Harry was sure in that instant they were both wondering the same thing.

This is such a dark moment and I’ve never seen it talked about before!?!

The suggestion that Harry ‘I will turn this broom around to save Malfoy even though this room is filled with cursed fire and I have a Horcrux to destroy’ Potter might not have rushed to the rescue of Vernon Dursley is… woah.

It says a lot about the neglect and abuse Harry suffered with the Dursleys that he isn’t at all sure he’d want to rescue Vernon. Dudley does redeem himself. Harry has occasional moments of connection with Petunia, like in OoTP when he tells her Voldemort has returned. But Uncle Vernon? There is never, ever a moment of kindness or understanding between them.

MORE than that, Vernon suspects that Harry wouldn’t rush to his aid if he were captured. Does he assume this is because Harry has no interest in helping ‘his lot’?? Or because he knows, deep down, that his treatment of Harry really has been appalling and Harry has no reason to love him or worry about him??

It’s just a tiny little moment between these two characters, but it says so much about their (totally awful & dysfunctional) relationship. Lastly, I bet this is the only moment in the series where both Harry and Vernon are wondering the same thing simultaneously.

What if...

Released Sirius AU

Request: Could you do a thing where Harry lives with a released Sirius as a kid instead of the Dursleys?

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“Uncle!” Sirius looks up from the his spot at the stove as Harry comes tottering down the stairs, dressed in his usual outfit – a simple plaid shirt and t-shirt with clean and pressed jeans. He smiles at the sight of his young godson ecstatic as he clutches a letter in his hand.

“What’ve you got there?” he asks, wiping his hands on a towel and walking over to Harry. Sirius picks up the letter and scans it, the texture and weight of the parchment envelope familiar to his fingers.

“You were right! You were right! They say we have to go pick up supplies, can we Uncle? Can we go soon? I get to finally pick out a wand, right?” Sirius smiles as he listens to Harry ramble on about Hogwarts, finding his excitement contagious. Sirius reaches out and ruffles Harry’s already messy hair.

“We’ll go first thing tomorrow, okay?”

Sirius takes the box of floo powder from the top of the fireplace mantle and offers it to Harry. “Remember, Harry, speak clearly, okay?” Harry nods and nimbly hops into the fireplace.

“Diagon Alley!” Sirius breathes a sigh of relief. They had traveled this way before, of course, but he could never shake a slight feeling of anxiousness whenever they did it again. Taking a handful of the powder himself, he walks into the fireplace and throws the powder down, letting the warm flames engulf him as he spins out of sight.

“Wow…” Harry clutches his new wand in his fist, waving it wildly. Sirius notices the tall hat fly off a woman’s head a couple feet in front of them, and he quickly stops Harry’s motions to prevent any further casualties.

“Let’s take a quick break, okay? How about some ice cream?” The two step into Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlor. Harry beams at the sight of all the flavors, but eventually settles on a double scoop of strawberry and vanilla with nuts sprinkled on top. He laughs at the sight of the toppings magically flying to the top of his cone and laying themselves on top, reveling in his magical surroundings.

As the two finish their errands, they head back towards the Leaky Cauldron with their purchases in tow. They pass the menagerie and Harry exclaims in delight at the sight of a large snowy owl. Sirius smiles but shakes his head. “Maybe next time, okay?”

Harry opens his eyes, surprised but relieved to not find himself splattered on a brick wall. He glances behind him and sees Sirius emerging from the entrance to Platform 9 ¾.

Suddenly, a boy with red hair jostles Harry to the side. “Oops, sorry! I’m Ron,” the boy says with a small grin. Harry gives him a shy wave and returns to staring around the platform. Through the heavy smoke, he sees cats and toads running around, a whole bunch of red heads near a compartment, and a couple sparks flying in the air.

Harry feels a clap on his shoulder and whips around to see his smiling godfather standing next to him. “Let’s get you to a compartment, yeah?” Harry nods eagerly and totes his things towards the nearest compartment entrance. Sirius hefts his trunk into the train and then gives Harry a lift – but they don’t move right away.

Sirius clears his throat. “Have a good time, Harry. I know you will.” Harry nods, slightly teary at the thought of leaving his godfather for the first time, but excited for things to come. “Go on, now. Go find somewhere to sit.” Harry gives Sirius one last hug, then lugs his things away to find a compartment to follow as the train starts moving.

Sirius remains in his spot, staring after the train long after it’s gone. “Goodbye, son.”

It always seemed odd that Harry Potter’s aunt and uncle, the Dursleys, would be good enough to take him in and raise him, only to keep him locked in a cupboard under the stairs and generally treat him like a moldering hunk of Hitler’s shit. Why not just dump him in an orphanage if they were planning on treating him like an old boot for the entirety of his childhood? In a series full of magical beings, one of the most fantastic elements is that these completely normal people managed to be so terrible without the use of any spells

… or did they? A theory by Graphic Nerdity claims that the Dursleys were originally a normal, supportive couple, but continued exposure to Harry’s cursed ass turned them into resentful hate beasts. Harry Potter was a magical cancer gnawing hungrily away their souls.

5 Horrifying Fan Theories That Make Way Too Much Sense

Don’t think about 3 year old Harry Potter being punished for calling Aunt Petunia ‘Mummy’.
Don’t think about this little boy being reminded every single day that the people he has to live with absolutely despise him.
Don’t think about him having to watch Dudley grow up next to him having everything Harry could never have, watching his aunt and uncle praise their precious son for every mediocre thing he did while Harry’s achievements in school went by unnoticed.
DON’T think about Harry locked up in that spider-infested cupboard under the stairs, hearing his family laugh and play with Dudley and feeling so utterly miserable that he questions his existence.
Don’t think about the panic in Harry’s stomach when he’s told Aunt Marge will be coming to stay again. Don’t think about the fear he feels when he’s chased up a tree by her bulldog and forced to stay up there all night while everyone laughs at him, treating him like absolutely nothing.
Don’t think about the thoughts Harry has when he’s finally told there are other people who care about him, when he’s allowed to go to Hogwarts, when he realises that all this time he could have avoided ever having to live in this absolute torture.
Just… don’t.