark suit-white shirt-nondescript tie-black wingtips—is worn by choice rather than necessity. And guys who dress head-to-toe in a particular designer’s gear are thought to be without any taste of their own.

4.    It’s about globalisation

Hong Kong today, New York or Milan or Sao Paulo tomorrow, and we’ve got to be appropriately dressed in a style that reflects a global level of understanding. Take a look at astute international businessmen. They’re dressed for a meeting anywhere.

5.    It’s about pleasure

Is there any reason why a man shouldn’t enjoy his clothes, get pleasure and satisfaction out of knowing he’s at home in the world and with himself? It’s an acquired taste, but a lifelong comfort.

6.    It’s about mixing and matching

Great dressers like to play genres off against each other, like wearing a old shooting coat with a city suit, or a tweed hacking jacket with jeans. Nothing wrong at all with a gingham checked shirt under a somber suit, a vivid yellow grenadine tie with a trad blazer. Gianni Agnelli liked to wear hunting boost with a town suit. It’s all in the attitude.

7.    It’s about colour

A navy blue suit, white shirt, and dark blue tie always looks great and always will. But why should we deny ourselves a pair of red suede driving mocs with our trim moleskin trousers, or a grass green tie with a blue voile shirt. And don’t forget a nicely rich pocket square.

My first attempt at a double breasted vest, so far so good. I’m wearing a completely unconstructed navy cashmere/wool blend custom suit, hand pleated shoulders, wide notch lapel, and slanted flap pockets. Oh and also that’s one of our new spring/summer cashmere ties I’m wearing, best knot I ever tied no lie.

You're basic if ...
  • you do not employ intersectionality of gender, race, economy, politics, language and culture
  • you accuse another State of human rights abuses whilst ignoring your own State’s record
  • you reduce religious identity to broad categories
  • you absent the roles of power and economy in the relationship between a religion and a State
  • you divorce power from psychology, physiology, ideology and theology
  • you regard the State as a new and ‘unnatural’ phenomenon rather than as an evolved and intrinsically human institution
  • you fail to recognise 'your gaze’ on an issue - that how you perceive an issue has been shaped by multiple influences, many of which you may be unaware of
  • you underestimate the innate human drive for survival and how that motivates people to seemingly act against what you might perceive as their 'own group’ or 'best interests’
  • you look at a conflict and quickly identify the 'good guys’ and the 'bad guys’
  • your analysis is conducted entirely through the lens of one ideology
  • you absent the possibility that at any given time the information we gather to assess a situation and come to a judgement is a tiny fraction of what is actually needed to arrive at any conclusion about 'fact’ or 'truth’
  • your understanding of the historical context is colour blind and gender blind
  • your motivation in a discussion is largely shaped by defensiveness of a national identity, culture or set of values regardless of their content or impact on others
  • you assume you are right simply because of the accident of your birth, colour, gender
  • you assume you are right regardless of the accident of your birth, colour, gender
  • you are unable to 'put yourself in another person’s shoes’ and see an issue from their perspective, right or wrong
  • you frame your position in absolutist and universalising moral terms
  • you glibly label people with terms such as 'evil’, 'ungodly’, 'terrorist’
  • you don’t 'follow the money’
  • you don’t account for the corruptibility of people
  • you argue from a position of assumed superiority, legitimacy and authority
  • you fail to recognise the way fear and mortality shapes behaviour