Daydream to Reality Part 3 [Yamato Kougami x Reader]

And yet another request for the continuation of this series by another anonymous reader!

“Mum, I’m fine! Really!” You couldn’t help but laugh at her worried facial expression.

“But you are attending all of your antenatal appointments, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mum, I am.” She did settle slightly, only really changing her expression when you jolted due to the baby kicking you. She looked at you with a smile coming to sit next to you and pulling you into a hug.

“I can’t believe I’ll be a grandma in a month!”

“And I can’t wait for them to get here, to be honest just being able move and sleep properly will be a blessing, not the mention bathroom breaks!” Your Mother simply joined your laughter.

Finding out you were pregnant was something that still felt like it only happened yesterday, but here you were seven months down the line trying to wrap your head around it all. Telling your parents and the gang had gotten some rather amusing reactions, but all in all they were all extremely supportive of both you and Yamato. They were always checking if you were alright, making sure that you were taking care of yourself. Aki would regularly give you treatments to make sure you didn’t feel run down, Kunihiko kept you well fed when you went to the bar and made sure you kept yourself rested, Yuta would run through his sketches with you, Ren would find effective medicines when morning sickness hit you and the rest were always willing to lend you a hand when needed.

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Anytime, Anywhere (Yamato X MC for Anonymous)

Summary: Yamato decides to get steamy with MC after a long day of helping Kunihiko with a special event for his restaurant.

Rating: Mature, smut.

Sidenotes: I’m still not done with Yamato’s route so I’m not as familiar with him as I am with the other characters I’ve played, but you can now send me requests involving him!

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akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

Can i request a headcannon for the mfw guy seeing mc standing under a mistletoe saying that she doesnt have any christmas present for them? (of course its a lie~ ) thank you pss: love all your headcanon, it makes me smiling like an idiot keke

Hehe sure thing! 
I’m sure the guys wouldn’t mind her being the present.. *wink*
Thank you so much! You guys make me smile by reading them hehe <3
Anyways, here you go!

Yamato: The Christmas party in Kunian was at a full swing, with drinks being poured and spirits lifted. You slowly walked out towards the entrance to get a breath of fresh air, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. 
“What’cha doing out here, pouty?” Yamato asked, leaning against the doorframe. 
“Just getting some fresh air.” you mumbled, looking down at your feet. 
You fidgeted around with your hands, before you could even muster up the courage to speak.
“Pouty, what’s going on?” he asked, peering into your face. 
“Why would you say anything’s wrong? I’m fine.” you lied. 
Yamato rolled his eyes and shook his head at you. 
“You’re not you. I miss the clumsy and a bit stupid pouty who everyone can’t help but love.” he whispered. 
You looked up at your husband and smiled sheepishly at him. 
“The thing is.. I forgot about your Christmas present..” you muttered, bracing for the worst. 
Rather than getting lectured, Yamato pet your head gently and chuckled in his low voice. 
“Well, I know one thing I want for Christmas that you have.” he whispered into your ear, before pointing up towards the green plant tied to the ceiling. 
“A mistle-” Yamato’s cut off your sentence by pressing it firmly onto yours. 
“This is the best Christmas present ever.” he mumbled, in between the soft and sweet kisses.

Saeki: Nervously, you twirled the ring around your finger and glanced up at the calender. It wasn’t just any other day, it was Christmas. Saeki probably got you a beautiful and elegant gift, while you forgot about his. Groaning to yourself, you walked out into the living room to see Saeki drinking his daily coffee as he greeted you with a warm smile.
“Good morning, Honey! Merry Christmas!” he said, wrapping you in his sturdy arms. 
You hugged him back gently as he kissed your temple. 
“I know this is a bit early, but I have something for you.” he said, bringing out a medium sized box that had been perfectly gift wrapped. 
You hesitantly took the box and stared at it, not even trying to open it. Saeki tilted his head in confusion and placed his hand on yours. 
“You can open it, honey.” he said, reassuring you that it was okay. 
You shook your head and returned the box to Saeki. 
“I can’t do it. Not when I didn’t get you anything.” you muttered, about to tear up in frustration. 
Saeki’s face softened and slowly turned into a smile.
”______, it doesn’t matter. You’re my honey, and that’s enough for me.” he said, caressing your cheek. 
“And besides, I have a way that you can make it up to me.” he said, pointing at the mistletoe right above your head. 
Before you could even respond, Saeki pulled you into his arms and kissed you with passion. His kisses left you breathless and weak, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Ren: For the first time in a while, Ren came home to finally relax. He had been cooped up in the lab for a long time, and Christmas was the only day you two could enjoy each other’s company. 
Even though you got everything else ready for Christmas, you forgot one of the most important things. His present. 
It was all you could think of during the dinner, that you couldn’t even focus on what Ren was trying to say. 
”_____, are you okay?” he asked, worried about you. 
You nodded and faked a smile, trying to set his mind at ease. Ren wasn’t convinced, but he pulled out a thin box from behind him. 
“I don’t know if you’ll like it, but here.” he whispered, handing over the clumsily wrapped box. 
You accepted the gift and stared at Ren, before breaking down. 
“Ren, I don’t have anything for you. I’m so sorry. I was getting everything ready so fast that I completely missed out on getting you something, and when I thought of it, it was too late-” you rambled, when you felt a warmth on your lips. 
Ren’s lips were on yours with so much love, that you completely forgot about what was going on. 
“Ren..” you whispered, about to protest, when Ren pointed up at the mistletoe on the wall and pulled you in for another sweet kiss.

Takao: The cold air whirled around you, as you blew on your hands to keep them warm. It was Christmas day and you were meeting Takao back at Kunian, when you realized that you forgot to get him something. It was already to go get something, so you had no choice but to show up empty handed. Cursing inwardly, you huddled as fast as you could back to Kunian. 
The bell rang when you walked into Long Island, as the guys greeted you. You excused yourself after seeing Takao’s bright expression back at the bar. How were you going to tell him you didn’t have a present?
Your thoughts were interrupted by a certain tall lawyer walking in to check up on you. 
“Is everything okay? Do you need anything?” Takao asked you, with worried eyes. 
You shook your head and sighed, placing your hand on his. 
“I need to tell you something. I don’t have a present for you. I don’t know how this happened, and I am so sorry.” you mumbled under your breath. 
Takao sweetly squeezed your hands and looked into your eyes with a tender expression. 
“You’re my present. I’m so happy and blessed to have you in my life, that’s all I need.” Takao said, with a genuine expression. 
You giggled and thanked him, when you saw that he had a redness on his cheeks. 
“Well, do you realize that we’re under a mistletoe? Can I.. kiss you?” he asked awkwardly. 
You pulled him towards you, crashing your lips to his with passion and love for one another. 

Yuta: Even though coming to Yuta’s Christmas party with all the other comedians was great, you somewhat felt embarrassed that you forgot his present. You nervously paced back and forth, wondering what to do, when you just decided to walk to the back room and take a break from everything. Yuta wasn’t going to let you go so easily though. 
He stopped you before you made it far, by grabbing your hand to halt you. The cold atmosphere was heavy and dense, while you were trying to confess to him. 
“The thing is.. I um..” you mumbled. 
Yuta looked into your eyes with puppy dog eyes and caressed your cheek softly.
“Is something the matter, _____? Did I do something?” he asked. 
You denied furiously and hung your head in shame. 
“It’s nothing like that. It’s just that.. I forgot your present.” you said, unable to make eye contact with your boyfriend. 
Yuta hugged you tightly and shook you around. 
“Is that why?! That doesn’t mean anything to me! You’re the only one I need, _____!” he cried out. 
“But I should give something to you!” you replied, still pouting. 
Yuta looked up at the ceiling and smirked his boyish grin. 
“Then how about a kiss?” he asked, puckering his lips.

Kunihiko: The Aikawa dot com meeting was huge and very professional, so there was no time for exchanging gifts. It wasn’t until the both of you returned home that you realized that you had no gift for him. 
“Umm.. Uncle..” you whispered, as Kunihiko loosened up his tie. 
He shook his head and put a finger to your lips. 
“Call me Kuni, it’s weird if you call me uncle.” he muttered, smiling a bit.
You corrected yourself and continued on, “I think I may have forgotten something very important.” 
Kunihiko’s back stiffened and changed into a person of pure determination. 
“What is it? I’ll get it for you.” he said, pulling out his phone to call his assistant. 
“Nothing like that! It’s your.. present.” you finished. 
Kunihiko threw his head back as his laughter filled the entire room. He ruffled your hair and kissed you on the forehead. 
“That’s not important. Do you know what’s important?” he asked, looking into your eyes. 
“Socks?” you guessed, shrugging your shoulders. 
Kunihiko shook his head and chuckled before finishing, “It’s you. You’re so important to me and you’re my present. I don’t care about anything else. All I care about is you.” 
You fidgeted around with your hand before you realized the tiny mistletoe hanging from the wall. 
“What is-” you started, pointing at the wall, when you were enveloped in a very warm and sweet kiss. 
“Aw man. I got caught.” he muttered, crashing his lips onto yours with much more force and passion.

I hope you enjoyed! <3 
I love mistletoes. They make me so happy. Hehe. 
Anyone wanna kiss under the mistletoe with me?

Anon Request: MFW Guys trying to get to know their kids
Part 1 here:

-The request was about the biological father trying to get to know their kids-

It didn’t matter whose name she had. She was still his daughter. Sure, her existence was a drunken accident, but her position in his heart was not.
Takao hated him, and Saeki knew that. Takao tried to stop him from getting too close to the girl. Lawfully, she was a Maruyama, but anyone could see into obvious black hair and brown eyes. Saeki had no intentions of backing off. It was probably best for her to not ever know her heritage, but he needed her. He needed to be close to his daughter.
It was difficult, watching her call another man her father and call him Uncle. He wanted to be the man she comes running to with every problem, the man to guide her in her life, the man to walk her down the aisle, but here he was, an outsider.
“Uncle Saeki!”
Her sweet voice sounds in his ear and he looks up to her standing in front of him, grinning, her hair rippling in the breeze. He strokes Kiyomi’s hair like he had always done and smiles. She giggles and talks about a few things, and he listens intently. It was moments like this when he could pretend that she was addressing him like a father. Saeki watches warmly and responds in the right times, causing her smile to glow brighter. His heart fizzled in contentment. This was the life they should have had.
“Come on, Kiyomi.” Takao’s stern voice cuts through their conversation, and he helplessly watches his daughter shrug apologetically and leave. Saeki turns to meet his friend’s gaze, stiff and fierce. Kiyomi links her arm through Takao’s and starts rattling off her happy stories, stories Saeki had no part in. The lawyer gives him a warning glare, and leaves with the girl.
Saeki sighs and feel his heart sink again.

He really hadn’t thought about that much about that night. He didn’t quite mean to betray his friend and take you to bed, but everything went along in the moment and Aina was born. He had been shocked and determined to stay out of your life from then on, but the magnetic pull of blood bonds kept dragging him back.
Ren was still really busy with his duties, and Yuta took full advantage of that to steal away his lawful princess. It wasn’t intentional, but he needed her company.
He took her out as many times as he could, crafting inside jokes with her and laughing about the sun and stars and everything else. She was perfect to him, and he reveled in their resemblance. With her by his side, it was a feeling Yuta couldn’t imagine ever giving up. The day was brighter, the air a little sweeter, and even the passing crows looked friendly.
Ren grew even more distant than he already was, broken and endlessly bleeding with the interference of her biological father. Aina longed for his attentions, but received none in his painful withdrawal from her life. And so her affections were projected into Yuta, who strived to cheer her up. They only grew closer, and the cycle of Ren’s sadness rolled around continuously.
“Uncle Yuta?” She grins up at him one day as they sat around, practicing magic tricks. He gives a curious, questioning hum, eyes shining at her voice. “Can I not be a princess?”
“Why would you say that, kiddo?” He pats her hair, loving the soft touch under his hand.
“Dad doesn’t even seem to care about me.” She shrugs sadly. “I’d rather be normal, like you. It would be more fun being your daughter.”

That one night was an accident, influenced with too many drinks and a pretty face. He hadn’t expected you to tell him that you had gotten impregnated and was going to have the child in unwillingness to undergo abortion.
And thus his obsession began.
He hadn’t wanted to get involved, but Toshio’s resemblance to him was undeniable, and he felt himself drawn to the boy even more than he should. They had the same attitude, the same personality, and the same tendency to tease. He wanted to get to know his son.
Kunihiko disapproved of the boy’s wild behavior, and Toshio would end up chronically running to Yamato for understanding.
“I just hid Kiyomi’s diary for a couple of hours, I didn’t even read it!” He complained as he sat down beside his biological father. “And she gets all sad and dad gets super pissed off at me. Come on, seriously?”
Yamato chuckled and patted his son’s shoulder.
“Well, you know how Kiyomi is, nervous towards her own emotions. Don’t tease her that much. Or just tease her about something else.” He watched his son fondly, remembering his own former days. Toshio managed a smile.
“Thanks for getting me, Uncle Yamato. Gosh, dad just never understands.”
“He’s a little traditional.” He phrases carefully.
“Wish you were my dad. At least you understand.” Toshio shakes out his hair and runs a hand through his locks. Yamato’s eyes widen a little as he saw the familiarity in his son’s movements. The boy stood up. “Thanks, Uncle Yamato. I should get going before dad gets all revved up again.” He rolled his eyes. “Talk to you another time!”
As he gave a quick wave and strolled down the streets with his hands in his pockets, Yamato sighs quietly.
He was never going to be a dad, but he could still be a fatherly figure to his son.

You were hiding in your hometown for a few years, trying to explain to Ayame why you and Saeki were no longer together. She had cried and begged you to let her have her father back, but you knew it was a luxury you couldn’t grant her.
That was when Ren came into the picture.
You had told him before, and he finally made up his mind and come to get to know his trueborn daughter. Ayame was reserved against his approach, her mind set stubbornly on the man who had raised her in her youth.
Ren longed to share her life. She was his daughter, and he could feel the love throb painfully in his heart. It had been quite a mistake with you, but it was no fault of Ayame’s. He tried to slip into her life as gently as possible, showing up at your door once or twice a week and chatting briefly. He could sense Ayame’s guard slowly dropping as his visits became more frequent. She smiled a little at him, addressed him politely as Uncle Ren, and he decided that was a good start. You had remarked to him about her love of plants, and it the very next day when he started bringing little pots of seeds and sprouts for her.
Their bond blossomed like the flowers they planted together, and she grew to accept his presence as a fatherly one.
Neither of you had the intention to get married, but he stayed around, completely in love with his young daughter, unable to pull away. And she, in turn, accepted him in her life.

He didn’t want to cut into Yuta’s life. He had been just like an older brother to the man, but then he had gone ahead and wrecked his marriage. Kunihiko hated himself.
There were so many things he could have done to avoid hurting Yuta, but he had lost himself in his niece, and a cascade of problems had ensued. Pathetic.
He had fully intended to stay away from Yuta and his broken family, but he couldn’t help himself. You had told him the boy was his, and with every glance at the child, he felt another surge of fatherly possessiveness. He could see the discomfort in Yuta’s eyes as he spoke to Yoichi, the fake smiles he still put out.
Kunihiko couldn’t stop wanting to get closer to the boy. He stepped in for every trouble in his life; he tried to outdo Yuta as a father. All the while he hated himself even more for his actions.
“Uncle Kunihiko.” Yoichi looks up to him and his heart pulses harder. “Can you help me with this question?” He holds up some math homework and Kunihiko leap into it before his logical thought could overtake his mind. Nothing else mattered right now besides his son, and he wanted to help. He wanted to be important and impactful in his child’s life. When Yuta came into the bar after his show, Yoichi bounded over to him in excitement. Kunihiko felt a hard pang in his chest when Yuta embraces the boy with a forced grin.
“Thanks for taking care of my son, Kuni!” He gives a cheerful cry that lingered in the air with a haunting, mocking tone.
“No problem.” Kunihiko ruffles his purple hair to hide the empty chill that settled into his stomach.
Yuta left with the boy, and Kunihiko waved with a heavy heart as his son disappeared from sight again.

“I’m sorry.”
He studied your face seriously, with a nervous glint in the depths of his eyes.
“It’s not all your fault.” You say softly and beckon stiffly for him to sit down. He sits and holds your gaze.
“I want to make it up to you… Well I can’t. But I want to do something.” You bite your lip as Michiko and Masaru climb onto the couch around you. Your daughter puts her head in your lap and you stroke her brown hair. “Family is really important to me. I want to get to know my own kids.” Takao’s voice was calm and composed.
He tried hard. He carefully eased himself into the world of the twins, and they soon grew to enjoy and accept his entry. He comforted them when they were in need, he loved them with all his heart, and he was simply the ideal, attentive father you always wish your children had. His night with you had been a mistake, but as you watched him read to the twins before bed, you sighed in appreciation for his dedication to his children.
Takao’s unrivaled sense of responsibility and love for family kept him glued to Michiko and Masaru, endlessly showering them with attention they deserve from a father. He didn’t ask you to get married. Love for the children did not equate to love for you. He would never fill Yamato’s spot in your heart, but he was a father to the twins, and that’s all you felt you had the right to ask for.

It’s not as depressing as usual but I hope it came across as not happy haha.
Hope it’s not too disappointing as a sequal!
Thanks for the read!