“Well…guess all that time shirtless payed off…just couldn’t handle it huh?”

She frowned lightly, uncoiling her arms from around his neck as she stared him down. “I’m practically straddling you and telling you to fuck me and you tease me about seeing you shirtless?” she scoffed. “Trust me, shirtless boys don’t affect me… I simply want to see what a soldier is capable of between the sheets.”

uncoiling replied to your post: How do you know hes stupid? Have you ever held a conversation with him? I think youre just basing your opinions from what you see on Tumblr. Im sure if everyone on this site loved him you would too.

what woman rights? men also have to deal with not marring other men, they dont call it male rights? the only female rights he would be depriving you of is using abortion as a form of birth control. unless youre apart of the minority who is incest?

My right to get an abortion is a right, regardless of how it would be used. It’s my body and it should never be up to the government to decide what I’ll do with it. And if you looked closely I listed marriage as a human right. Now gtfo you romney lover.


when i first met you, the sea was created for sailors to die in your favour. they raised their hands over their heads and whispered a hymn for your tired eyes. when i first met you, flowers grew in between your hairs and beneath your collarbone to imprint you to the earth. even mother nature wanted to belong to you. when i first met you, i swallowed my tongue and my feelings down with it. let me give you the world.

when i first loved you, sunbeams tattooed themselves on to me every morning. they scorched my arms and pressed against my throat to remind me they were mine. when i first loved you, the lights in front of my eyes danced the foxtrot all night. they followed me everywhere i went and dared me to catch up to them. when i first met you, my ribcage stopped rattling. my eyes are signed under your name.

when you first left me, my skin uncoiled and lay at my feet. they no longer wanted to feel the heat of my shame emanating from my bones. when you first left me, my words tried to choke me every time i opened my mouth. i cut my lips on “remember” and “please.” when you first left me, the concept of infinity was invented so i could stop counting the days. the moon controls the stars, the waves, and my broken heart.

when you first loved me, birds flew from the highest branches and pressed kisses against my fingers. their song reminded me to be unconditionally. when you first loved me, the stars arranged themselves on a canvas and painted out your touch against mine. every constellation was for the way you looked at me. when you first loved me, i realized why we lived so delicately. the earth turns for us.

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When I went to a small pet store in the small town I live in to pick up crickets for my geckos, I noticed they had ball pythons in tanks that were too small for them to even uncoil and nowhere to hide. I pointed this out to the man at the cash register, and he said he'd talk to the manager. I came back the next week, and they were in much bigger tanks with multiple hides! Very proud of pet stores that correct things they're doing wrong.

That’s so awesome! Major kudos to you for pointing it out and for the store for fixing it! Keep up the great work anon :)


Imbolc rising through the land,
Hope renewed by Brigid’s hand,
In the ground the seeds uncoil,
Fresh shoots push up through the soil,
Mother ewes give birth to lambs,
Sired by the mighty rams,
Winter’s grasp begins to fade,
Light renewed shall pierce the shade.

~ Words by Robin Green-Elk

#imbolc #brighid #brigid

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*Raises hand!* What about questions 3 and/or 5?

  • 3: What’s your favorite line of narration?


Sensei—for lack of a better term—uncoiled. Every twitch of his chakra suggested impending horrific violence, to be visited upon exactly one target. “One.” All humor was gone from his voice.

Or this:

Hayate was nodding, too. Naruto, even at the tender age of less than a month, had certainly figured out what lungs were for. We’d experienced that bit the hard way, and discovered why Kushina owned a breast milk pump. Naruto wasn’t so much a child at the moment as he was a loaf of bread that had intermittent screaming fits (and needed diaper changes).

  • 5: What part was hardest to write?

Chapter 92, when everyone’s talking about Danzo’s crimes. Which may be why I still hate that scene.

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to celebrate the new trailer, how about some Steve/Bucky and praise kink/dirty talk? or comeplay or something idk anything you write will be amazing <3

( you and @inell are of one mind! Luckily there is enough Stucky for everyone! Also praise kink is my favorite, forever and always, amen.)

Steve was folded down small when Bucky came home. Sitting in the middle of the living room on the small blue tapped X Bucky had laid down when they moved in. 

“Bad day?”

Steve’s head was bowed down, shoulders sloped forward.  He nodded once stiffly.

“Okay. Stay. I’ll be back in a bit,” Bucky took his time changing, getting into loose pants and the worn t-shirt that Steve loved to nuzzle into. There was no need to rush. The wait was part of it, the uncoiling of Steve’s rush rush rush brain as it was force to idle.

Snagging a blanket off the bed and a protein bar from the kitchen, Bucky headed back to Steve’s side. He stood over him considering.

“Eat this,” he handed it to him and Steve blindly obeyed, chewing thoroughly. “Good. Here’s what’s going down. You’re gonna suck me off and if you do it well, you can sit in my lap while we watch one of your shows. Deal?”

Steve finally flicked a glance up. There were bags under his eyes. Bucky didn’t ask where he’d been, what he’d seen there. There wasn’t a point. Talking made Steve worse, always had. 

“I asked you a question,” Bucky reminded him.

“Deal,” Steve whispered.

“You know what to do then.”

Later, Bucky could stroke his hand through Steve’s hair and call him beautiful. Tell him that he made Bucky so fucking happy, it was sometimes painful. Right now, he pushed his pants down and let Steve tell him what he needed to say with lips and tongue and their combined groans.

Something inside of me is boiling,
creating a fire of passion.
Hoping for self satisfaction.

It’s time for some action,
and that’s no overreaction.

I need to find a new fatal attraction.
My inner dreams finally uncoiling.

I’ll do anything and everything.
I need interaction
for some distraction.

I wonder if I try hard enough I can touch the sky.
Just keep flying until I’m up so high
that I forgot everyone.

Does anyone understand me? Anyone?
I’m coming undone
and in life you don’t get a retry.

So why do I try?
My fears and nightmares play on rerun.
I’m not ready to say bye.

Tell me I’m alright even if it’s a lie.
I think it’s time to clarify…
You won.

—  A poem to my ex and my depression

   "Easy now, kid", a low, sardonic voice remarks somewhere alarmingly close, and something uncoils, melts in Barry’s chest, and it’s easier to breathe. 

 He flashes a grin. “Wow, and totally on time.”

The look around Len’s eyes softens, and he makes a big show to roll them in the most wry, possible way known to man.   

    “Well, I don’t like to keep people waiting." 

    "You’re lying, that’s a filthy lie, and you know it, you liar”, Barry says, but he can’t help but to beam, all lively and excited.  

  Len winks. “Very astute. So, how can I help you? Got some nasty problems lurking around that you want me to freeze?" 

Barry puffs his cheeks a little. "Gimme a little credit, I’m not that predictable.”  

    “Sure, why not, let’s go with that." 

    "What? What if I just - wanted to see your face?” 

     “I’d be flattered, of course, but business is still business, Scarlet.” 


Sorry, I’m practising their voices and general dialogue and banter. :D

Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake Action Figure

Toy company NECA today provided the first image of its upcoming Nathan Drake action figure. This model is based on the aging action hero’s appearance in April’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

The toy arrives in May, though a specific release date was not stated. Preorders open today, NECA said, though there doesn’t appear to be any pricing information listed on the company’s website.

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The Dratini smiled seeing it’s friend and uncoiled itself so it wouldn’t seem rude. “Dragon brood? I- I don’t think so. It was just me and Mamma and some of the other pokemon that lived there. Also some humans but they were mean and poked me and Mamma with needles…”

“You don’t act like you know much about our type either, maybe we can go meet some together! Oh, maybe you can meet my Mamma when she finds me! She’ll really like to meet you, I know it!” Alesia’s tail waved happily.

[[ @ask-retro-rotom ]]

When anger rears up in me I have a trick I do where I picture it as a freshly uncoiled snake dropping down from the jungle canopy and heading for my neck.  If I look at it directly it’ll disappear, but I have to do it while the snake’s still dropping or it will strike.  This sounds like something they’d teach you in therapy at the hospital or something, but it’s not.  It’s just a trick I found somewhere by myself.  Once you’ve looked at a deadly thing and seen it disappear, what more is there to do?  Walk on through the empty jungle to the city past the clearing.
—  John Darnielle, Wolf in White Van
as in a strange conjugation

External image

Fig. 9 — Spirochaeta pallida or Treponema pallida, discovered by Schaudin, 1905. The specific organism of syphilis….
(detail, reconstituted screen grabs), illustrating
Rudolph Matas (1860-1957 *). “The cinematograph as an aid to medical education and research.” / A lecture illustrated by moving pictures of ultramicroscopic life in the blood and tissues, and of surgical operations. Transactions of the Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association 24 (1912) : 1-27
Yale copy, scandate 20140319
University of Virginia copy (digitized October 20, 2009) at google books

To see the microörganisms move, evolve, and revolve in the midst of normal cells, the spirochete uncoil and undulate in the fluids which they inhabit, to see them hide behind the blood corpuscles, or in clumps of fibrin, turn, twist, and rotate inside of a red corpuscle as if in a cage — to see them apparently screw into each other as in a strange conjugation   /   19-20

I Am Imbolc, The Dream Of Awakening.
"Give me the silent crescent moon rising over the sea and I will build you a bridge of silver light so you can walk up and lie in it. Give me the frost-hardened wilderness and I will breathe radiant green life over it. Give me the healer, the writer, the craftsperson and the storyteller, and I will replenish her essence and make her new again. I am Brigid, Bast, Inanna and Hestia. I am the fierce protectress of the sacred fire."

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tbh knitting is boring sooo what do you usually do while you're knitting?

I watch my favorite anime! Or I watch tv. I’ve been working on babyhats and watching Making a Murderer. Or sometimes I take my knitting to the cafe and edit fics while knitting. I’m pretty big on multitasking hahaha. There are some days tho where I just use knitting to meditate so I don’t have anything else on, it’s just me and the problem in front of me until that knot uncoils itself.