uncle roger

Uncle Steve

Summary: Steve gets to experience being an uncle for the first time.

Warnings: Uncle!Steve, Dad!Bucky, fluff

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve

Word Count: 525

A/N: Another rewrite while I work on stuff. Let me know what you think!

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Since you’ve delivered your daughter you and Bucky hadn’t had a single night to yourselves.

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As a superhero Spider-Man deep down is trying to be Captain America. That is the ideal he is chasing and will never quite live up to because he’s a flawed human being (which is why we love him).

As a man Peter Parker is trying his best o be Uncle Ben. That’s his role model and road map to being a good man in his life.

But although those men are his role models and idols, Mary Jane is his hero. She’s the person who’s saved him time and again.



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How about more with Steve's long lost cousin? Do we get to see him actually go to Thanksgiving dinner at Joe's house?

Steve wasn’t sure what to expect. Joe was quiet and calm. Like you when you’re not raising hell. Sam had said after he first met Joe. But he didn’t know his wife and children or other relatives.

“I’m prepping them.” Joe said. “Don’t worr–oh, oh -aww.” Joe was more of a Yankees fan, but they watched the Giants together when they could.  Even when Steve was overseas.

“That should’ve been a flag.” Steve agreed. He’d found a bar that was playing the game. He had one more day before he was due back in New York and he figured he’d spend it enjoying himself.

“Yeah. -And before you ask, just bring yourself. I’ll see you next week?”

“Yeah, I’m back tomorrow.”

“Enjoy the rest of your super hush-hush trip.”


So here he was, standing just inside the door of Joe’s home with about a dozen relatives staring at him and trying not to.

It was a little blue-eyed, curly-haired girl (Joe’s youngest, he thought) that broke the tension, doubt curving her tiny mouth: “You gotta lot less wrinkles ‘n I thought.”

After that, it was a rush of introductions and laughter (and food, they had an incredible spread).  Later on, with Joe’s youngest (Sarah, he was delighted to discover) dozing in his lap, they looked through photo albums, catching him up on the family he’d missed.

Cecelia, Joe’s wife, held up her phone. “And all the photos I took today I’m going to add in, too, you know. You need to be in these albums too, Steve.”

Steve smiled, and felt full in a way that didn’t have anything to do with the five servings he’d had.

Avoiding the Apocalypse Pt. 3: Burden of Proof

Pairings: Eventual Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cranky Tony

Word Count: 1k

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A few minutes of silence passed as Steve lifted the ship in the air. Bucky kept casually glancing at Outburst. He wanted to start a conversation but found it difficult to form words in his mouth. He feared coming off as creepy to the kid. Outburst would look at Bucky every time he glanced and just smiled. After a few more moments passed Bucky finally leaned in. You watched from afar and tried to figure out what was happening. You saw as Bucky and Outburst smiled while they talked. You wondered if Bucky had figured out what you were thinking. You slowly smiled to yourself. You never thought about Bucky being a dad but now that you saw him and Outburst you couldn’t see him not being a dad. You imagined Bucky holding Outburst as a child in his arms while standing in front of the kitchen stove as he explained how to make pancakes. You imagined him teaching her how to fight. You smiled to yourself. You thought about how naturally protective and nurturing Bucky was and realized that Bucky was a natural at being a father.

“Alright guys, you are free to move around if you want to,” Steve announced.

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AU where Steve isn’t frozen, Bucky isn’t with HYDRA anymore, and they’re Tony’s godfathers.

Tony Stark, at five years old, is a very independent little boy. He can get dressed all by himself with Jarvis rarely correcting him when he puts things on backwards or inside out, and he’s confident enough to go from the slide to the swing set at the park without looking back at Steve or Bucky on the park bench to make sure that’s okay with them, and they’re still watching.

But even so, Steve knows that little boys need a lot of help anyways, and one of those things they need help with, is crossing the street, and walking out in public - especially in crowded places. Which is why Tony is always supposed to hold an adults hand. He usually chooses Uncle Steve’s, because Uncle Bucky tends to talk with his hands a lot, and Tony is too little to hold onto his hand if he’s moving it around.

Which means that the media’s current favorite picture to take of Steve Rogers -Captain America- right now, is him hunched over, nearly double, just so he could reach Tony’s little hand while they walked through city streets, or to the park.

Like seriously, Tony is so smol, and Steve is so tol, Bucky might possibly be collecting these photos because it’s literally the cutest thing ever, which is why he’s decided never to break the habit of talking while moving his hands, because he’s an asshole.


Steve: And since Ms.May works as much as she does, we pretty much take Peter full time. After school, and most nights. He even has his own room in the tower.

I don’t wike it, Uncle Steve! | Avengers X little kid (related?) | Avengers Imagine

So it’s raining and storing quite intensely were I live, so i created a story about the reader, who is five, being scared of storms and lighting.  Her uncles and Aunt tell her its just Uncle Thor and lots of cute fluff.  Hope you guys like it!  Feel free to leave any kind of criticism! - fangirlingisajob

Being a typical 5 year old you particularly did not enjoy lighting storms.  As you lay in your bedroom, you flinched every time the lighting lit up the sky and the thunder boomed.  You kept flipping over trying to ignore the storm, but you simply couldn’t.  You got out of bed and pushed your curtain over, making room so you could see the city sky.  You thought the storm had finally passed.  It hadn’t you were incredibly scared when the rain started to pour from the sky and lighting flashed across the sky.  You grabbed your stuffed animal and ran out of your room to the living room.  “Uncle Steve! Uncle Steve!  The storm is back!.” You said while running to the couch where he and your fellow family was sitting.  You jumped on the couch and made your own spot between him and Uncle Clint.  You buried your face in Steve’s arm and abdomen, not wanting to see the lighting.  “What’s wrong?” he said while looking down at you as you poked your head out.  “I was t-trying to sleep, but the storm came back and keep freakin’ me out Uncle Steve.  All I could   here was the thunder and the lighting lit up my whole room! I don’t wike it.”  “Don’t worry, it’s just Uncle Thor.” Tony said.  “Uncle Thor?” you said asking while tilting your head.  “Yeah, Uncle Thor.  He controls lighting and stuff.  He must be having a party with his hammer.”  Uncle Tony said while smirking.  You didn’t get the joke and Auntie Nat hit Uncle Tony so it must have been bad.  “So he’s probably listening to good music and dancing with all his friends?”  “Probably.” Uncle Steve said,  “You can sit with us for a while ok? If you fall asleep I’ll put you back in your room.”  You nodded.  “Can I at least get a blanket?  My Bucky bear is getting chilly!” you said while shivering.  Uncle Steve often told you stories about him and his best friend Bucky.  But sometimes he gets sad because Bucky’s passed away.  So, he gave you a Bucky bear so you could have someone there for you, like Bucky was there for Steve.  You were handed a blanket.  You put Bucky bear up to your ear and nodded your head.  “Bucky bear says thank you Uncle Steve.”  “No problem kiddo.”  You quickly fell asleep, soon forgetting about the horrible storm.  You only thought about how safe you felt.       

Rebellious Asgardian

Esme Thorinson OFC x Avengers (platonic), Thor x Jane, Uncle Loki, Avengers

Summary: Esme is the daughter of Thor and Jane born on Asgard. Who’s never been or seen Earth before. Lucky for her, she has the brains of her mother Jane, the mischief of her uncle Loki and thirst for adventure of her father Thor. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1,944

Warnings: Rebellious teenager, breaking rules, amused Loki, light angst, jealous Tony, Loki is a really cool uncle

A/N: I know! I know! I was planned on posting something yesterday, but I got sidetracked into writing the next part of Motionless…soo….I hope you enjoy this one tho! I also have no idea how last names work on Asgard, so….my bad if I did wrong. 

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Chris Evans Wants to Be a Dad! | E! Live from the Red Carpet

Interviewer: “Does that mean Chris wants to be a daddy?”
Chris: “Chris does want to be a daddy at some point.”

Awwwww so cute!!!!!!! But also, so kinky when taken out of context 😂😂😂

A Daughters First Crush - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky finds your daughters diary. 
Warnings: Swearing, but its all fluff. 
Word Count: 624  (a bit short) 

A/N:I’m not sure this is very good, I just wanted to post something! I hope you like it, it’s a pile of fluff. Let me know what you think!

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Disney Comics Now On Sale (1990)

Disney’s DuckTales #1 Disney Comics 1990

Okay, so, a fic where Steve and Bucky never got frozen in the ice, and so they grew up being Tony’s godfathers and his favorite uncles. Tony loves Uncle Bucky and Uncle Steve, they’re the best. But then. Tony gets turned into a toddler, and they immediately hand him off to Bucky and Steve, because they’re the only ones Tony recognizes now, because Uncle Bucky and Steve are still the same age as then, but he can’t find Mommy and Daddy and Jarvis so this is the next best thing. (Actually, better.)

But the Avengers quickly learn, that Steve Rogers, America’s sweetheart, a national icon, senior citizen, WWII hero, pretty sure he’s part dog or something, and one of the biggest faces in the gay rights movements, does not know how to take care of a baby, even after all this time.

He keeps cussing around him, and giving him spicy foods, and letting Tony watch violent shows, and ust being a general bad influence on him.

But then there’s Bucky, who’s loud and rude to people, and always fighting with Sam, and he’s like the most natural caregiver ever who completely takes charge of Tony, and it’s him who’s up at 3 am with the baby after he had an icky dream, and he’s the one giving him a bath because Steve can’t fucking do it without getting soap in his eyes, and he’s the one making Tony lunch because Steve can’t fucking cook things, and he’s ust the best caregiver ever.

Everyone is surprised. It’s cute.