My new goal in life is to take over the internet. Not such a new goal but a viable one I think. To begin this I would like everyone to join the #UncleNorman army. It’s simple. I want to get #UncleNorman to trend on twitter to say that we little YouTuber’s have some huge, motherfucking power, bitches. 

This video is Uncle Norman. The healthy response to this footage is fear, terror and an inability to see cookies or pelvic thrusting the same ever again. 

If symptoms persist please seek help from an internet professional (may I recommend Dan Howell) 

Band Update

Alright everybody we know its been awhile, but we’re still around and we’ve been working. So we have a few updates:

First of all, sadly our previous member, Hannah, has decided to leave the band. She just didn’t think this band should be something she is apart of. However, the door is always open to work with her again on songs. We wish her the best of luck.

Secondly, Jada is not part of the Uncle Norman lineup,however she is still working with the band behind the scenes. So she is still part of the band

Next, we have welcomed a new member, Jeron Schapansky. Jeron is the new drummer for the band which means Jared Serpa is now the guitarist. The lineup looks like this:

Nicholas Crespin- Ukulele,bass, keyboards, vocals

Jeron Schapansky- Drums, percussion

Jared Serpa- Guitar

We are very glad to have Jeron and also really lucky!

Also, our style of music is evolving. We don’t want to give away too much, but we can say that our music will be different then how Far Away Song sounded. It’s not a bad different. In fact, its actually a very good different which we believe you will enjoy just as much as Far Away Song. However, we still have music that is in the “category” of Far Away song so don’t worry.

Finally, as we said we are still working, however there’s been a change in our release plan. Previously, we were going to release four singles and then an album, but now we plan to release a 5-song EP which will include Far Away Song. By doing this it will reduce the time that it would take to release a full album and now we can get new music for you to enjoy to you faster. Keep in mind that plans do change so you never know what it could turn out to be something totally different. We can’t give you a date or time it will be released, but we will keep you updated.

Thank you for all your support and for sharing our music. We can’t do this without you! 

-Uncle Norman

**People who purchased Far Away Song we have not forgotten about your something special.