uncle pimp

boueibu abridged
  • yumoto: thug seme (pretty much nagisa 2.0, only even more of a sex offender)
  • en: pretty much male panty (from panty & stocking), probably a stoner
  • atsushi: fandom!john egbert, kind of
  • io: uncle scrooge, probably a pimp
  • ryuu: closeted virgin loser, io wants him to be one of his hos
  • kinshiro: regina george with a yandere flair
  • ibushi: gretchen weiners, also a stoner
  • akoya: karen smith, also pre-op megurine luka
  • kou: kyubey takes human form
  • masuya: who?
  • goura: actual nagisa, changed his name to run from the police; also an axe murderer
  • tawarayama-sensei: bernie lomax
Pirates of Love Reaction -- Bloody Sparkles

Since its Voltage Nostalgia Week, and PIL is first. I thought it be appropriate

Those goddam mother flipping hamster roller coaster, son of a motherless ogre donkey moon martians SPARKLES!

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