“The human beauty has gone into corruption, and the patient feels that he is being eaten as by a fiend, who consumes him slowly in a long remorseless meal that will not end until he be destroyed. He is shut out from his fellows. As they approach he must cry, ‘Unclean! unclean!’ that all humanity may be warned from his precincts. He must abandon wife and child. He must go to live with other lepers, in disheartening view of miseries similar to his own. He must dwell in dismantled houses or in the tombs. He is, as Trench says, a dreadful parable of death. By the laws of Moses, as seen in Leviticus 13:45; Numbers 6:9 and Ezekiel 24:17, he was compelled, as if he were mourning for his own decease, to bear about him the emblems of death, the rent garments; he was to keep his head bare and his lip covered, as was the custom with those who were in communion with the dead. When the Crusaders brought the leprosy from the East, it was usual to clothe the leper in a shroud, and to say for him the masses for the dead…. In all ages this indescribably horrible malady has been considered incurable. The Jews believed that it was inflicted by Jehovah directly, as a punishment for some extraordinary perversity or some transcendent act of sinfulness, and that only God could heal it. ” Closing his massive book, he addressed the forum directly. “Leprosy was one of the afflictions expressly addressed in the Law of Moses, in the time of Christ and for ages before. The disease was unpleasant, and the treatment of those who had such was even more so. Any more questions? If not, that will be all. I will see you all next Thursday.”

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So I have a question and i don't want you to think it's me being bitchy I was just curious to why we shouldn't categorize food because does it really matter if you like eating healthy foods as long as your eating enough? I don't know because like if I have to eat a certain amount of calories why does it matter that I chose to only eat the healthy stuff if I'm eating enough? I really don't mean this to be bitchy I'm actually just want to hear your thoughts on it because it confuses me

Recovery is not just about getting physically healthy; it is about developing a healthy relationship with food. If you categorize foods as “good” and “bad” or “clean” and “unclean,” then you will remain stuck in a diet mentality that will ultimately be massive fuel for you eating disorder (not to mention that it can be a gateway to a full on relapse). Categorizing and labeling foods gives them so much power; the goal in recovery is to lessen the power that food has over our lives, not to find another outlet for it to be in control.  

It is important to be able to eat a wide variety of food so that you can have flexibility in your day-to-day life…for example, if you only ever eat fat-free frozen yogurt with fruit, you will have a really difficult time going to Dairy Queen and having a blizzard with your friends. If you can start eating these supposed “unhealthy” foods in normal portions and see that your body doesn’t change, you will feel so much more free to eat what sounds good to you rather than what you have deemed as “healthy.” The reality is that our bodies want variety and forcing yourself to live exclusively on diet products and “health” foods will only make you think about food all the time (believe me, I have been there). If you want your thoughts around food to be reduced, you need to start by diminishing the physiological reasons for thinking about food.

informal request that we maybe stop making fun of idols for being “unclean” just bc they skip showers or whatever like listen theyre busy as heck and if i was given the choice to eat, shower, or sleep and i could only do two i would skip the shower every time. change underwear, more deodorant, keep it going.

but also ur tellin me and other ppl who may not be able to bathe for whatever reason that we’re nasty and undesirable. for years my eczema was really bad and only getting worse. it got to the point that showers caused physical pain and baths worsened my condition. it was also during the winter when i didnt always have hot water. i have skipped showers due to my depression being so bad that i wasnt even leaving the bed unless absolutely necessary. my overall hygiene was really poor.

so yeah “well other idols can take a shower daily why cant they” but think is this a joke u rly wanna make bc a) u dont know what that idol has to deal with b) ur indirectly crapping on ppl who dealin with stuff too

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He has a show tomorrow in LV so at the very least NYC will be cleansed of his stench by tomorrow. I think he is just really unclean and dirty looking. Always wearing the same t-shirt black or grey, unshaven, dull, no style.

Taylor “never goes out of style”, but the cow…well…he has no style! Lol.

Turn offs for the signs

 Aries: Pessimistic, unhappy and boring people

Taurus: Flighty, being rushed and being ignored

Gemini: No sense of humor, people who are stealing their spotlight

Cancer: Violence, uncaring and people who play with their emotions

Leo: Not getting enough attention and being criticized

Virgo: Unclean, unappreciative and ungrounded people

Libra: Being shouted at, rude people and not being able to hold a convo

Scorpio: Fake people, criticism and loud people

Sagittarius: Boring people, lying and people killing their vibe

Capricorn: Laziness, irresponsibility and cheap people

Aquarius: Feeling not important, too controlled type people

Pisces: Unkept promises, people making them feel encased

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Redd's could not move as he stood over the body of his father, knife still in his hand dripping blood. "I... I'm sorry father... oh god what have i done... I am a disgrace to the nine... It was his own fault, but I will be exiled for i my hand are unclean" he sputtered in terror. Redd had to do something or the cult cut his hands off or just burn him. Redd new what he had to do he would summon a demon and make a pact. He made the necessary runes and spoke the incantations to summon the feline.

Lily appeared her hair flying softly in the air before she landed gently on her feet “hello mister you called me?” she said doing a little curtsy Her blue eyes flashing wildly “oh my it seems you have uh killed somebody” she said touching her lower lip “that’s no good”

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The boy was in a clearing, inspecting the animal corpse not with the air of a hunter, but with the intricacies of a scientist. He watched, having arrived at the scent of a fresh kill. Did the boy kill the animal himself? He was so young, yet seemed to know just what he was doing. He remained at a distance, in the dark, a wolf eyeing the little lamb with interest, only this didn't seem to be a lamb. This human boy had the makings of a predator, just like him.

Ruben crouched down towards the dead and decaying rabbit, interested in its organs, but knowing they were far too old to touch now.
They were unclean.
Sighing, he reminded himself to check the trap more often as he scooted the rotting creature to the side with the toe of his shoe. He could at least use it for bait now…


*:・゚✧ Bonnie McKee’s Bombastic Workout ✧゚・:*
Warning: The following program depicts exercises which, depending on your physical and emotional condition may cause elevated heart rate, unclean thoughts, and uncontrollable gyrating. You are, therefore, warned not to attempt any of these exercises without consulting your doctor and or significant other. Do not be alarmed if you find yourself feeling f$&#*ing fantastic. Remember to breathe. Just let it happen.

“My heart ceased beating, and the chill of death crept over my limbs, as with eyes starting from their sockets I stared at that awful head, reflected in the pool. For hours it seemed to me I gazed fascinated, as the bird by the eye of the snake that has charmed it. I was as incapable of thought as movement, till suddenly forgotten school-room learning began to cross my brain, and I knew that I looked at the reflection of Medusa, the Gorgon, fairest and foulest of living things, the unclean creature, half woman, half eagle, slain by the hero Perseus, and one glimpse of whose tortured face turned the luckless beholder into stone with the horror of it.” ― Gertrude Bacon, The Gentlewomen of Evil: An Anthology of Rare Supernatural Stories from the Pens of Victorian Ladies

Perhaps similar thoughts also permeated the minds of the animals that met their demise in Tanzania’s Lake Natron. This highly alkaline lake first gained its notoriety when photographer Nick Brandt captured these phantasmal images of living animals that had seemingly been turned to stone just by touching the caustic waters of the lake — a headline that is more myth than fact.

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OMG did you see THE STILL??? I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY CUT IT OUT!!! Could you write what you think went down (ughhh I wish we could've seen the kiss!)

Everyone says addiction like it’s a dirty word. It rolls off their tongues like it carries disease, like if they don’t say it fast enough, they’ll catch it. Addiction has a stigma. It’s unclean, shameful, for the weak-minded. When someone says the word addiction, they’re talking about booze, or little white pills. They talk about addiction like it’s a thing, like it’s something you can grasp, because they’re terrified of what it really is. It’s a feeling. It’s losing the ability to stop. It’s being unable to live without something. They talk about it like it’s a thing because they’re terrified of the idea that addiction is abstract, and questionable, and floats through the air like specks of dust, blowing on us with the tiniest gust of wind. It doesn’t take much to become addicted to something. Or addicted to someone. Sometimes it only takes a touch.

“You okay?”

“Yeah,” Amelia answered, wiping her face clean and smiling. “Yeah. I am.”

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