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Washette~ okay but Laf just not liking to wear clothes in his own home after showers so like.. GWash watching TV and Laf just casually walking across his view all damp and shit and george was about to yell at Laf for getting in his way but then he sees Laf and he just kinda sits there with his mouth open watching Laf walk by. And Laf knows he's being watched so he struts stuff


Movie Night

Request: Can you do something when the reader and bucky hate each other, and one night at the tower it’s movie night and the reader takes bucky’s seat and when bucky comes back he tells the reader to get up but she doesn’t want to so bucky picks the reader up and puts her on his lap and they end up cuddling and kissing.
Sorry if this is weird. @123olivia

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It was movie night in the tower and you enjoyed it for the most part. Only until Bucky starts asking questions because he knows it annoys you.

You were getting the bowls of popcorn ready and everyone was sat in their usual spots with the exception of Bucky. He was running a little late and you were about to take advantage of his absence. 

You quickly handed out the bowls of popcorn and sat down in Bucky’s spot. Your side of the couch was furthest from the television and it had a glare from the city lights outside. 

The couch was uncomfortable on your side and you always had a sore back when you got up. So, you made yourself comfortable in Bucky’s spot. The view of the television was perfect since his spot was right in the middle. 

Steve was on the other side, resting against the arm of the couch. He looked down at you, chewing on some popcorn. “He’s gonna make you move, Y/N.” Steve said with a small smile. “I don’t care.” You quipped back. 

Just then, Bucky walked in and stopped in front of you. “Move.” He said calmly. Everyone looked over at you and Bucky instead of the paused movie intro credits. You shook your head, smirking as you tossed a piece of popcorn in your mouth. 

Bucky sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. “That’s my spot, Y/N.” Bucky kept on. You simply shrugged. “Bucky, just sit in her spot for the night. I’m ready to watch the movie.” Nat whined. 

Bucky sighed angrily, flopping down in your spot. “Whatever.” He muttered. You smirked and Tony pressed play. 

As the movie went on, Bucky kept shifting in his seat. You sighed, shaking your head. “Stop moving!” You whisper shouted at Bucky. 

He glared down at you, snatching the popcorn bowl from your hands. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms. Steve watched you and Bucky, a small smile on his face. 

A few more minutes passed and Bucky set the bowl down on the table, having eaten the rest of the popcorn. He wiggled in his seat, sighing. “Fuck it.” Bucky said, standing to his feet. 

Bucky bent down and picked you up. You gasped and he plopped down in the middle and sighed with you on his lap. You stared at him with your mouth open. “Just watch the movie.” Bucky muttered. 

You sighed and shook your head. How dare he do this? There’s no way you’re going to sit in your spot, so you turned in Bucky’s lap, realizing it felt way better than your usual seat.

You leaned against his back, sighing into him. You watched the fight scene on the television and felt Bucky’s arms slither around your waist. Your heart suddenly jumped in your chest and your cheeks flushed red. 

You were basically cuddling with Bucky now. You could see Steve smirking beside you two and he continued watching the movie. 

As the night went on, more and more members of the team had filtered out, ready for bed. You, Bucky, and Tony were left. 

There was a kissing scene playing now and you shifted in your spot on Bucky’s lap. He held you closer, resting his chin on your shoulder. Tony sniffled and you laughed. “Are you crying?” You questioned the man. 

Tony scoffed and wiped at his nose. “Are you cuddling with the guy you hate?” He shot back. Tony tends to get snappy when he’s emotional so you let it slide with a soft giggle.

Bucky’s metal hand reached up to your chin and he turned your face towards him. “Do you hate me?” Bucky whispered. You furrowed your eyebrows, not sure how to answer him. 

Before you could say anything else, Bucky leaned in and pressed his lips against yours. You gasped against his lips but soon you were kissing him back. 

You heard Tony sniffle again. “You’re kissing my enemy!” He yelled before storming out of the room. 

You laughed into the kiss and Bucky smiled. He pulled you in closer, turning your body towards his. You straddled him, running your fingers through his hair. He groaned as you bit down on his bottom lip. 

Bucky pulled away breathless. “Maybe you should steal my spot more often.”

Note: i’m living for your requests, omg. I hope you like this one! .c

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Who Hurt You? (Part 4)

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Title: Who Hurt You? (Part 4)

Characters: DiNozzo x Reader, Gibbs, McGee

Word Count: 2,706

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Here we are with the 4th Part to this series! It’s coming to an end, sadly. I hope you all enjoyed this series!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! <3 <3  Part 3Part 2  ;   Part 1

You tossed and turned for a couple of hours before sitting up.  It wasn’t that the couch was uncomfortable, it was actually quite nice, but every time you closed your eyes, you saw Alex.  You got up and walked down the hall, stopping at Tony’s bedroom door that was only slightly ajar.  You looked in to see if it was okay, but it was too dark to tell.  You poked your head in, “Tony,” you whispered.

“Hmmm,” Tony hummed, stirring in his bed.

“Sorry if I woke you up, I just couldn’t sleep,” you spoke, your voice cracking slightly.  You suddenly felt vulnerable, but you didn’t know why.  Perhaps it was the reason you came to Tony’s room in the first place; fear.

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During a stakeout in which Chloe and Lucifer use the LAPD surveillance van in the midst of a major case, everything goes haywire when the signal suddenly changes to their infant son’s, John’s, nursery monitor–courtesy of Lucifer. 

Needless to say, his partner is less than pleased, as the Ruler of Hell finds himself in need of an Uber and possibly some muscle relaxers for having to sleep on the uncomfortable, living room couch for the night. Hopefully, only for the night.

Edd- Yeah Tom, like I know you guys aren’t great friends, but at least try. This was suppose to be for fun.

Tom- S-sorry…

Tom- THATS IT. Ever since this ass got back it’s been all about him! Tords done nothing but hurt and piss all of us off, and suddenly he’s being treated like a victim?!

Tom- Incase you want to know, I’M the one that’s been sleeping on that uncomfortable couch while Tord has been living it up and relaxing in MY room that Edd decided to give away.

Tord- Tom, relax! Why are you getting all bent out of shape?

Tom- you better watch your ass before I beat you into the ground.

Tord- heh, I’d like to see you try, Jehovah Witness.


Edd- n-not since the first time, it took almost a month for the swelling in my eye to go down…

Making Up

A/N: The follow up to First Real Fight


Once you were settled in bed, it didn’t take long for you to start feeling guilty about the stupid fight that had happened earlier in the night. Maybe Harry had been right about you overreacting earlier; maybe you did need to calm down, not that you’ll ever admit that to his face. Like he said, it’s not like he was returning the girl’s advances, he would never do that to you. Realizing your mistake, you can’t help but feel like a total bitch for lashing out at him for no reason and making him sleep on your very uncomfortable couch. Before you can convince yourself otherwise, you quickly throw off your covers and tiptoe your way downstairs.

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Bookish asks: multiples of 5, please!

Eeee! You’re the first person to ever prompt me for these so thank you, thank you!

5. Favorite authors? Laini Taylor, Leigh Bardugo, Sherrilyn Kenyon (though her last book is making me very leery with all future releases), Marissa Meyer, and C.S. Lewis.

10. Current or Classics? Current! I’ve never been a big fan of classics. I’m not entirely sure why. I guess it’s partly because they were never required reading when I grew up (Christian school that frowned on secular literature, boo) and by the time I was really making my own book choices I was pretty heavy into sci-fi/fantasy.

15. Favorite beverage for reading? Coffee! Most of the time I’m drinking my flavored water but I honestly love curling up on my (very uncomfortable) couch with a cup of hot coffee and a good book.

20. Fantasy or Science Fiction? Unnnnghhhh! This is such a hard one for me because I really enjoy both. Here lately I’ve been leaning more towards fantasy so I’m going to go with that!

25. Order online or buy in the store? It depends. New releases is in store because I’m inpatient and must have it the day it comes out. I don’t trust places to get it to me on time. If I’m trying to get sequels to books that are already out or just browsing for even more stuff to add to my TBR then I’m usually on BookOutlet.com. Their sales KILL my bank account.

30. Gateway book? I’m going to assume this is asking me the book that ultimately led me into being a bookworm so I’m going to answer accordingly. Charlotte’s Web. My granny read that to me every night when I was little and it was how I remember learning how to read. From there it was on to Black Beauty, The Babysitter’s Club, R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series, and then the rest is history. 

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Aomine, Kise, Midorima, Kagami, Kiyoshi, Kasamatsu and, Takao's reaction to their s.o. performing Yanis Marshall's choreo to 7/11.

HOLY SHIT WTF I JUST SAW THE VIDEO AND HOW THE FUCK DOES SOMEONE MOVE LIKE THAT. IN HEELS. I’m so done omfg. Here’s the video for anyone interested! - [ kind of NSFW ]

AOMINE: Getting you to practice at the empty space at home was definitely a good idea. He watched from the couch, shifting uncomfortably as the bulge in his pants began to harden. Fuck, your twists and turns, the way you slid your hands down your body, were driving him and his libido insane. When you crawled towards him, that was when he lost it. His self-control snapped as he dragged you up and nestled you on his lap, grinding his erection against the thin fabric of your yoga pants. “You’re fucking amazing, you know that?”

KAGAMI: His lips parted in surprise as you fluidly moved your body on the floor. His eyes watched your every move, darkening with lust. He couldn’t drag his eyes away from your enticing figure. Slowly, he began to rub the tent in his jeans, groaning when you crouched with legs spread open. Oh God. This was embarrassing. You, noticing his reaction, smirked and changed your movements to draw closer towards him. With a flushed face, he watched as you slid your hands up the rough fabric of his jeans and touched the bulge. “So, did you like it?”

KASAMATSU: For once, the strict captain was at a loss as he watched you move. The song was fast and so were you, sliding here and there, seeing your hair sway around. He didn’t like the way he reacted to it but he sure as hell liked the way you were moving. He grunted quietly to himself and adjusted his position to try and get comfortable but knew that that effort was futile. How did anyone even move like that in heels and not fall? All technical thoughts disappeared from his mind when you circled your ass around and pointed towards him. He was in for a long night.

KISE: Those sharp hip movements drove him to the edge. He knew that he was only supposed to watch you practice for your performance next week but he couldn’t help his physical reactions. His eyes glazed over with lust when you lied on your front then flipped your legs up to spread them. “Ne, ___-chi.” He asked breathlessly when you stopped, grinning at him to ask him what he thought of it. “You’re really, really good. So good that I can’t even think straight right now.” He winced, trying to get some control of himself. Your gaze dropped to this pants as a feral smirk spread across your lips. “Clearly you loved that performance.”

KIYOSHI: You couldn’t believe it. Minutes had passed and you had finished his performance and yet Kiyoshi just kept smiling at you with that famous smile of his, seeming innocent and sweet. “You’re really talented, ___-chan. I’m sure you’ve practiced so much to perfect those moves.” You raised an eyebrow at him, wondering why the hell he wasn’t even that turned on. Afterwards, when you came back from the kitchen, you heard groans from the bathroom. Peeking your head inside, you giggled when you saw Kiyoshi. “Need some help with that?” He blushed slightly but allowed you in anyway.

MIDORIMA: The stars were definitely not in his favor tonight — or maybe they were. He couldn’t decide. He had never seen you look so… alluring and tempting and captivating. Absolutely magnificent. His green eyes lit up with pleasure as the rhythmic beat pulsed accordingly to his heart. He felt his breath catch when you bent down and gulped the lump in your throat. After the song finished, you bowed and smiled at him only to notice that he was tomato red from head to toe. “Are you feeling okay?” You bowed slightly and reached out to touch him. All he saw was your very, very attractive cleavage. “I-I’m fine! Don’t touch me!” this brat

TAKAO: Takao didn’t think you could get any more attractive but you managed to surprise him every time. The tight, stretchy material spread across your skin and, God, it showed everything. The sexy curve of your hips, your waist. Fucking beautiful. He watched you smoothly maneuver your body on the floor and wondered how the hell he got so lucky. He teased you, pulling your sweaty form towards him and burying his face in your neck. “You’re so talented, ___-chan, and hot. You’re absolutely perfect!” Instead of having flustered him, you ended up blushing and pushing him away in embarrassment.


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Hanbinie would find it cute but eh something tells me his leader instincts will come out and once you wake up he’ll be like “next time don’t wait for me ok? practices drag sometimes and I don’t want you to be here alone and end up uncomfortable on that couch” 


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“ah so she fell asleep”, he would also be like Hanbin and tell you not to wait for him but he may be a bit cute about it because he’s a sweetheart.


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Bobby would be all over you tbh, like he’d melt seeing you there. He’d take pictures to show you when you wake up. “look at you sleeping so cute, waiting for your hot boyfriend *wink wink*”. 


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Ah June would be sassy af, “ugh she fell asleep now we can’t go out to get ice cream like we planned!”, he’d whine to the guys but deeeeep down he thinks it’s cute and will let you sleep.


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Dongdong may also be a little worried over you waiting there okay like i keep imaging you sleeping so crocked and uncomfortable and so he will maybe wake you so that he can take you home and cuddle ^^


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He’d show off how cute you look to the guys but then also wake you and be so damn adorable “hey, let’s go home, thanks for waiting~” and kiss you probs


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Baby Chanwoo would be flustered, what does he do?? He’ll smile at you looking cute and then say “well might as well get some snacks while she’s asleep” 

no one was used to dealing with grumpy!calum, including you. it happened so rarely that most people just stayed clear when he wasn’t his upbeat self but you always found yourself unable to ignore it. his moods were predictable, the bags under his eyes would more resemble bruises, his smiles would become less frequent until they disappeared completely and his insatiable appetite would dissipate. you had seen the signs coming for a week now, calum’s moodiness building until it exploded with him storming off stage at soundcheck. he hardly acknowledged you as he stalked past you and into the dressing room, but you followed anyway, sneaking into the dressing room and locking the door behind you. by the time you turn around cal was already burying his face into the uncomfortable leather couch that seemed to be at every show. he makes no move even when you turn off the lights, so you walk quietly until you can kneel down to his height. threading your fingers through his sweaty hair, you let your thumb rub against his temple the way joy had told you used to sooth him as a baby and let your other hand run over his tense cotton covered shoulders, silently coaxing him to turn towards you. you can feel him relax under your touch, his breathing steadying out as he turns to look at you with glassy eyes. “you ok babe?” you prod gently, even though you know he won’t be ready to talk yet. he nods into your hand “just need a nap” he admits quietly, and before you reach up and grab the blanket casually slung over the back of the couch you give him one more reassuring smile. he moves over before you can ask and gives just you enough room so you can cuddle in close, pressing yourself into his warm chest as his arms do their best to wrap around you. his breathing had evened out to the point you thought he was sleeping, until his quiet voice admits what has been bothering him. he talks until his heavy lids close and his movements still and you feel confident that he’ll be himself again the next time his warm brown eyes open.

The Middle Sister Part 2 (JaredLeto!Joker Imagine)

Part 1

When I had started washing the floor of the apartment I had threw a quick glance over the man and he was done eating, just staring to a certain point on the wall in front of him. At the time I was done cleaning I looked at him again to find he had fallen asleep in the uncomfortable couch. My eyes darted towards the watch again and then released a tired sigh. I walked to the bathroom to take a deserved shower. The warm of the water, the delicious aroma of the soap and conditioner mixed with the smell of the cleaning products I used on the apartment relaxed me. Once changed in fresh and tight clothes for my job I walked to the kitchen again to make myself something to eat before going to work.

When I sitted with a soup in my hands I saw Mr J was awake and in complete silence.

—Uhm, do you need something Mr. J?

He turned slowly his head and observed me making me feel uncomfortable. He seemed in pain.

—Where am I?

—Well I’m Harleen’ sister, your doctor—Doc Quinzel.—Exactly. And you’re in my home. She brought you here cause the other docs were giving you electricity shocks and a patient beated you up, the guards doing nothing to help you… Or at least that’s what she told me. Is —I looked the hour again— 7:37pm she should be here in a few moments to take care of you while I work. Do you want something to eat?

He just remained silent staring at nothing again and thinking. Ten minutes later I was ready to go but I was pacing around waiting for Harley, getting impatient. The door opened and I immediately turned to it.

—Harley! I’m going to be late! My boss is going to give me bullshit again! —I was tired and I still had to attend a bar and take the disgusting words and looks from customers for three hours before going to bed so you could say she wasn’t cooperating.

—I know I know I’m sorry! You can go now I’ll take care of him.

—Okay, he didn’t eat dinner yet. Gotta go, bye.


I was finally walking out of the bar with my heels claking on the ground when I felt a stinging pain on my ass. I suddenly turned around like a furious lion ready to attack the asshole.

—Damn darlin’ I’ve never seen an ass like that [[the way you shake it, I can’t believe it🎶 sorry I had to]] —the guy’s eyes kept watching every curve of my body.

—Who the fuck do you think you are asshole?! —I was infuriated getting closer to the guy.

—Ha! Feis—I slapped his cheek the hardest I could and quickly turned around not wanting to waste the little energy left in my body.

Walking up the streets of Gotham I finally made it to my appartment after fifteen minutes. I tiredly opened my door and dropped my bag to the ground. In contrast with earlier that day, the clean place wasn’t comforting anymore, not enough for my exahustion.

I looked at the couch to find Harley fast asleep. Hu… what a babysitter Harls. I looked around for Mr. J but he wasn’t in the common area. I cautionsly walked to my bedroom where a dim light was seen. I peeked trough the ajar door. He was asleep as well though he was in a weird position like he it hadn’t been his intention to fall asleep there. I heavely sighed. I wanted to sleep forever and I didn’t have a place to. In my fucking house. Fuck Harley this is your fault… And mine for helpping you.

I returned to the kitchen to grab some snacks. I opened the potato chips bag and sitted on a chair so I could take my heels off, releasing a sigh of pleasure as I did. Around five minutes of eating and trying to maintain my eyelids open I heard footsteps behind me and I quickly turned my head to find the man with a sleepy face.

—Sorreh I fell asleep on your bed. —his voice was like the hottest thing ever given he had just woke up, it was raspy and so damn sexy. Can’t blame tho I hadn’t been with a person of my opposite sex in years. Literally.

—'kay don’t worry —I yawned as I rubbed my eyes.

—Go to bed darlin’ you look tired than a one legged chicken in a butt kickin’ contest. —even I didn’t understand how with all my fatigue I still had energy to laugh at his words. And I really laughed. I hadn’t had a laugh in so long…

—I’m sorry it’s just —another bundle of giggles managed to escape my lungs— I hadn’t laughed in a long time. —I smiled and looked at him. The smile he was wearing was calm, warm and comforting…? Like if he was a proud father watching his son make a goal.

—Well it’s always a pleasure to make people laugh, isn’t it?

—I guess so…


It was saturday already, it’s been two days since Harls brought Mr. J and things were getting somewhat better. At least what refered to them… Harley said in Arkham nobody suspected anything, the news said Batman was at the hunt of the Joker again and Mr. J was healing succesfully. I on the other hand, still worked my ass off and lived in misery… except for those little moments with J. Since that day he made me laugh he seemed to love my laugh or the feeling he got making me. So he looked forward to have opportunities to get laughs out of me.

I had cleaned a lil bit the appartment and now was cooking some homemade spaghettis. My hands kneaded the dough as I hummed a song inside my head. I jumped in my place at the feeling of two manly hands wrapping sweetly around my waist. I looked back over my shoulder and smiled at the sight of a now very familiar green hair and tattooed face which already had an smirk too.

—Mmmmmmhm… mornin’ Miss Quinzel… —did I mention his voice totally turned me on right?

I released a small burst of laughter that I couldn’t hold as my eyes looked up at the watch hanging on the wall. —Good noon I would say, Mister…

—I must say though I had never been in a place with this… —I knew what he thought of my house, I thought the same but what else could I do? — features, I had never felt so comfortable to sleep all day. You have to know Miss, I have never been a man of sleeping my mornings away. I just feel very well welcomed here. And the company… Oh Miss the company has never been so good. —He smiled as he slid the back of his right hand from my head to my shoulder.

His words always got to me. He was so experienced with everything, he knew the exact right words to say at everytime and to everyone! How does a person do that? Besides he knew how to get inside my head, he read me like an open book, not that I cared, just nobody had ever been interested in it. I wasn’t the kind of woman a man would be into. I was boring, or I would always be busy taking care of my family, or my own self. I never stopped working, time was something I lacked along with money. Even in my teenage years boys weren’t something I could permit me enjoy. Of course one than other time I took my stress out with some stranger and then back to normal but that was the farther I had reached. Relationships weren’t something I had space in my life for.

Maybe I could have some fun with him before he leaves, right?

—Well I think you, Mister, being an ex convict, the most terrifying psycothic criminal and a millionare man… you sure had a few interesting ladies by your side…?

A weird small laugh escaped his mouth and then looked into my eyes —And in my bed too, Miss Quinzel, but that doesn’t take away what I said before. Such a beautiful gem waiting to be discovered and polished —he took a strand of my hair and pulled it behind my ear. —hard-working all day to maintain herself all by her own, and still willing to help her little sister to give asylum to a murderer —a beautiful smile appeared on his face again. —You’re the kind of women every man should have waiting at home. —he was bowing as he took my right hand and kissed my knucles.


—This is the last time I call for you! Go to that table and do your fuckin’ job right now! —I closed my eyes and deep breathed as I dryed my hands on my apron. I walked to the table filled with a new group of disgusting perverts customers. I had refused a few times to attend them because I knew they would try everything but my boss wasn’t having it.

I had been two seconds next to their table when I felt a filthy hand running up my thigh till my buttock. I looked deadly in the eyes to the guy to my right and slapped his hand off. I was about to shout at him but my name being called by my boss stopped me making me look at him instead. I was the one receiving a warning look now.

After two long hours of holding my anger and letting strangers touch my body against my own will I took my apron off and got ready to go home. I released a frustrated sigh as I lit a cigarette. A few tears ran down my cheeks. Once I was at my door I was more calm and composed. I was used to Mr. J and Harley’s company by now. But sometimes I wished I had my own house empty so I could relax and do wahtever I wanted.

That night tho I couldn’t see any of them. I walked to the table and opened a piece of paper with Harley’s handwritting.

“I had to go early today, Dr. Carlson will have a meeting with me tomorrow. Sorry.” A black little heart was under along with H.Q. Sure Harls, is not like you had brought a psycho murderer to my apartment. I left the paper back on the table and went in search for Mr. J. My feet carried me in direction of my room where I supposed was the manI was looking for. I stopped midway turning around to look at the bathroom door closed. Noises were heard inside. I knocked and I was greeted with the white door opening, revealing a shirtless man. A shirtless beautiful perfectly toned tattooed man. I kind of fell under a shock. I couldn’t move and my eyes wouldn’t blink. I felt a breath catch in my throat. Two glorious seconds passed untill I recovered.

—Uh uhm sorry. Didn’t know you were like… this.

Mr. J leaned against the door frame and stared intensely at me. Then a not so common smile appeared on his face.

—Well what do I have here?

I didn’t know what to say I was speechless. His right hand grabbed a strand of hair out of my face. His gaze felt so powerful, magnetic even. I was so deep into his baby blue eyes, they scared me to death. You could see the dementia inside them. But also I had never felt more dragged to something than at that exact moment, as a black hole in the galaxy devouring everything at his touch. A sigh left my body.

—Di-did Harley take care of you? Did you eat? —I thought swimming away from that black hole was the best thing I could do. His smile grew wider.

—Curious, ya know? How two persons whose same blood runs in their veins can be so alike and different at the same time. I looove genetic. Don’t ya? All the myterious and amazing things nature is capable of… —he looked up and then at me again, his smile never fading.

—Wha-what do you mean? Harley and I are very different.

—Oh no, my sweet darling… You can have a dirtier blonde, or be taller than her. But I can see past that. You both care for the lost cases, the humanity inside of you is the same. The affection in your eyes…


It’s been two months since the Joker told Harley and I that his men would come to pick him up. He had said he was very thankful for erything we have done for him and went away, like if nothing ever happened. Harley was kinda attached to him. She was her doctor, she wanted to keep treating him. Sometimes she could be very oblivious. Of course he wouldn’t be back to sessions and psychological treatments. He couldn’t be cured, but I wouldn’t be the one ruining my little sister delusions.

My life went back to normal too. Just working my ass of, paying taxes, the rent, you know… struggling to survive. Each day that passed was harder and harder to maintain myself from punching customers. Thing is I couldn’t give myself the pleasure of losing one of my jobs.

So here I was, taking orders and feeling miserable. I leaned to clean a table when I felt a hand go up and down my thigh, but this one just went a hell lot more over the limits, touching my pussy. I snapped and pushed the guy backwards. He was sitting on a chair so he stumbled over it almost fallilng on the floor with chair and all.

—HEY! What the fuck do you think you’re doing asshole! You can’t touch me, dick!

Before I could hear my boss shouts the lights went off for solids three seconds where everyone kept silence, the music stopped and not a muscle was moved, wondering what was happening. I felt another hand grab my left wrist and pull me down to the ground, almost at the same time shooting took over the place. Screams, glasses being broken, cries and panic floated in the air. My heart beated so hard. Lights came back as the shooting mess continued. I looked at who had grabbed me and I saw a suited man with beard.

—Name’s Frost, Mr. J’s principal henchman. Nice to meet you Miss Quinzel. —I raised an eyebrow and looked at him completely and utterly confused. A bullet skimmed next to my head and I bent down even more. After two minutes the guns stopped and everything was quiet except for a peculiar maniac laugh raising up.

I slowly stood up, feeling Frost doing the same behind me, looking startled at the mess of the bar. Dead bodies spilling rivers of blood, broken pieces of glass everywhere, tables and stools with holes, and some people alive, scared to death. I looked over till I found him. He was dressing a black suit, a white dress shirt and he carried a white flower in his pocket that matched perfectly his white gloves. His always so green hair perfeclty styled backwards giving him that essential look so polite and educated. Those dangerous eyes found mines and a crazy expression appeared on his face.

—Time to go baby, Daddy has come to save you.

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First Listen (Part 3)

Part 1 | Part 2

Taylor shifted uncomfortably on the couch cushion, taking care not to purposefully rub her leg against Harry’s, even though some intuitive part of her body was trying to make her do that, simply out of habit. She was used to flirting with him, used to bringing their bodies together. It took conscious effort not to do that.

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Just Friends

member: oh sehun 

genre: fluff

summary: “sehun, how could i like you? we’re just friends?” 

                 “the blush on your face says otherwise.”

“Have you eaten?”

It was your first time over at your best friend’s house, and needless to say, you were feeling rather awkward. You didn’t know what it was, but something was off, and you could tell.

Sehun was being awfully courteous, for starters, and it was rather different to you. You didn’t know he had a side like this – you’d only seen the greasy, playful, and naughty sides of him.

You shook your head, biting your lip. You sat stiffly on the couch, uncomfortable with the unfamiliar place. It was rather warm and inviting, however, which was yet another thing that surprised you.

“Why are you so stiff?” Sehun asked from the kitchen, glancing at you as he washed his hands. “Anyways, I’m making ramen if you want some?”

You nodded quickly; man, you were so hungry. “Do you need help?”

“It’s not going to take me long, but why don’t you keep me company?” he asked. The corner of his lip turned upwards, and you laughed, easing up to the situation.

You leaned against the island across from the stove, getting a clear view of his back.

Broad shoulders.

You swallowed. It wasn’t like you hadn’t noticed him before; his soft facial features, his broad shoulders, his long legs. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t pleasing to the eye.

Clearing your throat, you said, “So what’s up? Why’d you call me this late at night anyways?”

He had called you almost an hour earlier, asking you to spend some time with him. You figured he was just bored, but came anyways – you were bored too.

“It’s been a while since we hung out like this,” he said, his back still facing you.

This was true. The two of you had been caught up with finals, and frankly, haven’t had any free time until recently. Even then, the two of you were with family, and somewhere during that time, you realized you missed him.

You shook your head, biting your lip once again. You couldn’t.

“You’re right,” you said quietly, looking around the small kitchen. It was rather bland for your tastes, but you figured he had been too lazy to do anything about it. “I’ve missed you,” you remarked quietly, still distracted. You meant it platonically, but something inside of you said you felt stronger about it.

He looked over his shoulder and your breath hitched. “Really?” he mused, smirking. “As have I.”

There was a moment of silence, before you said, “You have a nice place. It’s kinda boring though.”

He laughed, and it was like music to your ears. “I figured you’d say that.” He turned to look at you. “You should come back and we can decorate it or something?”

“You could hang some pictures up,” you offered, shrugging. “Actually, with you, there’s no hope,” you joked, giggling.

He rolled his eyes. “As if there is with you,” he shot back, smiling.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” you asked defensively, pouting slightly. He turned to drain the water in the sink, before setting the pot down and poking your puffed cheek. “You’re a lost cause, Y/N. I’m saving you right now.”

You rolled your eyes. “Thank you, kind master, for saving me,” you responded robotically, causing laughter to ring out from the both of you. You grabbed a barstool from the side of the room and sat it down on the side of the island, taking a seat and watching him prepare your dinner.

He pulled out the utensils and served you, and you took the bowl from his hands gratefully. He stood across from you, leaning over the island to eat.

There was silence while the both of you ate. You were practically in your own world; you honestly hadn’t ever had ramen that tasted this good.

He finally opened his mouth to speak up. “You really are a lost cause though,” he mumbled in between forkfuls of his food. He dared not look up at you.

“Hm?” you asked, shoving your mouth.

He bit his lip to stop laughing at how silly you looked at the moment, cheeks puffed out with ramen in your mouth. “I’m just saying…you’re in a guy’s home at this time of night.”

You stopped chewing, looking up at him wide-eyed. You swallowed forcefully, your eyebrows furrowing as you started to get mad. “Excuse me?”

“It’s late, Y/N,” he said, looking at you right in the eye. He stood up straighter. “And you’re in a guy’s home, alone.”

You looked around, before shooting him a dubious look. “Yeah,” you muttered, “because we’ve been friends for how long? Over a year? What’s your problem all of a sudden?”

He walked to the side of the island that you were sitting on, before dropping his voice. “My problem is that you aren’t getting it. It’s been over a year, Y/N.”

You drew in a deep breath, getting frustrated with how ambiguous he was acting. “Sehun, what are you – ”

He quickly leaned forwards, placing his lips on yours in a swift motion. Your eyelids flew open, and the fork in your hand fell straight the ground. You were unresponsive, but you didn’t resist him either.

He pulled about an inch away, your noses brushing against each other. “Do you get it now?” he asked lowly, his voice sending shivers down your spine.

You blinked a few times, still trying to grasp the situation.

“I’m – ”

“I like you,” he blurted. “A lot.”

You looked at him, scanning his face for any detection of a lie. Your cheeks flared at how close the two of you were, and you were sweating at how fast everything was happening. You let out a scoff, your eyes shifting to the side.

“Sehun, how can I like you? We’re just friends,” you mumbled, looking away.

His eyes were still on yours when he whispered, “The blush on your cheeks really says otherwise.”

His fingers tilted your chin, and his lips found yours once again, embracing you in a sweet, long kiss. His hands moved from your chin to your cheeks and gripped them tightly, wanting to feel you against him, to touch you senselessly.

You succumbed to him and your arms tangled in his hair. You felt him smirk against your lips, but there was no way you could stop now. Letting out a soft moan, you pressed yourself against him harder.  

His arms moved to wrap around your waist tightly. Your legs moved up from the stool you were sitting on and wrapped around Sehun’s waist. He picked you up with ease, his hands gripping your butt tightly as he walked the two of you to the couch. He let you fall, and you let out a scream that was quickly stifled by another kiss.

It wasn’t long before his hands were under your shirt, sending shocks throughout your entire body. You breathed heavily against his lips, and he pulled away to smirk triumphantly at you.

“Tell me you don’t want this too.”

You bit your lip and nodded, before reaching out for the collar of shirt.

“Just friends?” he smirked, his lips ghosting over yours. He scoffed lightly at your earlier remark. “Not after tonight.”

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Jin: Why in god’s name would you sleep on the floor when the bed is literally a meter away from you ….?

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Suga: Why did you have to block the way to the bedroom door? Now I have to sleep on this very uncomfortable couch… ps suga what are your socks man

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J-Hope: …. I can’t believe I come home to this…

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Rap Monster: Fine, sleep on the floor. I’ll sleep with Jungkook instead.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jimin: What is with you and sleeping on the floor? We have a perfectly good bed, use it… 300% done

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Taehyung: who are we kidding he’s probably sleeping with you on the floor ft. jimin as you

Originally posted by yehetandbubbleteaeveryday

Jungkook: w AKE UP RIGHT NOW AND BUY ME LAMB SKEWERS *smacks pillow on your face*

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It had been a hectic week for the Healer, to say the least. She’d basically been locked up in the hospital wing, sealed away from the real world, and only stopping to grab a cup of tea from the shop downstairs. Miriam even had to sleep there most nights, finding a spot on uncomfortable couches that was sure to leave a kink in her neck the next morning. Today was the first night she’d been able to spend in her own bed, and she woke up feeling refreshed; that was, of course, until she saw the news. “You don’t read a paper for a week,” she mumbled, as she sat down, worry obvious in the crease of her eyebrows.