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the absolute highlight of my week was when I found out that Donald Trump made an appearance in Uncle Scrooge comic as a villain. 

Look at this! It’s amazing! This is Ronald Plump, the sleazy business man who tries to cheat Scrooge on a deal, but ends up running his own business into a bankruptcy. I wonder why this particular comic has never been translated into English. ;) 

 I am so happy to be able, with my own two eyes, to see Scrooge McDuck give a verbal smackdown to this orange walking toupee.


In 2014, Finnish musician Tuomas Holopainen of the symphonic metal band Nightwish released his first solo album, titled “Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.” He was, of course, paying tribute to Don Rosa’s epic, award-winning saga from the 1990s.

In Chapter 8 of said saga, “King of the Klondike,” Rosa began in earnest his exploration of the Scrooge/Goldie relationship, which he had previously toyed with in Uncle Scrooge Adventures #5’s “Last Sled to Dawson.” “King of the Klondike” would spawn many additional tales before Rosa’s unfortunate retirement in 2008.

Thanks to Rosa and DuckTales, Goldie became a pivotal figure within the McDuck Legend, and one who will continue to be explored in DT 2017 (if I’m interpreting the hints of story editor Frank Angones correctly).

Naturally, Tuomas devoted an entire track of his album to Goldie and Scrooge. It’s beautiful, evocative, and chilling, hence the title “Cold Heart of the Klondike.” I hope you enjoy it…


Translation of the lower images:
-You’re working this hard for $1 an hour?
-Eh, I’m not complaining. I’m indebted to him, so he could be having me do this for free.
-You… do realize that you’re performing an SD-class job, right?
-And what would that mean?
-SD-class! It means “slightly dangerous.”
-SD-class jobs demand higher pay! You should be getting paid at least $100 an hour!
-$100? That’s science fiction
-I’m serious! It’s definitely an SD-class job.

From tome 187 of Gigant Poleca

I feel really sad for Donald, honestly.

The Last Sled (Instrumental)
Tuomas Holopainen
The Last Sled (Instrumental)

I recently discovered the album Music Inspired by the Life and Times of Scrooge and was blown away by how incredible the scores are. I’ve listened to the entire album through several times over the last few days and enjoy all of it, but this score is one of my favorites.

I personally prefer the instrumental versions, since I find the other versions with the narration and some of the singing takes me out of the musical experience.