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I tried to write a thing but I don’t know if it worked. It turned out very differently than what I had planned but I still like it. I’ll probably end up making a drabble version of this but I hope you like this in the mean time. Let me know what you think!! Masterlist~

Pairing: Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Word Count: 1.555k

Genre / Rating: Fluff / PG13

Warnings: none :)

Your relationship with Jongdae was unclear. You had both talked about dating each other just two months ago, him saying he loved you in the most platonic of ways. But now here he was, leaving soft kisses along your jaw as you watched Netflix on his laptop.

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Grey's Anatomy: April Kepner (INFJ)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by almostsoraven

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Like a typical Ni dom, April is constantly searching for meaning in the universe, and her religious beliefs therefore are a direct consequence of this need she has of a symbolic, more than factual, explanation (a different kind that a sensor would search for). More than often, she focuses on the “why” of things, and is shown to get extremely confused when things are random and do not make sense to her. In the season 9 episode “Can’t fight this Feeling”, that is made clear when a patient dies and she can’t understand the reason for it; she says “It’s not supposed to happen this way” and “why would the universe do this?”- obsessing over the meaning of the ocurrence. It is in fact not uncommon to see her trying to question the symbolical motive of things- in the more recent season 11, she says “I don’t know why that woman had to die”, indicating once again her need to draw significance out of everything that happens. In addition, April tends to focus on the future more than the past, given that she had most of her life planned out and an idea of who she wanted to be. We can also see that, because Ni is a perceiving function, she is normally not quick to judge people.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe):  April has developed her Fe a great deal in terms of empathy- very frequently we see her suffer over patients, worry about her friends problems and understand completely what they’re feeling- as we can see for instance in the 200th episode, where she bonds with Arizona. That is because people with a strong Fe function tend to feel “through” other people; experience emotions vicariously. That is why in the “All I Could do was Cry” episode, she could only go through with the birth after she found her pain, the same pain she was having, in someone else: everything became clearer to her and she was therefore able to understand herself better. So, even though her Fe can cause her to be a little too talkative and sometimes “annoying”, she genuinely cares about people and their feelings- sometimes not even understanding her own until the moment of a sudden and unexpected realization (9x24, for another example, when she realizes she’s in love with Jackson).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): This function is used by April Kepner mostly in attempts to balance out her Fe- whenever she is trying to explain her feelings objectively and organize her thoughts (when she says she chooses Matthew in 11x02 “I Want you with Me”). It is also useful in terms of logical analysis and therefore understanding “how” things work- April, being a doctor, needs Ti in the sense that it seeks out for information. She is constantly analyzing situations and is very interested in what “the truth” is, even though her Ni makes her question that once in a while and she can’t normally explain her thought process quite well (another Ti trait by the way).

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Kepner’s inferior Se at times can get out of hand and make her shift her priorities, neglecting her Ni- that classic rivalry is well illustrated by the beginning of season nine (9x03"Love the One you’re With“), in which she forgets about her plans and decides to live in the here and now. It is in fact very common for inferior Se to get overindulgent in terms of sex- once again, season 9. Moreover, her Se is extremely important when it comes to her trauma training and er command- it seems to force her to get out of her head and focus on the present. The show seems to make a point of it in a way, which is curious.