Uncle Rob is completely overreacting to mommy and the rest of the family not letting him eat any cake at his birthday party last week. I had a slice uncle Rob, you weren’t missing anything, please calm down!


All this week comics critic Rob Clough has been reviewing offbeat fairy tales, and two Koyama Press books by cartoonists with outré oeuvres have been reviewed.

On Jesse Jacobs’ Safari Honeymoon:

“Jacobs subverts jungle fantasy tropes by presenting just how precarious life is in the wild without the virtue of a total technological advantage and details that the only way out is to understand how the dominant species manages to adapt.” — Rob Clough, High-Low

Read the whole review here!

On Jon Vermilyea’s Fata Morgana:

“This is exquisite storytelling and becomes, in effect, a children’s book aimed at adults…That said, it still manages to replicate the joys of reading this kind of story as a child without dumbing it down or drowning it in a sea of expository prose.” — Rob Clough, High-Low

Read the rest of the review here!


Just wanted to remind everyone that Anna Kendrick, Rob Corddry, and the Fraggles were in a Ben Folds Five video.