uncle moony

  • harry: this is my dad and this is my mum.
  • harry: this is my dad's other wife, whom i also call uncle padfoot.
  • harry: this is my dad's other wife's husband, uncle moony.
  • harry: and this is uncle wormtail, uncle padfoot says that he is adopted.
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I’ve always wanted an AU where after the death of James & Lily Potter, Harry ends up living with Remus Lupin.


• remus would be the most protective guardian ever, he lost all his bestfriends in one night and he obviously cannot bare the thought of losing harry as well.

• he’d make harry identify him as an uncle. he’d never take away the title of father from james potter– although he practically raised him like harry’s his own son.

• baby harry just running his tiny little hands all over remus’ face specifically his scars & remus would let him and just laugh at harry with pure adoration.

• remus would continuously tell harry stories of his time at hogwarts, about the marauders and most especially the tales of how james potter got rejected by lily evans far too many times to count.

• harry going to remus’ room at the crack of dawn when he gets nightmares and lying on remus’ body. this would awaken remus and he’d wrap his arms around harry protectively.

• a week prior to the full moon, remus would leave harry at the order–in alastor moody we can hopefully trust– when he comes to pick harry up, he’d bring lots of chocolate to make him feel better (to make both of them feel better honestly)

• harry would sometimes slip up and call him ‘dad’ without noticing it. this would just melt lupin’s heart, he’d smile ever so subtly. even though he would never admit it to anyone this were those tiny moment he treasured so much.

• remus would probably be a bit of the disciplinarian kind of guardian but he makes sure not to neglect harry and always shows him affection & care.

• just basically remus being the best uncle-slash-dad ever to harry. at first he had taken him under his care because harry is james & lily’s son but over the years he’d obviously started caring for the boy more so and eventually thought of him as his own.


while living out his days in azkaban, one of the very few things that brought comfort to sirius was the thought of harry. he knew that harry would be taken care of. he knew that harry would be safe in the arms of his uncle moony.

A Choice With No Regrets Masterpost: 

What if, instead of going after Peter, Sirius Black had stayed and taken his place as Harry’s guardian? 

After the events of October 31st, Harry’s godfather has done just that… and now Sirius and Remus are about to have a crash-course in parenting. 

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Remus Lupin’s belongings were boxed up neatly and stored in Harry’s attic. On a rainy autumn day, 10 year old Teddy was exploring, seeing what he could find when he stumbled upon the box labelled ‘Remus’. He delved in, carefully pulling out individual jumpers, each with several holes in them, accompanied by their own specific smells. Remus’s Gryffindor house sweater was on top, reeking heavily of smoke with undertones of mint from his friends’ smoking habit, badly covered up with a lot of chewing gum. Next was a cardigan with a list in one pocket and a receipt in the other. The list was a shopping list for a bookstore and the receipt was for a small cafe he liked to go to in his years alone. Another one was very neatly folded and smelt of soap, however a few, stray red hairs gave away the tale behind this one. His time spent at Grimmauld Place with the Weasleys was not long, but no one managed to avoid Molly’s laundry days. Finally, a softer, newer, blue sweater was folded at the bottom. A few small milk stains and an overwhelming scent of roses - his mother’s favourite perfume - were the variations in this piece. Instantly, Teddy knew that this must be from their short time spent together, as a family. He packed all but one of the jumpers back into their box, along with several trinkets that Remus had gathered over time. One jumper caught Teddy’s eye though. A small, green sweater. It became his favourite item of clothing, even making its way to Hogwarts with him in his first year. Little did Teddy know that his father wore that exact sweater on his way to his first day in Hogwarts, eyes bright but with nerves consuming him. Many great adventures ahead of them both.

how Harry treats Remus canonically kills me like he’s always referred to as “Professor Lupin” but if Jily (Power Couple™) had lived he would be “Uncle Remus” and he’d come over every weekend for tea and biscuits and also he’d bring a new book every week and slip it into tiny Harry’s hands and I just

I think not many have discussed this over the years but can we just talk about how Remus John Lupin appeared when Harry held the resurrection stone.

the resurrection stone shows the holder’s deceased loved ones. keyword: LOVED ONES.
Harry loved Remus Lupin, to him he was more than just Professor Lupin; he was, in some ways, Uncle Moony. I think its sad that we never got much of Lupin being a loving uncle to Harry, I also think its sad how in Order of the Phoenix Harry goes and hugs Sirius while Remus is at the sideline just watching this happen.

A Choice With No Regrets: Part 2

*two weeks after the events of Halloween*

Remus: *winces as Harry lets out another ear-splitting scream* 

Remus: Don’t bounce him so much! 

Sirius: I think he likes it. 

Remus: He doesn’t like it. 

Remus: *sighs as Harry wails louder* I told you. 

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I was thinking about the AU thing where Wolfstar raise Harry, but send him to a Muggle primary school so he has some kind of normal childhood, and this happened.

Harry is six years old, and it’s his primary two parents evening. This year, Remus is able to come along, because it’s not close to the full moon. While he and Sirius are in talking to Harry’s teacher, there’s a few other kids out in the hall waiting with their parents.

So, little Harry is sitting on a chair, waiting for Uncle Padfoot and Uncle Moony to finish talking to his teacher, when he hears one of the kids say something about Sirius’ hair, or his leather jacket or something. Soon, the other kids join in, talking shit about Harry’s “weird uncles”.

Their parents don’t say anything- they’re judging Remus and Sirius too, but for slightly different reasons. So, the kids continue tossing insults around, and Harry’s sitting there getting increasingly angry, trying to stay calm, because he’s been promised a McDonalds if he can behave himself.

He’s doing well, too, but then one of the kids says something about Remus’ scars, and Harry just snaps. Before anyone can do anything, he turns around and punches the kid. Its at that point that Remus and Sirius come out and see what’s happened. Harry goes straight up to Remus and hugs his legs, explaining that he didn’t mean it, but the other kid wouldn’t stop being mean, and he had to do something about it.

After the necessary apologies and explanations are made, Remus and Sirius take Harry back to the car and they go home. Whilst Harry does get a stern talking to about controlling his temper, he does get his McDonalds in the end, for getting a good report, and for standing up for his family.

Lily + Remus
  • Ultimate brotp, no one can convince me that they were more than platonic 
  • The first night, none of the other boys take notice of Remus because he is so quiet. He is the first one up in the morning, an early riser like Lily.
  • At six in the morning, at breakfast, Lily sees him and approaches him with a giant grin that is so like her. “Someone else who is up at the crack of dawn,” she says. 
  • They go out to explore the grounds together
  • In fact, early morning walks are their specialty. This knowledge of mapping out the grounds comes in handy when making the Marauders Map (unbeknownst to Lily)
  • Remus, new in first year, is the only person from the class other than Lily who has read his textbooks. In Transfiguration, Lily and him earn Gryffindor twenty points the first day.
  • Lily and him become study partners before he becomes friends with the other Marauders. She is there for him “when no one else was”. 
  • She begins to take notice of the days he’s gone. 
  • She realizes what he is, but never confronts him. She knows he is still Remus.
  • In second year, when the Marauders figure it out, Remus runs away, hiding. She is the one who convinces him to go back, because she could see the “beauty in others that they didn’t see themselves.”
  • In third year, James starts to like her. (“Moony, mention my name, please when you study”)
  • Later that evening, Remus and Lily discuss Cheering Charms, “Did you know, James is so good at charms,” he says. She raises her eyebrows.
  • “James is great with flobberworms.” When doing their care of magical creatures essay.
  • Because Remus is the number one Jily shipper.
  • Fourth year, she sees Remus staring at Sirius’ hair. She grins to herself. The next day, Sirius’ hair is braided and she sees Remus blush terribly and she laughs. 
  • Remus turns around and he knows that she knows. Thus start her and James’ awful plans to get “Wolfstar” together. (”Potter, let’s just drop Amortenia on Black’s Head”)
  • Remus making them fail on purpose so she and James get more time together. (“Sorry, Lily, I accidentally messed up all my lines.”)
  • During fifth year, they were the best team of prefects. Although Lily disapproves that Remus would not argue with his friends, she did not blame him for it.
  • Fifth year, during O.W.L season, Remus and Lily were the ones calming everyone down.
  • Sixth year, they are the ones recklessly tossing aside their exams because they needed to protest the new ministry laws.
  • During the Prank, Lily convinced Remus to forgive Sirius. She also went to Sirius and punched him in the face during breakfast, tbhus earning her detention for the first time. (”Evans, will you marry me?” James Potter laughs for the first time in five days.)
  • Seventh year, when Lily warms up to James, this time it is Remus and Sirius who start hatching plans.
  • When she starts going out with him, Remus hugs James and whispers cheerfully, “I love you and everything mate, but don’t hurt her, or Moony will rip you to shreds.”
  • After school, they all rent out a flat together. He and Sirius organize the bachelor party.
  • During the wedding, Remus makes sure that Sirius doesn’t get too drunk, and cuts at least 35 deer puns out of the Best Man’s Speech. (”I think 64 is enough, don’t you think, Pads?”) 
  • That is the last night he remembers them being all together.
  • He can’t be there when Harry is born because of the full moon, but Lily brages into his room the next day and makes him hold Harry. (”You’re his Uncle Moony,” she says, laughing. “We can’t leave you.”)
  • Which is why it is sad when they have to part, James and Lily and Harry going into hiding.
  • He goes undercover to the werewolves, and Sirius begins to think he is the spy
  • On Halloween night, he hears what has happened when he is for the first time, not undercover. It was going to be a relatively quiet night free of stress and worry.
  • Now he has no worries, because his worst worries have come true. He rushes to the dilapidated house.
  • His mind is blank as he realizes all that happened. It keeps playing in his kind ovr and over and over again. Sirius laughing manically, much like he used to when there were worms coming out of the Slytherins’ ears. Now muggles were bleeding. revulsion and guilt fill him, because he misses Sirius, but Sirius has killed James. James, the good one, the loyal one, the steady one.
  • He sees James crooked glasses in the coffin and remembers fondly when James fell asleep in History of Magic while staring at Lily when he used to stare at her.
  • He sees his long arms, lifeless, and remembers when  they held him up after the full moon.
  • He stares blankly at Lily, the most of all. Her radiant hair and dazzling eyes (apparently Harry Potter’s eyes), closed forever. Her kind smile that she would never smile again. Her anger that would never be roused again. 
  • But when he looks into the face of Harry Potter, the first thought that comes to his mind is James.
  • But he looks into those dazzling eyes, of one of his best friends, his dearest friends, he cannot bear it and needs to go out of the carriage.
  • Because one upon a time, Lily and Remus were the dearest of friends.

anonymous asked:

If you're looking for wolfstar prompts could you maybe write a wolfstar raises Harry au? (btw I love your drabbles/fics they're so good)

Harry shrieked happily as he waddled away speedily from his godfather. He chased after the toddler with his hands stretched out. “Gotcha! You’re a fast little fellow, aren’t you Prongslet?” Little Harry struggled against his grip when Sirius’s fiancee, Remus, called out that dinner was ready. He looked up at Sirius who looked back down at him. “Race you.” Sirius said. Harry sped off ahead of him, Sirius feigning slowness. “Oh, so close! You’re going to make a great Quidditch player some day.” He told his godson as he lifted him up onto his shoulder.

“What’s Quidditch?” Little Harry asked.

“Why don’t you explain it to him while you help me set the table?” Remus asked, handing his fiancee some plates.

“Of course, darling.” He put the plates out and set Harry down on a chair. His head just made it above the table. Remus smiled softly at the boy, then to Sirius. They sat down and ate together, Harry telling his Uncles about his day.

They day came when Remus and Sirius got married. The wedding was quite small, but perfect all the same. It was even more perfect when Harry came bouncing down the aisle, holding the rings on a red velvet pillow. He was smiling so brightly and giggled when Remus ruffled his hair.

Before they knew it, they were in Diagon Alley shopping for Harry’s school supplies. They walked into Madam Malkin’s where Sirius immediately spotted white blonde hair. “Oh no, not a Malfoy. We should come back later.” He began to pulled Remus away when Harry bounced up to the stool right next to the boy. Sirius started after him, but Remus held him back.

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Uncle Remus is offline!

James, opening the door: … Moony? 

(Ooc: I can’t thank you enough for all the asks, reblogs and likes I got tonight. I didn’t think you’d enjoy this as much and I’m so, so happy you liked it! It was a brilliant night and Uncle Moony will come back at some point.) 

Alright, so here’s what I’ve been thinking about

This has probably said before, but i’m gonna say it again because it actually kinda bothers me a bit

Veritaserum is a thing that is canon in the wizarding world. it was introduced and used in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It forces people to tell the truth when they are asked a question.


Why wasn’t it used before? Think about it. Right after Sirius was arrested, they could have given him some and asked him a whole bunch of questions and just like that, Sirius gets to live a happy life with his boyfriend Remus. Best case, the ministry questions Sirius before Voldemort kills the Potters and they are able to get hidden and they live and Harry grows up happy with loving parents and godparents and friends, maybe even a few siblings. Worse case, Voldemort kills James and Lily, but shortly after, Sirius is deemed innocent and Harry gets to live and grow up with Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot. 

Then, I was thinking, in the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and Hermione were telling Dumbledore what happened and that Sirius was innocent. He responded with something like – I believe you, but I have a feeling that not many people will be so willing to take the word of 3 thirteen year olds.–  Why not give them the veritaserum? This is also another great opportunity to give some to Sirius. All to prove that Sirius is innocent. Take it in front of the ministry and clear Sirius’s name, even though it should have been done 12 years before. 

Flash forward to the Goblet of Fire when Cedric is killed and Harry is saying that Voldemort did it. Fudge is denying it and refusing to believe that Voldemort is back. Now, stick with me here, but maybe if someone had come up with the idea to give Harry the potion, everyone would believe him. Everyone would know that Voldemort is back and have more time to prepare and go into hiding. If more people were aware sooner, part of the war and many deaths could have been avoided. 

Now those probably aren’t the only examples, but these ones stuck out most blatantly in my mind. Giving Veritaserum, if the person was willing of course, would have solved so many issues. It honestly baffles me how the wizarding world stays up and running because it’s a disaster and a half most of the time. They have all of these ways to make their lives easier but instead they choose the hardest, most difficult way to go about things. 

Anywho, that’s what I thought about for most of Physics today. Thanks for reading my headcannon and listening to my TED talk

If you don’t think that Remus’ heart broke in to a million pieces every time Harry called him ‘‘Professor Lupin’‘ in PoA you’re probably wrong

because you know he could have been ol’ uncle moony