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Can I get Murdoc with a gamer s/o. He walks in his room and sees them wearing nothing but their underwear and a pikachu t shirt. "Oh hi, wanna watch me shiny hunt (or "shiny hunt with me" if he has a 3ds too." shines are pokemon with a diff color palate, they're rlly rare. An example is regular pikachu is yellow but a shiny one is orange.) So they cuddle and his s/o freaks out cuz they caught a shiny. It's green (and cute), like Murdoc so they name it after him. How would he react? :3

“What should we name it?” You ask, overly concerned.

“Does it really matter, love?” Your boyfriend asks, lounging on the couch with you with only his underwear to cover his bits and pieces. “I’ve been playin’ this blasted game until 2 in the mornin’ with you, and I’ve only caught those fuggin’ purple things.”

“You mean Ditto’s?” You ask, chuckling. As Murdoc grumbled, you kissed his chin. “But, wait- really, what should we name the little guy? Come on, Mudz…”

“Name it ‘Celine Dion’.” Rolling your eyes, you shook your head.

“Why Celine Dion, of all people?” Licking his lips, Murdoc continued to play Pokemon.

“I had her once, but she wasn’t really that good- ow!” Elbowing him in the ribcage, you grunted.

“Not. Nice- but come on, Murdoc! If you help me name the little guy, I’ll go to bed, and that means that you can go to bed if you would like, too.” 

Your boyfriend’s eyes started to shimmer innocently as he rested his chin on top of your head, looking down to your screen. “Yeah, okay, I can do that.”

After a while of bickering, an idea came to your head that you couldn’t just pass it down.

“We should name it Murdoc!” You squealed, already typing in the same. “Or even better-”

“What?” Murdoc squawked. “What could be any better than Murdoc?” 

Entering the name, you showed him the screen. It took him a minute to comprehend, but finally…

“Uncle… Uncle Murdy…

“Do you approve?” You suddenly felt his hands slide onto your waist, fingers resting on your belly.


“I’ll take that as a-” Before you could even finish, his hands slid up to your chest, making your spine tingle.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

pokemon triggers

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Oh! Oh! Oh! First off, I hope you've been having a lovely October so far 💕 I reeeeally love your daily dresses! That's such a creative way to do the drawing challenge! Also, #143 totally reminded me of our dear Murdoc Niccals and, if you're feeling some Gorillaz, might I suggest some super spooky edition Muds? Have a spooktacular rest of your month-long Halloween!!

Hey, friend! I can always make time for Uncle Murdy, especially today. Happy Birthday! :-)

In an effort to bond with them, Uncle Murdy teaches Noodle Jr to play the bass. Noodle Jr quickly surpasses him and replaces him as the bassist in Gorillaz

— true endgame for gorillaz. canon 💕

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Hey, Uncle Murdy, it's me again!! I just watched the livestream and everything was so beautiful, I loved it so much and I love you so much.

           ❛   ahh,   hello,   love!   uncle murdy’s here,   and he’s glad that you enjoyed it!   uncle murdy loves you too.   uncle murdy also wishes you could’ve been there to see it in person.