The grass felt warm beneath your feet and the sun was warm against your skin. It was beautiful today, too nice to train but your master kept insisting.
‘Training’s important and you need to learn.’ That’s what he always said. He could be so stuck up sometimes. You were good enough and hell bent on proving it today by beating him.

Sword raised and feet firmly placed on the ground, you wait for his attack that shortly follows. Your swords crash, a noise interrupting the eerie silence all around.
Maybe you’d get him to do something else with you once you’d won? God, there were a lot of things you’d like to do with the man. One reason you were always unconcentrated during training was because you stared, a lot. Thoughts kept wandering to places they shouldn’t.
Your foot is pushed out under you, sword flying away. Distracted again. All you can manage to do is grab his shirt and pull him down as well.

“Your mind is somewhere else.”
He states, hovering above you with his elbows on the ground so his body isn’t crushing yours.
“Maybe I’ve been thinking about you…” Your fingers brush against his arm as you start to talk in a flirty voice. He never reacted but you tried anyway and it was seeing him squirm a little because he had to keep his cool.
“Then think about how I’ve beaten you the last time.”
“You’re no fun, master!” You make a pouting face and purse your lips.
His hand moves along your cheek for a moment, a familiar gesture that makes you lean into his touch. His brows are furrowed and he looks a bit sad, almost like he’s in pain. His head moves down, closer to your face. You blush when you feel his mouth against your earlobe and his breath tickling your skin.
“I’m not supposed to be fun…I’m here to keep you alive and that’s the most important thing to me.”


[6/100 day of productivity] 2016.12.02

D-3 until the final term exam, 6H20M

I thought it was such an unproductive day, but it turns to be not… as I look around what I’ve done today. But I felt quite sleepy in the night study and I wasted too much time feeling sleepy and unconcentrative.

As I have not many days ahead, I am almost focusing on reviewing things… and I have reviewed Practical ethics, Chinese characters, Korean grammar, Math, English and so on, almost all subjects. And it took me quite a while.

It’s time to check myself on track…

Soccer!Calum (looong imagine)

my dear friend Elizabeth at anarchyaustralia isn’t feeling very well so I thought I’d write something for her and she kinda liked it so I’m sharing it with you guys here we go :)
(sorry for any typos) (this was hastily written on my phone)

Imagine soccer!calum, who’s your flatmate in college (and who has had a crush on you in forever but barely anyone knows that especially not you) coming home from practice being kinda done because he is so unconcentrated lately and the coach scolded him for that in front of the whole team today (and he’s captain so it’s twice as embarrassing) but as soon as he finds you curled up under like two blankets on the couch, a cold plate of mac'n'cheese on the coffee table and a can of tea that’s also almost cold now his face turns from frowning to worried and he rushes over wanting to see what’s wrong and you dive up from under the cocoon you’ve made and look at him with puffy eyes and a red nose and your voice sounds hoarse and raspy when you tell him that you got a terrible cold but you have finals next week (so has he, one of the resons he sucks at soccer lately) and you’re just totally desperate bc you’re behind in studying with almost all your subjects and then Calum shushes you and helps you get up and then he tells you tontke one of those special baths with that cough medicine thing he has seen somewhere in a cupboard and you nod and then he goes into the kitchen and heats up some chicken soup he finds in the fridge and manages to not burn the rice and then prepares your bedroom with fresh covers and sets down the soup on the bedside table and when he has made sure you’ve at least eaten half the bowl he goes back to the kitchen and makes fresh tea only to find you asleep when he comes to bring it to you.

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