So I saw a post the other day about how Shiro would suffocate in Allura’s hair if he were the big spoon (EDIT: the post has been found!). And I agree! Allura would be fast asleep while Shiro keeps getting hair in his mouth and doesn’t know how to escape this mane without waking her up.

Bonus (the solution): 

Y’all realise that Alec hasn’t actually seen Magnus’ cats eyes in the show yet? Please tell me it’s on purpose. Please tell me that it’s a setup for a scene where Alec finally does see his cats eyes and Magnus is wary because it’s a pretty undeniable sign that he’s demonic and he’s always known the Nephilim to sneer at anything ‘unclean’ and he’s worried that it’ll remind Alec that they aren’t the same and Alec simply stares long and hard right into his soul before giving him the most reverent of kisses and it’s there that Magnus falls in love.

Please tell me it’s on purpose.

Creating Strict Religions

I would first like to state that a strict religion is not synonymous with a cruel religion, neither is it synonymous with an unaccepting one.

In most cases, in order to be considered a strict religion, if must be strict on one or more of the following ways:

Moral codes
>This includes things like not being selfish or boastful, and any other morals taught by the religion
Behavior codes
>This includes things like donating, tithing, not working on holy days, and other such things
Dress codes
>This includes things such as religious paraphernalia, fabric type, garment type, and other such things
>This includes things such as not eating certain foods (usually ones considered unclean), not eating at certain times, or only eating animal products that were made from animals sacrificed in the name of the religion

The strictness can come in the form of requirements or restrictions
>Requirements: things followers must do (followers must pray, must donate, must wear prayer beads, etc)
>Restrictions: things followers are not allowed to do (followers must not break the rules, followers must not work on certain days, followers must not wear certain types of clothing, etc)

The concept of the chosen people
This concept usually appeals to ego (“only the worthy will receive salvation/paradise/etc”)

Is it conditional?
>What are the conditions?
>>Do you have to be birthed in, no exceptions? If they are born of two converts, does it still count, or does it have to be from a long line of followers?
>>Do you have to be birthed in or converted?
>>Do you just have to follow the required behaviors (and nothing else)?
>>Do you just have to believe in the religious teachings (even if you don’t follow the rules)?
>>Do you have to be born in, follow the behaviors, and believe?
>>Do you have to complete a spiritual quest/religious rite?
>>Do you have to convert others and spread the word?

What is the treatment of converts compared to the treatment of those born in the religion?
>Are converts given further rules and restrictions?
>Are converts considered better due to their conscious decision to follow the religion?

What is believed to happen to those who are not chosen?
>>Is this the same thing they believe happens to those who do not follow the rules?
>>>After one has broken a rule, what happens?
>>>>Is it believed they will receive punishment after death, or are they required to repent in life?
>>>>>Is it believed that repenting will completely absolve them, or that iit will only lessen their punishment after death?
>>>>If they cannot be absolved completely, how do they convince a person not to break any further rules?
>>>>>Threats? (Ex. "If you don’t behave it’ll be even worse.”)
>>>>>Bribes? (Ex. “If you behave perfectly from now on, there’s a chance your punishment will be lessened.”)
>Do they not get an afterlife?
>Do they receive eternal damnation and suffering?
>>Are there different levels of punishment?
>Is there just a longer waiting period before they are accepted into the afterlife?
>>Is this done in a limbo-like place, or in the same place as sinners?
The more severe the religion, the more severe the punishments will be for not following the requirements and restrictions.

This is a continuation of Creating Cults and Raising Religions.

For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo

So I was texting my girlfriend and I asked her what team she was on Pokemon go. She said valour and because I’m team mystic I immediately thought of Romeo and Juliet. So I wrote her this

Two teams, both alike in dignity, In fair Pokemon Go, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy team and refuse thy gym;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Mystic.

Team Instinct to mystic and valour:
My gym is hurt.
A plague a’ both your teams! My Pokemon is sped.

What’s in a team?That which we call a mystic
By any other team would still catch them all.

For never was a story of more woe than this of Mystic and her Valour(o)


Unhallowed Graves (2015)  by Nuzo Onoh

“Oja-ale is the night market run by the dead. Everything can be bought for a deadly price. Alan Pearson is a sceptical British diplomat, contemptuous and dismissive of native superstitions… Until the day he receives a terrifying purchase from the Night Market, which defies Western science and logic. And Alan must finally confront the chilling truth of Oja-ale. - “Night Market - Oja-ale” A dead child returns to haunt his grieving mother with terrifying consequences - “The Unclean” The ghost of a drowned slave is resurrected from his watery grave to exact revenge on the family that betrayed him and sold him into slavery, with tragic consequences - “Our Bones Shall Rise Again”. 

Three chilling stories of revenge by the restless dead buried in Unhallowed Graves by the frontrunner of African Horror and author of The Reluctant Dead, Nuzo Ono”

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Uncleaned cells mean weak muscles – 
Until recently, it was assumed that the protein complex mTORC1 in skeletal muscles plays a key role in growth regulation but not in the process of autophagy. Scientists have now been able to refute this widely accepted assumption. It appears, that should this complex remain constantly active, it impairs the ability of the cells to self-clean, causing myopathy.

Shown here: Muscle fibers in mice with hyperactive mTORC1 with red indicating accumulated waste 
Image credit: University of Basel

More info: http://bit.ly/121AhI3
Journal article: Sustained activation of mTORC1 in skeletal muscle inhibits constitutive and starvation-induced autophagy and causes a severe, late-onset myopathy, Cell Metabolism, 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2013.03.015

Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is in fact a clean Gross Blue Heron. I am not exactly sure how this happened, because these terrible birds never intentionally bathe. Perhaps it was unlawfully captive-raised by a particularly hygienic exotic animal keeper? Mysteries abound. Regardless, no matter how clean or filthy the GBHE, you should never approach or attempt to rear one as they are extremely dangerous and racist birds protected by both the MBTA and the ESA.

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BM: do you uplift and praise black men? 
Me: yes. 
BM: that’s what’s up. 
Me: hold on, my exclusions apply. If you don’t fit then 😁 
BM: what? 
Me: yeah, I only uplift and praise black men that have slept with less than 3 women (for that is unclean if he has slept with more than 3 then he is a hoe) hair must be fresh at all times, can’t be that nappy 4c shit though. Got me messed up if you think I’m about to pick that. Must be light skin because dark skin niggas are savages. Can’t sag his pants because that’s ghetto. Must have class, I refuse to be seen with a hood nigga because they act like animals. Must have a job and a car, I don’t care how hard times are. He gotta be tall with muscles have pretty eyes. He has to have money, 3 college degrees, 4 houses, stay in the house because that’s husband material, cook, clean and have no kids. But yeah I’m here for ALL black men.

When I was seven I found a bucket of tar in the garage. I dipped my fingers in it, then my hands, until my elbows were covered in black.
It was stuck under my fingernails for months.

I still feel like I’m trying to wipe off the tar before my father comes in and sees. Before everyone knows -
My hands are not clean.

—  c.d.

17 year old Katty went to her boyfriend’s house thinking that she might finally be able to have some fun with him. Little did she know that he invited all his friends. All the guys tied her up had a gangbang party and fucked her everywhere around the house, brutally whipping her around and slapping her till she bled. Anything they had they sticked into her tight pussy and they fucked her till 4am in the morning when they finally left her there uncleaned and ready to be reused again the next day. 

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  • the bane of chef Ramsay:
  • Microwaves
  • grease
  • unclean kitchens
  • frozen foods
  • shouty 'Mericans
  • bizarre food concoctions
  • weird food that's been forgotten in the walkin refrigerator
  • bagged food
  • owners that take servers tips
  • incompetent people
  • RAAW