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“Epigram” by Bear & Walrus. Keeping with our music-themed posts today, here’s one of 10 tracks from the chiptune/baroquetronica group’s new Image Poems album inspired by “early 20th century poetry focused around ideas about the precision of imagery and the simplicity of nature.”

I wanted to feature this stuff, too, but my huge backlog of work stole all my time today (Tumblr’s one-song-a-day audio uploading limit didn’t help):

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I made 8 seconds of greenscreen animation of my friend Tolu & it was featured in this video by joegran and
Also with work from

thanks, guys & gals! thanks, God!!

also, heres just the part with Tolu that i animated: http://youtu.be/EW6F3IF0Mw8
Oh, The Places You'll Go

Words: Peter “Uncle Bibby” Locke

So, I’m a music composer, among other things, and I put some of my music on a website called the Free Music Archive. It is downloadable and usable by anyone as long as they properly credit me. I can find examples of usage by searching for “unclebibby” on YouTube. Here are some of the videos where my music has ended up.

1. “Cat has a face”

This is sorta like a music video for one of my songs, consisting of photos of a cat, edited to match the music’s rhythm. The account’s other videos are pretty much all video game videos, but this ain’t no video game. It’s a real dancing cat, man!

2. “Casa Sanremo Lancome | Night”

This fancy Paris nightclub apparently heard this song that is primarily me humming a melody I’m making up as I go along and thought “This is what we want to associate with our nightclub.” Thanks, guys. Sorry, guys.

3. “人間は缶切りがなくても缶を開けられるか?”

I don’t know exactly what this is but from what I can tell it’s a young Japanese vlogger making a vlog about scraping canned foods against the sidewalk, for some reason. The title, when run through Google Translate, becomes “Do human beings are open cans even if there is no can opener” which makes me think he’s trying to open the can without a can opener. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what happens.

4. “Microfono Hard Disk • Fai da Te”

This guy is explaining how to rip apart a hard drive and turn it into a microphone. He just happened to use my music at the start of the video. Man, if audiophiles this hardcore like my music, I must be doing something right.

5. “Christmas Tree Beard - A How-To Time Lapse Video HD”

This video is about turning a beard into a Christmas tree. It uses a song I made on my iPhone using the Nanoloop app. I think this is the true meaning of Christmas.

6. “Our Winners Review All Good Scents Fragrances For Men!”

Of all the videos that use my music, this one makes me the most giggly. It features four young men reviewing two perfumes for their viewers. My music is used over the intro and played quieter over the actual review. I think the perfume probably smells like my music sounds.

7. “Mandala Stop Motion Animation”

This one is just plain cool. Someone animated their process of drawing a mandala and put my music over it. It reminds me of Chad VanGaalen’s music videos.

8. “BTS | VASA Fitness | Photoshoot 2.8.15”

So, this gym made an advertisement and then made a behind-the-scenes video for the ad featuring my music. It’s nice seeing my music associated with healthy people. Healthy people are few and far between.

9. “Building a fly brain (HD)”

This is a Taiwanese university simulating a fly’s brain and presenting it using my music. I sorta wanna put this on my resume: “Composed music for Taiwanese university so their fly brain video sounded more magical.”

10. “Greyhound plays Nintendo”

I forgot that this video had my music in it cuz it’s the kind of video I would have watched regardless. It’s a dog playing a video game, for real. And it has my music real quiet in the background!!!!! Holy crap!

BONUS: “Skweelo Gigas - Flippant on the Dancefloor / السكويلو الﭼﭼس ـ لا يا جدع, هو مدبوك”

I didn’t immediately appreciate this video to the extent that I do now. My brother helped me realize that this is a young boy dancing to my music for a full two and a half minutes or so. This is amazing considering that it seems like they added the music in afterwards, which means he was likely dancing to no music whatsoever for a full two and a half minutes. This kid and his sister should get a Guinness World Record for Best Vid Eva.

I think what this teaches me is that people all over the world are in need of good music, especially if it’s free. Everyone on Earth is a potential friend to everyone else, you just have to make the connection! And music is one of those connections.


Gustoe - garden rites and rituals.

my submission for this months loopdeloop theme “ritual”.

music: The Spidrman’s by UncleBibby

SignField: Version 2 (Seinfeld theme on Korg M01)
  • SignField: Version 2 (Seinfeld theme on Korg M01)
  • Peter Locke

Sign Field” by UncleBibby. Yes, it is in fact possible to accurately recreate the Seinfeld theme song in Korg M01. Yes, Korg M01 came out. These are two things I didn’t know until just now!

Actually, Korg M01 is currently only available as an import. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s also out of stock at Play-Asia. :(

Buy: Korg DS-10 Plus ($13.78!), Seinfeld: The Complete Series (way more than $13.78!)

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Ambient Rave
  • Ambient Rave
  • mathgrant

Ambient Rave,” a percussion-heavy track made entirely in WarioWare DIY by mathgrant. I’m pretty delighted that almost a year later, people are still experimenting with one small component (the music tools) of this one odd game creation utility. That’s great!

Oh, and in related chiptune news, UncleBibby tells us that he’s just released a DSi/iPhone-produced EP titled Made On The Go: Music Made On Portable Devices. You can stream the album for free or buy it here.

Make Your Own Ambient Music With: WarioWare: D.I.Y. 

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yes, i am talented. thank you for noticing. remix this if you want!!!

My Gemsona, Bibbitite

my Gemsona would be this guy. i drew him in photoshop… his weapon is a giant pair of nunchucks and his gem is on his left shoulder. he would shapeshift a lot like Amethyst but his style of shapeshifting would be more like Plasticman from DC comics. His voice would be sorta like a higher-pitched Krusty The Krab and his personality would be lazy, funny but brave like Mordecai from Regular Show. i hope you like him.

if you don’t know what a Gemsona is, it’s basically an alternate persona based on the characters from the show Steven Universe from Cartoon Network.

This is an ambient soundtrack piece i did for Way of the Flying Sword, a downloadable computer game by my friend Manuel, from Brazil.
Here’s the download link:

Here’s the forum thread:

I hope you like it!

BTW it doesn’t work on Mac but i think it works on windows and maybe linux.

Ello | unclebibby

Hi, im a music composer, photoshoppper and video editor and i like dogs, milkshakes, futurism and videogames. i have 4 neurological disorders (Tourettes, ADHD, Aspergers and OCD) so, yeah.

i just made an Ello account, so, if you are on Ello then please “friend” me or “noise” me or whatever…

I might be a bit immature or NSFW on Ello compared to what i post on tumblr (cuz Ello is a more casual kind of social network) so if you’re not into that kind of thing then you obviously don’t have to follow my Ello account. But you can if you want to.

I don’t really know what i’m gonna put on Ello but i’ll try to update it sometimes, if i can remember.

‘Ello Guvna!!!

iTunes - Music - UncleBibby
Preview and download top songs and albums by UncleBibby on the iTunes Store. Songs by UncleBibby start at just $0.99.

this is where you can download my itunes albums. they arranged as followed:

UncleBibby’s Jams Vol.1 = crazy videogamey epicness

UncleBibby’s Jams Vol.2 = Soundtrack and Drum n bass

UncleBibby’s Jams Vol.3 = House music

UncleBibby’s Jams vol.4 = Lo-fi minimalist adventures

UncleBibby’s Jams Vol.5 = bonus songs

if you wanna LICENSE my music for an actual commercial project, go here:


otherwise these itunes songs are for you!!!

hope you like em. :’)

UPDATE: improved the bass

so, this guy named Manuel from Brazil made a really cool Windows computer fighting game called Way Of The Cancelling Fist and it features some songs i haven’t posted anywhere else really. This is one of those songs, now on soundcloud. I made it in Korg M01D on my Nintendo 3DS.

here’s some links so you can try out the game:
temporary download link:

forum thread:

i hope you love the game, it’s really easy to play but hard to master, and it’s something i’m proud to be connected with!!!