So I get on Facebook the other day and there’s a message waiting for me from this person I don’t know whatsoever named Joseph Usabuwera. I read it and it is someone my uncle met in Kigali, Rwanda when he visited on numerous occasions. I added  him because he asked and I thought it was so sweet that he went out of his way to find me and tell me how kind my uncle is. I know the basis of what my uncle does in Africa. He went there the first time to visit the memorials of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. After being affected by that, he went back to teach art and help the destroyed villages regain a little happiness by painting murals on the sides of their buildings. He scaled Mount Kilimanjaro and had people sponsor him per foot he climbed to put towards a clean water system in this village. He continues returning and has also helped them to create a sunflower oil business and is trying to help them earn money from it. He is a huge sponsor there and I admire him greatly for it. He makes me so proud, and I can truly call him my hero. I want so badly to follow in his footsteps and help do what he does there. Now that i’m eighteen I truly want him to bring me along so I can help make a difference in these people’s lives. So many people say that they want to go to Africa to help people, but I really mean it. With all of my heart. And I have a way to do it. With my uncle. Who truly inspires me every day that I can achieve anything. I love him. And I truly hope that I can get to Rwanda, to these people, and help.

I didn’t write my journal in a long time because I’ve been very busy with my job. But now its quiet so I will write. Also because I’m bored. My mom says that I’m trouble when I’m bored. Sometimes when I’m bored I like to visit my friends’ offices. Bill doesn’t like it when I visit his office even though we’re partners and equal. Bill also doesn’t let me drive anymore. He says I’m a “hazard to civilians”. We had a driving adventure. That’s what Nina calls it. She says “Gary, tell me about your driving adventure.” then Bill makes a noise and walks away if he’s close and Nina only asks me when he’s close. I don’t think he’s very happy when I talk about it. It’s because he yelled a lot. That’s what I tell everyone. Its true. I don’t lie. He yelled at me to brake and he was very nervous I think. I’m a good driver though.
My mom didn’t want me to work anymore with Doctor Rosen and my friends. Its because at dinner she asked me how work was going and I said that its a secret and need to know. And she said she needs to know because she’s my mom and that’s true so I told her. But then she got upset. Then she wouldn’t let me go to work but I went anyway when she was busy because I knew my friends needed my help. She wanted me to work with my uncle Alan but I don’t work for him, I work for Doctor Rosen. 
I helped my friends and I got to be in charge of a mission to help an Alpha. That’s because I’m an adult and I’m very good at what I do. That’s why I got to be in charge. But then a man held a shotgun at me. They’re okay guns but I don’t like it when they’re pointed at me. I told him I’m a secret agent but then Bill came and helped me because we’re partners. He’s very good at his job too. My mom shouldn’t worry about my job because my friends look out for me and keep me safe. Like Bill. He kept me safe. And Hicks kept me safe too. He made sure I didn’t get hurt by David Burton with the bad breath.
I have good friends so my mom shouldn’t worry. 

Thank you uncle Alan!!! I will light for everyone… How many hours until Shabbat? (at Milwaukee Lakefront)