The Tale of A Jealous Dwarf. [Kili x Reader.]

Part 1: here (PART TWO TO: Imagine: Kili getting jealous when he see’s an elf, - in Rivendell-, flirting with you.)

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Requested by: Anonymous.

Based OnHi. I just read that jealous Kili imagine you wrote and I was wondering if you could please do a follow up where maybe you see him walk off distressed as he does at the end of the first one and follows him to see if he’s okay and he confesses.

A/N: Sure, lovely! Thank you for requesting and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Sorry that I changed some of your request, my imagination just started going full speed and I couldn’t stop myself from creating this piece as it is. Nevertheless, please enjoy, anon! - Kat

Part 1: here

Pairing’s: Kili x Reader.

Word Count: 1,916. (oops.)

Warning’s: Jealous Kili, angry Kili, possessive Kili, sweet Kili, fluffy Kili. Kili being rude to the reader. (Let me know if I forgot anything.)

Disclaimer: Kili and any other characters from the LOTR and The Hobbit universe do not belong to me, but they do belong to Tolkien.

Irked and irate, Kili, the Prince of Erebor, traipsed and trudged from his company’s sleeping quarters with a fierce expression dormant upon his complexion. He wandered with blazing anger through the city of Rivendell, content upon avoiding you at all costs.

A permanent scowl was carved upon his complexion, darkening his gorgeous brown eyes substantially. He rounded the corner harshly, his cloak giving a stridulous hiss behind him as it flapped and fanned with his feverish pace. Suddenly he froze in place, becoming as rigid as the frozen stone in Erebor’s ruined halls.

Your orbs caught a glimmer of hasty movements from the corner of your eye, to which caused you to avert your (e/c) orbs from the handsome elf. Distracted and astonished, your gaze found itself upon a fuming dwarf. The rage within Kili’s eyes were inferno’s, scorching hot, broiling you to a vibrant lobster red. Though before you were able to utter a single word, the prince had whipped around and began stalking at full speed away from you. He would rather much take his brothers unrelented teasing than have you witness his outburst.

“Excuse me, kind sir; but it seems as though I have to deal with a temperamental dwarf.” You sighed tiredly, sending an apologetic gaze the elf’s way.

“Not a problem at all,” the elf began, his brows furrowed, “dwarves are definitely a handful.” There was disdain within the elf’s voice, contempt for the dark haired prince who had rudely interrupted the two of you.

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Birthday Kisses

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 826
Warnings: like liquor before beer. you’re in the clear.
Request? yes or no
Forever Tag: @stilinske
A/N: so here is a story. not something GREAT or lengthy but it’s like something that can hopefully make up for my lack of posting stories. it’s also someone’s birthday somewhere. more importantly it’s a Stilinski Girl’s Birthday somewhere right? so this one is for you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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The Exception to Every Rule

His pale knuckles clutched and unclutched the steering wheel, his wrists locked and his entire body tense. Even though their relationship was progressing well, Greg Lestrade always felt like nervous when he saw Mycroft. It was a good nervous – those butterflies in his stomach, the inability to think about anything but the government official. All of it was blissful.

Finally, he saw the restaurant door opening and the tall figure twirling an umbrella walked in the direction of Greg’s car, Mycroft allowed a thin smile to touch his lips as he saw the NSY vehicle, and his grin grew when Lestrade stepped out of the car to greet him. “Good evening, Gregory.” Mycroft said. Greg nodded to him.

“Hey Myc. How was your meeting? I’m still upset it was a dinner meeting. It just means I can’t make you food.” Greg pouted momentarily, but Mycroft was soon kissing those lips and they turned upward in the form of a smile once more. It was just a quick kiss by way of a pleasant greeting; more would definitely be to come later on. Plus, there were people all around them, and Mycroft had a serious reputation that could be tarnished if people discovered secrets about his personal life. Greg was the same way, but it wasn’t as vital. Plus, everyone had their suspicions about his life anyway. They already knew all about the last relationship problems he’d had with his wife, but the couple wasn’t ready to announce to the world that they were each other’s better half yet. In time they would, but for now, they were happy to just enjoy each other and the best secret of their entire lives.

Of course, it wasn’t a complete secret. Sherlock had deduced immediately and had sent mocking texts to both of them, but secretly the sleuth was pleased that his brother had found someone.

“Inspector, tonight is not about the food anyway. I haven’t seen you all week, and it has been absolutely miserable without you.” Mycroft said, unafraid to open up now that they were both in the car. Greg couldn’t help the soft look that he gave the other man, pure love radiating off of him.

“What would you like to do tonight, Myc? I was unsure when you would actually be finished with your meeting, so I didn’t exactly make plans.” Greg admitted, rubbing his neck. Mycroft patted his thigh.

“That’s quite alright. I too am at a loss as to how we should spend the evening.” He gave the other man’s thigh a slight squeeze.

“I have an idea. It’s a wonderful night, and there’s a park nearby. Let’s go for a late night stroll.” Greg smiled over at him.

Mycroft, who normally despised legwork, returned the expression. “Gladly, my dear Gregory.”

A slight tinge of red tainted the DI’s cheeks as he pulled away from the curb, but they soon arrived at the park and stepped out of the car.

“So, I trust your week was tolerable?” Mycroft asked as they set off into the park, his arm hooked with Lestrade’s as they went further and further down the pavement.

“I managed. About drowned in paperwork. And your brother is being absolutely insufferable now that he knows we’re together.”

Mycroft stopped walking. “Of course he is. I will talk to him. My apologies for his behavior, Gregory.”

Lestrade stopped as the other man did. “It’s fine. It’s Sherlock. I’m used to his antics.” He chuckled softly, his eyes meeting the other man. “Why did we stop?”

Mycroft glanced up to meet Greg’s gorgeous eyes. “Just thinking about something. It’s nothing.”

“Are you sure? Is everything okay?” Greg’s concern was immediate, and he tugged on Mycroft’s arm as the other man started walking away again. “Mycroft.”

Greg had uttered the name so softly, so gently, that Mycroft sighed. “Talk to me, Mycroft.”

“It’s in relation to work, Gregory. I cannot. That meeting was quite problematic in its own right. I don’t want to trouble you. Come on. Let’s keep walking. This park is beautiful, especially at night.” Mycroft said, dragging the other man along the pavement once more. Greg shook his head and quickened his pace to be at his side again.

“I can think of something more beautiful.” Greg said, nudging Mycroft. The man’s cheeks flushed pink and he bit his lip to conceal a smile.

“Nonsense.” Mycroft said with a shake of the head. Then, as he came to a fork in the sidewalk, he stopped walking again. Greg stood there beside him, their arms still hooked together.

“Hmm, decisions, decisions.” Greg said with a chuckle. Mycroft nodded to him.

“Quite so. I have made a different decision though.” And he turned to face Greg, unlinking their arms so he could hold both of his hands. He leaned forward to quickly peck him on the lips, then took off down the right fork of the path. Greg furrowed his brow. So now Mycroft was doing that to him too. Leaving him wanting more. He wasn’t surprised. And damn it, did he want more. Mycroft tasted absolutely exquisite, and Greg never tired of his lips on his.


Their starlit walk continued through the park, coming to an old military memorial with a wall of names, a jet, and a tank.

“Fascinating…” Mycroft said, glancing over at Greg before he let go of his hand and with childlike eagerness, actually ran over to the tank to get a closer look.

Greg’s brow creased in confusion, his interest piqued by this strange behavior. “Myc, what are you doing?”

But the other man didn’t respond. He was too busy reading the plaque next to the military vehicle. Once he had finished that, he brushed his pale, slender fingers against the tracks of the tank, his hand running over the bumps of the chain as he did so. He wandered all the way around the tank to the back of it, smiling to himself. Greg had never seen his face so lit up and excited about something like this before.

He liked how adorable Mycroft looked this way. “Mycroft?”

The other man finally turned to face Greg. “My apologies. I am a rather avid fan of history and weapons of the past. In fact, I have a rather moderate armory in my house. Perhaps I can give you a tour sometime.” Mycroft’s lips twitched into a smile. Greg returned it, beaming at his boyfriend. “Normally I never let anyone see it, but you’re the exception to every rule, my dear Gregory.”

“I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what else you liked besides silent films, and now I learn it’s weapons.” Greg said, enjoying that he was learning more about the mysterious man he’d chosen to fall for.

“Not weapons generally. Just historical weapons. And any literature on the nature of military stratagems, historical battles, et cetera. If I hadn’t gone into politics and government work, I would have loved to study history…” Mycroft said all of this whilst further admiring the tank, and Greg took special opportunity to admire this rare side of his boyfriend. He stepped a bit closer, watching Mycroft’s fascination, fascinated himself.

The next thing Mycroft knew, he was being gently pressed against the side of the tank. His eyes widened as Greg shoved him back against the tracks. “Gregory?”

“Shh, you are so beautiful like this. Even more so than usual.” As soon as Greg had said that, their lips were locked together. Mycroft fumbled to reciprocate, being taken off guard in the moment. However, his arms soon found their way around Greg. One hand caressed the man’s cheek, which was covered in a thin dusting of gorgeous silver stubble. Mycroft’s other hand wound up in the small of Greg’s back. Greg’s hands both ended up on either side of Mycroft’s face, holding him in place to get a better angle for the snog. Their fronts were pressed flush against each other, and Greg quickly pressed into Mycroft even more, deepening the kiss and the adoration they both felt for each other.

Mycroft had finally recovered enough to return the kiss properly, competing with Greg for who was actually controlling the moment. In the end, Greg won out. He kept a tight hold on Mycroft, one of his hands trailing around to end up just above his ass. His fingers clutched at the fabric there, crinkling Mycroft’s elaborate suit coat. In that moment, Mycroft did not care one damn bit about folds in his coat. He would much rather worry about the tongue sneaking across his lips, mingling with his own.

Moments later, when both of them were gasping for oxygen, they opened their eyes and looked on one another. Greg smirked at him and pulled away. Mycroft immediately went to adjust his tie, his chest rising and falling rather quickly. His heart was pounding against his ribcage, and he was yearning for more, oxygen be damned.

“Well, I never thought I would do that.” Mycroft said rather softly, his voice barely a whisper as he inhaled deeply.

“What, snog your boyfriend behind a World War II tank?” Greg said with a teasing way about him. Mycroft opened his mouth to reply, but then closed it as Greg finished his sentence. He was soon throwing his arms around Greg and kissing him again. This one was by no means as heated as the previous, but that didn’t mean it was any less affectionate toward the other man. Mycroft tugged away with a smirk of his own.

“Hmm… okay. I’m sensing a reason for that one.” Greg chuckled to himself, running a hand through his hair. Mycroft nodded to him, his arms still around the other man’s neck.

“Quite so, Gregory. I couldn’t help myself when you actually knew what kind of tank it was. And I know you didn’t read the plaque; you were too busy ogling me.” Mycroft laughed as Greg blushed in the dim light behind the tank. “But anyway, you were quite right. I never thought I would kiss anyone whilst being shoved against a tank. Life is funny like that sometimes.”

“You’re not wrong, Mycroft,” said a new voice from behind them, a baritone voice. It was a familiar tone, and one that quickly exasperated the government official. He let go of Greg and whirled around, seeking the exact location of the voice.

“Sherlock, what in the hell are you doing here?” Greg asked as the detective came out of the shadows, his long Belstaff billowing in the evening breeze. The coat collar was flipped up, of course.

Then, to make matters even more embarrassing, John stepped out from behind a tree as well. Mycroft’s face was absolutely burning, and Greg’s was no better.

“Well, Sherlock and I were tracking a murder suspect, but it seems we stumbled across something much more interesting.” John’s eyes positively glowed with mischief, and Sherlock chuckled.

“Interesting. Appalling. What difference is there in this case, really?” The sleuth gestured rather flamboyantly to the two other men.

Mycroft put a hand to his face, drawing it over his features in annoyance. “Will you two kindly leave us be? The Inspector and I are quite busy at this moment.”

Sherlock raised his brows at his brother. “John and I were here first. We’ve been scouting this park for hours.”

Mycroft glared at his little brother. “Sherlock, shut up.”

Another laugh escaped the detective, as well as the doctor beside him. “Come on Sherlock. Leave them to their fun. Let’s just hope they don’t shag here in the park. That could be awkward.”

“For God’s sake, Dr. Watson!” Mycroft said. Greg burst out laughing at his boyfriend’s reaction as John and Sherlock trailed away, Sherlock singing a very inappropriate version of “Greg and Mycroft sitting in a tree.” They could hear the boisterous laughter of the crime-solving duo as they walked off. Mycroft could not stop blushing, and refused to face Greg until he could gain a better control of his emotions.

“Mycroft, come on. That wasn’t as mortifying as you’re making it out to be.” Greg said, gently reaching for the other man’s hand. “Come on, we still have a walk to finish.”

“I have a better idea. Come back to my house. I’ll show you the armory. There’s a very comfortable Persian rug in the center of the room that would do well for a continuation of this evening’s activities.”

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A Blind Path Home, part 3

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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Thank you for the request! This was fun to write, I hope you enjoy it :) I love roller coasters myself huehuehue
Also note: I love Todoroki but this blog is kinda dominated by him atm - I’m gonna write some other people for now!

It was you who suggested going to the amusement park for your date, and Todoroki happily agreed. He hadn’t been to many throughout his childhood, thanks to the intense training his father insisted on, so he was really pleased to go now. After all, you promised to show him around and have a great time! It would be a great date, and a great way for him to indulge in something he was denied as a child.

“I’m so dizzy~” You moaned after the two of you got off the spinning tea-cups ride. Todoroki laughed as well, and you two leaned onto a nearby railing as you waited for your heads to stop spinning.

“That was fun,” the boy smiled, a genuine happy smile. So far Todoroki had enjoyed every ride you two had gone on, and you could see by the excitement gleaming in his eyes how much he loved the theme park. “Let’s go onto that roller coaster next!“

You paled when you saw the roller coaster your boyfriend was looking at. It was the scariest and tallest one in the entire theme park, with a huge drop and three loops. You felt sick just thinking about riding it! You never were good with roller coaster. Kiddy rides and spinning things were fine, but this? You were about to tell Todoroki you’d rather not go, but then you saw just how excited he was - and who were you to take this joy away from him? So, you swallowed your fears and nodded, “Sure.”

After standing in line for twenty minutes or so, the two of you finally boarded the ride. Your legs were shaky, but Todoroki was only excited. With everyone strapped securely into the cart, the ride began, slowly, slowly climbing up the peak.

You gripped the handles so tightly your knuckles turned white. This anticipation was almost as bad as the actual roller coaster! Todoroki turned his head to you, and his excitement was replaced with worry - “[___]? Are you alright?” He asked.

“Y-yeah,” You breathed in shakily, “Actually, I’m… I don’t really like roller coasters.”

You watched as a flash of confusion, guilt, and worry overcome him in that quiet way of his, but Todoroki knew as well as you did that there was no going back now. The cart was creeping up the rail at a constant pace, the peak getting ever closer. Instead, your boyfriend offered you a reassuring smile, and reached out his right hand to you, “It’ll be okay, I promise.”

You hesitantly unclutched the handle and took his hand. It was cool to the touch, due to his quirk, and you found it pleasant against your sweaty hand. Reassuring.

When the cart reached the top, Todoroki admired the view - and you kept your eyes on him, too frightened to look down. He smiled, and you found that even as the roller coaster plummeted down the rails, you felt at (relatively) at ease.

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"Y/n, stop." At the sound of his voice she froze, back still to him and hand wrapped around the door handle. After a moment she vaguely began to mumble, "I have to-" "No you don't." She sighed and let her hand drop to her side, swivelling her body to face him, her eyes doing anything to avoid his. "I'm worried about you." He stated seriously, "You don't reply to texts, you go out of your way to avoid us, you don't care about the pack - hell, you don't even care about yourself anymore!"

“Because I’m too busy worrying about all of you!” She fired back at Scott, eyes meeting his, both sets wide at her explosion. Her shout echoed around the empty loft, the two of them the only ones remaining after an emergency pack meeting which resulted in everyone going off to complete their own part of the mission.

She started to address him, using her index finger on her right hand to point to a new finger on her left hand for each point. “I don’t reply to texts? Ever think that you aren’t the only one texting me? Or Stiles, Derek, Isaac, Kira, Liam, Malia, Lydia- Hell, even Parrish now. And sometimes the Sheriff!”

“The Sheriff?” Scott asked, his face scrunched in confusion.

“Yes!” She said exasperatedly. “The Sheriff. Because he wants to make sure you guys are all okay,” she leaned in for emphasis, “when you don’t reply to his texts.”

Scott said nothing, so she leaned back, pointing to a second finger. “I do not go out of my way to avoid the pack- if anything, you guys go out of your way to not include me,” she pointed to herself, putting emphasis on the word. “Maybe it’s because I’m human, but, oh wait! We have those already. Plus, now I’m a werewolf, so that rules that out. Maybe I’m a terrible fighter, and people just don’t want to tell me.”

“That’s not-”

She didn’t let him finish, moving on to the third finger. “As I said before, yes I do care about the pack! Apparently a little too much!” Her voice was rising, and she felt the tickle in her throat that meant tears were brewing. Hooking her finger over the opposite pinky in reference to her last point, she swallowed roughly to make sure the words came out.

“And maybe you’re right. Maybe I ‘don’t care about myself anymore’ to a degree,” she airquoted around his words, resuming her pointing immediately, “but that is it. A degree. Why would I fight like hell to make sure the people I love get to see another day, and I get to stand right there beside them and say, ‘We made it’ if I didn’t care about them or myself? Is that selfish?” She choked a little bit, feeling the tears brimming in her eyes. “Because I think that is selfish, in a way. But then again, after everyone we have lost, you’d think that maybe you would see where I was coming from, Scott.”

She broke down crying, stepping further back into the loft, her back to Scott, until an ugly sounding sniff seemed to end it. Wiping her cheeks roughly with the sleeve of Stiles’ shirt she wore - he had lent it to her since hers got dirty earlier in the day when they stumbled upon the new bad guy in town - she turned back to face Scott.

He stood in the same place, same position, the only difference was his face turned toward her, his eyes watching her carefully, his features soft. His arms hung limply by his sides, his jacket held in one hand that clutched and unclutched it repeatedly, almost nervously.

“So I guess,” she cracked, tossing her arms out wide before letting them fall back to her sides, “I guess I’m trying to say…. All that to say I’m sorry, and, um,” she looked away to the wall behind him for a moment, looking for the right words, taking a shuddering breath before she looked back to him with a small, sad smile. “Thanks for noticing.”

Suddenly the wind was knocked out of her, and she was surrounded with strong arms. Taking a deep breath, she relaxed when she recognized the smell of Scott, burying her face deeper into his chest.

“Don’t say you’re sorry,” she heard him say, his voice muffled into her hair and broken with emotion. “You have nothing to be sorry about. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I made a problem where there wasn’t one, and I don’t know why.”

“I do.” Her voice was small, and she turned her face to the side so she could rest her cheek over his heart.

“Then tell me.” His voice carried a smile along with a bit of playful sarcasm, and it made her smile gently.

“We’re all a little broken, Scott.” Pulling away just enough to look in his eyes, she continued. “We all want to fix, want to help with what’s broken in the things and people we love. It’s only human.” She put both hands on his chest, looking at the stark contrast between his shirt and the bold pattern of Stiles’ flannel as she continued. “But we’re not human. We have special abilities that save lives on a daily basis, and that only makes it harder when we can’t help, for whatever reason.”

She shrugged softly, looking back up into his eyes, seeing the faintest smile on his face. “We have heightened everything, and it’s awesome, but, it also makes the hard things so much harder. Sometimes we just have to accept that we can’t fix everything.”

“And what do we do from there?” Scott asked after a moment, looking into her eyes as if searching for the answer.

“We keep going.”

Let’s do that 5 sentence meme!

Who’s Your Alpha (Chapter 1)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Dominant!Derek Hale x Reader
Words: 1,902
Warnings: nothing intense in the first chapter. just alcohol consumption that’s about it.
Chapters: Masterlist
Tagged: @stilescstilinski
A/N: i will have a master list of all chapters up as soon as I can. which will also explain the story a little more and what is going on as well as future warnings of this series and disclaimers so keep a look out for that other than that enjoy chapter 1 :)

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Just Visiting... (Magnus Bane x Reader) *smut*

Request:Could you maybe write a one shot with Magnus Bane? Maybe that the reader is an old friend of Magnus and Ragnor and she was in England and now she’s back in America and visits Magnus and it turns into smut? If not it’s totally fine ^•^ -Anon


Word Count: 676

Warnings: Smut, uprotected sex

You set your bags on the floor in the airport as your eyes scanned to try and see Magnus. He was supposed to pick you up and take to his place and stay over there. A smile crept on your lips when you saw Magnus walking in the airport.

He ran to you and hugged you tightly. “Welcome back Y/N. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. It’s been a while.” You both let go gently and looked at each other. “Blue is definitely your colour.” You said as you saw his blue highlights in his hair. He let out a light laugh. “So let’s head back to my place.” He leaned in to grab your baggage and you followed him to his car. As Magnus drove to his place, you started chatting. “How is Ragnor? He hasn’t been answering my letters that much.” He said as he made a U turn.

“I don’t know to be honest, he hasn’t answered my emails either.”

“I don’t think he knows what an email is.” You both giggled. You arrived to his place and walked in. “So I’ll show you to your room.” He snapped his fingers, grabbed your stuff and threw them in this black hole. “What are you doing?” You said in a higher tone than usual.

“Do you think that I’m going to carry those bags up the stairs. Hell no.” You both looked at each other and smirked as you both had the same idea. “Ladies first.” He said as he made way for you but you shook your head.

“Gentlemen before to open the door.” Magnus looked at the black hole. “There’ no door. Fine.” He put one leg in and in one swift move he grabbed your arm and yanked you in with him. You both landed on each other, laughing your hearts out with Magnus on your chest. “That was one soft landing.” He giggled. Magnus stopped laughing an d looked at you, his eyes full of lust. 

He slowly leaned in and his lips pressed to yours. His hands found your ass and he gave it a light squeeze. You let out a moan. He got up and lifted you up bridal style and put you on the bed. You got rid of your clothes while he got rid of his. His sculpted body made you gasp. You never saw him shirtless. But surprise surprise.

As he was about to reach for your bra, he whispered something in your ear. “Better remove it yourself because it’s gonna take a while.” You giggled and unclutched your bra. His lips immediately found one of your nipples while he played with the other. You threw your head back in ecstasy and closed your eyes. His warm lips sucked on your erect nipple. He then turned to the other. You felt him harden even more under you; he began grinding against your core. You were aching for him to get inside you. “Magus please!”

He lifted his face to look at you and a grin played on his lips. “Please what?”

“God Magnus. You’re fucking killing me here.” He rolled his eyes and positioned his member at your aching core. But as he was about to speak again you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “Stop the teasing Magnus.” 

“Okay okay…someone’s eager.” Without warning he entered you. He barely gave you time to adjust and he started thrusting with all his might. You threw your head back as you scratched his back making sure to leave a mark. His fingers found your bundle of nerves and he rubbed you fast.

“Fuck Magnus.” You cursed. “Oh God!” You felt your stomach clench as your orgasm slowly approached you. You felt Magnus twitching inside you. “I’m gonna come! Shit!” He announced.

“Me too!” You said between breaths. You came hard around Magnus and he soon followed you, spilling his seed inside you. He got out of you and laid next to you. 

“You should come more often…” (Excuse the pun)

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He sat by the fireplace...

Silver stains on picture frames,
Cinders, ashes, they burn in flames.
Though, the light of fire remains
Just as the brightest star would stay

He flipped a book, a bible.
Thought his life would need a title.
He searched for the meaning of life
Asked more questions of the world and of

Of the perpetual coursing riverflow,
Of how the dove becomes a crow.
Men don’t ask when they don’t know
Or correct a liar’s former

None would stoop so low;
Succumb to riverflow,
Or be painted black as crow.
He thought.

“Life is meant to be lived,
Not doubted!”
He laughed.

The man paused to grab a glass
Of beer, he said it wouldn’t last.
He danced the night, the song was jazz,
Never dreamt of a night alone,

Love your reactions! Companions react to sole being a rape survivor (either before the war or after while they're in the wasteland) it's an issue pretty close to my heart (sorry if this is triggering if it is you don't have to do it)

Thank you so much, and don’t worry, it won’t be triggering. I have never experience such a thing on a personal level, but I had a friend who did. Long story short, after two years we are friends again, so it was very bad and my sister faced a similar but not so dramatic situation. So my reaction won’t be as pure, but I hope I can get this right. Also, I’m sorry to anyone who has faced such a horrifying experience, nobody should be sexually assaulted. - Alex


Curie - She had some information of what Sole talked about and quickly tried to think of how she could help them only to realize that they had moved on, become stronger. Curie nodded and hugged them tightly, whispering sweet things in their ears.

Sole smiled slightly and took her body into theirs, holding her as tightly as they could. The Commonwealth was easier with her there and they both made vows to each other that day, never telling the other.

Their vows were sweet and pure, just like their hearts.

Cait - Cait immediately wanted to beat the person up, but they were long dead from the bombs. So instead she stood next to Sole and told them that if they ever needed someone beaten, she would love to do the job. With that said, she gained a smile from them and a nod.

They stood there for a moment, Cait not really knowing what she should do since she wasn’t the touchy feely type so she did what she knew and wrapped her arm around Sole’s neck and hugged them tightly from that angle.

Sole of course didn’t mind, appreciating Cait’s care.

Piper - The moment the confession left Sole’s mouth, she immediately hugged them. Burying her head in their back, she hugged them as tight as she could, never wanting to let them go. “I am so sorry, Blue.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Piper.” They explained patting her hand softly as a sign of encouragement, but the young reporter only hugged her companion tighter.

“No matter what, I’m going to make sure that never happens to you ever again, I swear on my life.” Sole was surprised at this confession, about to open their mouth to reassure her but a lump was caught in their throat.

Eventually they swallowed hard, tears crawling down their face slowly. “Thank you, Piper.”

Magnolia - “Oh, my love,” Magnolia pulls Sole into her lap and starts combing their hair, humming a song. Sole gave her a small thankful smile lifting their hand to caress her cheek.

Magnolia knew what sole did every day, she knew that they were strong and could work themselves out of any squeeze and sometimes felt completely powerless and useless when they came home covered in bloody wounds and bruises, but she always made time for them like they did for her. She would tend to their wounds and sing to them. That was the only comfort she could really give them along with her love.

That was enough for Sole, happy to always come back to Magnolia smiling and singing them. She was enough to keep them sane through all this crazy and vowed that she would never have to experience what they had experienced.

Haylen - The scribe knew what they were talking about the moment the words left their mouths. Situations like this tend to pop up once in a while around the Brotherhood of Steel. Reaching out to Sole, Haylen watched for any warning but when Sole gave her none, she pulled them into a tight hug.

They laid there for the rest of the night, enjoying one another’s company and happy that they could share a private moment. Sole fell soundly asleep allowing Haylen to look upon their peaceful face, brushing strands of hair out of their face.

Placing a chaste kiss on their forehead, she scooted closer to them and hugged them tightly. “I swear, I’m never going to let anyone touch you like that again.”

Glory - Swore up and down how she was going to make the people who did this to her sole pay, gearing up in the blink of an eye, but just before she could take a step out of the hideout, Sole hugged her from behind. “Sole?” Her voice was gentle, a strange emotion coming from her, but it only showed when around Sole or other close friends.

Hugging her tighter, Sole let out a soft breath of air. “They’re already dead, so just stay here with me.” Glory couldn’t refuse such a pure request so she turned herself around and gathered Sole in her arms, petting their hair.

She swore that she was going to protect them from everything wrong with the world. Even at the cost of her life.


MacCready - Hearing those words made MacCready freeze in place. Rape wasn’t uncommon in the Commonwealth, but hearing that it had happened to Sole and before the bombs hit, just the thought of it made his blood boil. Who could have done this to them, to anyone? What possessed people to do such a traumatic thing to someone, anyone?

He pushed the thoughts out of his mind, focusing on Sole as he approached them. “I don’t really know what to say and I’m not really good at words, Sole, but from now on I am going to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable with me, that’s a promise.” With that he takes off his hat and places it on Sole’s head, seeing them slip a smile. “Do I have your permission to give you a comforting hug?”

Sole let out a soft chuckle, nodding. “Permission granted.” MacCready wrapped his arms around Sole, holding them as tight as he could. He wasn’t going to allow anyone to do such a horrible thing to them, not on his watch.

Danse - Danse felt his blood boil under his skin, just thinking what kind of sick person would do that to anyone. Clutching and unclutching his fists, Danse looked at Sole who was looking up at the stars. They were so strong, they faced so many things that could break anyone but they kept moving.

Taking a seat next to them, he cupped their hands in his, this contact causing them to look down at him. That’s when he realized that he probably should have asked if he could do that. “Sorry,” He starts to pull away explaining to Sole that he should have asked them first, but they held onto his hand tightly.

“It’s okay, Danse, I appreciate your concern.” Laying their head on his shoulder, Danse relaxed a bit, vowing that he would never let Sole face something like that ever again.

Hancock - The moment Sole told him that they were a rape survivor, he wanted to stab whoever had done such a horrible and inhuman thing to them, but they had already done that themselves. The Commonwealth wasn’t a safe place and the fact that it happened to Sole a little after they had escaped their vault, it made him feel horrible about everything around him.

Before he could say anything to try and comfort them, they hugged him, thanking him for all that he had done. He felt unworthy of their thanks, but the moment they told him that they felt safe with him and they could trust him with anything, he just hugged them tightly.

“Geez, Sunshine, you’re making me blush.” Hancock says, earning a soft chuckle from his sole. “Now you know I ain’t the best with words, I’m a man of action, but I promise I will make sure you never have to face that ever again.”

Preston - Said nothing as he sat next to them, wondering why things like this happened. It kind of sickened him and made him want anyone who would do such a horrible task to burn in hell.

Sole leaned into him, saying nothing. For a moment, he was hesitant to touch them, but then realized just how ridiculous he was thinking. Sole had leaned into him, they felt safe around him, they trusted him, they had just told him that. So he wrapped his arms around them, holding them tightly, giving them a kiss on the top of their head.

No words were exchanged, but that didn’t mean Preston didn’t make a silent vow looking up into the stars with Sole. It was a vow that he wasn’t going to tell to Sole, instead he was going to show them. He was going to love them in a way only he could and make sure that nothing else like that never happens to them or anyone he cared about.

Nick - Nick had memories of cases like this from before he became a synth and the trauma that the victims faced burned into his mind, how they tried to hold strong, but were filled with fear, especially towards their assaulter(s). “Kid,” he steps closer to them, placing his hands on their shoulders, watching for them to flinch away or show any sign of discomfort. When none came, he pulled them into a hug, petting their hair. “I’m sorry that happened to you and you have my word that I will do my best to make sure you never face that ever again.

Sole hugged him back,  both their holds tightening against each other. “Thanks, Nick, that means a lot to me.”

Dogmeat - Whines a bit as he places his head in Sole’s lap, licking their hand which earned him a ear rub. He doesn’t quite understand what Sole said, but he can sense their pain and wants to make sure he can protect them for that.

Deacon - He doesn’t even try to crack a joke because he knows that this is serious and he wanted Sole to be able to rely on him, even if he did lie a lot, he respected them more then anything.

“I’m sorry to hear that, I know it’s kind of useless to say that but just so you know, I’m here for you.” Deacon places a hand on their shoulder, gaining a smile from them.

Before he knew it, their arms were wrapped around him. “Thanks Deacon.” For a minute Deacon stood there frozen, but eventually hugged them back.

“No problem, Boss.”

X6-88 - He had very little knowledge of what Sole meant, but by the look in their eyes was enough for his blood to boil. Pulling out his gun, he took a step forward, he face more serious than usual. “Who needs to be shot?”

Seeing just how serious he was, Sole couldn’t help but chuckle softly. They placed a hand on his shoulder telling him not worry about it. As he holstered his weapon, they couldn’t help but burying their face in his chest, hugging him tightly.

For a moment, X6 didn’t know what to do, but as they continued to hug him, he complied with his own hug, making sure that no one could see what was going on. Seeing that they were alone spoke a vow in their ear, not sure if they heard it or not, but it did not matter. As long as he said it and kept it true.

Codsworth - He knew what had happened, it was their significant other that had told him, but he just couldn’t stand that thought of Sole having faced something so horrible.

“Sir/Mum, I just want to say, it has been an honor to know you. You’re are a strong individual, I am so glad to have you as my Sir/Mum.”

Sole smiled at him and gave him a slight pat on the head, thanking him for his kind words.

Maxson - Maxson had seen the damage of such a horrific action could have. Many soldiers faced this back in the Wastelands when he was merely a boy. At the time, he didn’t understand what had happened to them, but now that he was older, he understood.

Curling his fingers into his palms then uncurling them, he stands behind Sole, placing his hand ever so gently on their shoulder. “Permission to hug you soldier?”

Sole says nothing, just nods, not really registering what he had said until his arms were wrapped around them from behind. For a moment, they were tense, but realized that he meant no harm and leaned into his embrace.

Left Strong out because I have no idea how he would react.

Sorry this took so long, it’s been a long couple of weeks, but here ya go. Sorry it’s kind of sucky. - Alex

Babysitting Hanbyul (with Hanbin)

You were nervous.

No, nervous wasn’t the word.

Scared, maybe?

You didn’t have much time to decide what exactly you were feeling, as the bus had come to a stop at the station next to Hanbin’s house. Walking off the bus and onto the street, your feet knew where to go and led you down the paved stone road and toward the modern-styled apartment, while your head continued to spin and rush with anxiety. Today was the first time you’d be meeting Hanbin’s little sister, Hanbyul, and though you were very excited to do so, seeing how much Hanbin loved his sister and just the fact that she was his, well, sister, made you scared out of your mind at the prospect of her possibly not liking you. “I can’t believe this is more stressful than meeting his parents was,” you mutter to yourself. If you weren’t so psyched out, you’d be laughing at the fact that you were frightened of being judged by a seven-year-old, but as of now, approaching the apartment, you found nothing even slightly amusing about the situation. Taking a deep breath, you enter the elevator, pressing the button labeled “5” before edging into a corner of the elevator and trying to calm yourself down. Watching as the numbers grow in procession on the screen displaying the floor number the elevator was currently on, thoughts clouded your mind.

“What will Hanbin do if Hanbyul doesn’t like me?”

“How do I even make Hanbyul like me?”

“I should’ve asked Hanbin what she liked doing.”

“What do seven-year-olds usually like doing?”

A ding resounded in the elevator, and the doors opened to reveal a marble hallway with wooden doors spaced evenly along the walls. Walking up to Hanbin’s door, you knocked three times, then stepped back and waited.

A few seconds later, the door opened, and Hanbin’s mom peeked her head out.

“Oh, hello! Come on in. I was just leaving,” his mother explains, beckoning you in with her hand. You bow your head politely , thanking her before taking off your shoes and stepping into the apartment. Looking in, you glimpse Hanbin sitting on the ground in the middle of the room, watching a kid’s show with his sister. You smile a bit at how immersed he seems to be, pointing things out to Hanbyul on the screen. His face lights up when he sees you, a bright
grin stretching across his sharp features.

“Thanks for offering to help babysit with Hanbin!” his mom says, already halfway outside the door. “I’ll be leaving now!”

“Ah, yes,” you say, embarrassed at the fact that you had been too distracted by Hanbin’s smile to notice that his mother had almost left, rushing over to the door to help her out. After she leaves, you shut the door lightly before turning back around to address Hanbin and his sister.

Both of them stare at you, and you look expectantly at Hanbin, waiting for him to introduce you.

“Oh, right,” he clambers, “Hanbyul, this is my girlfriend. She’s going to be helping me babysit you today! She’s really nice, I think you’ll like her.”

As he says this, Hanbyul moves herself to hide behind her brother, eyes peeking out to look shyly at you.

You can’t help but smile and let out a little “Awww” at how heartwarming and adorable the sight is, and your smile grows wider as Hanbyul lets out a small giggle. Watching her whisper something to her brother, your nervousness comes rushing back to you. As Hanbin listens, you see a grin forming across his face, and he glances at you while whispering something back to his sister.

Looking at Hanbin with suspicion, you ask, “What is it?”, only to be met with a fit of giggles from both siblings. Walking over and sitting next to them, you peer at Hanbyul over her brother’s shoulder. “Hanbyul-ah, can you tell me?”

Hanbyul smiles and tugs at her brother’s shirt, beckoning him to tell you. “She thinks you’re really pretty,” Hanbin explains, grin as wide as ever, “and I was simply just agreeing with her.”

You flush a bit, before turning your attention back to Hanbyul and smiling brightly at her. “You’re so sweet! Although, you know, I think you’re much, much cuter.” Hanbyul giggles, bubbly, stepping out from behind her brother and sitting herself comfortably in between you and Hanbin.

“Wanna play dolls with me?” she asks, looking up at you with eyes closely resembling those of Hanbin’s. Startling a bit at how much she looks like her brother, you quickly get your act together. “Of course,” you say. “Okay, come with me!” she totters off down the hallway, entering a room on the left of the hall.

You glance at Hanbin. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he laughs. You follow him into the room Hanbyul entered. The room is painted a soft pink, and various castles, dolls, and toys of every kind lay scattered in one corner of the room, while a white twin bed lay in the other. You guess that the room is Hanbyul’s bedroom, and your thoughts are reassured as Hanbin comments, “Hanbyul, why is your room so messy? I told you we were having a special guest over!” Hanbyul laughs at his statement, whispering a small “Sorry” and batting her eyelashes at her brother.

“Oh, it’s okay, I don’t mind at all,” you blurt out, totally taken with Hanbyul’s cuteness. “To be honest, my room is even messier.”

Hanbin raises an eyebrow at you. “See, that,” he says, gesturing at you and then at Hanbyul’s pouting face, “is how I feel when you use aegyo.”

You shrug, putting a hand under your chin. “Well, it works,” you say, winking at Hanbyul, who laughs and walks over, grabbing onto your pointer finger with her small hand and leading you into the corner of the room that is filled with toys. You smile at yourself, pleased that Hanbyul seems to at least sort of like you.

Hanbyul picks up two dolls, one with brown hair and the other with blue, handing the blue-haired one to you and saying, “Hanbin,” before sitting down onto the floor and rearranging the hair of the other doll.

“Sorry?” you ask, sitting down next to her.

“The doll’s name is Hanbin,” Hanbin says, half-explaining, half-groaning. “Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.” He moves over to sit next to you and his sister.

Examining the blue-haired doll in your hands, with its blush-pink cheeks, eyeliner, white flows dress, and pink heels, you laugh. “It’s a fitting name, Hanbyul. I like it.” She giggles, nodding her head happily. You can see Hanbin glaring at you out of the corner of your eye, causing you to laugh even harder.

“So, I live here,” Hanbyul says, gesturing at a grand dollhouse so big you were surprised you hadn’t noticed it before, “and Hanbin lived over there.” She gestures at a small box made of cardboard.

Scooting over to where the box is, you feel Hanbyul pull at your sleeve. “Wait, that’s where Hanbin usually lives but since you’re playing with me, you can live with me in this house!” she exclaims excitedly.

Hanbin scoffs from next to you, and you turn and stick your tongue out at him.

“Why does she get an upgrade?” he asks his sister, who responds, “Because I like her.”

‘Score!!!’ you think to yourself. 'Goal accomplished. This is it. This is the epitome of my existence. I can die now.’

“You look disturbingly happy right now.” Hanbin’s comment snaps you out of your giddy moment.

“That’s because I am,” you state proudly, causing Hanbin to smile and shake his head.

“Alright, Hanbyul, what do you want to do first?” you ask, placing your doll next to hers on the patio of the dollhouse.


You play dolls with Hanbyul for what seemed to you like a few minutes but in reality became an entire hour. Hanbin, tired of being left out, suggests that you three play something else, and so a game of hide-and-seek begins, followed by tag and charades. Before you know it, the three of you are sitting on the couch, watching TV, when Hanbin’s mother returns home from running her errands. By this time, Hanbyul is half asleep, sitting in between you and Hanbin, leaning her head onto Hanbin’s shoulder whilst holding your pinky with her hand. She startles awake when she hears keys working at the door, and a grin spreads across her face as she sees her mom walk in the door.

“Mommy!” she yells happily, jumping off the couch and into her mother’s open arms.

“Hanbyul,” her mother laughs, picking her up, “did you have fun?”

Hanbyul nods, face animated. You prepare yourself to leave, glad that everything worked out okay. With your hand now empty and unclutched by that of Hanbyul, Hanbin takes it into his own, smiling fondly at you. You blush a bit, smiling back, mouthing a quick “See you later?” that is met with a curt nod from Hanbin. You stand up and begin moving toward the door, ready to leave.

“Thanks again for taking care of Hanbyul!” her mother says as you arrive at the door.

“It was my pleasure,” you smile. You turn around and begin putting on your shoes.

“Is she leaving?” a small voice comes from behind you.

You turn around and see Hanbyul staring at you pointedly.

“Yes, she has to go now,” her mother explains.

“But why?” Hanbyul asks, causing all of you to laugh.

“She has other things to do, you know,” Hanbin says from his position on the couch.

“Will she be back soon?” Hanbyul reaches out for you, and you take her tiny hand into your own.

“Definitely,” you say reassuringly. Hanbyul hops down from her mother’s arms and runs over to you, wrapping her arms around your legs and hugging tightly. After a few moments, she lets go, stepping back and looking up at you. “Promise?”

“I promise,” you smile. She smiles back at you, then walks back over to the couch, sitting next to her brother, who pats her on the head.

Later, after you say your goodbyes and head out of the apartment and onto the bus, you receive a text from Hanbin.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Not at all,” you reply. You think for a moment, then grin deviously and type, “I think your sister likes me better than you.”

“You wish.”


jikook (jimin x jungkook) | rating - M | ongoing |

CHAPTER 1: jeon jungkook

“What if you accidentally fall in love?”

Jeon Jungkook was like any regular college student: he had coffee to drink, exams to study for and tuition to pay off.

However, unlike other college students, his notorious part time job consisted of him getting unwanted relationships to fall apart upon request. Using his gorgeous looks to seduce (mostly) women away from their partners, when they were exposed, break up was only inevitable. With his flawless record, he was capable of adapting to any role to play out his part.

But when Jeon Jungkook is hired to break up the relationship of Taehyung’s childhood best friend, he finds the presence of overwhelmingly attractive Park Jimin a bit more distracting than he could ever expect it to be…

read on AO3

thanks to @gracefulweather​ for being my BAEta~ 

At a fancy restaurant on the rooftop floor of a high-class hotel, there sat two individuals across from each other, a male and a female. They appeared to be deep in conversation, basking in each other’s refined auras.

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Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  

Chapter o5. Lovesick

In a long sleeve, nude-pink dress, you waited outside the restaurant for yet another fake date.  Your hair was gathered into a messy side fishtail braid.  You didn’t even bother going into the restaurant, knowing full well that you have arrived first yet again.  Bored, your lips smacked together into a thin line as you pointlessly kicked at the invisible dust on the concrete pavement. 

A red Mercedes stopped in front of you.  The driver hastily came out of the car, his arms in the air, and apologies spurting out of his lips.  You looked at him with a tired expression.

“Hey…” he greeted.

Uncrossing your arms, you responded with a lazy wave. 

“Why are you waiting here?  Let’s go in,” he motioned for you to enter the restaurant. 

“What’s the point?” you asked, stubbornly standing still.

“What do you mean, ‘What’s the point?’?  The point is that we should conquer world hunger by first curing our own stomachs.  Come on,” he said, dragging you into the restaurant. 

You flung his grip off.

“You can cure your stomach with Sohee.  Let’s just meet back here in a few hours,” you quipped, turning around to leave.

Jongin rolled his eyes and grabbed you by the arm.

“I can meet her on my own time.  Now, let’s eat,” he reasoned, pushing you into the restaurant.

You threw your head back and surrendered. 

As soon as you were at the table, you folded your arms and planted your heavy head onto the table.  Kim Jongin looked at you bemused.  He knocked on the glass surface next to your buried face.         

“What’s wrong with you today?” he asked.

“Nothing, just tired,” you mumbled, not looking up. 

The waitress strolled over to take your orders but you remained faceplanted onto the table.  It didn’t matter anyway…you know because she never gave you an ounce of attention.  Jongin would order for you so why use up precious energy? 

For the next few minutes, you didn’t move a single finger.  You’re so still that you almost drifted off to sweet slumber.  Suddenly, a sweet aroma travelled up your nostrils.  Furrowing your eyebrows, you finally caved in and looked up.  You gasped, your eyes twinkling at the sight of a sweet potato pie.  Kim Jongin smirked at your reaction. 

Picking up a fork, you cheerfully said, “Omgosh!  I haven’t had these ever since…” your voice slowly diminished, “ever since…”

Jongin looked up from his desert to ask, “Ever since what?” 

Frowning, you shook your head and replied, “Nothing”.

He eyed you suspiciously but didn’t question you anymore. 

The soft texture of the pie melted into your mouth like cotton candy.  The crisp crust complimented the softer core, creating a perfect balance.  Before you knew it, you had gobbled up the entire slice in under a minute.  With a frown, you dropped your fork onto the table. 

“Want another slice?” your date asked but you shook your head.

Suddenly, he leaned forward against the table.  You reflexively backed away but he held you by the chin.  Your body froze in place.  What in the world are you doing?  He stroked his thumb across your lip, wiping away a residue of whip cream.  You gulped, hanging your head to hide your growing blush. 

“Do you want to go watch a movie or something?” Jongin asked, interrupting the loud thumping of your heart. 

Keeping your composure, you responded, “Nah.  Sounds like something you should do with your girlfriend”.

He rolled his eyes and licked his lips, annoyed by your constant mentioning of his lover.  That is so sexy though.  _________ah, focus.  No, not on his very kissable lips.  FOCUS!  You snapped back into reality, realizing that you had unknowingly began biting your lower lip.  Immediately, you turned around.  Okay, this was not going to work out anymore.  You needed to get out of there. 

“Oppa, go meet up with Sohee, okay?  I’m going to go.  Meet you back here in a few hours, okay?” you said in one breath as you grabbed your purse.

Jongin called after you but by then you were already at the door.  As you wandered around town, you thrashed your arm around as if throwing a tantrum.  Kim Jongin was going to be the end of you.  You bit your fingernail, deep in thought.  The taste of chemical spread on the tip of your tongue and you spat out the piece of nail polish you accidentally chewed on.  Gross. 

With no real destination to go to, you discovered yourself stopping before a park.  Depleted of energy, you threw yourself onto a bench.  As you sat there staring into empty space, a drop of cold liquid fell onto your shoulder.  You looked up, witnessing the ornate snowflakes descending from the Heavens.  Like a little girl, your fingers unclutched out to catch the falling crystals.

It was the first snowfall of the year.  And just like every year, you watched it alone.  You let out a bitter laugh.  Really, now ________ah.  It’s all your fault.  You could have had a fine-looking man accompany you on this eventful day, but NO.  No, you pushed him away.  Why did you push him away?

You frowned, your conscience completely defeating you.  Boredom overwhelmed you but you were too lazy to get up from the bench, so you leaned over and grabbed a twig from the floor.  With it, you started drawing pictures on the newly fallen layer of white snow.  This time the rag doll dangled upside down by a thread tied to her ankle.  Her eyes were soulless and distant.  A snowflake melted into rain on the corner of your eyes.  You sulked, stomping a few times on the illustration with your feet.

As you made your way back to the restaurant, you began to cough and sneeze uncontrollably.  Your throat itched as if someone was tickling your neck.  From your purse, you dug out a wad of tissues and blew your runny nose.  Great, _______ah.  Great.

Sluggishly, you dragged your drained body to the front of the restaurant to wait for Jongin.  To your surprise, his car was already parked at the entrance.  When he saw you, he honked for your attention.  You lazily waved at him and got into the car. 

“Did you get sick?” he asking, pinpointing your Rudolph nose and bloodshot eyes.  

“Nah,” you brushed off, “Probably just allergies”. 

He snorted, “Allergies in the winter?”

“Hey, people can have allergies in the winter.  Don’t hate,” you managed to retort before uncontrollably coughing. 

At the red light, Jongin began to take off his jacket.  He held it in front of you but you pushed his arm away.

“I’m fine,” you suggested but your sneeze told otherwise. 

The handsome jerk threw it onto your body.  Oh gee, thanks.  Thanks so much.  You didn’t even have energy to shoot him a glare.  But his jacket was soft and warm so you forgave him and cuddled into your makeshift blanket.  Unintentionally, you sniffed in the intoxicating scent of cologne and your brain began to haze up.  But you don’t let yourself fall asleep, because if you did then you’d make it hard for yourself to not…fall…in…love…with…Kim…Jong…in. 

Wake up!

“Okay, okay.  I’m awake,” you heard your voice mumble out loud. 

The handsome heir chuckled and replied, “No one said you couldn’t fall asleep”. 

Your eyes almost surrendered to his words, but you’re almost home so you forcefully smacked yourself a few times on the forehead to keep yourself awake. 

“Hey, hey.  Don’t do that,” Jongin said, grabbing your wrist with his free hand. 

You gulped, shook your head, and wiggled your arm out of his grasp.  He opened his mouth to yell at you but you interrupted him with your coughing fit. 

“Do you need some medicine?” he asked and maybe you were a little tipsy but you swore you heard a hint of worry. 

Shaking your head, you replied, “Nah.  I’m almost home anyway”. 

As he drove up to the front of your house, you got out and bowed to thank him for the ride.  However, as soon as you stood back up, a short moment of vertigo hit you and you grabbed onto the gate to balance yourself.  Immediately, the gentleman was beside you.

“Whao,” you laughed at your dizziness but Kim Jongin didn’t find it funny. 

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Giggling, you shooed him away, “I’m fine.  You can go now.  Thanks for the ride again”. 

Reluctantly, he let go of your arm, watching you as you slowly made your way to the front door. 

“Call me when you get upstairs,” he shouted.

Without turning around, you waved to him with the back of your hand. 

As soon as you got into your room, you fell onto your bed.  Dreamland swooped you up and you happily surrendered into its warm embrace.  Of course, forgetting to call a certain worried and handsome young man.     



a/n: YAY AS PROMISED TWO CHAPTERS IN ONE DAY.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  Yippee part one of the three part chapters called “Lovesick” hehehe ;p NEXT TWO CHPS ARE SUPER CUTE I TELL YA.  TEHEHEHE.  May contain their first muah muah   

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My Cobblepot

Originally posted by fyeahjamesgordon

Word Count: 1004

Warnings: Talk about murder 

Request:  imagine working with Jim and getting kidnapped on the job so he has to save you /  could you please do a reader insert with Jim Gordon

Writer: Tiffany 

Authors Note: Hey, hope you like it……I made this one-shot so that it’s during the first season, due to a lot of people not being all that caught up in the second season and so it doesn’t give away any spoilers.

“He just HAD to let Cobblepot live didn’t he”, Harvey yelled in frustration as the rope dugged into your skin. Currently both Harvey and you were brought in for questions by Fish, due to the two of you being partners with Gordon. Apparently when he said that he shot and killed Oswald Cobblepot, it was lie. And that lie came back and slapped him in the face. So now here you are tied up like an animal waiting for Butch to come in, and more than likely start beating you to near death.

“We wouldn’t be in this situation if he didn’t just complete his job. And now we are probably going to die, because of his stupid mistake”, Harvey continued with his rant, like he has been for the past ten minutes. You tried to twist your body, so the ache in in your arms would lessen, but it was no use. Hanging your head in defeat, you listen to Harvey talk about how his Cobblepot didn’t come back limping when he kill him.

“Pregnant”, You whispered barely loud enough so that he could hear. Your heart started to feel like it was being twisted in your chest. Every Time you thought of what you did, you couldn’t help but feel disgusted with yourself.

“What was that [Y/N]?”, Harvey asked,  turning his head to look at you. His hair was disheveled due to the lost of the hat the usually settled on his head, he lost it when he tried fighting back against Fish’s men. Concern made it’s way into his eyes, when your head lifted up to look at him. He held remorse for you, for you are so young and yet you got dragged into a world of violence and corruption, when all you wanted to do was make Gotham good again. Your clothes were ripped, hair tangled and in a complete mess, bruises were scattered across your skin, and yet you still managed to look undefeated. That was probably why Harvey made sure that you became his and Gordon’s assistant when you first arrive at the GCPD.

“Pregnant. My Cobblepot was pregnant”, your voice began to crack making you look back down at the floor. Your hair covering your face like a shield.

“She was only a few years older than me, and was having an affair with one of the councilmen. Somehow she got pregnant, even though the councilmen claimed over and over again that she was on the pill and he used a condom every time they had sex. Yet she still managed to get pregnant, and then she did the stupidest thing.”, you took in a deep breath, “she threatened to go to his wife and tell her everything about the affair and the child she was having. If only he gave her money, a house, and everything she ever wanted. My Cobblepot tried to blackmail someone of a higher power, and then I killed both her and the fetus growing inside of her.”

By this time you were shaking, your mouth tasted like iron due to the inside of your cheek still bleeding, and your whole body felt like fire from the physical and mental pain that you have endured. All you could think of was the lifeless body of the girl with her arms still holding onto her stomach. You could still clearly hear her voice pleading for you to spare her.

“Hey, you did what had to be done. You had to choice [Y/N]”, Harvey quickly stated as he could only look at your distraught form. He couldn’t hold you, even though he wished to, he hated seeing any woman cry or upset.

“I wish I could have done what Jim did. That’s why Jim is the good one out of the three us. We need him to make Gotham respectable again. Him not killing Cobblepot, proved that he wasn’t going to be threatened to do what he thinks is wrong, and that he isn’t afraid to do the right thing. And I envy him for that”, your voice restrained as you tugged even more at the ropes that were leaving a hideous scar on your wrists and the palms of your hands, just to match the repulsive bruises on your body.  

“Well to make the city good again, I’m gonna need both of your help”, Gordon’s sharp and distinctive voice cut through the air. Harvey let out a few curses as Jim walked from behind us, and started to cut down Harvey, who quickly embraced Jim into his arms.

“You’re a bastard”, Harvey stated letting go of Gordon so he could cut you down. Nearly falling on your face, Jim caught you. His body was warm, as it was pressed against yours in and comforting embraced. Breaking down in his arms, you could do nothing but hold tight onto his jacket and cry. Kissing the top of your head, Jim held tightly onto you.

“It’s going to be okay, but we have to leave right now, before anyone notices two guards unconscious. But you will be okay, [Y/N].” He whispered, picking you up bridal style, as he started walking out of the warehouse with Harvey at his heel. Once outside of the building, the cold hair harshly press againt your body.

“How much did you hear?”, you asked clutching and unclutching your grip of his tailored grey jacket. He settled you in the backseat of his car, making you release the grip on his clothes. Slowly Jim took the jacket off and wrapped it around you, then took your face in his hands so you could look at him.

“I heard enough. I’ll make sure you don’t ever have to kill anyone again. You hear me. I’ll protect you”, His voice dropped into a whisper as he wiped the tears from your face, and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead. You believed him, how could you not. In this moment you knew, that he will always be your savior.


I know that after everything they’ve been through not only does Simon have some serious PTSD, but Baz has got his share as well.  (Even some that was never addressed when his mother was attacked.)  I mean the Grimm-Pitches aren’t exactly known for their touchy-feely affection.  So, here’s a little blurb influenced by that line of thought.  Enjoy (:


Soundtrack: Troye Sivan (Gasoline)


I’m woken up by the sound of panting.  And the bedspread’s no longer on me at all.  (So the cold could have something to do with it.  I’m always cold now, ever since I lost my magic.  Baz said he used to freeze every year having to share a room with me wanting to keep the window open even through the winter. I wish he would’ve told me—then again, he’s smart to not.  Me hating him and all that.)

           I sit up in bed and see Baz clutching and unclutching the sheets.  He’s wrapped up in the comforter like a burrito and sweat coats his face.

           I grab his shoulder and begin to shake him. “Baz.  Baz.  Baz.”

           He grabs my wrist that’s grasping his shoulder (and at this point I don’t know if it’s in his sleep or not.)  

           I hear him murmuring (still in his sleep), “No.  I’m so sick of the dark and the quiet.”  At this point he’s whimpering and it nearly breaks my heart.

           I take both of his shoulders and shake even harder.

           Finally, I startle him awake.  He instinctively curls into my arms shivering.  He’s breathing heavy like I do when he makes me exercise after an especially big breakfast.

           After a moment, I eventually say, “Do you want to tell me about it?”

           Baz shakes his head and burrows into my chest, still breathing hard.  

           I listen to his breathing slow and it’s nearly lulled me to sleep when he says, “It was the fucking numpties.”

           I’d guessed as much.  He can see in the dark; there shouldn’t be a reason for him to be scared of it.  I wait, willing him to keep talking.  He’s never been one to divulge his deep, dark secrets.  (It’s a Grimm and a Pitch thing, I think.)

           “I was freezing.  And hungry.  And I couldn’t see anything.”  He pulls back a little, just enough to look up at me.  “I couldn’t see you.” I feel him shudder.  “Last time the only thing that kept me alive was thinking of you.  And this time, it wouldn’t work.”

           I hear him choke on his words before he repeats, “I couldn’t see you.”

           His voice shakes like I’ve never heard before. Even when he thought I was dead at the top of the White Chapel.  I brush my fingers through his hair and whisper, “It’s okay, Baz.  I’m here.  I’m right here.”

           His arms wrap around my waist and squeeze me in a death grip.  “Thank Morgana and Merlin for that,” he murmurs sleepily.

           I feel his grip loosen a little as he falls asleep, but I don’t release mine.  I kiss his forehead, like his mother kissed mine during her Visiting, and burrow down. I’m here.

That’s how you do it! (Dean Ambrose x Reader) *smut*

Request: A smut where reader is a teacher and has to teach her college class about the birds and the bees, so she brings In her boyfriend Dean Ambrose, to help demonstrate. -Anon


Word Count: 710

Warnings: Daddy!Kink, sexual intercourse in front of a class, unprotected sex (Flag your pole), fingering, oral

It was that time of the year were your students have been waiting for it all year long. And you thought it was the only reason why students chose it. Yes…the birds and the bees. You knew teenagers at your school who couldn’t live a day without getting fucked. Even the Sorority Sisters, who were supposed to be all innocent and girly, partied every Friday night till one of them gets knocked out and get kicked out from the group so that they didn’t give the Sorority Sisters a bad name. But everyone knew their “secret”.

So as you began the chapter about the birds and the bees you said “This is a very serious chapter. If you find something funny you know were the door is.” Josh, the jock that every girl melted after him, rudely said “I find it funny how you are teaching it when you don’t have a boyfriend.” You scoffed and walked to the door. “Actually Josh I brought my boyfriend Dean.” You opened the classroom door and he came in. Some of the students in the classroom began fangirling as they knew who Dean was. “Students, Josh this is my boyfriend Dean Ambrose. Today he is here to help you all understand the concept of intercourse.”

Originally posted by dean-ambroselover

“We’re going to show you step by step…every detail. And I know I’m going to do a better job than Josh over there.” Dean pushed everything away that was on the table, including the mug that he bought you. Dean gripped your waist and laid you on the table. He gently kissed your neck. You wrapped your legs around Dean and you pushed him towards you. You can already hear some moans and groans from the classroom. Dean ripped your shirt and skirt, as you removed his shirt revealing his bulging muscles. Your hands found the belt buckle and you removed it. “Now boys, you wanna start from here.” Dean instructed them. He unclutched your bra, revealing your erect nipples. He slowly began sucking on the right breast while he kneaded the other one. You felt a slick substance between your legs; his hands traveled up your thighs and began rubbing you through your panties. In one swift move he ripped them from you; He began pinching and rubbing your clit. He inserted a finger inside your throbbing core. His mouth kissed your one more time. “This is where you really want to get her. His tongue began lapping up your wet pussy; let out moans. “Fuck Dean!” Your fingers got tangled in his hair as you pushed him deeper. His tongue entered your core every now and then. You were writhing under him, begging for release. Your orgasm hit; Dean began lapping up your juices.

You reached out your hand for Dean’s throbbing member; you got rid of his briefs. “Now girls…this is the time were the man has to beg.” You licked his prominent vein that was pulsating in your hand. Dean let out a moan; you began pumping and hollowed your cheeks around his member. In a few seconds, he twitched in your mouth and he came. You swallowed every last drop of his sweet substance. You switched places and ended up on top of Dean. A smirk appeared on his face. You positioned yourself on top of Dean and gently slid down. A small voice was heard from the back of the class. “Umm Miss…Aren’t you supposed to use contraceptives?” Lucy, the ‘nerd’ of the class (as everyone called her) said. “That’s another lesson!” You moan. You began rocking on top of Dean. Dean began pushing himself inside you. “This is not going to work.” He flipped you over and began thrusting hard inside you. Your walls began clenching around Dean’s member. His fingers rubbed your clit while the other one supported his body. “Come on baby girl.” You let go and covered Dean’s member with your juices. He soon came after you, spilling inside you, filling you with his seeds. You both rested as you breathed heavily.

You threw your clothes back on and looked at your class; the boys had their pants wet, especially Josh while the girls had the slick substance running down their legs. “Now that’s how you do it.”

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He is underside of day.
He is the sweaty palm and
broken New Year’s resolution bit.
He is the full to the brim but
not stopping. He is hard swallow
and it hurts your throat.
He is too much chewing but not enough taste.
He is canker sore and a doormat
that wants to whisper to you
“Don’t knock, honey, just go home,
make yourself some forgetfulness,
drink it slowly, sit it down beneah your tongue,
so you can feel it going down”
but all it says is “Welcome,
welcome, welcome.”
He is a convenience store chocolate bar
and the smell of an abortion clinic,
the smell of backseat leather and
sticky fingers.
You will never try as hard as you did
when you tried to unclutch him from you.
This. This. This is what you will tell your daughter
when she comes home with her first mistake.
You will feel the cold of her forehead
and tell her how it was always him,
that year, his name.
You will say Him.
You will always say Him.
—  Him, Him, Him (after Caitlyn Seihl’s Her, Her, Her) | Ramna Safeer

YELLS HI GUYS sorry i’ve been so inactive!!!! i can’t remember if i said anything but i’m moving to orlando!!!! we left a few days ago and i came back home for a few days for my niece’s bday and such and we head out in a few to officially drive out!! i should be around via mobile/tonight, and we get in sometime tomorrow!!! i’ll be able to meme irl w/ @meteorjump​ so im pretty excited!!! i miss being around, i’ve been so busy lately with packing and moving and such that i haven’t been able to do much, but it should be better once we settle in!!! i love you guys!!! ♡♡♡♡♡