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It has been MONTHS since I’ve posted anything on here, but my vacation just started and I am so fucking ready to get back on here. This is the longest shit i’ve ever written so i hope you guys like it. I’m only writing for BTS at the moment so if you have any requests for them, i’d be happy to oblige. Without further ado, please and enjoy. Feedback is much appreciated, as usual.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: fluff, smut

“Fucksake, not again..” you grumbled. You brought your hands up to your eyes and rubbed at them sleepily, feeling the anger slowly boiling up inside of you as you sat up in your bed.

Just ignore it. Just block it out, close your eyes, and go back to sleep. You can do this.

The encouraging words you kept repeating in your head made you lie back down, still holding onto the small piece of hope you still had, but it was quickly erased when another moan rang out in your ears and you groaned for the nth time before sitting up again.

You actually felt like crying at that moment. There was nothing you wanted to do more than get a decent amount of sleep after a hell-filled week. With the all exams you’d been studying for, all the papers, all the assignments, you craved a weekend full of goodnight sleeps and rest. But, clearly, that was just too much to ask of the horny fucking assholes who couldn’t keep it in their pants at this time of night.

You were too tired to even think of going there and giving them shit about it. So you just got up out of bed, still in your pajamas that consisted of shorts and a baggy t-shirt, grabbed your phone and dorm room key, and left your room. You cringed as you passed the room next to yours when you heard another groan echo from there, deciding you wanted to get off this whole fucking floor to at least have a quiet and peaceful night, even without sleep.

You sighed and ran a hand down your face as you entered the elevator before pressing the button to the main floor, considering the main lounge would be empty at this time of night. The ding sounded when you reached the floor, the door slowly sliding open to a completely empty and silent room. A tiny smile graced your lips as you walked to a seat in the corner, a small part of you happy to spend some quiet alone time, even though you were spending it outside your bed on an uncomfortable couch. But hey, when in college, those things were nothing to complain about.

You took your phone out and opened Instagram, scrolling through the search feed in search of anything entertaining. You sighed and slid down the seat and brought your legs up to rest on the seat, trying to get as comfortable as possible because it seemed it was going to be a long night.

Time seemed to fly as you sat there, switching between Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, occasionally turning on some music and singing along softly. But when you looked at the time, only twenty minutes had passed by. You groaned and sat up properly, locking your phone and looking up at the ceiling in frustration. You were pretty damn sure the two rabbits fucking upstairs were anywhere near done since you’ve experienced stuff like this countless times before, so you had no idea what to do. You only grabbed your phone and laid back against the couch once again, laying your head back and closing your eyes for a few seconds to clear your head. But then you heard the elevator ding, and your eyes snapped open quickly. Who the hell would come down here at this time of night?

You turned your head but stayed in your position, watching as the boy walked out of the elevator oblivious to your presence with his eyes glued to his phone. You definitely recognized him from around campus since he was pretty hard not to notice. He was one of the cuter guys around, not with too much attention though. He had his own group of friends and didn’t seem to want to broaden it any time soon. You didn’t even know his name even though he was in one or two of your classes.

He didn’t look up from his phone until he sat down on one of the couches a few feet away. As his eyes scanned the room, they landed on you and they widened at the presence of someone else. You sent him a small flustered smile, having been caught staring at him, and he sent one back. You broke eye contact and looked down at your phone once again. You were very tempted to go up and maybe say hi, get to know him maybe. But you didn’t wanna be one of those annoying strangers that annoyed the hell out of you without knowing it, and you had a feeling he was too polite to ignore you or tell you to fuck off. So you stuck to scrolling through your phone once again and sighing as you dug yourself further into your seat, occasionally glancing over to him to see him engrossed in his own phone.

Another fifteen minutes had passed by, and you looked up when you heard shifting from his side of the room as he got up and walked to a vending machine in the corner. He slid in some money and once you heard the crumpling of the wrapping of what you guessed was a chocolate bar, you suddenly felt the hunger that was starting to take over your stomach. You were pretty sure you didn’t have any money to buy anything though, since you didn’t bother to think about anything but getting away from that damned floor.

However, you were surprised when, out of the corner of your eye, you saw him making his way over to you, and you tried not to get nervous at the thought of actually having to interact with him. You weren’t very used to meeting and talking to new people, especially when they were attractive.

You kept your eyes glued to your phone, thinking maybe he was going in a different direction than you thought, but then a snickers bar was held up before you. Your eyes brows raised in surprise and you looked up to find him looking at you expectantly, his other hand holding his own half-eaten snickers bar. You stared at him for a few seconds, mouth slightly agape in confusion and slight bewilderment.

“I didn’t know what you liked so I got you the same as mine,” he said after he swallowed down his bite, and the look he held in his eyes was so soft and innocent you almost melted right there.

“Erm, thank you,” you chuckled and sat up in your seat. “You really didn’t have to.”

He smiled a cute, bunny-teethed smile and nudged the chocolate towards you once again. “I guessed you were down here much earlier than I was so.. it’s nothing really.”

You took it from him with a smile and thanked him once again, feeling your stomach flutter when he took a seat on the couch opposite to you and unlocked his phone before settling in. You settled back as well and unwrapped the chocolate bar before taking a bite, savoring the sweet and salty taste that always managed to have you full in just a few bites.

You continued to use your phone when you felt his eyes on you, and you didn’t know whether to look up or just ignore it. But you couldn’t help but let your eyes meet his, and he was quick to avert his gaze down, but you definitely caught the slight tint in his cheeks at being caught.

“Are you down here for the same reason I am?” He asked all of a sudden, and you looked up mid bite to find him having locked his phone with his attention now on you, and you decided to do the same.

“Wait, is Park Jimin on your floor too?” You asked, slowly connecting the dots in your head as a smile slid onto both of your lips before you two busted out laughing.

“I knew it,” he sighed after you both stopped your laughing fit. “I’m Jungkook by the way.”

“I’m __.”

Within another half an hour, you’d gotten to know more than a handful of things about him. He was a dance major. He had a part time job because, similar to 90% of college students, he was struggling to pay his college fees. One of his best friends was Park Jimin, the dickhead currently fucking someone in his dorm room. People like to call him ‘Kookie’ or ‘Jungkookie’, which you found extremely adorable to be completely honest. He loved to sing. His favorite number is 1. He has a black belt in Taekwondo.

And, surprisingly, you talked and spilled just as much. It was nice. It’d been a long time since you sat down and just had a long chat with someone about nothing in particular, just anything that came to mind. He’d even made his way over to you and sat on the seat next to yours, and you tried not to focus too much on the handsome features of his face after he sat so much closer.

However, after you both yawned for the fifth time, you grabbed your phone to look at the time, surprised to see that two hours had just flied by.

“You think Park would be done by now?” You asked after another yawn and he chuckled as he checked his phone for the time as well.

“If he’s not, I’m going in there to kick his ass myself.”

When you reached your room, you turned to him and gave him one last smile.

“Night Jungkook. Thanks again for that snickers bar, if it weren’t for you I would’ve starved to death down there instead of coming back up here and getting some cash and hear that girl getting murdered.”

“You’re welcome,” he laughed. “Night __, I’ll see you around.”

That was about a week ago. You hadn’t seen much of Jungkook except for in classes where you two said simple ‘hellos’ and exchanged smiles. A small part of you was upset that you two hadn’t talked properly again, or even exchanged numbers. But you figured that night was a one time thing and he only talked to you because there was no other better way to pass the time.

That thought, however, was quickly thrown out the window when you heard your name being called as you walked to your next class, which happened to be with Jungkook himself. You turned your head to see him jogging up to you, ignoring the butterflies that flooded your tummy at the sight of him.

“What’s up?” You greeted with a smile and he sent one right back as he walked alongside you.

“Nothing much. We have the same class right now, right?” He asked, and the small high school part of you squealed at the fact that he remembered that.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for the amazing and fun-filled lectures of Mr. Kim?” You asked with false enthusiasm.

“Oh yeah, super pumped,” he chuckled. As you walked, you continued to chat casually about your week and how it’d gone. You finally reached your class and you walked to a vacant seat, expecting him to part ways with you and sit near his friends since they also attended this class. However, you were pleasantly surprised when he followed you and took the seat right next to yours, and bit back a smile as you settled in your seat.

The two hour lecture started, and for the first time in a long time, you weren’t bored out of your mind and halfway asleep on your desk. The reason was Jeon Jungkook and his antics. He kept doodling on your notebook, which you had no use of, passing you notes, and making lame jokes that had you choking back laughter.

You were currently practically red in the face, giggling quietly, body shaking from laughter as you leaned your head against the table so that nobody saw you. Then he tapped you on the shoulder and you sat up, huffing out a sigh after your laughing fit before looking to him expectantly.

“Give me your phone.”

“What?” You chuckled. “Why?”

“Just give it to me.”

You slid your phone out of your pocket and handed it over to him after unlocking it. He typed in a few things before giving it back, and before you could ask he talked.

“There, now you have my number saved. Text me later so I can have your number saved too, yeah?” He smiled that sweet smile once again and you had no idea why you felt your cheeks heat up slightly, but you turned to the front of the class so he wouldn’t notice, though you were pretty sure he knew your were grinning.

are you coming to taehyung’s party tonight?

i don’t think so

why not? :/ it’s fridayy

i have a lot of studying to catch up on

oh come on __ you still have the whole weekend

well yeah but still idk if that’s enough

please? i promise you’ll have fun if i’m there with you

You felt a smile grace your lips and you knew you couldn’t turn him down.

alright fine see you there

You sighed as you laid there in bed, already stressing about what you were gonna wear and the countless people you were going to have to talk to during your time there. But then you remembered that you were going to see him, in a much more relaxed and loose atmosphere, so you immediately got up and started rummaging through your closet for an outfit.

You settled for simple. A crop top, some ripped skinny jeans, and healed boots. Your makeup was simple and you let your hair down, which wasn’t something you often did so you liked the change. You checked your phone for the clock and decided to head out. You texted him that you were on your way, and he said that he’d be waiting for you.

You knew the address since you’d been to Taehyung’s parties before, and you definitely knew how wild they’d get sometimes, which is partially why you were hesitant to come. But you couldn’t help but agree. Ever since he’d given you his number, he’d texted you everyday. Sometimes a good morning text, others a goodnight text, with silly and goofy texts that spread out through the hours of the day. You weren’t going to deny it, you were starting to like him. With his stupid smile, his sweet personality, his gorgeous everything, it was hard not to.

The door to Taehyung’s was open and you made your way in, your eyes scanning the place to try and find anyone familiar, but to no avail. You walked further into the house and headed towards the kitchen, quite enjoying the loud music that filled your ears, and pulled out your phone to see if he’d texted you.

text me when you get here

i’m in the kitchen

You sent the text and leaned back against the counter, settling for waiting instead of getting a drink. You knew not to drink anything at these frat parties if you didn’t have anyone watching your back.

In less than a minute, you looked up to see him walking towards you. You felt a smile automatically being drawn onto your lips as soon as he reached you, and it was accompanied with a soft blush when he immediately pulled you into a short hug as he reached you.

“Glad you came,” he grinned as he pulled back.

“Well I gotta admit, a small part of me didn’t wanna spend the night writing a ten page essay,” you chuckled.

“Come on, let me introduce you to my friends.”

There was Taehyung, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin, who was surprisingly not a dick as you’d expected. They were all a bunch of chill guys who sat there and laughed with a few others, and you kind of got the vibe that this was Jungkook’s close group of friends that he hung out with, and you were happy to meet them.

Each and everyone of them addressed him as Kookie, and you smile each and every time they did. You two sat on one of the couches, his arm resting behind you on the back of the couch, so it was easy for you to lean towards him and mumble to him.

“So, Kookie huh?” You giggled when he blushed.

“Yeah, I told you they all call me that,” he chuckled. “It’s not by choice, believe me.”

“Don’t worry, it’s pretty cute.”

“Not as cute as you.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he closed his eyes and groaned in embarrassment. “That was so tacky, wasn’t it?”

You couldn’t help but bust out laughing at that, and despite his embarrassment, you saw him crack a smile. You nudged his shoulder playfully and leaned slightly into him.

“It was, but I’ll give you an A for effort.”

“He locked me out of my own house for two hours just because I went with Taehyung to a new place that opened in our town,” he sighed and shook his head in mock disappointment.

“What the hell?” You laughed loudly. “He was worse than a clingy girlfriend.”

“Yeah, Park Jimin isn’t the most open minded best friend, or boyfriend,” he laughed with you.

You two were walking home from the party, and he was telling you old stories about him and his friends. Apparently, they were all friends for a long time, and it made your heart even softer to think of all of them still holding onto their friendship and keeping it strong through all those years.

“It’s sweet that you guys are still close friends after so long,” you smiled up at him and he smiled as well at the thought of his friends.

“Yeah, but they can be assholes sometimes. But I guess Jimin being an asshole two weeks ago brought us here didn’t it?” He nudged you with his elbow and you really couldn’t manage not to blush.

“Yeah, I guess..”

“Do you wanna go out with me?”

You sputtered on your coffee at the sudden question. managing to save yourself from a coughing fit before looking up at him. He stared at you nervously, contemplating whether it was a good decision or not to blurt this out in the middle of a study session in the cafe you both chose.

“I mean, you don’t have to.. I just thought-”

“I’d love to, Jungkook.” You cut him off and placed a hand on his to relax his nervous posture, and he immediately smiled in relief and you felt your heart flutter at the mix of it all.

“Tomorrow night then?” He asked, and you only managed to nod eagerly, already feeling your heart racing when he turned his palm upwards to squeeze your hand.

You were glad that he didn’t suggest something like dinner, but instead opted for bowling. It wasn’t that you wouldn’t enjoy dinner with him, you were more than sure you would enjoy doing just about anything with him. But you absolutely loved bowling, or in other words, you absolutely loved anything that involved competition. So you immediately agreed.

You sat on your bed, switching between nervously biting on your fingernails and fiddling with a loose string on the bed sheets. You shouldn’t be nervous. It was only Jeon Jungkook, the sweet boy who managed to make you comfortable with only a simple smile and a few words.

But this was different. When you first talked to him, the thought of him actually taking an interest in you was way, way far off. But then he reached out to you and talked to you in uni, and still, you thought he was one of those persons who were too nice for their own good, and was only interacting with you so as not to be rude after having talked to you a week earlier. And then, he took your number, and he texted you and called you, and hung out with you. But you managed not to let yourself get hopeful because some guys did manage to lead girls on without actually realizing it.

Then he dropped the bomb and asked you out.

And now your palms were sweaty and your heart was racing because in the short time you’d spent with this boy, you could already tell he was the epitome of sweetness, and you pondered why he’d chosen to ask you out of all people.

Your thoughts were interrupted with a knock on your door that alerted you that it was finally time. You swung the door open to be met with those puppy dog eyes once again, and the contrast between his innocent face and his lean body still made you wonder how he could make it work.

“Hey,” he smiled and moved in for a quick hug which you accepted, enjoying the way his whole body radiated with warmth.

“Hi,” you greeted back with a grin.

“Ready?” He asked, but he was already stretching his arm out for you to grab his hand, and you slickly wiped your palm along your pants before placing your hand in his.

“Let’s go.”

“Oh my god, you are so going down, Jeon.”

You didn’t realize this date could turn so quickly into a serious match, but with the amount of competitiveness you both apparently had ingrained in your genes, it was inevitable

“If I get one more strike, it’s done for you, __.” He raised his brows teasingly with a smirk that you still hadn’t gotten the chance to get used to. He went and grabbed his ball, throwing you one last glance.

“Huh, yeah. Good luck with that, sweetie.” You said those words with as much false confidence as you could muster up. But you knew, you just knew he would get it.

“How ‘bout if I get this, we go on a second date tomorrow?” He turned to face you again just before he threw the ball.

“Is this how you get girls to go on dates with you, Kookie?” You used his nickname on him for the very first time, and the smile that took over his lips had butterflies flooding your stomach for the hundredth time that night.

“Not usually, no.” He shook his head as he walked closer to you after placing the bowling ball back down. He stopped a foot before you. “I guess you’re different though. Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

You bravely took a step forward and looked up at him, quite enjoying the significant height difference. “Well, don’t worry. Strike or no strike, I’d love to go out with you again.”

You both smiled at each other again, standing there for another handful of seconds before he turned and grabbed the ball, confidently throwing it in a more than perfect posture.

Of course, it was a strike.

The second date was a movie. Cliche, yes, but if you two hadn’t spent almost the entire movie throwing popcorn over each other, you would’ve been bored out of your mind. You were shushed and scolded several times, until they actually kicked you out of the theater for ‘disturbing the others’. But you couldn’t care less as you both laughed till tears were rolling out of your eyes on your home back home.

The third one was a picnic. Jungkook had been adamant at showing off his cooking skills and he definitely lived up to his gloating as he’d prepared several simple snacks that had you groaning at the tasteful bites. And as all picnic dates ended, you laid on your blanket and stargazed, you just had to do it. You ruined the moment, however, when you pointed out that a group of stars kind of resembled a pair of boobs. That had him rolling around in blanket in laughter as you giggled along.

The fourth one was a bit more interesting. You were scrolling around on Instagram when you see that there was a free cooking class in a few days. Your eyes lit up and you immediately sent a screenshot to him, asking if he was up for it, and he agreed. The whole class turned out to be old married couples and newly weds, and the class was supposedly for married couples only. You had to hold in your laughter as Jungkook explained to the sweet old woman who was teaching the class that the two of you had eloped after your parents disapproved of your relationship, and were currently traveling around aimlessly with no permanent home. After a few aws and cheek pinches, you began to learn how to make Baked Dijon Salmon.

The fifth one you went mini-golfing, where your competitive streak came out once again. However, this time, you won the bet. You managed to make him pose with his butt perked up, holding up a peace sign whilst puckering his lips for a photo that you posted on Instagram with the caption ‘Girls night out’.

The sixth one was your favorite. In one of those previous dates, he’d managed to tell you tons about his earlier life and childhood, and somewhere along those lines, he’d mentioned his favorite diner that was near his hometown. He showed you pictures of him there with his friends and family. And he decided he wanted to take you there because apparently, the burgers there were the best he’d ever had. It took you a while to get there but it was definitely worth the ride.

The old lady that worked there had known Jungkook since he was a child, and you felt your heart melt when he encased her in his arms in a soft hug as she cooed at him. She hugged you as well because ‘any friend of Jugkook’s was just like one of her children as well’.

You sat on the same side of the booth, and you spent the night eating, laughing, teasing, and glancing shyly at each other out of the corners of your eyes. And what made it better was that it all ended with a kiss. It was soft and mellow, just like him. He brushed your hair with his fingers as his lips moved at a slow pace against yours while your hands rested on his firm chest, feeling his heartbeat.

That was the first kiss of many.

The dates - well, any meet ups actually - that followed those were full of kisses that had you growing more and more attached to the boy. He’d made it a habit of pecking your lips softly as soon as you were in arms reach, quickly grabbing your arms and pulling you into his embrace. It was quite frustrating as well because you were shorter than him and didn’t get to do the same to him. Not that it was hard to convince him to kiss you.

You were currently walking hand in hand, back from the library to the dorms after several hours of trying to study with Jungkook, ‘trying’ being the keyword here. You ended up wasting about two hours in there just whispering to each other and giggling, sitting in a table all the way at the corner so you could sneak in a few pecks and kisses without getting glared at by the librarian.

“Do you wanna hang out at my room for a bit?” He grabbed your hand and asked just as you were about to make the turn to the hallway for your room. You felt a small smile grace your lips and your heart leap at the thought of spending alone time with him, in his room for the very first time. But then you remembered that his roommate is probably gonna be there, and your smile faltered a bit. As if he’d read your mind, he spoke again.

“Don’t worry, my roommate’s sleeping at his girlfriend’s tonight so it’ll be just us.” 

At that, you smiled and nodded before allowing him to lead the way.

“Here, you can wear these. I’m pretty sure those jeans aren’t the most comfortable thing to cuddle in.” He threw you a pair of clean boxers that would definitely fit like shorts on you with one of his over-sized t-shirts. You gave him a grateful smile because you truly did feel suffocated because of those skinny jeans after being stuck in them all day. You grabbed them and went into the bathroom to change, mentally clapping yourself on the back for convincing yourself to shave during your morning shower today.

“Hey, what do you wanna watch? I have some-” He was speaking to you through the door and you cut him off as you swung it open after being finished. He looked down at you, your body absolutely drowned in his shirt and boxers, managing to look completely adorable yet completely sexy at the same time. He swallowed visibly but then smiled to cover up, before pinching your cheeks.

“You look adorable,” he chuckled. You huffed and swatted at his hands as your cheeks reddened. But he only chuckled more and leaned down to peck the corner of your lips. “Come on, you pick something to watch and I’ll order us something to eat.”

You climbed onto the bed and grabbed the laptop, opening google to look up something to watch. But your eyes couldn’t help but wander over to him as he stood there, in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt identical to yours, his eyes fixed on the phone as he searched for something with a concentrated look on his face. You were completely entranced with him and you thought you were in some sort of dream, sitting here on his bed and waiting for him to join you. He seemed too good to be true. He was kindhearted, sweet, funny, dorky even, handsome, sexy, it was all wrapped up in one. Your eyes were glued to him and if they hadn’t reached his lips to see them moving, you wouldn’t have known he was talking to you.

“__?” He asked again, a knowing smirk slowly creeping across his lips.

“Huh?” You mumbled, blinking a few times before looking at his eyes properly, and you could surely feel your face burn as you’d just been caught ogling at him.

“I asked you what you wanted to eat,” he chuckled.

“Pizza’s fine,” you answered and cleared your throat before quickly looking away and busying yourself with 2017′s top ten movies list. You tried not to let your eyes wander over to him again as he looked up the number and pressed the phone to his ear, but you couldn’t help but steal small glances at him every few seconds, and every time he caught you his smile would widen.

You snapped your eyes back the laptop as he ended the call after placing the order, and he walked over to the bed and sat next to you. He scooted so he was practically stuck to your side and placed his chin on your shoulder to look at the screen with you, simultaneously wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Anything good?” He mumbled, and his voice was right next to your ear, his breath hitting your skin immediately. You sighed and shook your head no, not trusting your voice at the very moment. You continued to scroll through movies, occasionally stopping at one and reading the description but moving on after figuring out it wasn’t worth it.

“Come on, just pick anything,” he whined, and if he didn’t sound so adorable, you would’ve elbowed him in the stomach.

“They all suck, though,” you groaned and he only giggled and tightened his arms around you. You smiled and involuntarily scooted closer to him, enjoying the feeling of his body against yours and his scent that overwhelmed you, both from himself and his clothes that you were wearing.

He turned his head to bury his face in your hair, humming in contempt. “You smell nice,” he mumbled before lifting one hand and moving your hair away to reach your skin and nuzzle into the crook of your neck. Goosebumps erupted on your skin at the intimate action and you unconsciously tilted your head a bit for him when he placed a soft kiss to your skin.

You sighed when he continued placing kisses, getting hotter and hotter with each passing second as his kisses got harder. Your eyes fluttered shut when his lips parted slightly and you felt the warmth of his mouth envelope a spot on your neck. One of your hands lifted without you realizing it and grabbed his hair softly, running through the smooth strands when he actually began sucking and nibbling at the spot he’d chosen to his liking.

“Kookie..” You meant to grab his attention but it barely came out as a hazy sigh and he only hummed against your skin before pulling away slowly. But he clearly wasn’t planning on stopping as he dove one of his hands into your hair and angled your head towards his before connecting your lips.

You hummed against his lips, enjoying the sudden displays of affection, slowly turning your body so you could get more comfortable. He started leaning back, breaking the kiss to lean against the headboard and pull you onto him. However, as you tried to balance yourself on your hand as you climbed over him, you had no idea how your foot managed to slip on the covers and it had you tumbling on top of him. You laid against his chest and groaned in embarrassment as you felt his chest vibrate with laughter beneath you.

“Have I told you how adorable you are?” He laughed and patted your waist as a signal for you to sit up properly and look at him, which you did with a glare.

“Only about a million times now,” you crossed your arms at him.

“Well, you are,” he raised a brow and uncrossed your arms before pulling you forward and placing your arms around his neck. “Come’ere..”

Your lips were on his once again and you weren’t planning on embarrassing yourself this time as this one seemed much more heated than the one before with the way his tongue roamed your mouth freely. His hands alternated between your back and waist, moving around and tracing your upper body and scrunching up the material of your shirt, before they finally managed to slip beneath it and found their way to your bare waist and gripped it firmly.

Your hands once again dug into his hair and tugged on it, causing him to tighten his hold on you and bring you closer to him so that your torsos were pressed firmly against each other. His hand slowly traveled up your bare back before splaying out against it, holding you firmly to him as he suddenly flipped the two of you over so that he was on top.

With all the sudden movements, you barely noticed how both the shirt and boxers had ridden up your body and exposed a lot more skin, but you honestly couldn’t care less as Jungkook was kissing your breath away, your breaths mingling and your hands getting braver as you explored each other’s bodies further. You wrapped your legs around his waist because it was too tempting not to with the way his hips fit so snugly between them.

One of his hands trailed up to your hair and grabbed with just the right amount of force as his teeth bit into your bottom lip, before he sensually sucked it into his mouth. You couldn’t help but whimper at that, tightening your legs around his waist and digging your fingers into his back. You remembered that your hands also had to be put to use and trailed them down his back before you slipped them beneath his shirt, running your nails and fingertips and enjoying the movement of his muscles beneath your hands.

He pulled away from your mouth and you definitely caught the smirk on his lips at the whimper you gave out, but it was quickly hidden when he once again buried his face in the crook of your neck. He placed several kisses there before he trailed down to your collarbone which was easily exposed because of the ‘V’ of his shirt, and decided to focus his attention on there.

“Jungkook,” you moaned for the first time when he sucked on a particular spot. He dropped his head onto your collarbone before groaning lowly against you, his hot panting breath practically burning through the material of your shirt. Then he suddenly looked up at you and made his way back to your lips, kissing you vigorously like there was no tomorrow, before he broke away and looked at you through eyes searing with lust.

“Let me take care of you,” he whispered, placing a kiss to your lips. “We don’t have to go all the way, just-” Another kiss. “Just let me make you feel good, baby..”

It was either the pet name, his words, the look he was giving you, or the wet spot that had formed on your panties as soon as his lips touched yours, but it didn’t take even half a second for you to nod in consent.

In mere minutes, the boxers you were wearing had been thrown across the room forgotten, your shirt now all the way up to expose your bare breasts after your bra had also been discarded somewhere along the line. Your panting, whimpering, moaning, the sound of Jungkook’s mouth moving against your heat, with the occasional groans that left his lips as well were the only sounds filling the room.

“Ah,” you cried out, trying to buck your hips up but he wrapped his hands around your thighs and hips to keep you still. “Fuckkk, Jungkook.”

You dared to open your eyes and look down at him, only to find that the sight was just too erotic for you and it had you whimpering. His eyes were looking up at you, watching closely for each and every movement of yours. His skin was slightly sweaty as strands of his stuck to his face, and you were pretty sure yours was the same case. The sight was ripped away from you, however, when your head rolled back against the pillow with a loud moan as he sucked harshly on your clit.

“Fuck, yes please,” you cried out, your hand seeking out something to hold onto before you felt one of his hands leave your hips to intertwine with yours. Despite the erotic situation, you found your heart fluttering at the sweet gesture, but you didn’t have much time to think about it as his other hand traveled up your body and gripped one of your breasts in his large palm, squeezing it harshly.

“God, you’re so good.” You didn’t even know what was spewing out of your mouth as he gave you the freedom of bucking your hips against his mouth, immediately intensifying the pleasure.

“Come on, baby,” he spoke against you. “I want you to come in my mouth.”

With only a handful more encouraging words from him, your eyes squeezed shut and your mouth hung open in a silent scream with your peak, only muttering a single whimper of his name. Your panting could still be heard as he cleaned you up before grabbing his boxers and pulling them up your legs.

Your eyes slid open when he brought your shirt back down and laid down beside you, propping himself up on his elbow so that his face was right above yours.

“Hey,” he mumbled with a smile to which you returned.

“Hey,” you muttered sleepily. He chuckled and leaned down to kiss you softly, and you almost melted into the mattress with sweetness.

“Sleep, baby,” he planted a kiss on your forehead and laid down properly next to you, and you turned so you could entangle your body with his. “Goodnight.”

“Night, Kookie.”

Ever since the first time Jungkook went down on you, he’d been insatiable. It was like he couldn’t get enough, pushing you down and getting whatever piece of clothing you’d been wearing out of the way before diving in.

Currently in the same position you’ve been in more than a handful of times these past couple of days, panting and whimpering in sensitivity as you came down from your second high, pushing Jungkook’s head away as you could take no more.

“Come’ere,” you mumbled lazily, pulling him up so you could reach his lips and kiss him deeply before pulling away and resting your head against the pillow beneath you. He flopped down next to you, getting ready to cuddle up to you but you placed a hand on his chest to stop him before he could.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, eyes glancing at you worriedly, but you only shook your head at him and pushed him so he was laying flat on his back and quickly straddled him.

“Nothing, I just think it’s about time that I do something for you for a change,” you said and leaned down to kiss him slowly before breaking away and making your way down his body.

“Baby, you really don’t have to..” His words trailed off as you unbuttoned his shirt and kissed every inch of exposed skin with each button you undid.

“Shh, I want to,” you said against his skin after finally undoing the last button, completely exposing his toned torso to your hungry eyes. You looked up to find him giving you the same look, his lips caught beneath his teeth as he anticipated your touch. You maintained eye contact as your fingers found their way to the button of his jeans, popping it open and slowly sliding down the zipper.

His breath was getting heavier by the second, and he groaned lowly as he helped you pull his jeans down. You were sure it looked like your mouth was watering at the sight of him so big in his boxers, the see through material doing absolutely nothing in hiding his hardness. You threw his jeans away and leaned down to place a kiss on his length through the the cloth, causing him to huff out a sigh.

You honestly didn’t have the patience to tease, nor did you think he did, so you looped your fingers at the hem of his boxers and pulled them down. A moan almost made its way past your lips at the sight of him, hard and ready, and you felt pride swell in your chest at the thought of him getting this hard because of eating you out. 

You didn’t waste anymore time and grabbed the base of his cock, angling it to place your lips on the head, mouthing at it and flicking your tongue, barely making any sucking motions at first.

“__,” he sighed out your name and you kicked it up a notch, slowly taking a bit of him in your mouth before moving back up, running your tongue flat along the underside of him along the way. You repeated the process, slowly but surely getting used to the feeling and building up your pace, until you eventually started taking more and more of him with each bob of your head.

“Fuck,” he groaned out as you sucked harshly on your way up once, and you felt his hand on the back of your hair, gripping your hair in a tight hold, not pushing or pulling, just something to grab onto. His heavy breathing sounded throughout the room. His thighs were tensing beneath your hands. You moved your gaze up to him, and the sight only made you moan whimper against him.

His head thrown back with his neck and throat completely exposed, the sweat covering his skin making each and every bone of his stand out even more and you could swear it looked like he was carved by Greek god, unless he weren’t one himself. His sweaty chest was moving up and down rapidly with each heavy breath and his stomach was clenching, his abs just begging you to let go of his cock and put your mouth on them instead.

“Fuck, __,” he moaned out. God it was the sexiest thing you’d ever heard. “Feels so good..” His grip on your hair tightened, and it only made you wetter. You fingernails dug into his thighs, unable to control yourself and the only thing you could do was increase your pace and taking more of him into your mouth.

“Yes. Oh fuck, I’m gonna come,” he groaned out and subtly bucked his hips up into your mouth. You hummed against him with encouragement, more than eager to have him come in your mouth.

“Ah, __..” With one last groan of your name, he pulled on your hair to signal that he was coming. You pulled away and placed the head on your lips as you stroked him through his orgasm, feeling his warmth fill your mouth. He looked down at you with hazy eyes for a few seconds as you swallowed before licking his head one last time, and he dropped his head back onto the pillow in exhaustion.

You pulled his boxers back up his legs and tucked him in before climbing back up his body and laying against him. He immediately wrapped his arms around you waist and you rested your head in the crook of his neck, placing feathery kisses there every few seconds.

“Didn’t expect you to be the swallowing type,” he spoke all of a sudden.

You gasped and tried to sit up but he wouldn’t allow it, trapping you on his chest with his arms as he laughed loudly. You groaned and smacked his chest with your palm as much as you could with your body squished against his.

“Way to ruin the moment, asshole.”

“You said you weren’t gonna drag me to anymore Parties, Jungkook,” you groaned out as he lead you into the crowded house with his arm around your shoulder.

“I said I’ll try not to drag you to anymore parties, baby. And I am,” he looked down at you with an innocent smile. “It just hasn’t worked yet.”

“Screw you, okay.”

You both walked further into the house until you spotted his usual group of friends and made your way over to them, and they immediately yelled out their greetings to you.

“Kookie! __! You’re heeereee,” Jimin drawled out as he got up and stumbled his way over to you, clearly more than buzzed on drinks already. He separated you and stood between the two of you, placing an arm over each of your shoulders, looking back and forth between the two of you. If it were any other guy, you would’ve pushed him off by now, but it was Jimin and you were pretty much used to his antics after hanging out with him so many times with Jungkook.

“You know,” he started to say, an evil glint in his eyes. “My room is right next to Kookie’s..”

“Yeah, we both know that Jimin,” you said, unsure where he was going with this.

“And I’m more than sure that you two know how incredibly thin the walls are in our building,” he continued.

It took you a few seconds to run over the words he’d said before you felt a light bulb go off in your head and you felt your face go red in record time. You groaned and pushed his arm away before covering your face, but you heard him mutter an ‘ow’ through a giggle and you were pretty sure Jungkook smacked the back of his head.

In a second you felt Jungkook’s arm wrap around you once again and you buried yourself in his embrace, feeling safer now. You looked up at Jimin who was still looking at you both triumphantly, and you just couldn’t help but say those words to show that you weren’t a shy girl that was ashamed of her escapades with her actual boyfriend.

“Well, in case you don’t know, that’s just a preview. You wouldn’t wanna be in your room for the full show,” you smiled innocently and leaned further into Jungkook. Jimin’s eyes widened in both surprise and amusement before he laughed as well.

“I guess I shouldn’t.”

You later found yourselves sat on a love seat. Well, Jungkook was sat on the seat, you were on his lap, all cuddled up and in your own world as the others laughed, talked and danced around you. He held a beer in one hand, occasionally taking sips, and the other rested beneath your shirt, on your hip, his thumb rubbing soothing circles on your skin.

You looked up at him as he laughed with everyone at a joke that Hoseok just said, and you felt yourself smile involuntarily. He felt you looking at him and brought his gaze to yours, smiling cutely at you. He leaned in a pressed a quick kiss to your lips.

You both stared at each other for a few seconds, exchanging unspoken words before he decided to speak up. “Wanna get out of here?”

You nodded and got up.

You weren’t exactly planning to end the night like this, but what was supposed to be just a goodnight kisses had him leading you back to his room and pressing you against the door before he even opened it.

You kissed like two couldn’t get enough of each other, panting into each other’s mouths, out of breath but unwilling to break apart.

He placed his hands on your thighs on you immediately jumped up and wrapped them around his waist. He pinned you against the door with a thud and you moaned against his lips in wanton.

“Just go inside the room before you fuck here like animals.”

You broke apart with a gasp to see Yoongi walking to his room, barely sparing you a glance on his way. You barely managed to giggle at that before Jungkook swung open his door and stumbled in the room. He kicked it shut with his foot and immediately made his way over to his bed, thanking God that his roommate was almost always stuck up his girlfriend’s ass and he had the room to himself for the night.

He dropped you on the bed and climbed on top of you with that hungry look in his eyes that you never tired of, before connecting your lips once again.

You couldn’t even waste time on foreplay, you’d done that warm up way too many times and it took a fucking ton of self control not to just fuck each other senseless from the first time. But something told you both to wait, to take it just a bit slower than usual because the wait always made it so much better. And it did.

There was no waiting anymore though, both of your clothes were off in record time and your bodies were tangled together, not even an inch of space separating you two. The feeling of his body against yours was near euphoric, with every bit of bare skin rubbing against yours, his hands roaming yours in return, groping and squeezing freely to put each and every body part of yours to memory. To know how each touch could make you moan and whimper and sigh.

“Jungkook..” Your cry of his name was desperate, almost choked, as he entered you in one swift motion. Your head dropped back, your back arching and your chest pressing flush against his. Nails running down his back as he found his pace, slowly thrusting his hips as his heavy breaths hit your skin and gave you shivers.

Your sweaty palms gripped at the sheets, almost ripping them with the force of your hold, and he grabbed one of them in his to pin it against the bed and intertwined your fingers together against the mattress as he sped up his thrusts.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” he groaned and dropped his forehead on your collarbone, his mouth pressing wet kisses to the valley between your breasts. Your other hand dug into his hair and you unconsciously scraped his scalp with your nails.

His other hand gripped your thigh and hoisted it up his waist, causing you to tighten your legs around his and bring him deeper into you.

“Yes! Fuck yes,” you cried out when he started going deeper, using more force than before to bring you the maximum amount of pleasure he could. “Right there, Jungkook..”

His name came out in a whimper, and the growl he let out in response was almost animalistic as he sped up his thrusts. He lifted his head and his torso before resting his elbows on either side of your head to support his body, gaining leverage to snap his hips harder against yours. His lip was caught beneath his teeth in concentration, and the sight of him above you almost brought tears of pleasure to your eyes.

Jeon Jungkook was a fucking sight for sore eyes.

Sweaty strands of hair stuck to his forehead. Eyes fluttering open and shut with that blissful expression gracing his features. Lips parting to let out the most erotic, sexiest noises you’d ever heard from a man before.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and dragged your fingers down his sweaty back, appreciating the feeling of his muscles moving and tensing beneath your fingertips. And then you did something you wanted to do ever since the first time you caught sight of his cute little behind. You dragged your hands down and gripped his ass, squeezing slightly and pushing him to go harder.

He wobbled a bit on his elbows at the sudden action, letting out a short out-of-breath laugh and leaning down to kiss you before going on, and you couldn’t help the smile on your lips despite the situation your were in. And that only showed you how comfortable you could be with Jungkook no matter what.

His hand traveled between your bodies, seeking out the most sensitive part of your body. The smile faltered from your lips when he found it and immediately started rubbing in tight circles, and he had you clenching your thighs around his hips in blinding pleasure.

“Jungkook! Oh god, please,” you cried out. “I’m so close..”

“Me too baby, come on.” He grunted, somehow managing to increase his pace.

You brought one hand to the back of his neck and pulled him into a heated sloppy kiss that consisted of you two moaning and breathing into each other’s mouths.

“I’m there, I’m there..” You whimpered. “Fuck, Jungkook!” With one last, loud moan of his name, you came, clenching around him.

“Ah fuck, __!” He moaned loudly, dropping his head in the crook of your neck to hide his moans, but you heard them loud and clear as you felt his warmth fill you, your eyes rolling back at the blissful feeling you’d been craving for so long.

You stayed that way for a few seconds before he pulled out of you, grabbing a shirt that was thrown beside his bed to clean you up before throwing it away laying down beside you. He didn’t even have to usher you over to cuddle into him, and he wrapped the covers around you with his arms around you.

He placed a soft kiss to your forehead and you looked up at him to find him already staring at you. And you didn’t even need to exchange words to know that you both felt happy and contempt about this, and you both new it wasn’t ending anytime soon.

Wipe it off of me-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x reader
Description: Archie and Veronica start talking about some of their sexual experiences, which sparks the readers interest, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by her boyfriend. Basically Jughead is a little shit (prompt #7 requested)
Warnings: Sin, but not full sin, like, half sin. 50% sin. and I’m going to hell
It was obvious that Archie and Veronica weren’t virgins. It was totally ok, and nobody in our group of friends minded, at least half the school was having sex, which I guess was normal in this day and age, but it was still almost like, an elephant in the room, like, a baby elephant, but an elephant nonetheless. The conversation I had been dreading was eventually going to come up, and it did. I was hoping that maybe it wouldn’t be brought up so soon after the whole Archie and Miss Grundy incident, but of course, Kevin had to open his big, fat mouth.

“So, I just need to know, what was it like having sex with a teacher Arch?” Kevin leaned forward in his chair, looking at Archie expectantly. Archie tensed up and his hand stopped strumming his guitar that sat in his lap.

Kev! Oh my god” Betty smacked his arm, giving him a cross glare

“I mean, if we can’t talk about it, then we shouldn’t be doing it, right?” Kevin pointed out, looking around at us. I shifted uncomfortably on the couch I was sat on by my boyfriend, Jughead. We had been dating for 8 months now and hadn’t really discussed anything like this.

“I mean, Kevin has a point.” Veronica agreed, crossing her arms nonchalantly.” If you’re going to have sex you should be able to talk about it. It’s important to discuss it, make sure you’re doing it safely, especially at our age. The last thing we need is one of us getting pregnant.”

“Yeah, yeah, anyways what positions did she make you do?” Kevin turned his attention back to the boy and Betty yelped again.

“Uh, well, a lot of it was just missionary. She rode me a few times, we did maybe a couple different ones…” Archie trailed off.

“Did you guys fuck in her car?” I saw Jughead roll his eyes out of the corner of my eye as he typed away on his laptop.

“Uh, yeah, a couple times…” Archie’s face went red.

“Well, I for one have tried many different things, many different kinks, many different genders.” Veronica smirked at her last few words and Betty’s jaw practically fell to the floor.

“Oh, do tell” Kevin wore a shit eating grin on his face as he turned his attention to Ronnie.

“Dude, don’t you like dick? Archie asked him, an eyebrow raised

“Oh, Archiekins, just because I swing left doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the sexual stories provide by the right swingers.” Archie still looked confused and Kevin sighed in an irritated manner.
“Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean straight sex repulses me.” Kevin huffed, explaining to Archie. “You may be pretty but you sure aren’t bright.”

Ronnie began to fill us in on her sexual experiences, and Jughead ignored the conversation, typing away on his laptop instead. I, however, gave my full attention to the stories Ronnie told, my heart racing as I began to think about a few of the scenarios with somebody else in mind.

After school, I went straight home, taking the stairs two at a time and opening my laptop. I began to look up some of the stuff Ronnie told the group about. I was impressed, disgusted, and horrified all at once.

“Hey, I know you said you were busy, but I brought Pop’s.” I slammed my laptop shut as quick as I could, turning in my chair to see Jughead with a take-out bag.

“Woah, what’s up?” Jughead set the food down on my nightstand, looking at me as I tried to look casual. My cheeks were as red as Archie’s hair, and I knew at any second I was going to get busted.

“Y/n, what’s on the computer?” Jughead raised an eyebrow. He leaned down so he was eye level with me, both hands resting on either side of my wheely chair.

“N-nothing.” I stammered, his face dangerously close to mine.

“Really? Because I saw how interested you looked while Veronica shared her “stories”, earlier. Care to explain?” Jughead leaned in closer, turning his head a bit as if he was getting ready to kiss me. Before I could process what was happening, Jughead pushed my chair all the way in to the corner of my room and had my laptop open, typing in my password.

“Asshole!” I screamed, jumping up from the chair and shoving him down on to my bed. It was too late though, he had already seen my computer screen.

Wow, y/n, this is a whole new side of you.” Jughead teased, a smirk on his lips as his hands rested on my hips. I whacked his chest with the palm of my hand before getting up and closing the tabs on my computer

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could have just told me.” Jughead sat up on my bed, a shit eating grin resting upon his lips.

“Lose that grin, Wednesday Addams.” I leaned against my desk, my arms crossed.

“Why don’t you come over here and wipe it off of me?” Jughead leaned back, an eyebrow raised in expectation. I blushed, my mouth opening but no words coming out.

Really, y/n? You’re going to make me do all the work/” Jughead stood from my bed, walking over to me and pressing his body to mine. He leaned down, pressing his lips to mine. He wrapped his arms around my thighs, lifting me so they were now wrapped securely around his waist and stumbling backwards to the bed. My hands went to his air, knocking off his beanie and running my fingers through his black locks. His tongue slipped past my lips, his arms pulling me closer to his body.

Jughead’s lips left mine after a few moments of kissing, trailing down my cheek and jaw to my neck. He bit down gently on the spot below my ear, puckering his lips and sucking until a satisfying dark shade of purple was left. I let out a heavy breath, my hips bucking down against his involuntarily.

“We probably shouldn’t be doing this; my mom could be home at any moment.” I panted.

“You’re probably right.” Jughead breathed, pressing a kiss to my jaw. “Rain check?”

“Definitely.” I leaned down, kissing him again. Jughead leaned back on my bed, pulling me down with him.

“Y/n?” Jughead looked up at me, his fingers running through my hair. “You can talk to me about these kinds of things, you know. I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide them from me.” Jughead pressed a kiss to my cheek. After a few more minutes of cuddling, I got up, grabbing my laptop from my desk. I opened Netflix and put something on to watch as we cuddled in my bed, eating takeaway from Pop’s.

And I totally used that raincheck the next weekend.

anonymous asked:

writing prompt: a messenger/guide shows up in your house asking you to travel to his magical world to help save their kingdom, but he seems surprisingly unenthusiastic about it, almost resentful/bitter

“–so we need you, oh chosen one, to come and save us,” Gregory finishes. He’s still looking at the corner of the room where you’ve hung a wisteria and hasn’t made eye contact since giving you his name. He never asked for yours.

You feel distinctly uncomfortable, sitting on the couch with your hands folded neatly in your lap. You’re still in your work clothes, black pants and t-shirt the hair salon requires, and you’ve counted at least three different types of hair on you since Gregory’s explanation began. Compared to Gregory’s armor, jaunty hat, and formal footwear, you are very underdressed.

“Um,” you say, “no.”

Gregory rises and sighs heavily. “Oh, thank you, chosen one, we are forev–” He breaks off, eyes finally dropping to meet yours. You see that his eyes aren’t light green like you thought. They’re yellow. “No?”

Yeah,” you say and try to brush the grey, three-inch long hair from your left knee. Ms. Simpson’s, you think. She’d gotten a healthy trim. “No.”

“Is it because you’re not magic?” Gregory asks, looking down his hooked nose at you. “Because I thought I did a good job explaining that, in my world, you are magic and–”

“It’s because that sounds hella dangerous,” you say. You shrug sheepishly. “I’m not really looking for a fast way to die so…” You shrug again.

“I told you that that’s what I’m for,” Gregory says irritably. “I’ll protect you from Lord Deigh’s henchman as you search for the lost heir. I’m your guard.”

You squint at him. “It doesn’t seem like you particularly want to be my guard, dude.”

Gregory, tellingly, says nothing.

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Ten Ways to Say “I love you” - Jim Kirk

Summary: There are a lot of ways to say something without actually saying it.

Warnings: language

A/N: a little long. also if jim kirk called me starlight, i’d probably cry n profess my love right then and there. forgive any n all typos. enjoy it and lemme know what you think! 


The absurdly bright lights lining the corridors of the Enterprise pricked your eyes— you were forced to squint as your legs carried you. The air pouring through the vents pinched any of your skin that remained unclothed. You flexed and contracted the oddly tired joints in your fingers— you could hear tiny pops and the soft sounds felt like battering rams against your eardrums.

You cursed yourself for two reasons: losing your left boot as the time-consuming search for it resulted in your inability to replicate a much needed mug of coffee, and drinking so much with Leonard the night before. While you accepted the former was entirely your doing, you split the blame on the latter— half of it was your fault, and half was Leonard’s. It’s those stupid puppy eyes, you told yourself.

You leant your shoulder against the transparent wall of the turbolift you solely occupied and crossed your arms over your chest. Your teeth were gritted— as if grinding your teeth to nubs would give you the day off and rid you of the heavy weight crushing your skull.

The doors slid open before your desired deck and you didn’t bother stifling a sigh that carried the weight of two starships. You dropped your gaze to glare at your scuffed boots rather than subject the new lift patron to your scowl and dagger eyes.

“Rough night?”

You lifted your head at the sound of his voice and met his eyes. You frowned immediately and nodded twice. “Bones and I had paperwork.”

“What would you say the ratio was this time?” he asked, his crossed arms rumpling the command gold fabric that was firmly stretched over his chest. He was smiling slightly in amusement as he took in your appearance— messy hair, half-zipped left boot, heavy lidded eyes.

You shrugged and eyed the ceramic mug in his hands. You could have moaned at the smell steaming out of it. “I’d say about two charts to one glass.”

“How many charts in total?”

“Fourteen each,” you winced at the revelation and took your eyes from Jim’s when the amusement painted his features red.

Seven glasses of whiskey in one sitting,” he said with a laugh. “No wonder you look like that.”

You narrowed your eyes. “How dare you! I look adorable— like a celebrity running errands.”

“‘Cept you’re about to start an eight-hour shift.”

You sighed so your shoulders slumped. “My rough night’s turning into a rough morning— I didn’t even have time to replicate coffee because of my stupid missing boot.”

Jim glanced down at his mug and thrust it in your direction without thinking twice. “Take mine.

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Fated Flowers

Summary: Soulmate AU where, every time your soulmate realizes new feelings for you, you get a rose. One random day in 2014, Dan wakes up with a red rose on his bedside table.

Word count: 8120

Warnings: Blood, food. If I missed anything please let me know.

A/N: A huge thank you goes out to Elizajane (@snowbunnylester) for letting me run with this idea based on Rachel’s (@botanistlester​) prompt for her latest fic (um if you haven’t read it wyd), for the constant encouragement, and for beta'ing this for me.

(Ao3 Link)

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My armour (Montgomery De la Cruz x Reader)

Warnings : Swearing, mention of rape, mention of domestic violence. Justin being so miserable should be a warning too (my little nugget). Spoilers, so if you haven’t seen episode 11 yet and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read it! Also, my terrible writing skills.
Word count: 3798.

Originally posted by chriswoods

A/N: To anyone who reads this, thank you and sorry. This is the first (and probably last) time I post one of my imagines. Bear with me guys, as English is not my native language. It’s really long and I’m sorry about that but I got carried away. I hope you enjoy it still! I SWEAR IT’S A MONTY FIC EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE IT AT FIRST!

Glancing down at the bottle of beer she was holding, Y/N sighed. She was starting to feel bored, her only occupation for the last five minutes being to watch the droplets slowly slide down the cold surface of the bottle. It’s been almost three hours since she had arrived at Bryce’s. At first, it was fun. She chatted with her friends, ate some junk food they had ordered and watched a movie with some of them. But now here she was, sitting on the armrest of the couch next to her boyfriend who was currently playing some sort of video game with another boy, while Jessica, Zach and Bryce were playing cards on the table nearby.

Swiftly bringing the beverage to her lips, she finished her drink and put the now empty green bottle on the coffee table in front of her before turning to look at her boyfriend – Montgomery. His eyes were focused on the TV and his brows furrowed as he quickly pressed random buttons on his controller, doing his best not to let his character die.

Y/N smiled to herself as she watched him, thinking back to the day he asked her out for the first time, almost six months ago. She had turned him down at first, because of the reputation he had regarding girls. But after a few weeks of him making efforts; leaving cute notes in her locker, walking or driving her home and even showing up at her doorstep with a bouquet of her favourite flowers, she caved in – finally accepting to have dinner at Rosie’s with the one and only – Montgomery De la Cruz. The date went surprisingly well and now here they were, five months later, still together and incredibly happy.

Y/N’s phone buzzed in her pocket, signalling that she had an incoming call. Standing up, she excused herself, even though nobody really paid attention to her since they were all concentrated on their games. She frowned at the caller ID – Justin, it read, her best friend. They’ve all been waiting for him to show up for quite a while now, why would he be calling her? She closed the glass door behind her as she stepped out of the house and walked a little further into the garden before answering.

“Hello?” She asked, glancing back to the pool house and the jocks who were playing table foot close-by.

“Y/N, thank God. You have to go to Bryce’s, Jess is there and you’re the one who lives the closest to him, and-” Justin rambled, worry filling his voice which made Y/N frown again.

“Jus,” She cut him off “I’m already there. We all are, actually. We’re waiting for you.” She explained and waited for him to say something but as seconds passed, he stayed silent. She could still hear him breathing thought, so she knew he hadn’t hung up on her. “Justin?”

“Fuck. Yeah okay, we’ll be there in ten.” He said and ended the call, leaving Y/N standing in the middle of Bryce’s garden confused as ever.

Putting her phone back in her pocket, she made her way back to her friends. Monty looked up at her as she sat next to him, taking her hand in his and bringing it up to his lips. He left a quick kiss on the top of her hand and watched fondly as a small smile formed on her beautiful face. They might have been dating for only five months but he was deeply and madly in love with that girl. She has changed him so much, for the best of course. He couldn’t help but smile back at Y/N as she slid down the armrest right into his side, wrapping her arms around him.

“Monty, come on! We’re gonna get killed again!” Matt, with whom Monty has been playing the whole evening, whined, elbowing him in the ribs to get his attention. Montgomery groaned in annoyance, pressing his lips to Y/N’s temple before going back to the game as she went back to being bored.

Only a few minutes passed before the door to the pool house opened again. Y/N turned around, a big smile plastered to her face as she knew that her best friend has finally arrived. She was beyond happy to spend some time with him, as they haven’t seen each other much these last couple of days. But her smile was replaced by a frown as soon as she saw him. Justin was clearly angry, his eyes cold, his lips pressed in a thin line. Alex was right behind him, walking slowly, his head hanging low. Bryce turned around as well as he heard the boys enter, a big smile made its way to his face.

“Justin! Alex! About fucking time you guys. These cards are getting stale. Come on, sit down.” He said, inviting both boys to join in the game.

“Actually,” Justin started, glaring at Jess who kept on avoiding making eye contact with her boyfriend. “Jess and I had this thing planned.”

“Pff, no we don’t.” Jessica scoffed, shuffling the cards for another round.

Y/N shifted uncomfortably on the couch, watching the encounter between her best friend and his girlfriend. She hadn’t even noticed that Monty had paused the game until he grabbed her hand with his, squeezing it comfortingly. The girl’s eyes briefly met with her boyfriend’s before she turned her attention back to the other couple, who was full on fighting by now. Worry filled her eyes and her heart broke a little at how wretched her best friend looked. He had bags under his eyes, his cheeks were slightly red. Y/N has known Justin for almost her whole life. Ever since they were little, they were inseparable and always had each other’s backs. They’re both very protective of each other, and know everything about each other. Y/N is one of the rare people who has seen Justin cry, she’s one of the rare people who’s always willing to help him when things go down at his house, with his mother or her boyfriends. And he helped her multiple times as well. He helped her when she was lonely, when her parents would leave for weeks because of work, when they would argue; he helped her with bad break-ups, with everything. The Justin she knew was so much different than the Justin everybody saw. So seeing him so miserable always hurt her as well.

Somehow Justin ended up sitting facing Jess, his eyes not leaving her as she continued paying no mind to him. Zach awkwardly coughed before explaining the rules of the game to the boy.      

“Don’t worry, I got you stakes.” Bryce said to Justin once Zach finished talking. “Your girlfriend has been playing with my money all night anyway.” He smirked as he passed some cash to the basketball player.

“Alex, sit down!” Jessica finally piped in, ignoring her boyfriend’s glances once again.

Y/N couldn’t help but wonder why Jessica was acting so strangely tonight. Her eyes shifted from Alex to Jess, and then back to Justin. Her eyes caught Justin’s tired blue ones for a second and she gave him a weak smile, as to tell him that ‘everything is going to be okay’. But he brushed her off, his jaw clenching as he turned back to Jess who was now dragging Alex to the table. Y/N sighed, usually Justin would smile back, sometimes even nod at her as to say ‘thank you’.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Monty whispered into Y/N’s ear, his lips only an inch away from her ear as he did not want anyone else to hear him. He knew his girlfriend hated fights, and that she hated seeing her best friend like this. Y/N turned to her boyfriend smiling slightly, grateful that he was trying to get them out of that uncomfortable situation. Her lips parted as she was going to give him an answer, but she was quickly interrupted by Justin.

“Jess, what the fuck?” The boy raised his voice, glaring at Jessica who was now comfortably sitting on Bryce’s lap, a wicked smile plastered to her face. Eventually Jess faced her boyfriend, who was barely containing his anger by now.

“Your deal.” She spat coldly at him as she gave him some cards.  

“I don’t wanna play fucking cards right now.” Justin growled, pushing himself closer to her over the table.

“I said, your deal!” The brunette yelled and threw a few cards in his face, causing him to jump back a little in surprise.

“Shit.” Monty said, grabbing Y/N’s hand again and tugging at it as he stood up, ready to leave before the argument turned into something worse. But he barely had time to pull her to him before Justin stood up as well and started walking towards the exit, expecting his girlfriend to follow him. But as she didn’t, he took a step back and gripped her arm, yanking her away from Bryce. Y/N gasped as she watched her best friend violently pulling his girlfriend out of the pool house.

“Let’s go.” Monty said looking at his girl with soft eyes, ready to take her as far as possible from the argument. He intertwined his fingers with Y/N’s and let her out of the little building. But once outside, things got even worse, much to Y/N’s dismay.

“Don’t touch me like that. Don’t you ever touch me like that.” Jessica screamed as she broke free from Justin’s grip. She pushed him away, making him stumble back a few feet, her eyes full of rage.

“Buddy, calm down.” Bryce said calmly, taking a step towards the couple in an attempt to lighten the tension.

“Stay the fuck away from her!” Justin yelled, approaching his former best friend, anger radiating from his tall frame.

“What is your problem, Justin?” Jessica questioned, clearly irritated by now. She looked from Bryce to her boyfriend, her bottom lip trembling.

Surprise was written over everybody’s faces, except Y/N’s. She was more concerned than surprised to be honest, as she knew that the couple was going through a rough path. She didn’t know that it was that bad, though. Y/N averted her eyes from the couple and focused on the dirty floor instead.

“Why the fuck are you here with Bryce?” The fight went on as Justin cried out, tears welling in the corners of his eyes.

Y/N didn’t want to witness the fight anymore, she had had enough. Deciding that it was better to leave, she pulled her boyfriend away from the small group. But she stopped in her tracks as Zach spoke up.

“Guys, this does not need to happen.” He said calmly, looking between the three people concerned – Jessica, Justin and Bryce.

“Maybe it does.” Alex said as he took a step forward, bringing all the attention to him. Y/N was over confused now. She did not understand a single thing, and frankly, she did not want to.

“Tell me why you care.” Jessica pleaded softly.

Blocking everything and everyone from her mind, Y/N let go of Monty’s hand, slowly making her way away from the group and out of this whole drama. She couldn’t take the screaming, the pain, anymore. It reminded her of home way too much. She took only a couple of steps before Justin’s voice caused her to freeze in the spot, and what he yelled out made her breath hitch and the blood in her veins run cold.

“Because he fucking raped you!” Silence filled the air after Justin’s outburst.

Y/N’s heart pounded in her ribcage, her breaths short as she turned around only to see Jess let out a loud sob and Justin charge at Bryce. She watched with tears in her eyes as Zach held Justin back and her boyfriend held Bryce away from the other boy.

He raped her. He fucking raped her. Y/N’s eyes landed on Bryce and for a mere few seconds his eyes caught hers. There was no emotion in them whatsoever. No guilt, no regret, nothing. His stare was cold and caused shivers to run down her spine. The girl looked away as she felt sick to the stomach. Only thinking about it made her ill. Y/N had always known that Bryce was a heartless bastard who had no respect for anyone, especially women, and treated everyone like trash, but rape? It was something she wasn’t expecting, even from him. The sound of Jessica’s palm colliding with Justin’s cheek brought her back to reality. She looked over at her best friend who was standing in the middle of the little circle that had formed, with a clear handprint on his left cheek and tears falling from his eyes as Jess pushed past him, storming away.

Y/N’s gaze followed her and without really thinking it through she ran after the girl, stumbling a little over her own feet as her mind was still somewhere else. Catching up with the brunette, she softly put her hand on her shoulder to stop her from walking further away. Jessica flinched away from the girl’s touch, her eyes sending draggers at her as she continued on her way to her car.

“Jess, hold on.” Y/N said, her throat dry and voice hoarse. Rolling her eyes, Jessica turned to face the other girl who was playing with her fingers, obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation.

“What?” She spat, a quick laugh leaving her lips as she noticed a tear sliding down Y/N’s cheek. “Why are you crying?” She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for an answer as she played with her car keys.

“You… You shouldn’t be driving right now, not in this state of mind.” Y/N croaked out mentioning to the keys with her hand, not really knowing what to say to the girl. Contrary to popular belief, Y/N did appreciate the young brunette, she considered her a friend now; and that’s why she followed her out there in the cold night trying to help her, to comfort her.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake Y/N. Just leave me alone.” Turning back on her heel Jessica trotted over to her car. However, the other girl refused to let her go and ran up to her, swiftly taking the keys from the shaking girl before she could even open the vehicle, and then taking a step back in precaution. “What the fuck do you want?” Jessica yelled in her face, her pupils dilated because of the tears, but also because of the anger she felt at the moment. “Why don’t you go comfort your ‘oh so great best friend’?”  

“Jess, let me at least drive you home.” Y/N whispered calmly, dodging her question once again. She took a step forward, expecting the girl to give up and just let her drive her home safely. What she wasn’t expecting, though, was the harsh slap that she received once she was close enough. The sound of the keys hitting the asphalt filled the air as Y/N brought her hand up to her red and already swollen cheek in surprise.

“Leave me alone.” Jessica repeated slowly, her eyes filled with tears and pain. Y/N watched with wide, glassy eyes and her mouth agape as Jess picked the keys up. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, she just stood frozen and watched as her friend got into the car and drove away into the night.  

When Monty had suggested to spend the evening with some of their friends at the pool house earlier that day, Y/N was surely not expecting things to end up like this. It was supposed to be a fun night; a group of friends hanging out together after a stressful week. A night filled with laugher, music and alcohol. But things never go as planned, do they?  

Minutes passed but Y/N hasn’t moved yet. She felt quite stupid to feel so hurt by her friend’s actions, as they were totally justified – she has been raped, for God’s sake. A slap seems so meaningless compared to what Jessica is going through but it still pained her, she couldn’t stop herself from feeling this way. It brought back too many memories. It reminded her of all the times her mother would push her around when she’d do something bad. It reminded her of all the times her father would yell at her until she cried after she brought home a bad grade from school. But most importantly, it reminded her of all the slaps, punches, pinches she would receive from both of them once she grew older; and always for such stupid reasons like being caught kissing a boy, or getting home a bit too late.

Y/N was full on sobbing now, her body shaking as she sat down on the pavement in front of Bryce’s house. Her hand stroked her hot cheek softly, careful not to hurt it even more.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice brought the girl back to reality. Her eyelids fluttered, letting some tears fall all the way down her cheeks and to the ground. Monty approached the girl slowly, joining her on the ground.

“Mon…” She breathed out, her big Y/E/C eyes meeting his. The boy’s lips curved into a small smile at the nickname only she was allowed to use. He used to hate when others called him that, ‘Mon’, but it sounded so nice coming out of her lips. He brought his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his chest, his chin resting at the top of her head. He could feel her whole body trembling and it made his heart ache. He wished he could just take the pain away.

“What happened, love?” He asked quietly, his hand running up and down her arm in a comforting manner. Y/N looked up at him, her bottom lip quivering. And that’s when in the dim light from the street lamp he noticed the red print on her left cheek. His heart thumped harder in his chest, his grip on her tightening as he placed a sweet kiss on her forehead to calm himself down.

Montgomery wasn’t angry at Jessica. As maddening as it was, he understood why she had done it. She wanted to be left alone to cope with things, but Y/N being her lovely self wanted to help her. Jessica couldn’t know that this action would cause Y/N to breakdown. She wasn’t aware of what the girl went through when she was younger, and what she’s still going through at home. But Monty was very well aware of his girlfriend’s situation. Hell, he almost beat her father up once when he noticed a few bruises on her ribs during one of their make-out sessions. He couldn’t comprehend how Y/N’s parents could do this to their own daughter, but he was glad that she had opened up to him about it. He promised himself that he’d always protect her from them, and from anyone else who would try to harm her in any way.

Leaving one more kiss at the top of his girlfriend’s head, Montgomery stood up, reaching out for her with his hand which she took after a few seconds of hesitation. It was nothing new to him, she’s always suspicious of everything when she’s in physical or psychological pain. What mattered was that in the end she’d always fully open up to him and let him help her.

“Let’s get you out of here, babe.” He said and waited until she nodded her head to lead her to his jeep.

The drive to her house was a very short one as Y/N lived only a few blocks away from Bryce. Usually the couple would hang out and spend nights at Monty’s house, as his parents accepted their relationship more than Y/N’s, but this time her parents were away for a week and an empty house was always better.

Getting out of the car Monty quickly ran to the passenger’s door to help his girlfriend out. He led her to the front door, opening it with the spare key he had.

Minutes later Y/N was comfortably sitting on her bed, her legs hidden under the soft duvet while her boyfriend rummaged through her tidy room, getting DVDs out. A light smile formed on her face as she watched him. She was so thankful to have him. He was her everything and he didn’t even know it. He was her reason to get out of bed in the morning, her reason to go to school, her reason to keep going. He just meant so much to her.

“I’ll go get the snacks.” Monty said moving towards the bed and handing Y/N the DVDs he had found. “You pick the movie.” He smiled affectionately at her.

“Forget the snacks, just come here.” Y/N pleaded, making grabby hands at him and giving him a big smile. Her eyes weren’t dull anymore, they were shining again. The smile wasn’t a forced one, it was genuine. She pouted at him as he still hasn’t moved and just observed her, making him roll his eyes at her jokingly.

“Move then.” Monty pushed the covers off Y/N’s legs only to pull them over them again once he laid down next to her. Forgetting about the DVDs, Y/N laid back next to her boyfriend, clinging to his side. He chuckled as the girl laid her head on his chest, making her punch him playfully in the stomach to make him stop moving. Her fingers danced over his clothed chest as she replayed the events of the day in her head again. A smile crept onto her face once more as she thought about how sweet and caring her boyfriend has been; not only today, but ever since they started dating. Monty’s hand moved up to her face, cupping her cheek softly. He tilted her head back to make her look at him. His heart filled with joy as he noticed her smile. God, how he loved her smile.

“You okay?” He whispered, pushing a few lose strands of hair behind her ear. Y/N leaned up, pressing her lips to his softly in a sweet kiss.

“I’m okay now.” She mumbled into the kiss, pulling away right after. Monty’s arm snaked around her waist, bringing the girl even closer to him as her hand moved to the back of his head, her fingers playing with his hair. He moved down a bit, so their faces were on the same level, his forehead pressed to hers. They stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like hours, but was actually only a few seconds as Monty’s thumb started stroking Y/N’s cheek lovingly.

“Good.” He murmured before pressing his lips to hers, but this time in a much more heated kiss filled with love and passion.

Well, that was crap.

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9. Cuddling // Klance

« {Part 9 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: have some more gratuitous cuddling! except this time keith is the one getting all cuddly, and lance is narrating. enjoy!

Here’s a fun fact:

Keith is clingy when he’s tired.

Lance discovers this in the “rec room” one night after a long day of fighting Zarkon’s forces. He’s sitting on the couch watching Pidge and Hunk play a weird Altean version of pool when Keith comes into the room and unceremoniously plops on the couch, landing next to Lance. Like, right next to him. “Hey,” Keith says.

“…Hey…” Lance replies, because, okay, this is a little weird, but his mama raised him right. He’s polite. Mostly.

They slip into their usual tense silence as Pidge and Hunk continue to compete at space billiards, or whatever it’s called. It’s Hunk’s turn, and he’s trying to line up his corkscrew-shaped cue with little success.

“Who’s winning?” Keith asks eventually.

“Pidge,” Lance answers.



Keith yawns.

He yawns three more times within the next minute—not that Lance is counting. Out of the corner of his eye, Lance sees Keith shift from a slouched position, to a sideways lean against the back of the couch, to a strange, half-slump half-crouch with his knee drawn up to his chest. Finally, he sighs, puts his leg down, and leans back into the couch all the way. There’s a fourth yawn.

“Are you… tired?” Lance asks.

“Hm,” is Keith’s only reply. Lance figures that means ‘yes’.

It’s then that Lance starts to noticed Keith eyeing his shoulder with an expression Lance can only interpret as baleful. It’s weird, to say the least—even for Keith. At first Lance thinks that Keith is just giving him that look because he’s feeling pissy or something, but it only takes him a couple furtive glances to realize that no, Keith is definitely aiming his glare specifically in the vicinity of Lance’s shoulder and upper arm. Lance leans forward experimentally. Keith’s eyes follow.

Just as Lance is gearing up to say something about how creepy Keith is being, Keith scoots closer and says, “I’m tired, and this couch is uncomfortable as shit. Don’t make this weird.” Then he leans his head on Lance’s shoulder.

He leans his head. On Lance’s shoulder.

What the fuck.

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milana-png  asked:

What does getting stoned feel like

depends on the strain but sativa (head) is like, everythings fuckin awesome and hilarious and the best and the absolute funniest shit youve ever heard in ur life. indica (body) is like, damb fuck im so comfy i dont wanna move an inch, everythin feels weird and i think im tiny. hybrids are jus gonna have varying degrees of both.

i fuckin hate body highs though they make me feel carsick and like im constantly shrinking and expanding and its not fun for me, which is why i dont rly smoke weed anymore cuz theres no way for me to know what im getting since it’s unregulated.

I was bored so

-Lance having dreams about his family and ending up having trouble sleeping because the memory of his family makes his chest hurt

-he ends up running into Shiro when he decides to walk around the castle

-the two just kind of stare at each other before Lance is just kind of like ‘want some company?’

-Shiro hesitates before giving in when Lance smiles at him because who can say no to that face? (a lot of people)

-they just walk in a comforting silence for a while

-it’s nice, surprising enough, and Shiro is internally just like ‘he can be quiet???’

-they end up doing this nightly because yay for sleeping problems

-it’s the third day of doing this when Shiro asks Lance why he can’t sleep

-”I tell you, you tell me”



-”…” “fine”

-Lance tells Shiro about his family, he tell him about how the dreams make him feel

-tells him about how he’s scared they’re going to be gone by the time they get back to earth

-he ends up on this long rant about one dream he had that he remembers word for word where they returned to earth and all of his family had died (space time and earth time are very different)

-by the time he’s done, he’s shaking and completely unaware that he’s crying

-Shiro doesn’t even think it through when he hugs him in an attempt to relax him

-cue even more crying

-it takes a little while for Lance to calm down and when he finally does, he tries to play it off like it never happened

-”So what about you?”

-Shiro is hesitant, but Lance opened up to him so maybe he can open up as well?

-he tells him about the nightmares and paranoia

-he talks and it’s the most he’s talked in a while in one conversation and it feels so nice to get it all off his chest

-Lance doesn’t say a word, he just listens

-he lets him talk and before they know it, they’re sitting in the designated “living room” and just talking

-if they seem closer the next day, no one mentions it

-they do this every night, talk about their fears

-Shiro is just like wow, Lance is such a good listening, why did i never try to talk to him before?

-they end up falling asleep on the uncomfortable Altean couch

-neither has ever slept better

-Hunk and Allura end up lowkey shipping it because Lance and Shiro talk a lot more and they catch them staring at each other when the other isn’t looking

-Keith and Pidge are just like what is happening

-Coran is protect™ over Lance and makes sure to let Shiro know it

-if they end up sleeping on the couch together almost every night, well

-at least they get sleep

Caged (6)

Synopsis: What happens when Loki meets someone who actually calls him on his bullshit instead of running and hiding?
Word Count : 1318
A/N: Longest few weeks ever. Sorry Guys!!! I am posting this as a kind of filler… prepare my precious people… ANGST IS COMING!!!

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

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BTS Reactions | You Have A Nightmare

A/N: Requests Open



Originally posted by jjilljj

You were tossing and turning in your shared bed and you had accidentally hit Jin, causing him to wake from his slumber. He quickly sat up when he saw you, you were sweating and tears flowed down your cheeks. His hands shakily touched you and woke you up. “Y/N, wake up baby” he begged and held you in his arms. You woke up crying and hugged him back tightly. “Shh shh, it’s okay. I’m here jagi” he cooed and brushed your hair out of your face.”Everything’s okay baby.”

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It's Love - Fionn Whitehead

warnings: cursing

You weren’t sure when you started to love Fionn. All you knew was that you wanted to be around that boy all the time.

Maybe it was when you woke up next to him after a long night out at the bar with his friends. His arm was securely wrapped around your torso when you woke up, your legs tangled together with his own and your head against his chest to hear the sound of his heartbeat. You grip onto his t-shirt when he shifts a bit afraid he would leave your side only to hear him chuckle softly and knead his free hand through your hair. His eyes fluttered open to look at you only for him to shut them tightly at the light pouring into the room.

“M’ not a m'ornig person. I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.” You whisper running your finger around his chest,“I should get going. It is pretty late.”

You didn’t want to overstep your boundaries in the relationship since you had only been together for a short time,but when you moved far enough to leave his bed he grabbed your arm and looked at you, his eyes wider than they normally would be.

“No. Stay.”

Or maybe it was when he had come over early in the morning (even though he was not a morning person) just to hang out for the day. You, unfortunately had errands to run and he didn’t mind and let you go.

You came home late in the afternoon only to see Fionn uncomfortably settled on the couch flipping through channels.

“You stayed?” You smiled kicking off your boots and dropping your bag.

“S’ that alright?” He says worriedly, afraid he may have done something he shouldn’t have.

“It’s fine. I don’t care.” You confessed before joining him on your sofa and adjusting against him,“Why did you stay?”

“I wanted to hang out.”

Or the night when you were stressed and overwhelmed with everything going on around you. Fionn didn’t press you to talk, instead called you out of your house and into his car because he just wanted to make sure you were okay. It was a short interaction because you didn’t want to talk but he explained how much he just wanted to be there for you.

Maybe it was now when you were over at Fionns’ and he cooked dinner dancing very slowly to the music you played on his speakers.

“Are you sure I’m doing this correctly?” Fionn asks you as you perch yourself onto the counter.

“I know nothing about this. I trust your judgement.” You shrug as he stirs the spoon into the soup.

“I don’ know. I don’ want t’ serve you something you won’t like.” He frowns, his full concentration on the pot now

“Fionn.” You say tugging on his shirt sleeve by the small of his bicep.

He looks up to center his attention on you,“What tis’ it love?”

“Maybe we can just order something. I’m tired Fionn. And just cuddle maybe?” You grin.

Fionn sighs and chuckles,“You’re probably right.” He says dropping the spoon into the sink and turning off the stove,“And I’m t'ired too.”

I smile and rest my head on his shoulder, my hand reaching up to cup his neck and pull him even closer yet he stops me. He retracts my hand and holds onto my wrist. I twist my head in his shoulder in confusion to his reaction.

“What?” I ask pressing a kiss to his neck.

He laughs when he feels my lips against his skin,“I love you.”

And when he says those three words I want to melt into his body even more than I usually would.

I smile and wiggle my hand out of his grip and place my hand at the back of his neck,“I love you too.” You place another lingering kiss to his neck and he lets out a gravely groan,“Fuck, I love you so much.” You chuckle wrapping your arms under his shoulders and locking your hands together. Fionn let’s out a long sigh, all tension releasing from his body and hugs you back hiding in your hair.

It was too early really to say and you both were still young yet Fionn imagined a ring on your finger, all to himself, forever.

Slipping (Tony x FemReader) Fluff drabble

Originally posted by rad-aar

(( gif not mine bud ))

(A/n): I definitely thought this request was super cute

Request: Ooo, ooo. I have a request 🙋🏽 could you maybe do one where Tony is in love with the reader and is actually really clumsy around her cause he’s nervous but the reader loves him too she’s just shy 😊 but they get together in the end

Warnings: fluffy fluff


“Ha!” Tony laughed “You want me to what?”

“I want you to ask out (Y/n).” Clint mused.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because it is physically painful to watch how you act around her.”

Tony scoffed loudly and stepped over to the fridge, grabbing himself a bottle of orange juice.

“Oh please,” he unscrewed the cap, catching Clint’s unconvinced stare “I act just how you act, bird brain.”

Tony took large swig, listening to Clint as he began to grumble somethings.

“Morning, Clint. Tony.” (Y/n) greeted kindly, giving a shy wave as she entered the kitchen to join the boys’

The billionaire frozen timidly.

“How did you sleep, guys? I don’t thin–”

“Hellwo.” Tony said sloppily.

Letting OJ spill everywhere from his mouth.

(Y/n) stopped what she was saying to retain a giggle. Clint wasn’t so polite and let himself laugh wholly at Tony.

“You were saying?” Clint breathed finally, spinning his head to look back at her.

“I was just… saying how I didn’t sleep very well last night.” (Y/n) finished. “Though I saw Vision this morning and he said he had the same problem.”

She smiled at Clint “He said he’ll be down soon.”

“Now that you say that, I don’t think iron ass here slept well either.” Clint teased.

Tony coughed up some pulp and glared at the assassin.

Just as Clint was about to make a joke, Vision fazed through the kitchen wall, speaking words of solitude “His thought process may be situated in the ‘gutter’, as per say.”

A moment of silence.

“Get your mind out of the gutter..” Clint whispered.

That caused (Y/n) to break out in a fit of laughter that she just couldn’t hold; Vision smiling next to her.

Tony rolled his eyes, cheeks dusted as he exited the kitchen.

❆   ❆   ❆

After that questionable slip up in the kitchen that morning, Tony avoided consuming liquids for the remainder of daylight. He constantly put himself in places he felt he wouldn’t slip up.

Taking his mind off the trauma, he went to restroom to trim his goatee.

But still, the girl’s appearances never seemed to let up.

“Tony..?” (Y/n) called from the corridor. She couldn’t find him, meaning she couldn’t see him; but she could hear him.

Tony frozen briskly but went to reply anyway. Planning on saying ‘yes?’ but wanting to say ‘yeah?’ he ultimately said a weird rendition of ‘yas’.

Tony was once again traumatized. Turning on the faucet to distract himself and drown out his embarrassment.

That made (Y/n) giggle softly. She was holding a package in her hands and was looking down at the return address; it read a simple ‘F.F.S’.

“Would you happen to know what ‘F.F.S’ stands for? When it comes to mailing addresses, I mean.” She asked quietly looking up at the wall, and listening for a reply.

Instead her ears picked up the sound of a splash and a large thump.

(Y/n) tilted her head in question.

The brunette man went to turn off the faucet but with the hand that held the electric razor. So he really he just dropped it in the water mindlessly.

“FOR FUCK SAKE.” Tony called, panic lacing his words.

(Y/n) looked back down at the package and uttered ‘F.F.S’ under her breath. She smiled to herself.

“Okay, thanks!”

❆   ❆   ❆

Near the end of the day, Tony found himself sat uncomfortably on the couch in the large tower lounge. The words of Clint spinning through his thoughts, giving him a drunk effect, he felt.

Maybe he really would ask her out today. Just nothing seemed to be going right for him.

Sam was the first to stroll into the living area, followed by a Steve Rogers.

Tony’s sad posture caught Sam’s eye.

“Ouch, what’s got you down, Mr. Trust fund?” Sam asked, nonchalantly.

Tony looked up at them to find both already looking back down at him.

“(Y/n).” he answered simply, letting his gaze wander to the side before standing up “She has got me looking like a walking idiot.”

“You mean that’s not on purpose?” Sam joked, receiving a shoulder hit from Steve.

“Can we help?” Steve corrected.

The brunette sighed “Not really…”

As he finished saying that, he started to walk to the door; planning to mope in his room instead.

(Y/n) kicked his luck and instead walked in calmly before he could walk out. She wore a smile to greet both Sam and Steve. They smiled and nodded back.

Just as soon as he saw her, he sighed again, frustrated.

“Okay,” he started and everyone took a second to focus on him “(Y/n), listen, I’ll say this as fucking simple as I can.”

Tony went to take a step toward (Y/n), but literally kicked his heel and sent himself to the floor in front of her instead.

(Y/n) hid her smile, having an idea as to what he was going to confess.

“Will you go out with me…” the man groaned from the floorboards.

(Y/n) took pity on him, and crouched down to his face; hugging her knees.

She listened to Steve and Sam snicker for a moment before saying with a grin

“Well since it seems you are falling for me, I can’t really say no.”


(A/n): I’m pretty sure that this is poorly written and I apologize oml but at least it’s cute

PoliceOfficer!Jungkook (Dope!AU)

Originally posted by minikkuki

Pairing: Reader x PoliceOfficer!Jungkook

Warnings: Smut (use of handcuffs, oral(reader giving))

Words: 2.9k

Summary: Y/N is robbed on the way home from work, luckily there is a police officer nearby to help her out, in more ways than one.

You were walking home peacefully after the late shift at work. You had your headphones in, gently nodding your head along to the beat as you walked. You had nearly arrived at your apartment, ready to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and fall asleep.

It all happened so fast. One second you were walking along the street minding your own business. Next thing you knew, you were on the floor, your hands flying out to stop you hitting your head on the concrete. You bag was pulled from your shoulder and you heard the fast footsteps of someone running away from you.

“For Fuck sake” you groan to yourself as you stand up, brushing the dirt from your jacket.

Luckily there wasn’t much in your bag, your purse and phone were in your jacket pocket so the situation could definitely have been worse. All the thief had actually managed to take was some food, tissues and a bit of loose change. You almost laughed to yourself until you realised your keys were also in your bag.

You groan, resisting the urge to punch the wall at the fact that you couldn’t get into your apartment. It was too late to call a locksmith, and none of your neighbours had keys to your apartment.

“Are you okay?” you hear a voice from behind you.

You turn around to see a young man. He was wearing a police uniform. You had to admit he was attractive, he had a cute face, yet he still looked like he could win a fight, which is reassuring.

“Yeah I’m fine” you mutter.

“Well you’re just stood glaring at a wall, it’s not exactly normal” he stated, a little too bluntly for your liking, did he not just see what happened?

“Well I was just pushed to the floor and had my bag stolen, so you’re not exactly doing much law enforcing are you?” you respond with a fake smiled and raised eyebrows.

He opens his mouth to speak before closing it when no words come.

“Are you you okay?” he asks with more concern than before.

You nod you head “I’m fine, he didn’t take anything important, except my keys” you sigh.

“Oh… Do you have a spare set?” he asks.

You chuckle. “Yeah. In my apartment”



“Do you have somewhere you can go for the night?” he asks, not wanting to leave you alone on the street.

“I’ll just go to a hotel, none of my friends live close and they’ll all be asleep by now anyway” you sigh, knowing that there were no budget hotels in the area and that this would end up to be a pretty costly night after all.

“If you need a place to stay, I have a couch?” he suggests nervously. He didn’t want to overstep the line and seem creepy, when in fact he just wanted to offer you somewhere to stay that wasn’t ridiculously priced.

You didn’t know what made you trust him. Maybe it was the fact he was a police officer, or maybe it was the fact that you definitely couldn’t afford the hotel since you didn’t get paid until next week. Either way, you decided to trust that his intentions were good.

“That would be great actually, are you sure it’s alright? I wouldn’t want to impose” you reply.

“Yeah it’s fine. As you said, if I was better at my job you wouldn’t have been robbed in the first place” he jokes.

You couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face.

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Yoongis reaction to having to share a room with you

 This was so fun to write shjashsj, also this is so long omfg. This is of Yoongi since they didn’t specify who.


You were invited to go on tour with Bts by your close friend yoongi. The van pulled up to a hotel, you and yoongi stumbled out of the van because you two just slept the whole way. When you got up to the front desk you asked for your key put the worker said, “You will be staying in room 304, but another man took the key.” The worker was searching for the guy that took the key and he pointed to yoongi. You were surprised but also very nervous since you really like him but you don’t know if he shares the same feelings as you. He would look at you and just shrug walking to the room and you following after. You and Yoongi arrived at the room, you were hoping there was be two beds but when Yoongi unlocked the door and entered the room you were greeted with one small bed… You sighed saying “I’ll take the couch you can take the bed.” All he said was okay and went to the bathroom to shower. After awhile he came out with just a towel, AND FUCKSJKAKAKWJD, he just looked at you and walked to the bed taking off the towel (he had boxers on under btw). You looked at him really fast and looked away not wanting him to notice. After a few hours he fell asleep but you couldn’t since you had the couch and that shit was so uncomfortable. You got frustrated and got up going to the bed shoving Yoongi over, which was a bad mistake, and climbing in the bed. He woke up looked at you and just sat there looking at you wondering why you were in the bee with him. You explained why saying you were uncomfortable on the couch. He just nodded scooting closer to you, you were shocked, “w-what are you doing Yoongi?” He chuckled “I’m scooting into bed, what else would I be doing.” All you said was “oh” after. You fell asleep really fast because of yoongis presence but Yoongi didn’t fall asleep because he wanted to confess to you but he couldn’t , so all he did was cuddle up to. You woke up surprised and happy, you just looked at his face, kissed his lips and said goodnight, surprising Yoongi. You two fell asleep faster than you ever have. -Lily❤️

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“Are You Breaking Up With Me?” - Kian Lawley Imagine

Request: Can you do an imagine where they break up but kian doesn’t want it and they still love each other ? Thankss xx

Kian’s POV

2:30 a.m. 2 fucking 30 a.m. and she’s still not home.

I was going crazy waiting for my girlfriend, y/n, to come back home. Earlier today we got into a fight over a video that I did with my ex girlfriend. Y/n was super pissed at me and after she yelled at me like crazy, she just said that she’s going out with her friends. She didn’t wanna talk about it neither hear me out because she’s so fucking stubborn and her character is so fucking difficult sometimes. She drives me crazy, but I love her more than anything even though I don’t think she realizes it. 

‘Fuck it.’ I said to myself as I got up from the couch that I’ve spent hours on waiting for her. I couldn’t keep just sitting and not doing anything. I took my car keys and my jacket. Just as I got out of the house and closed the door, a black bmw m4 with y/n and some guy in it arrived and parked in front of our house. ‘Are you fucking serious?’ Before she got out she leaned in and kissed his cheek. He pulled her to himself to kiss her, but she stopped him. 

‘What the fuck, y/n?!’ I yelled as she approached closer and the guy drove off. ‘Who the fuck was that?’ I asked after she ignored me and entered the house. By her walk and stumbling I could tell that she was drunk.

Still no answer. 

‘Can you fucking answer me? Who the fuck was that?’ I asked angrily. 

‘Why do you care so much?’ She asked the dumbest question as she stepped out of her heels leaving them in the living room and heading upstairs. 

‘Why do I care? Um, I don’t know, let me guess..Oh yeah, maybe because I’m your fucking boyfriend?!’ I said following her and she laughed throwing her head back. ‘What’s so funny, y/n? Minutes ago some random guy brought you home in his fucking car and you fucking kissed him! Do you even know what time is it?! I was waiting for you the whole night!’

‘Why didn’t you go to Andrea so you could cuddle with her, kiss her, talk about your relationship and stuff like that? I mean that’s okay, right?’ She turned around and looked me in the eyes. 

‘Stop. You didn’t even let me explain myself. You just left and got drunk!’ I said throwing my hands in the air. She ignored me again and entered our shared bedroom. ‘Will you stop fucking ignoring me already?!’ I took her by her elbow and turned her harshly to face me. 

‘Everything’s pretty clear to me, Kian!’ She yelled pulling her elbow out of my grip. Her hair was all over her face and she was breathing so heavily. ‘I told you to leave the house! I told you I don’t wanna see you here when I’m back and you’re still here!’ 

‘Yeah, I’m still here because I want to work this out! I’m not running away from problems all the time like you are!’ 

‘We wouldn’t have had these problems if you hadn’t fucking made out with your ex girlfriend!’ She yelled. 

‘We didn’t make out! It was just a kiss for a video!’ 

‘Which you seemed to enjoy!’

‘It meant nothing!’ 

‘Kian I fucking watched both videos! I saw your smile and I saw that you enjoyed every minute spent with her!’ She yelled and then quickly turned around as she crossed her arms. 

‘Y/n, how many times do I have to tell you, it was just for my and her video! Two fucking videos and that’s it. Why do you have to be so childish? Why can’t you try to understand me?’ 

‘What am I supposed to understand there, Kian? That you still have feelings for you ex? You know what? Get out.’ She said pointing her finger toward the door. 


‘Get the fuck out. Get out of the room!’ 

‘No, I’m not going anywhere. I wanna work this shit out!’ 

‘Fine. If you don’t wanna leave, then I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.’ She said grabbing her pillow that was on the bed and a blanket. 

‘You’re being ridiculous, y/n. Stop this right now.’ I said trying to take her arm again, but failing. 

‘Don’t fucking touch me and don’t follow me downstairs because I could seriously like stab you right now!’ She said leaving the bedroom. 

I put my hands on my head and looked up at the ceiling. I let out a huge sigh and then punched a wall with my fist. 

‘What am I going to do..?’ 

Your POV

I looked at my phone to see what time it was and it showed 6:23 a.m. Great. I slept almost nothing and it was because I just couldn’t bring myself to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole situation with Kian. My feelings were such a mess and I didn’t know what to think nor who to believe. I was so sad, so hurt, so mad and broken, but most of all hurt and mad. I couldn’t believe that he filmed those videos with her in which they kissed. Practically, it’s like he cheated on me with his ex and wanted me to be okay with that. I love Kian with all my heart, but I can’t forget this to him. 

I got up from uncomfortable couch and made my way into the kitchen. I pulled the biggest cup out of the cupboard and put some water into the stove espresso coffee maker. I leaned myself against the counter and while I was waiting for my coffee to be done, I heard footsteps coming downstairs and soon Kian was in the kitchen. 

‘Good morning’ He said as he sat at the table. 

‘Morning.’ I mumbled. Soon my coffee was done and I poured it into the cup. I took the cup in my hands and wanted to go into the living room again, but Kian stopped me by saying 

‘Can you sit here with me so we can talk like normal people?’ He asked. 

‘I don’t think-’ 

‘Y/n, please.’ He cut me off and I sighed and sat at the table opposite him. 

‘So? What do you want to talk about?’ I asked playing stupid. 

‘I want to talk about the fight from yesterday, from last night.’ He said. 'Look, those two stupid videos didn’t mean a thing to me. She asked me to do it with her just because it was highly requested. That’s all. I swear I don’t have any feelings for her anymore. We’re friends.’ 

'And you just didn’t know how to say 'no’?’ I said. 'Kian I saw both of those videos and I saw your reaction when and after you kissed her. The smile that you had on your face proves that you obviously enjoyed it and that it made you happy. And what do you think how that made me feel? How was I supposed to feel when I saw you connect your lips with hers? You have no idea how much you hurt me, Kian.' 

'And how was I supposed to feel when that guy brought you home at fucking 2:30 a.m. in his bmw? How was I supposed to feel when I saw you lean in to kiss his cheek?' 

'I did that because I was mad at you!' 

'You can’t do shit like that just because you’re mad at me!’ He yelled and then he slammed his fist on the table which made the hot coffee spill all over my right hand.

‘Ouch!’ I cried out in pain as I quickly stood up and ran over to the sink to put my hand under the cold water. 

‘Shit! Baby, are you okay? Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.’ Kian said holding my wrist and looking at my hand.

‘Ow, Kian it burns my skin so bad.’ It hurt so much because it was so hot and it left burns on my hand. 

‘Shit, baby I’m so sorry. We need to take you to the hospital.’ He said already looking for his car keys. 

‘Okay, so we put an ointment on your skin which will help to heal it and now we’re gonna wrap your hand in a bandage just to make sure it’s well protected.’ The doctor said. ‘Oh, it seems like we’re out of medical pads here. I’ll be right back.’ He said as he left the room leaving Kian and me alone. 

‘Baby, I’m so so sorry-’ 

‘Please,Kian just don’t, okay? Just don’t.’ I cut him off. 

‘I didn’t mean to hurt you, y/n..’ 

‘You know that I’ve been here like 4 or even more times before because of my ex boyfriend who was physically abusive toward me and I was so happy when I met you who literally saved me from him and look where I am today with you. And we both know why that happened. Honestly,I’ve had enough, okay? I’m sick of everything.’ 

‘W-what does that mean?’ He asked. 

‘You make me feel like it’s my fault when it’s not and that video, it just hurt me so much, Kian.’ My voice was trembling as I said. ‘And that means that we should take a break.’ 

‘A break from what?’ 

‘A break from our relationship, from us.’ I said looking down. It wasn’t easy for me to say that, but I knew that it was the best solution for both of us. 

‘Are you breaking up with me?’ He asked. His eyes were widen and his mouth sligthly open. 

‘Yeah, I am.’ I said.

‘But I don’t wanna break up, y/n. I love you too much to just let you go. How can’t you see that you mean everything to me and if I lose you..I lose everything.’ 

‘You should’ve think about that before you filmed those videos.’ I said as one tear ran down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away because the doctor came back. 

‘Alright, let’s wrap it up.’ The doctor said as he started putting the bandage around my hand. I was holding my tears back because I was so close to just breaking. I never meant that our relationship will end like this. God, I never even ment that it will end in the first place. I was so ready to have him by my side forever, but I guess it’s true what everyone says, 'forever is a lie’. ‘Here, you’re done.’ The doctor said as he finished. 

‘Thank you so much, doctor.’ I said standing up. 

‘It won’t take long time to heal if you use the ointment that I gave you and I’m sure your boyfriend will take good care of you so it’ll heal even faster.’ He said smiling and his words broke my heart and I believe Kian’s too. 

‘Yeah, of course I will.’ Kian fake smiled as the doctor patted his shoulder. 

Maybe not this time..

anonymous asked:

Are you still taking prompts? Damian and Jon playing Mario Kart or whatever video game you want to use.

Okay, since you said I could use any video game I want (haven’t played mario kart, sorry. Aside from Pokemon, Nintendo wasn’t part of my childhood), I’m going to use Injustice 2 XD

Also, I’m sorry anon, but I am going to hijack your prompt! I’m going to use this to express my refusal to believe that Damian will ever go back to becoming an evil character! What I noticed was, in about 4, yes FOUR different times, DC has predicted that Damian will revert back to his evil ways in some way when he grows up.  Nope, I am not having it! (Btw, the ones I’m talking about are the Injustice timeline, Damian’s battle with his illusion future self in Robin: Son of Batman, Batman Beyond Rebirth, and in Detective Comics 966)

Damian has worked too hard, has literally died and back, to prove that he has changed for the better. There is nothing that will convince me that 13 years of great character development for Damian will be thrown aside because he turns evil again in the future! Nothing! 

And you know why I’m so sure of that? Because our Damian in this main timeline right now has someone that all of those evil adult Damian timelines didn’t have…a certain boy named Jonathan Samuel Kent.

“I’m picking Robin,” Damian announced.

He placed the cursor on a portrait of a much older Damian on the screen, and then an electronic monotonous voice intoned ‘Robin’.

“Heh, that’s so like you,” Jon replied dryly. “Well, if we’re picking ourselves it’s not fair for me. I don’t know why but, I haven’t seen a single game with a Superboy on it.”

“Just pick your dad,” Damian teased. “You’re practically the same anyway, except you’re three decades lamer.”

Jon stuck his tongue out at Damian. “Shut up, this Superman isn’t my dad. This one’s like, super evil. I’m never gonna pick…‘not-dad’, he said with finality. He ended up picking Bizarro, earning him a snort from Damian.

“Hey, don’t laugh!” Jon chided Damian. “Jason said he’s actually pretty cool.”

“Todd said the same thing about your costume,” Damian casually replied.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Jon asked with a raised brow.

“Just that his idea of clothing gets him thrown out of most restaurants,” Damian answered with a smirk. “But never mind that, it’s time to kick your ass!”

The boys had gotten a copy of a new fighting video game that was inexplicably based on the world’s heroes, which included renditions of most of the people that Jon and Damian knew. It had an impressive roster of intricately rendered characters like their fathers, the League, and other heroes—including weirdly out of place characters they didn’t know about like an ice ninja, a Japanese thunder god, and a red horned man with a gun.

As the game advertised, it was set in an alternate universe where Superman became an evil dictator, and the whole world decided that being dark and gritty was an essential part of a balanced diet. With equal parts amusement and curiosity, Damian and Jon had decided to play the game with little more intention than to laugh at how hilariously off the characters were compared to their real-life counterparts.

But Damian being Damian, he also played to win. And Jon being Jon, he was definitely not going to lose to Damian in anything.

The Damian in the game was much older, and as Jon put it—much to real Damian’s chagrin—a lot taller and better-looking. He also used a sword which he used in most of his attacks. The real Damian picked up on the controls quickly, and there wasn’t a single moment where game Damian wasn’t swinging his lethally sharp blade. It whistled with a shrill shwing with every strike, making it sound even more dangerous.

Unfortunately for Damian, Jon’s character, Bizarro, had ice beams that shot out from his eyes.

“Gah! You cheater…” Damian grumbled as game-Damian was interrupted from a flashy sword combo by a single ice beam. “Fighting  in a two-dimensional field is idiotic. If it were really me, I’d have sidestepped that!”

“Told you Bizarro is cool.” Jon giggled.

“I hate you and your puns!” Damian groaned. “That’s it, taste defeat, farm boy!” He executed game Damian’s special move—a sword combo with an explosive finish via batarang. It was enough to give Damian the round.

“Hah!” he pumped his fist in triumph.

Instead of looking disappointed with his loss, Jon’s cheeks were almost bursting from stifling his laughter.

“What…what’s so funny?” Damian asked as his smug smile wavered.

“Your special…” Jon began as he breathed in  to compose himself, “was to do an awkward ninja run, look really stiff while using your sword…then pose and wait for three whole seconds before your batarangs hit me.”

“That was two seconds, tops,” Damian said, completely missing the point.

Jon snorted and burst out laughing.

“Damian…your video game self was so extra, it’s like the only thing you left out was shades and shiny teeth.  You were trying way too hard to look cool.”

“Hey,” Damian protested. “It’s a decently styled—”

“The only thing that makes this even funnier is that it’s totally you,” Jon giggled heartily.

Damian frowned. He didn’t know how to retort without making it obvious that for a few seconds, he’d actually wanted to try posing like his game-self did.

The boys kept playing and trying different characters until Damian went back to playing himself. Jon chose Batman for the first time, and he noticed Damian tense up. As the story of the game went, game-Damian turned against Batman and sided with Superman. Game-Batman had readily abandoned his son in turn. Whenever the two of them would face each other in the game, they’d both spew out scathing and hateful taunts that made Damian squirm.

This time, Jon won handily, winning with Batman’s special move.

Jon blinked. “Did your game-dad just…use a bat-shaped jet to drag you in the air and blow you up with a small army’s worth of bullets and missiles…?”

Damian looked as mind-blown as Jon. “That…was the most impractical use of the Batwing I’ve ever seen.”

“That was overkill,” Jon mused.

“And that’s considering that my dad has intentionally rammed the Batwing into things in real life before,” Damian nodded.

“Hey, Damian?” Jon asked as he eyed his friend anxiously. “Are you okay? You seem kinda antsy ever since I picked your dad…”

Damian avoided looking straight into Jon’s eyes. “What do you think about how the game depicted my future?” he asked with a guarded expression.

Jon raised his eyebrows—the question took him by surprise. “It’s a video game. I don’t really care what they said you were.”

“But you thought that the Damian in the game was evil, right?” Damian continued, glancing expectantly at Jon.

“Well, I mean, everyone was sort of on this gray line—“ Jon stopped after seeing Damian’s annoyed look. “Okay, fine, I thought he was evil. The game makes it a point to make you act as unlikeable as possible anyway.”

Damian shifted uncomfortably on the couch. He sighed as if resigning himself to a cruel fate.

“That game…” Damian began, his words calm but measured.  “It’s not the first time that something predicted that I would betray my father and turn to evil in the future.”

Jon listened with rapt attention as Damian continued. He’d never seen Damian this gravely serious before.

“When I was adventuring with Maya, an artifact manifested future versions of ourselves based on the parts of ourselves that we couldn’t come to terms with. I was forced to fight an adult version of myself that was still the bloodthirsty assassin my grandfather trained. I barely survived.”

“Wow…that’s rough,” Jon said gently. He could tell that Damian was upset in a way that could not easily be dismissed.

“That’s not all,” Damian continued. “There’s…something I’ve never told you before. Drake…he created this computer program that could calculate a person’s approximate future based on their experiences and personality. On two separate instances, that program predicted that I’d turn back to my old ways—once as the new ruthless leader of the League of Assassins…

“…and another as a more tyrannical and deadly version of Batman. 

“Either way, it seems like everything agrees that my future will see me becoming the evil I’d sworn to reject.”

Damian ended with a solemn silence. He bowed his head and stared at his knees. “Do you understand why I never told you this before?” he asked Jon, who had a mixed look of confusion and concern on his face. “Knowing what I’d just told you…and what I’m destined to become, no one in their right minds would associate with me. And I wouldn’t blame you if you decided to leave and stop talking to me.”

Jon knew that Damian wasn’t the kind of person who cried much—if at all. But the sheer cold silence that Damian was giving him was worse. It was as if Damian was deathly certain that he would leave right then and there and never come back. Damian had already accepted that Jon didn’t want to be friends with him anymore, and that he was just waiting for Jon to say so.

Jon knit his brow. Damian’s willingness to accept his dark future was frightening, to be sure. But one detail, or rather, the lack of a certain detail, tugged at his mind.

“Damian,” Jon asked carefully. “In all those futures…what happened to me?”

Damian wrinkled his nose at Jon. “Those were my futures, not yours. Why would you ever be in them?” he snapped.

“Because, dummy,” Jon retorted with a stubborn look. “Do you think I’d let any of those bad futures happen to you? Now, tell me where I was in your future, or when exactly you got those predictions. Did we even know each other already  when you got them?”

“Well I…” Damian trailed off, his eyes widening in apparent realization. “No, I suppose we hadn’t met yet when the program had made the predictions. You weren’t there yet when Maya and I were completing my atonement for the year of blood. And you and I’ve only been public as a team recently, so the game wouldn’t have put you in…”

“Then that settles it!” Jon declared ecstatically. “Damian, there’s one thing that your futures didn’t count on—the fact that we became friends!”

“What do you mean?” Damian asked with genuine curiosity.

“Damian…in the first place, I don’t believe that just because some things predict your future, you can’t decide it for yourself,” Jon explained adamantly. He was wringing his hands as if willing Damian to understand.

“I don’t care how many people say your future will get messed up—you’re a good person. You’ve fought and sacrificed so much to become who you are today. You’ve become someone that your family loves and cares about! You’re not Damian, Ra’s Al Ghul’s grandkid. You’re Robin, son of Batman.”

“And more importantly—“ Jon continued, cutting off Damian’s inevitable retort. “Dude, I’m your friend! I mean, sure, we argue sometimes, and you’re mean, and you tease me a lot…”

“Tt,” Damian clicked his tongue as if to say ‘that’s not helping’.

“But…we’re friends.” Jon waved dismissively. 

“Not just because we’re working together as superheroes, either. We’re friends because we want to be. Because I want to be. You…you get what it’s like to be a kid and a hero at the same time, I can talk to you, and we can hang out and stuff. I never tell you this but, I kinda look up to you, you know? You’re always so in control and awesome, and like a ninja and…sometimes it’s cool…”

“Are you saying you think I’m cool?” Damian smirked.

“Shut up Damian! I’m in the middle of something here!” Jon chided him. “What I’m trying to say is, whatever happens…I’ll help you find a future that’s better. I’m not gonna leave you. We’re partners, now and in any future. Your bad futures aren’t gonna happen because I’m here to make sure they don’t.” Jon flashed Damian a toothy grin.

“And if for some reason, I end up having to fight you and fulfill that dark future?” Damian asked coyly. His voice, however, had softened and relaxed.

“Then I’ll beat you, duh!” Jon emphasized. “Laser eyes beats sword, remember?” he finished by sticking his tongue out.

“You sound so sure,” Damian said as he shook his head. Whether it was in disbelief or gratitude, Jon wasn’t sure.

“Don’t worry about your future,” Jon said with a grin. He held Damian’s hands enthusiastically. Before Damian could even protest,  he was already hovering a few inches off the floor, carrying Damian with him.

“Superboy’s got your back!” Jon promised.

The corner of Damian’s lips twitched. He wasn’t in a hurry to show any kind of emotion. But what he said next was better than any sort of ‘thank you’ that he could think of.

“I know. I believe you.”

There you go, guys! Consider this fic my rebuttal against DC trying to make Damian evil as an adult! No way Jon would ever let that happen! I’m convinced that Jon would help keep Damian good if anything would ever tempt him to return to his less heroic ways. I hope this fic was okay, I was agitated when I wrote it and it might have typos and stuff :p

Also shoutout to @harljordan who let me use their awesome edit from Supersons #8 above :)

EDIT:  I couldn’t resist making this edit based on this awesome post script idea by @desolationofzara :D


Edits by me, and I screencapped my game for this XD

Monsta X reaction to you being soaked in rain

requested by @tataniaput (I’m so sorry it took a bit but thanks for requesting and I hope the wait was worth it.. i hope <3)


  • Shownu was sick but he refused to accept the fact that he was, knowing that if he admits it the members will keep him in the dorm
  • However as stubborn as he is the members made sure he stayed back at the dorm
  • Earlier that day you went to get lunch with him and immediately you noticed he was sick
  • You knew him too well and knew that he won’t let you take care of him because he’ll feel like a burden
  • When you two went your separate to go home you made sure he was out of site and went to grab some medicine and ingredients to make soup
  • By the time you got home it was pouring outside but you thought that by the time you were done cooking the rain will stop
  • You were wrong, after checking the forecast you realized that it’ll be raining all night
  • You could drive and you had a car but your friend borrowed it for the weekend, the bus stop was crowded and the only option left was walking
  • An umbrella was pretty much useless because it was windy out so you threw on a rain jacket and put the medicine and soup in your backpack
  • It was only a 10 minute walk but in the rain it felt like it was taking forever
  • You were now soaked head to toe by the rain, you might’ve had a rain jacket on but honestly in this type of rain it was useless
  • You texted Shownu to open the door and honestly he was completely lost but still did it and when he saw you he had a mixed reaction
  • He was happy to see you, worried because you were completely wet and surprised you cared this much about him
  • He reached in for a hug and when you tried to say you were going to get him more sick he only hugged you harder
  • Worrying that the rain was going to get you sick he ran to get you a change of clothes and when you walked out he was a giggling mess
  • He thought you were the cutest thing seeing you in him sweatpants and hoodie that was way too big for you
  • When you were done changing you heated up the soup for him and of course he ate it happily, he enjoys anything you cook to be honest
  • He finished eating and you ran after him with medicine and after him trying to run away you were successful in feeding him his medicine
  • Just as you were trying you leave there was a flash flood alert and Shownu ran you to you and wrapped you tightly in a blanket and carried you to the couch
  • He refused to let you go into the rain again so he planned for you to stay over
  • Eventually the couch was uncomfortable and Shownu saw you and without saying anything he carried you to his bed and spent the night in his arms


  • Being best friends with Wonho isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do
  • You love him to death but making sure the two of you have time for each other is close to impossible, you don’t blame him though
  • His passion is singing, dancing and constantly keeping monbebes happy and you in no way had an obligation to stop him but missing him is inevitable
  • He might come off as a tough guy due to him always trying to show his muscles but anyone who actually knows him will know he’s a big softie
  • People thinks you’re the soft one in the friendship but they thought wrong
  • It was about to be 10pm and you had the urge to just close your eyes and knock out on your bed but that wasn’t going to happen, essays don’t write themself as much as you wished that they did
  • Just went you closed your laptop indicating that the essay was done your phone buzzed giving you a slight heart attack due the fact that usually nobody texts you this late
  • When you picked it up a smile had spread across your face naturally
  • Wonho had texted you that he missed you but wasn’t able to leave the dorm to visit you because it was too late to leave
  • Lucky for you, you lived with a roommate and had no curfew and you had no problem with walking to meet Wonho since his dorm was pretty much next door
  • Without having to ask you knew that Monsta X wouldn’t mind seeing you at their dorm knowing that you were Wonho’s best friend
  • You threw on your rabbit onesie because it was starting to get chilly, grabbed your phone and backpack and left to go over to the dorm, not replying to Wonho’s text
  • You were known as that one friend who replied quickly so when you didn’t reply to Wonho within a short timeframe he assumed you were asleep
  • Of course this made him sad but he knew you loved sleep and if sleeping made you happy it made his happy
  • However when he heard a knock on the door he assumed it was just one of their neighbors asking for something but his phone buzzed and he was full of hope
  • Hoping that the buzz from his phone meant that you were outside of his door and he was correct, sprinting out of his bed he went to open the door
  • Seeing you was the best thing that happened to him today but he was shocked to see you soaked in rain
  • When you walked you it was fine but after a minute it was pouring, it was too late to get an umbrella and there was turning back so you kept walking
  • Even though you were wet head to toe due to the rain Wonho didn’t hesitate to hug you
  • After the long hug you ran to the bathroom and got changed and luckily in your backpack you had another rabbit onesie because you’re always prepared with clothes
  • When you walked out you saw Wonho in the same onesie and before you were even able to point it out Wonho had already taken a picture of you
  • He grabbed your arm and the two of you slept as you drifted away in sweet dreams by his side as you used him a teddy bear or as you called him your Wontokki

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This my first time requesting so I’m a bit nervous…! Hopefully I’m doing this right. May I have a Valentine’s request? What would RFA members + V & Saeran do if they were unexpectedly loaded with work on Valentine’s Day

You’re doing fine! Jumin’s Valentine’s DLC is basically this but I’ll still do it because I’m in the mood to write!


  • He really wanted to spend all day with you
  • But good lord the vet’s office was packed today with single people and their pets (especially with the crazy cat lady who brought in like 9 cats) 
  • When he found out that he was going to have a full day, he constantly called and texted to apologize
  • You were such a blessing because you were so understanding and encouraged him like you always do
  • Right when the last patient walked out of the office his eyes immediately glanced at the clock to see that it was almost 7:30pm
  • He practically floored the gas pedal to make it home by 8:00
  • Upon opening the door, he was greeted by a soothing candlelit dinner
  • Yoosung made his way into the living room to find your form sleeping soundly on the couch, a small smile forming on his face
  • Gently, he nudged you awake
  • “Yoosung…?” you yawned, “You’re home!”
  • He chuckled as you jumped into his arms and spun you around
  • “I made you dinner! Since you’ve been working so hard I think you deserved something for it.”
  • “Honey, I’m the one who should be rewarding you for waiting so patiently.”
  • “Nonsense, I’m doing this because I love you.”
  • He laughed as he led you over to the dinner table, pulling out your chair for you and pushing it in
  • “And because I love you so much, I’m going to spend all day with you tomorrow to make it up to you!”


  • You both knew that Valentine’s Day was bound be a busy day for the bakery
  • But Jaehee, being the sweetheart she is, didn’t want you to tire yourself out so she took over the bakery for the day
  • You spent the majority of the time watching her busily run all around to serve the customers and every time you offered to help, she refused
  • Even though you were a bit disappointed that her attention was taken up at Valentine’s Day of all days, she occasionally gave you a kiss on the cheek when she passed by
  • After a long, long day closing time arrived and all the employees clocked out for the day
  • “Ugh, I’m exhausted…” Jaehee groaned sorely as she plopped onto a seat
  • In response, you made your way behind her and massaged her aching shoulders
  • “I’m sorry that Valentine’s Day didn’t turn out as planned, MC…”
  • “Don’t worry about it! We can always make it up tomorrow or something.”
  • “Hm…I think I have a way to make it up to you…” she said slyly, leading you into the bakery’s kitchen
  • And out of the oven, she pulled out a beautifully delicious looking strawberry cake
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, MC,” she smiled warmly


  • You groaned or the umpteenth time that day
  • Here you were, alone on Valentine’s Day, eating the chocolate covered strawberries you were going to share with Zen
  • Speaking of Zen, he was called into work today
  • Somebody accidentally deleted the footage for the current movie he was working on, and he had to come in asap to re-record everything in order to get back on schedule
  • Even with Zen texting you sweet messages and apologies every chance he got, you were still somewhat upset that this had to happen
  • You knew Zen had planned out a very romantic day, and you were sure that he was crushed to be separated from you too
  • Finally around 8, Zen came though the door, relieved that he could finally be home
  • “Babe, I home!” he called out
  • “Hyuuuun~!” you joyfully squealed as you ran into his arms
  • “I missed you too,” he chuckled, rubbing his cheek against your head
  • Noticing your confused stare at the basket in his hand, he spoke up, “I’ve planned a romantic picnic on the rooftop to make up for leaving my lovely girlfriend alone on this day~”
  • The stars were breathtaking, the food was amazing, and his warmth was comforting
  • “Maybe tomorrow I should take you to my special place, where the view would be much more fitting for a romantic picnic. What do you say?”
  • “I’d love to.”


  • Jumin wanted nothing more than to spend today with you
  • But his flights were delayed and he couldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon at the least
  • So you were stuck moping at the news while Jumin was stuck on the other side of S. Korea
  • You decided against going outside because you knew that all the happy couples outside were going to make you miss Jumin even more
  • So for the rest of the day you decided to watch crap on your laptop until you fell asleep
  • When you woke up the next morning, you weren’t expecting to find a pair of arms wrapped around you
  • You soon realized that you’re nuzzled up to Jumin
  • It seems that your shuffling had woken him up, “Good morning, my love.”
  • “Jumin…? I thought you were coming back this afternoon…”
  • “I managed to get into another flight, but it seems that I still wasn’t able to arrive before Valentine’s Day ended.”
  • You giggled softly as you planted soft kisses in the crook of his neck, “That doesn’t matter because you’re here now.”
  • “I suppose you’re right,” he smiled tiredly, “Let’s rest more for now, though. I’m still quite tired from my flight and I have reservations at your favorite restaurant for tonight.”
  • “I love you, Jumin…” you murmured, already drifting back to sleep
  • “Sleep well, princess,” he kissed your forehead gently


  • It’s been difficult the past few days
  • An old enemy of Saeyoung’s was trying to get revenge on him and he’s been at his computer for the past few days preventing the enemy from pulling through
  • You knew better than to bother him so you left him be
  • Even though you wouldn’t be able to talk to him at all for a few days, you still brought food to him (they were even shaped into hearts)
  • It took about a week to do it, but he finally routed the enemy
  • You honestly didn’t mind too much that you couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with him so you let it go
  • But right when Seven finished, he was ready to make eveything up to you
  • That night he dragged you both out in your pajamas and took you in a late night drive in his car
  • He stopped at an open field and gestured you out of the car
  • You both sat on the hood of his car admiring the galaxy
  • Noticing that it was cold, Saeyoung pulled you into his jacket with him and zipped it up
  • “I love you a lot, you know that right?”
  • You giggled and buried yourself deeper against his chest for warmth, “And you know that I love you a lot too, right?”
  • He said nothing as you felt a pair of arms slither around your waist and a chin atop on your head


  • Why did V always have to pick the places with crappy service?
  • The last text he sent you told you that he was stuck in the airport done with his photography trip and that he couldn’t make it home in time
  • But after that, no messages were able to be sent to and from
  • You knew how V was and how he was going to be so apologetic for not being there for Valentine’s Day
  • Not wanting to mope all day, you decided to bake to pass the time
  • Good thing you had a heart-shaped cookie cutter to fit the holiday
  • Tired from baking and waiting for the cookies to finish, you barely made it to the couch before passing out
  • Upon waking up, you found yourself on the bed 
  • As if on cue, V walked into the room, “Good morning, MC,” he chuckled at your confusion, “You looked uncomfortable on the couch, so I moved you to the bed.”
  • You quickly jumped out of bed to hug him, “I missed you, Jihyun.”
  • “I did too,” he let out a relieved sigh into your hair
  • “…Wait what about my cookies?”
  • He pulled back to look at you, “They were burnt when I got back, so I threw them out. Sorry about that…”
  • “Then we can make a new batch together!”


  • Since Saeyoung was having a pretty hard time getting rid of his enemy, Saeran decided to step in and help
  • I mean if Saeyoung and Saeran working together were having a hard time, they had a dangerous threat to get rid of
  • Days went by without seeing the twins out of their rooms and the ever so romantic Valentine’s Day had passed without a beat 
  • But hey, you had no right to complain since they were defending their lives
  • A week has passed since the holiday and they had both successfully gotten rid of the enemy
  • But what you weren’t expecting was Saeran’s sudden heavy affections, not that you were complaining
  • He spent the day randomly giving you hugs, kisses, and even feeding you chocolates he’s gotten from who-knows-where
  • Later on that day while you were cuddling with him while watching a show, you asked him what was up, “Well I missed Valentine’s Day, didn’t I?”
  • Out of sheer happiness, you teared up a little at the fact that he still wanted to give you the missing Valentine’s Day
  • “H-hey, don’t start crying now!”
  • You only responded by giving him the tightest hug you’ve ever managed