uncle tom's trail

Requested by @yjrevolution
John’s daughter (Reader) X Isaiah pregnancy announcement.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Cursing, Mentions of Miscarriage.

Ok guys, I had to really sit and do some math for the first time since I graduated high school (joking). Everyone is basically older in this imagine – John is 35, not 29, which in turn makes the other Shelby’s older, except Finn (18) is younger than his niece by a year, and we are just going to go along with it because that’s the only way this imagine works.

Hope you guys enjoy this one! FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!


You knew you wouldn’t be able to hide your small bump from the family – or Isaiah much longer. You had only popped a few days ago, a small and almost noticeable swell finally made an appearance.

You were about five and a half months along. You knew you should have told Isaiah when the physician confirmed it two months prior, but after already losing a baby -  you wanted to be sure that this one wasn’t going anywhere. You didn’t want to get Isaiah’s hopes up again, only to have them crushed.

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