uncle puppy

nailed it. 

Surprised more people aren’t freaking out over Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  • Super camp and fun
  • Beautiful 60s fashion
  • Everyone’s so pretty
  • All the leads have so much chemistry it’s the perfect OT3
  • Women who are allowed to be smart, evil, silly, sweet, secretive…
  • Handles a mentally ill character from their perspective and (imo) in a very empathetic manner
  • Action and fighting, but minimally triggering (there is a war criminal who receives his just deserts, I forgave it, but obvi it differs)
  • The woman and the womanizer have a brother/sister type relationship that’s snarky and not gross at all
  • The hypersexual characters aren’t pressured to change (or is changed by the power of love, which is a trope that always bothered me)
  • A cinnamon bun antihero that rivals Zuko
  • Seriously, the two guys are so queer coded and don’t shy away from making innuendos to each other
  • I was in a theater full of old people laughing my ass off because there was a “top/bottom” joke
  • It’s a reboot of an old tv show that clearly loves the source material *cough cough* JJ Shmabrams…
  • Funny, intriguing, action packed, and rife with shipping, it seems like tumblr’s dream

Uriah Shelton adopted this new cute puppy in China. I think I’m dying from the overloaded cuteness of these two 😍