Our culture leads to an unconcentrated and diffused mode of life, hardly paralleled anywhere else. You do many things at once; you read, listen to the radio, talk, smoke, eat, drink. You are the consumer with the open mouth, eager and ready to swallow everything - pictures, liquor, information. This lack of concentration is clearly shown in our difficulty in being alone with ourselves; …But as in so many other aspects, human values have become determined by economic values. Modern man thinks he loses something - time - when he does not do things quickly; yet he does not know what to do with the time he gains - except kill it.
—  Erich Fromm

This is my first draft script which I have shared with Andreas. I tried to think about spoken text during the scenes, question marks shows that I still don’t know how to visualize certain things - need to get some feedback and supervision. 


- student talking in class - “I bet you, like me, have ever worked in groups at school projects and meet some of these struggles. ”

-describing the difficulties with group projects:

- unmotivated group members

-unconcentrated students - several students playing something, not paying attention, disturbing etc…

-unknown project status - ?

-mess in project information - huge amount of papers and one student who is  going through them quickly in effort to find something/student scrolling through a large amount of emails in his mailbox.

-files are unavailable when needed - quick shot of laptop screen showing error:404 File not found

-unknown team roles - few students standing in a small group and pointing on each other/ to look like they are trying to figure out their roles in team

- show that now is everything possible with only one platform instead of using many various ones

- maybe a shot from behind of five students sitting in row and everybody has opened different project management tool

- or quickly changing the close up on students displays showing different project management tools

! I am still thinking about this one! - need to get some feedback from teachers

“Now you can let all these struggles go, because I offer you a solution which gives you an excellent overview, improves production of your team while all important information and shared files are instantly available. The solution is Grouproom.”

“Grouproom is the most simple way how to strengthen the communication in teams, and how to have your project files securely available at one place”

-secure access anytime from anywhere - shooting using Grouproom in different places, for example caffe, S-Tog, home, school, outside etc.

-room system, updates - notification system, show a student receiving email at home to have a look at grouproom, and student being somewhere outside receiving a notification on his smartphone, so he knows what’s happening in his team

-real time chat - just a simple look from behind the shoulder of student showing his communication with team via Grouproom build-in chat

-overview about everyone’s work - simple task system - assigning task - ?

-task table where user can find his events there - setting the priority - just simple say it without axes - show how is the square divided so you can manage your tasks depends on how effective they are or how much workload do they need

-file sharing - auto sync - keep using favorite file sharing - show the possibility of uploading from: dropbox, google drive, from computer or directly create a collaboration document

-everything is on one page -  show the close up on Grouproom layout

-free - ?

first draft scripts with events

-describing the difficulties with group projects - unmotivated group members - unconcentrated students -unknown project status -mess in project information - huge amount of papers -unknown team roles -accessibility from every where any where - different places -room system, updates - notification -real time chat - just a simple look -overview about everyone’s work - simple task system -assigning task -task table is divided into two axis - setting the priority - just simple say it without axes -file sharing - auto sync - keep using favorite file sharing -everything is on one page -free