Arthur’s Uncle, Lance - Owner and head mechanic at “Kingsmen Mechanics”

Uncle Lance may seem a bit gruff at first but he can be pretty protective of his nephew and his friends.  He doesn’t much understand Arthur’s more… robot-y tinkerings or all this “Paranormal Investigation” stuff his buddies keep going on about, he prefers to not mixed up in all that weird stuff.

Rumor has it that Uncle Lance used to be a Pro-Wrestler when he was younger, though he will furiously deny it.  That doesn’t much explain why he’s got that championship belt around his waist though…

(Size chart included!)


(Freaking out Spoilers)

Is it possible Arthur is searching for Lewis and assumes he simply went missing?

I mean look at this frame, it definitely looks like a map especially when you look at the different pinpoints that I assume stand for Kingsmen Mechanics (Arthur’s Uncle repair shop) and Tome Tomb (The Used book and comic store Vivi works at).

What are interesting are all the Lewis pinpoints and how they either are crossed out or surrounded by question marks. This could easily signify different locations that have lead to dead ends and the top left pinpoint being a potential location of where Lewis could be, in Arthur’s eyes. Though I need to mention he clearly knows something is up or something is connected with the ghost encounter they had (Though Arthur seems to not realize that the ghost was Lewis).

God, this breaks my heart just thinking about it this because Arthur clearly staying up nights and losing sleep about something.

And my guess is trying to find his best friend. Because this video made it clear Lewis and Arthur were it least very close (we never really knew with the first video)… for FUCK’S SAKE THE GUY HAS LEWIS’S FAMILY AS HIS LAPTOP BACKGROUND.

What’s even sadder? It seems to be true that Vivi doesn’t even remember Lewis because as her eyes glow, Lewis gets erased from the picture.

Could this mean, Arthur doesn’t know he technically killed Lewis/doesn’t remember being possessed (only that Mystery torn his arm off) and thinks Lewis might still be alive and is just missing while Vivi has not recollection of there of even being a Lewis?

That’s just my half asleep thoughts of this amazing video.

so using the conversions I figured out just a bit ago and explained sorta here, I have now calculated everyone’s height. youre welcome.

Lewis: 7'0.5"/2.1m
White Forest: 6'3"/1.9m
Mrs. Pepper: 6'1.5"/1.87m
Duet: 6"/1.8m
Arthur: 5'11"/1.8m
Vivi: 5'5.5"/1.66m
Mr. Pepper: 5'4"/1.63m
Chloe: 5'1"/1.55m
Uncle Lance: 4'4"/1.32m
Mystery: 3'3.5"/1m
Galahad: 1'2"/0.36m (wat)

After several headcanons and jokes, I decided to design my take on Arthur’s mother. 

Ingrid, Arthur’s mother, also younger sister of Uncle Lance. Boneytheblue and I headcanon that everyone in Arthur’s side of the family where Lance is from has spiky super saiyan hair. And since we liked the idea Uncle Lance is Arthur’s maternal uncle… well…

Ingrid is visually loosely based on Pearl from Steven Universe, thanks to the jokes I’ve seen on tumblr that Pearl and Mayor Dewey are Shaggy’s parents or their fusion is Shaggy. Also because I liked how Pearl has pointy hair that still looks graceful and motherly.

Ingrid’s name is a reference to Igraine, who was King Arthur’s mother.