Beneath the Skin//Memphis May Fire

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Arthur was a stray dog living his life starving, abandoned, forgotten in the streets of Ecuador. Until the Swedish multi-sport team came along and gave him a meatball. Arthur started to follow the team throughout the competition the next 400 kilometres. The members of the Team tried getting rid of Arthur a bunch of times, out of concern for his safety, but he was having none of it. So, when he got stuck in the mud, they pulled him out. And when he dove into the water to paddle after their kayaks, they pulled him in. They got to carry him on the knees. Arthur continued with the team all the way long. To the finish line getting the 12th place. By the time they all finished the race together, he was just as dirty and smelly and exhausted as they were. so, how could they not take him home with them? They brought Arthur to a veterinarian in Quito, Ecuador - probably the first visit of his entire life - in order to start the process of getting him cleared to make the return trip to Sweden. And got his travel documents ready. Finally!!! Arthur is on the plane going home to Sweden. He was greeted like a celebrity at the airport in Stockholm. Arthur with his new Family.