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Future MCU Spider-Man fancast

(If the cast is a bit young, it’s only because I’m using Tom Holland’s age as a point of reference)

1) Ludi Lin as Harry Osborn / Green Goblin 2 

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2) BD Wong as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin

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3) Rosabell Laurenti Sellers as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat

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4) Laurence Fishburne as Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus 

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5) Sophie Turner as Gwen Stacy 

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6) Naomi Scott as Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman 

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7) Ken Jeong OR Aasif Mandvi as J. Jonah Jameson 

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8) Emma Stone returns but as Betty Brant

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9) Mark Strong as Uncle Ben 

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10) Rory McCann as Kraven the Hunter 

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11) Lin Shaye as Madame Web 

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12) Elijah Wood as Cletus Kasady / Carnage 

(Watch Sin City and some of his horror films. This guy can pull it off)

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13) Joe Keery as Eddie Brock Jr. / Venom 

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14) Celina Jade as Cindy Moon / Silk

(Only one that came to mind, to be honest. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears)

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15) Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst return as Richard and Mary Parker

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16) Andrew Garfield cameos as the guy who shot Uncle Ben 

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17) Becky G as Anya Corazon 

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18) Yvonne Strahovski as Silver Sable 

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19) Caleb McLaughlin as Miles Morales / The Ultimate Spider-Man 

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20) Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as Robbie Robertson 

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Legends Time Family:

Rip Hunter - Time Dad who started Time Family

Sara Lance - Time Mom who steps up when Time Dad is away

Ray Palmer - Immature twin brother #1

Nate Heywood - Immature twin brother #2

Jax Jackson - The oldest brother who gets really protective over his stuff (Waverider mechanics) and scolds younger brothers when they damage it

Martin Stein - Grandfather who is secretly an utter badass and could destroy you with just words

Mick Rory - Alcoholic uncle that somehow manages to fight even after he’s had 5 beers

Amaya Jiwe - Responsible sister who helps keep the twins in check but will also stab anyone who gets in the way of her endgame

Does anyone have any literati-ish headcanons about Jess with Rory’s child?

I’m writing a fic about mine, but I think he’d at least be a cool uncle. Gives them books Rory thinks they’re too young for, overrides Luke’s attempts at healthy eating at the diner, doing dorky little magic tricks that they love. Obviously as a lit shipper I think there could be more, but Cool Uncle Jess is good too. 

MTVS Epic Rewatch #168

BTVS 6x16 Hell’s Bells

(aka the Xander-and-Anya-were-having-it-way-too-easy-this-season-and-it-was-high-time-they-got-their-lives-ruined episode)

Stray thoughts


WILLOW: Buffy, it’s hideous. Oh my god, Buffy. Look at its arms!
BUFFY: I know. But it’s my duty.

Why did Anya get them these awful dresses, though? That’s such a crappy cliché - the bride having awful bridesmaid dresses made because she’s the only one who can look beautiful at her wedding - and I hate that they had Anya do that. Also, notice that Buffy’s dress is slightly less awful, so I’m guessing Sarah pulled her weight to have it that way.

2) Yet another example of how people in Sunnydale are bound to believe anything in order to remain oblivious of the supernatural.

BUFFY: I just can’t believe everyone bought that story about Anya’s people being circus folk. Did you see the guy with the tentacles? What’s he supposed to be? Inky the Squid Boy?

3) Why did they want these people at their wedding, though? 

WILLOW: And Xander’s family. I haven’t seen them that bad since my bat mitzvah. Ugh, did you see how much they drank?
BUFFY: Kinda. Mr. Harris threw up in my purse

4) Of course, following Anya’s declaration of how that day was the happiest day of her life, we see the going-ons at the Harris’s household… and this is what we get a glimpse of…

  • His uncle Rory half-naked suggesting Xander should use Velcro in his cuffs.
  • His uncle Rory trying to make himself an Irish coffee (in the morning…) and then pretending to get electrocuted.
  • Xander’s father giving him a hard time because he’s not ready yet
  • Xander’s mom guilt-tripping him about her not getting to be in the pictures (why did she think that?)
  • Krelvin recalling how Xander’s father had compared him to his mother-in-law and then proceeded to hit him and insult his heritage
  • Xander’s father making fun of Anya’s whole family
  • Xander’s cousin Carol asking him to get her date with “Kevin” while wearing Xander’s cufflinks as earrings. 

I ask again, why did they want these people at their wedding? Except for Krelvin, he seemed like a cool dude.

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Saving Part of the World - Part One - Chapter Eleven

Summary: Set after G-Rev, the World Championships have come to Belfast, Northern Ireland in the hopes of spreading the interest and drawing in tourists. In between all the teen angst and the team drama, something powerful and hungry lurks on the horizon and with the help of the beybladers, it may just destroy part of the world. 

Rated: T for cursing and mild violence

Ships: Hints of Mariah/Rei, Hilary/Tyson, Enrique/Julia 

Previous Chapters: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Chapter Eleven

When the Voice had first urged Amber to go to Belfast, the idea of living alone excited her. At fifteen years old, she’d never had the opportunity to stay anywhere on her own before. Even at home, her mother insisted on leaving her at her Nana’s or with uncle Rory when she, her mother, had a night shift. So just the thought of Belfast had been filled with potential and she figured the experience would help her mature. She imagined late nights drinking coffee and watching documentaries. Of sitting at the table doing research on bladers and feeling like a badass because she was saving the world — all in secret, just like Batman.

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“I’ll ask. That’s all I can do” Ryan said trying to ease her anxiety “she’s in the same boat we are.”

“At least my dad’s know you” Charity laughed softly “I don’t envy Hannah having to introduce Donovan to her dad’s.”

“Especially Uncle Rory” Ryan laughed as he thought about Hannah “I wish her luck.”

“She’s going to need it” she agreed “tell her to come. She’ll need us if Donovan’s visit goes bad.”

“I’ll do that” he promised “Charity….” He swallowed audibly, heart beating fast in his chest. His palms felt clammy as he fought for air “I love you.”

Silence greeted his proclamation. After a moment she said “I love you too.” Her voice stilling his panic and wildly beating heart.

How Rory Probably Told Sirius, James, Lily and Remus that She was Pregnant
  • Sirius: Hi, sweetheart. *kiss on forehead* Finally decided to give your old man a visit?
  • Rory: Daddy, I was here just yesterday.
  • Remus: Hello, love. :)
  • Rory: Hi, Dad. *kiss cheek* :) Hi, Uncle James, Aunt Lil.
  • James: You said that you wanted to say something important?
  • Lily: Yeah, Harry was being smug about it, too. He visited us yesterday. Said it would be better to hear it from you.
  • Sirius: Did you kill your husband?
  • Remus: Sirius, no.
  • Sirius: If you want us to hide a dead body...
  • James: I'm not saying that we will. All I'm saying is that we could.
  • Lily: Sometimes I wonder why I married the three of you.
  • Rory: The three of them, Aunt Lil?
  • Lily: Sweetheart, these three come in a package. You get one, you get three.
  • Sirius: The day she married James was the day she became Mrs. Potter-Lupin-Black-Pettigrew. (If you read my first post about her, I stated that he betrayed no one.)
  • Rory: I guess that fits.
  • Sirius: What was that about a dead body?
  • Rory: I never said anything about a dead body.
  • James: You can make it look like a suicide.
  • Rory: What?
  • Lily: I'm not encouraging it, but that seems like a really good way to get away with murder.
  • Remus: She's not wrong.
  • Rory: Why are we talking about dead bodies? I killed no one.
  • Sirius: That's a shame.
  • Lily: What did you want to say to us again, sweetheart? You said that it was important.
  • Rory: Well...
  • James: ...
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Lily: ...
  • Rory: I'm pregnant.
  • Lily: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • James: ...
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Sirius: How?
  • Rory: What do you mean "how"?
  • Sirius: Did you just wake up pregnant or something?
  • James: Maybe there's a new spell?
  • Remus: Potions have advanced within the year. Maybe she drank something that would result in her pregnancy.
  • Lily: What?
  • Rory: What?
  • Sirius: So I heard, Remus. Potions, really, who knew how advanced they would get. What potion did you use, love?
  • Rory: What?
  • Remus: Did you make the potion yourself?
  • James: What were the ingredients?
  • Lily: Oh, Lord.
  • Rory: Dad, Daddy, Uncle... I got pregnant by... um... *looks nervously at Lily* natural means.
  • Remus: What
  • James: What
  • Sirius: What
  • Lily: They've been married for 6 years. It's bound to happen.
  • Sirius: I SAID 65!
  • Rory: Daddy, really...
  • James: I ALLOWED 65!
  • Rory: Uncle James, you never said that.
  • Remus: HE SAID 65!
  • Rory: I thought you were on my side!
  • Remus: That was before you became preggers!
  • Rory: DAD WHY
  • Remus: You're grounded.
  • Rory: What?
  • Sirius: You heard your father.
  • Lily: Guys, please...
  • James: You heard Remus.
  • Remus: Go to your room and think about what you've done.
  • Rory: I'm 27! I don't live here anymore! You can't ground me!
  • Remus: Yes, I can. Your father specifically said '65.'
  • Sirius: What happened to "I'll always be your little girl?"
  • Rory: Oh my Merlin.
  • James: *stands and goes to a room*
  • Lily: James, don't.
  • James: *comes back* Sign here, here and here.
  • Sirius: What is that?
  • Rory: Uncle James, why are you giving me divorce papers?
  • James: Aurora, sweetheart, I'm sure you'll get full custody of the child.
  • Rory: What?
  • Sirius: Good thinking, James.
  • Rory: I love my husband.
  • Remus: We'll just forge his signature, it'll be fine.
  • Lily: *rolls eyes at the boys* Have you taken any vitamins?
  • Rory: Well, I took some potions. Just some strengthening potion. He's already giving his Mummy a hard time.
  • Lily: It's a boy?
  • Remus: A boy?
  • Sirius: How'd you know?
  • James: Really?
  • Rory: It's a bit early to tell. It's just my Mum instinct, I guess. I've been thinking of names, actually.
  • Lily: Oh, and?
  • Rory: Well... Um... We agreed that we'd call him Lyall Regulus, if that's okay.
  • Sirius: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Rory: I have to get going, Dad, Daddy. He's waiting outside.
  • Sirius: Can we touch him? *gestures to stomach*
  • Rory: *smiles* Okay, Daddy.
  • Sirius: *kneels down and touches daughter's abdomen* Welcome to our family, Lyall Regulus. I'm your grandpapa. *Gestures to Remus* That's your granddad. *Gestures to James* That's your grandfather. *Gestures to Lily* That's your grandmother. *tries not to cry**cries*
  • Rory: If I can be half the parent that all of you were to me, I know I'd a good job. I promise to do my best, Daddy.
  • Hi guys! I hope you liked this xx This is just something random I thought of, really. I really do hope you enjoyed this! Thanks so much! Please do check out my other posts about her! Thanks a lot xx c: