100 Follower Giveaway Extravaganza!

I can’t believe I hit 100 followers already! For such a great thing I am holding a small giveaway. I am completely amazed at how much you all like me and thank you for following me. Now there are some rules just read down below for what you can win and how to do it.


  • 1st Place: A Full Colored Drawing of your choice ((Within all reasons of what I can do… ))
  • 2nd Place: A Sketch of your choice uncolored or a skin ((975RP max))
  • 3rd Place:  A Sketch of your choice.


  • You must already be following me.
  • You must reblog AND like the post in order to be eligible to win.
  • Ends Saturday, August 20th at Midnight EST.

That’s it! Good luck! :D

Okay so I’m considering getting a paypal and beginning to take commissions in hopes of saving up money. I need the money for college, diabetic stuff (test strips, insulin, soon a pump, etc), and a new drawing tablet that I can use for my career, future school, etc. 

Basically (I’ll post examples in a moment) there will be different options.

Chibi character, uncolored: $3.50

Chibi character colored: $5.00

Character bust, sketch, uncolored : $7.00

Character bust, half colored (dark outlines in a black artist pen with the occasional color): $8.59

Character bust, fully colored: $10.00

Character full sketch, uncolored: $12.00

Character full sketch, half colored: $13.50

Character full sketch, colored: $15.00

Additional characters: $.85 each (Chibi will be $.50 each)

Background(depending on size and detail): from $.50-$5.00

Like/reblog if you would commission me if I so decided to start commissions. Remember that I’m about to post the examples though it will take a moment. I also do different styles. 

Edit: since my iPad and Internet are acting up I cannot post my examples at the moment, so I’m gonna take the time to get a full sketch page of examples ready with their prices and etc beside them, and if you’re eager to see examples simply go to my blog under NAV and click the link that says “"My art” 

Here’s one of the products of tonight’s stream. I’ll get back to finishing the uncolored one, I like the idea of Tidbit burning a cake hehe. For those of you who came and watched me draw, thank you so much! I most likely wouldn’t have drawn anything if it wasn’t for the pressure of people watching me. See you next time!

The one on the left is one I did a few months ago. The one on the right is from 4 years ago. 

I think its funny that the one from 2008 you conveniently cant see her hands. 

Actually it wasn’t till recently that I decided to always draw hands in my pics instead of avoiding them. 

I think I’ve improved a bit