The question on the table is do were put a twelve year-old boy in charge of running the Los Angeles Institute, or do we do it ourselves like a bunch of miserable losers? I say we make Julian do it, and I’m the boss. Therefore, meeting adjourned.
—  Uncle Arthur, at his first (and only) meeting with the Head Los Angeles Downworlders 

This popped up into my head after seeing a headcanon by dontfeeddaelves and I just had to type it up. This broke my feels. Just warning you.

Arthur had to watch as his arm pushed his best friend off the edge of the cliff. He felt everything when Mystery grabbed his arm, biting and ripping it off. The blonde screamed in agony as blood, his blood pooled underneath him. He heard Vivi screaming and tried to move to the edge to see what was going on but blacked out.
When he woke the first time, it was to people trying to get him to respond. He just kept trying to ask where his friends were. He saw a flash of purple and blue pass by and looked over, seeing Lewis and Vivi, followed by Mystery, getting into a different ambulance. The blonde passed back out.
The next time he woke was to hushed words not too far away. He opened his eyes and they stopped. He looked over and saw his friends. He went to say something, but they glared at him with such hatred, he went quiet.
“Traitor.” Lewis glared. Arthur couldn’t believe he was alive. He thought he lost his best friend. “When we leave the hospital your stuff is going back to your Uncle’s.” It wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. Arthur looked to Vivi and she just snubbed him.
The blonde looked to his lap, turning onto his good side so he faced away from the two while tears ran down his face. It went this way every time he tried to talk. It was difficult and quickly began to depress him. He would lay there and not move, not look at Lewis.
One day a nurse came in and asked Arthur to please move from his bed so she could change his sheets. The blonde didn’t want to, but relented and slowly pushed himself up. His hold on the bed railing slipped and he fell, hearing Lewis’ laugh. It broke Arthur’s heart more. The area where his arm used to be ached and he gave a faint cry of pain. The nurse looked to him and knelt down.
“Where does it hurt?” She asked. He whined and tried to speak.
“A-Arm… The one that’s gone..” He whined. She gave a knowing look.
“Those are phantom pains. It happens to everyone who loses a limb.” She stood up and finished remaking his bed, helping him onto it. The nurse left the room, leaving him with Lewis again.
“You deserve worse pain asshole.” Lewis glared. Arthur just looked away, not responding when Vivi came in or when a nurse came in to bring Lewis and Arthur food.
He didn’t sleep well that night, or any other nights. It hurt and he had too many nightmares. He had a lot more breakdowns and mental meltdowns, all the while hearing Lewis’ snide comments. Finally a month went by and the two were taken to physical therapy to regain full mobility.
While Lewis was relearning to walk, they gave Arthur a prosthetic. He just screamed and pulled at it until they took it off and took him back to his room.
Lewis began to notice how skinny the blonde was, how tired he looked, how little he ate and responded, how he never slept anymore. And worse yet, how unlike himself he was. It wasn’t just that he was quiet or didn’t respond, it was that he never tried to talk to them anymore, never even looked for Lance, who had stopped coming too once Vivi told him what had happened. That had to be hard, Lewis had visitors, Arthur just laid there as everyone ignored him or glared at him. Lewis’ mother even went off on Arthur and that sent a pain through Lewis.
Arthur was completely alone and had been broken down by E V E R Y O N E. He looked to the catatonic blonde and cleared his throat.
“Hey…. Arthur? You gonna eat your jello?” He asked slowly. Arthur didn’t even flinch and that terrified him. Arthur at least used to flinch when he’d talk to him, though his words since coming to the hospital had been horrid.
Lewis would keep trying throughout the day until he was taken to physical therapy. They had momentarily given up Arthur’s physical therapy, they didn’t want to stress him out.
A few days passed like this until Vivi came back. She saw the skeletal like Arthur and stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn’t stop the stab of worry in her heart or the tears that gathered in her eyes. “Arthur…” She said, going over to the blonde. Lewis didn’t try to stop her, he was worried too. Vivi gently laid her hand on Arthur’s shoulder. The blonde did nothing. “Hey… Come on. I brought Mystery.” The dog sat on Lewis’ bed, his eyes watching as Arthur did nothing. After a few minutes of trying to get the blonde to do anything but stare at his lap, Mystery did something he wished he wouldn’t have to. He spoke up.
“He was telling the truth, you know.” Vivi and Lewis both snapped their heads in his direction. “I was hoping you would come to believe him, what with us hunting ghosts and demons. Arthur wasn’t lying about a demon making him push Lewis.”
Lewis looked to Arthur and pain filled his chest. It was guilt. He got up with his crutches and went to Arthur, sitting on the bed and hugging him close as tears rolled down his eyes. The blonde still didn’t react, limp in his arms. The only signal he was alive was his quiet breathing.

More Than Meets the Eye

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Okay.”  Arthur said.  “What the hell was that?”  He pointed at the dark haired man crumpled on the floor.

“That,” Merlin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.  “That’s my Uncle.”  He said at last.

“And who is your Uncle?” Arthur prompted.

“…King Lot of Essetir.” Merlin hung his head.

“And why is he here?” Arthur was acting like an angry parent.

“Because he tried to kill me?”

“And why did he try to kill you?”  Arthur crossed his arms.

“…Because I’m the rightful heir to the throne of Essetir.” Merlin finished.  The knights were staring dumfounded at the lifeless man.              

“Exactly.  And one more thing?”

“What?” Merlin sighed in exasperation.  Arthur lunged forward and punched Merlin in the shoulder.  Hard.  Merlin recoiled with a shout, cradling his shoulder as he glared at Arthur.  “What was that for?”

“What do you think it was for?!” Arthur shouted.  “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Merlin scoffed.

“And give my Uncle a reason to go to war? Are you kidding?!  I didn’t tell anyone I was here!”

“If you’re the King of Essetir, what are you doing here?” Gwaine asked him.

“My uncle stole the throne.  It was supposed to be my mother’s, but then she met my dad.  He threatened to reveal their relationship unless she abdicated the throne.  But by then I was a baby and living with Pa.” He continued.  “Because I was already born before she abdicated, I’m still next in line.”  Merlin pointed to his uncle with the bloody sword in his hand.  “I guess he found out I was here.”  Everyone was silent.

“So now what?” Leon said after a long moment.  Merlin shrugged.

“I guess I go back.”  He said simply.  “It’s the right thing to do.”  Everyone was silent.  Finally, Arthur sighed and nodded.

“Saddle a horse and provide Mer—His Majesty with any supplies he may need.”

“I’m sorry Arthur, I had to protect our kingdoms.”  Arthur nodded again.

“Don’t worry.  I would’ve done the same thing.“  Merlin sighed in relief. "I’m sending Gwaine and Percival to escort you back to your castle.”  Merlin nodded. 

“Thank you, Arthur,” He held out his hand and the other king shook it.  “For everything.” Arthur smiled.

It had been a week since Merlin had returned to his kingdom, and the coronation ceremony was coming up fast.  Even though he had already officially become King, the council insisted on a ceremony.  A knock on Arthur’s door interrupted his paperwork. “Enter.”  He called. A messenger bearing the crest of Essetir stood in the doorway.

“Pardon the intrusion, Sire, but I come bearing a message from King Merlin of Essetir.”  Arthur nodded and took the scroll from the messenger.

“You’re excused,” He said absent-mindedly.  He heard a faint “Thank you, Sire,” as the door closed.  Arthur quickly unrolled the scroll and read its contents:

King Clotpole,

You are hereby cordially invited to bear witness to the coronation of King Merlin of—This is stupid.  Everything’s so formal!  How did you deal with this; you’re the least formal person I know!  I would’ve come and invited you in person, but apparently kings can’t just do whatever they want.  So thanks for warning me.

I’m also writing to ask if you’d be interested in opening trade between Camelot and Essetir?  You don’t have to write your reply, we can discuss it at my coronation.

Yes, you are coming.  Even if I have to drag you here myself.

Your Friend,


Arthur snickered at Merlin’s unique way of issuing a proclamation, and began making arrangements to clear a few days for Merlin’s coronation.  Until he realized he was missing one teeny, tiny, detail.  Growling in annoyance, he grabbed a piece of parchment and began writing.


You never told me when the coronation is.


Respectfully yours,

King Arthur of Camelot

Thanks to beautygirl701 for requesting this one!


-Arthur is King Arthur and Francis is his, hem, faithful and trusty squire

-Joffery Baratheon thought it would be funny to force his uncle Arthur Lannister to marry Francis Tyrell, but they end up falling in love anyways

-Francis goes to a con as Loras Tyrell while Arthur goes as Renly Baratheon. They meet each other and casually flirt with each other, then some fans come by and ask for some more fanservice. They suck it up and full out kiss each other, after the con they hang out and fall in love

-Francis is a good student but he starts to get into trouble when he learns about the detention teacher Mr. Kirkland

-Arthur always thought French was a beautiful language and he really thinks that now with the new French teacher Mr. Bonnefoy

-Francis is a cashier at a grocery store and secretly hopes that the handsome rocker punk who just walked in will talk to him as he’s paying for his groceries

-Arthur as a punk rocker going into a grocery store and telling himself to always shop here because he likes the looks of that hella cute cashier

-Arthur is a cashier at a grocery store and that day he just so happens to be wearing a simple silver chain but on that chain is one of those fake Lord of The Rings rings that you can get. Francis moves into town and does some shopping. After he’s paid for his groceries, he points to Arthur and says “You must destroy the ring. Go to Mordor and throw it into the volcano. Be safe on your quest” then Arthur starts to feel all happy because at least someone acknowledged it.

-Each time Arthur is cashier and Francis buys groceries, Arthur is wearing something different and Francis makes the perfect nerd remark. One day Francis comes in with a pin saying “Hello I am 24601” and Arthur says “just don’t steal any bread okay?” They start to hang out and eventually fall for each other. One day Arthur says “You know that LotR ring I had? Well I got a different one”
Francis goes “oh yeah? Show me”
So Arthur gets on one knee and proposes to Francis with a beautiful (fandom) ring