Being together is the miracle, being together and caring. Sleeping together, feet touching, legs touching. Being asleep and together.
—  Charles Bukowski, More Notes Of A Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Column
Caffeine #11

I enjoyed this, and tried to mess up the prompt as badly as I could. It’s very sketchily done and un-edited. I did it in my spare time in the middle of my school day; do forgive me.

Her first job was at a small Italian restaurant on the corner.

Her boss was nice. That was the best thing about that job; when she started feeling frustrated, mistreated, her boss would plonk her down on a wobbly three-legged stool in the back room and pile an untouched leftover dish onto a spare plate in front of her.

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Compiled Nabokov Reading List

All titles are extracted from my personal reading list. The emboldened titles are ones I personally recommend when it comes to approaching and enjoying Nabokov’s work. This list is by no means exhaustive or complete but most of the titles are either highly interesting, highly flawed, highly important, a personal favourite, or all four combined.

  • Mary by Vladimir Nabokov
  • King, Queen, Knave by Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Luzhin Defense by Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Eye by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Glory by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Despair by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Invitation to a Beheading by Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Gift by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Annotated Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and (edited by) Alfred Appel Jr.
  • Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Lectures on Russian Literature
  • Lectures on Literature by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Eugene Onegin, Volume 1: Introduction and Translation by Aleksandr Pushkin (translated by Vladimir Nabokov)
  • Eugene Onegin, Volume 2: Commentary and Index by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Transparent Things by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Strong Opinions by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Lolita: A Screenplay by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Look at the Harlequins! by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Collected Poems by Vladimir Nabokov
  • A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov and (translated by) Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Song of Igor’s Campaign (translated) by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Three Russian Poets (translated) by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Verses and Versions: Three Centuries of Russian Poetry (translated) by Vladimir Nabokov and (edited by) Brian Boyd
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Selected Letters, 1940-1977 (edited) by Dmitri Nabokov and Matthew J. Bruccoli
  • Dear Bunny, Dear Volodya: The Nabokov-Wilson Letters, 1940-1971 (edited) by Simon Karlinsky
  • Letters to Véra by Vladimir Nabokov (translated by Olga Voronina and edited by Brian Boyd)
  • Conversations with Vladimir Nabokov (Literary Conversations Series)

Critical Work

  • Aerial View: Essays on Nabokov’s Art and Metaphysics by Gennady Barabtarlo
  • The Cambridge Companion to Vladimir Nabokov (edited) by Julian W. Connolly
  • Crystal Land: Artifice in Nabokov’s English Novels by Julia Bader
  • Discourse and Ideology in Vladimir Nabokov’s Prose (edited) by David Larmour
  • The Enchanter: An Adventure in the Land of Nabokov by Lila Azam Zanganeh
  • Escape into Aesthetics: The Art of Vladimir Nabokov by Page Stegner
  • The Excitement of Verbal Adventure: A Study of Vladimir Nabokov’s English Prose by Jürgen Bodenstein
  • The Feud: Vladimir Nabokov, Edmund Wilson, and the End of a Beautiful Friendship by Alex Beam
  • The Garland Companion to Vladimir Nabokov (edited) by Vladimir Alexandrov
  • The Life and Art of Vladimir Nabokov by Andrew Field
  • Lolita (edited) by Harold Bloom
  • Lolita (The Story of a Cover Girl): Vladimir Nabokov’s Novel in Art and Design by John Bertram and Yuri Leving
  • The Magician’s Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks of Fiction by Michael Wood
  • Nabokov: Criticism, Reminiscences, Translations and Tributes (edited) by Alfred Appel Jr. and Charles Newman
  • Nabokov: The Mystery of Literary Structures by Leona Toker
  • Nabokov and Play by Thomas Karshan
  • Nabokov and the Question of Morality: Aesthetics, Metaphysics, and the Ethics of Fiction (edited) by Michael Rodgers and Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
  • Nabokov, History and the Texture of Time by Will Norman
  • Nabokov, Perversely by Eric Naiman
  • Nabokov and His Fiction: New Perspectives (edited) by Julian Connolly
  • Nabokov in America: On the Road to Lolita by Robert Roper
  • Nabokov Upside Down (edited) by Brian Boyd and Marijeta Bozovic
  • Nabokov’s Ada: The Place of Consciousness by Brian Boyd
  • Nabokov’s Art of Memory and European Modernism by John Burt Foster
  • Nabokov’s Berlin by Dieter E. Zimmer
  • Nabokov’s Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius by Kurt Johnson and Steve Coates
  • Nabokov’s Butterflies: Unpublished and Uncollected Writings by Vladimir Nabokov and (edited by) Brian Boyd
  • Nabokov’s Dark Cinema by Alfred Appel, Jr.
  • Nabokov’s Otherworld by Vladimir E. Alexandrov
  • Nabokov’s Palace: The American Years Márta Pellérdi
  • Nabokov’s Permanent Mystery: The Expression of Metaphysics in His Work by David S. Rutledge
  • Nabokov’s Shakespeare by Samuel Schuman
  • Nabokov’s Spectral Dimension by William Woodin Rowe
  • Nabokov’s Theatrical Imagination by Siggy Frank
  • The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov by Andrea Pitzer
  • Speak, Nabokov by Michael Maar
  • Stalking Nabokov by Brian Boyd
  • Style is Matter: The Moral Art of Vladimir Nabokov (edited) by Leland de la Durantaye
  • The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov by Paul Russell
  • Véra: Mrs. Nabokov by Stacy Schiff
  • Visiting Mrs. Nabokov and Other Excursions by Martin Amis
  • Vladimir Nabokov by Barbara Wyllie
  • Vladimir Nabokov: America’s Russian Author by G.M. Hyde
  • Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years by Brian Boyd
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Poetry and the Lyric Voice by Paul Morris
  • Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years by Brian Boyd
  • Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Painting by Gerard de Fries & D. Barton Johnson
  • Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Play by Thomas Karshan
  • Vladimir Nabokov and the Poetics of Liberalism by Dana Dragunoiu
  • Vladimir Nabokov: The Velvet Butterfly by Alan Levy
  • Zina’s Paradox: The Figured Reader in Nabokov’s Gift by Stephen H. Blackwell

This critter has been a very interesting study in decay. The doe died last summer (probably of deer fever, as we’ve got it going through the area right now). I first found her carcass when she’d been dead for a few days- gutted by scavengers, but still quite wet. But the summer was hot and dry, so she desiccated quickly. A buck killed much later in the fall decayed rapidly in the wet September and October, but the doe was too dry. By the time she re-hydrated, the temps were too low to support the critter and bacterial action necessary. A very cold winter with 15+ inches of snow meant the doe stayed buried. Now that we’ve had a few weeks of comparatively warm, wet weather, she’s finally catching up! Lots of glossy beetle larvae on the hide. The skull is long gone, either lost in the tall grass or dragged off by a coyote. I looked for her lower jaw, as I photographed it over the winter, but couldn’t find it this time.

Writing Research: American Revolution

The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists in the Thirteen American Colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, overthrew the authority of Great Britain, and founded the United States of America.

Starting in 1765, members of American colonial society rejected the authority of the British Parliament to tax them without any representatives in the government, and resisted renewed British attempts to collect duties on goods such as sugar and molasses that for many years had gone uncollected through widespread smuggling by colonists. During the following decade, protests by colonists—known as Patriots—continued to escalate, as in the Boston Tea Party in 1773 during which patriots destroyed a consignment of taxed tea from the East India Company. The British responded by imposing punitive laws—the Coercive Acts—on Massachusetts in 1774 until the tea had been paid for, following which Patriots in the other colonies rallied behind Massachusetts. In late 1774 the Patriots set up their own alternative government to better coordinate their resistance efforts against Britain, while other colonists, known as Loyalists, preferred to remain subjects of the British Crown.

Tensions escalated to the outbreak of fighting between Patriot militia and British regulars at Lexington and Concord in April 1775, after which the Patriot Suffolk Resolves effectively replaced the Royal government of Massachusetts, and confined the British to control of the city of Boston. The conflict then evolved into a global war, during which the Patriots (and later their French, Spanish and Dutch allies) fought the British and Loyalists in what became known as the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783). Patriots in each of the thirteen colonies formed a Provincial Congress that assumed power from the old colonial governments and suppressed Loyalism. Claiming King George III’s rule to be tyrannical and infringing the colonists’ “rights as Englishmen”, the Continental Congress declared the colonies free and independent states in July 1776. The Patriot leadership professed the political philosophies of liberalism and republicanism to reject monarchy and aristocracy, and proclaimed that all men are created equal. Congress rejected British proposals requiring allegiance to the monarchy and abandonment of independence. [1]


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Society & Life

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WIP - tattoo artist Derek

It really is the armpit of town; foetid, too warm, always uncomfortably damp. It smells like trash too long uncollected, like inhabitants too long unwashed, and no one in their right mind would ever spend their time here.

Good thing no one’s ever thought Stiles was in his right mind.

Certain things just aren’t on the market any place else. If he wants to keep his dad safe from things that go bump in the night, and in the half light, and in the moonlight and the noonlight, then it’s to the square mile around the deteriorating warehouse district where he has to turn his steps. There’s not one bit of neon that doesn’t flicker, not one shabby storefront that’s not at least halfway lying about its wares, and Stiles isn’t the only one who’s declared this place a kind of neutral zone. If he tried to work around here no one would ever sell to him, and he’d be dead in under a week.

Stiles is too used to living to give it up any time soon.

He pushes through a bead curtain that hasn’t done much in its effort to keep off the flies. The woman behind the scarred counter lazily flicks them aside with a fan that could be horsehair, or kelpie, or something stranger. The walls are lined with things in jars and packets, rickety shelves labelled with crabbed writing that’s a struggle to read in the dim light from the kitchen behind the counter; someone out there is watching I Love Lucy and laughing with too much hiss to be human.

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Blowing Off Steam (M) // Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: Jin catches you by surprise when you offer to help him relax, showing you a completely different side to him.

A/N: This scenario is rated M for Mature as it contains smut, lots of dirty talk and rough sex~ 

As you gently closed the practice room door behind you, you watched as Jin punched the wall beside the mirror out of pure frustration – the sound and echo throughout the room making you flinch slightly. You knew that all of the stress had been getting to him recently, and you wished there was something you could do to help him.

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Sus ojos son de huérfana cuando llueve en un jardín donde un pájaro lila devora lilas y un pájaro rosa devora rosas.

She has the eyes of an orphan when it rains in the garden where a lilac bird devours the lilacs and a rosy bird devours the roses.
—  Alejandra Pizarnik, from Extracting the Stone of Madness: Poems 1962-1972 (tr. Yvette Siegert)
a poem

The image that which secures a picture plane.
Found logic and then its the obtuse when does this dream of a refusal to said.
But we danced toward the unwritten, uncollected works of blood to shine and the moonlight to fall from your vehicle the privilege of unbecoming where i undo the wall and light of escape.
Only in a smile i shut the red, red, red, red, red, your lungs.
We all of one part for her tears.
Smiled that beauty to sky struggling to a tower is colored grey.
Gazing at first light town when you in mid flight.
In the lightening finally give their loom.
Yours always.
Do you never to embrace the petals from portraits.