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7 days, 6 nights. Multiple pop tarts. A rat named peter. Elton did it. He raised $188275 for spcaLA and the relief team in Houston. He did that in one week with over 7 million people watching him. Most importantly, he did it for Sparta.

baby fever - dad!tom

Summary: Tom reaaaaally wants to have a baby.

-when you and Tom got married, you planned on taking a year or two to enjoy married life together before you began thinking about starting a family

-it’s been a little over a year now and Tom has been hinting that it’s something he wants sooner rather than later

-just little things like always pointing out cute babies to you and saying things like “I can’t wait to do that with our kids”

-it gets worse at Christmas, spent in London this year, when you meet Tom’s cousin’s 10 week old baby girl for the first time

-his cousin and her husband are staying at a hotel nearby Tom’s parents’ house and they come over christmas eve along with all Tom’s family nearby

-everyone has already met the baby except for Tom and you so his cousin is holding her and saying, “these are your cousins, Tom and (y/n)” and Tom says “can I hold her?” and picks the baby up under her arms being really careful and making sure her head/neck is supported and saying “hiii babyyy” in that coo-ey baby voice as he settles her against his shoulder

-Tom is smitten he holds that baby so much over the three days that his cousins are around

-after presents are opened he lays on the floor next to her while she’s just laying under one of those pack n play mat things kickin around at the little dangly things in her face and he’s just watching her with this wistful smile and you just know he wants a baby asap

-his cousin says something to you like “Tom looks right at home in dad mode. have you two thought about when you’ll start a family?” and you’re like “we’ve talked about it as something in the near future but I’m pretty sure after this weekend he’s gonna be on my case about it” bc look at him he’s like in love

-at one point you’re holding the baby and she falls asleep and you’re thinking okay she is freaking adorable but anyways Tom’s watching you fondly for a while and then comes over and puts a hand on your back and whispers in your ear, “you holding a baby is kind of turning me on” and you’re like “Tom” widening your eyes at him to tell him to shush

-when you guys leave after the holiday his dad says “start working on my grandchildren soon, will ya?” and his mom elbows him and is like “Dom, leave them alone” and turns to you guys and is like “don’t let him pressure you, take your time” and you just like laugh awkwardly

-and on the way to the airport Tom’s like “so what my dad said…maybe we should start thinking about it” and you turn to him and teasingly are like, “oh, I know you’ve been thinking about it already, baby whisperer”

-you visit your family back home over new year’s and your extended family has already left so you’re like phew just the parents and siblings no babies but then at one point during the weekend your sister goes “you know what this family could really use?” and you’re like “what” and she’s like “a baby” and she’s staring at you deadass and you’re like “thanks for the hint pal” and Tom’s just sitting there looking at you like see everyone agrees with me

-like two weeks later one of your best friends has her first baby and you go down to visit in the hospital and you text Tom a picture of the cutie and he responds “let’s have one”

-so when you get back home you’re telling Tom all about the new baby and after Tom’s like “I was serious when I said we should have one”

-and you’re like “now?” and he’s like “why not?” and so you have a looong conversation about life and careers and how you could make it work in the next year and half or so and the pressure you’re feeling from everyone to have a baby and whether or not you feel ready but at the end of it all you call and schedule an appointment to have your IUD removed in two weeks

-he’s with you when you call and he’s just like all smiley as you hang up the phone with your gyno’s office

-later that night you guys have some really great sex and afterwards he’s looking at you all dreamy-eyed and says “i can’t wait to have a baby with you” awW

-so you get your IUD removed and you’re keeping it to yourselves that you’re trying to get pregnant

-and all the trying-to-make-a-baby sex is like, really hot tbh, like it just has this greater purpose and makes you feel so connected and just mmm yeah it’s real good and you’re not stressin even though it’s not happening right away because you know it takes your body a bit to get back on track after all the years of birth control so you’re just enjoying the ride ya know

-like 3 months after you start trying, Tom’s parents and uncle are in town and you all go to dinner and the uncle is Dom’s brother, the one whose daughter had the cute baby who you met at Christmas, and Uncle Mike starts talking about his granddaughter and Tom just squeezes your knee under the table

-after a while Mike is like “Dom, are you bitter I got a grandchild before you did?” bc Mike is Dom’s younger brother and they had this race going in their heads I guess and Dom laughs but half seriously turns to you guys and says, “yep, still waiting”

-Tom without thinking goes “we’re working on it, Dad, relax” and his mom is like “you are?!” all happy and excited and you give him a lil side eye like dammit TOm 

-but they’re very happy to hear that you guys are trying and bc you know Tom’s mom will tell your mom if you don’t,  you casually slip it into a conversation with your mom over the phone the next day that you and Tom are trying to get pregnant and she’s so so happy too and starts gushing about how great a dad Tom will be and it makes you smile

dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom dad!tom ahhhhhhh sorry if this is a tease bc he’s not technically a dad yet in this but STILL its STARTING

also like we said earlier this is not the end of boyfriend!tom we still have lots of ideas and things to post we’re just skipping all around the timeline bc that’s how we like to do things

xoxo, L & A

Movies that deserve Oscars but won’t get any 2k15:
  • Best Whisper Scream, Jupiter Ascending, Eddie Redmayne
  • Best Detoxification of Masculinity, Magic Mike XXL, Channing Tatum
  • Best Redefinition Of Disability, Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron
  • Best Use Of A Man Staying In His Lane, Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy
  • Best John Cena, Trainwreck, John Cena
  • Best Butt, Crimson Peak,Tom Hiddleston
  • Best Excuse To Cry While Reexamining The Way You Think About Mental Health, Inside Out
  • Best Replacement Of Straight White Dudes By End Of Movie, Age Of Ultron
  • Best Scene Stealer, Ant-Man, Michael Peña
  • Gayest Movie of the Year that Wasn’t About Gay People, Man from Uncle / Victor Frankenstein
  • Best Modernization Of Existing Mythology To Reflect Modern America, Creed 
  • Best Use Of John Boyega’s Excellence To Shut Down Trolls On The Internet, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Best Movie That No One Saw But Should, Dope

Mike and Nancy always looked forward to visits from their mom’s friend, Bob Newby — especially Mike. It was hard finding someone outside the AV Club who shared his love for radios. 

Ted would simply never understand how his son could spend so much time toying around with them. As luck would have it though, Mr. Newby was the radio patron saint.

In his own words, Bob had been manager of the downtown RadioShack store for “roughly the last five Thanksgivings”. He loved giving Holly rides on his shoulders and telling all the Wheeler kids about the shenanigans that he, Karen, and a one Mr. Scott Clarke would get into when they were kids.

He talked so much about how close Scott and Karen were that it prompted Nancy to ask if they were ever a couple. Bob didn’t say ‘yes’ and he didn’t say ‘no’, but he did admit with a grin that Karen nearly fainted when Scott got his braces removed their junior year. 

This, of course, earned him a look of daggers from an embarrassed Karen Wheeler.

How I met your mother

It’s 34 years to the day that Mike and Eleven first met so being the trash that I am, I wrote this.

“So you mean to tell me that you met mom in the woods, in the rain, whilst shining a flashlight in her face?”

Mike nodded. “Yeah.”

“Then you took her to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to hide her in the basement?” Their 12 son shook his head incredulously while his 10 year old sister watched in stunned silence.

“What?” Mike began laughing seeing the expression. “If that never happened you wouldn’t exist.”

“Yeah but…but it’s so weird.”

“When has this family ever been normal?” Mike reasoned. “It was because we were trying to find your Uncle Will.”

Mike began telling the story of the fateful week in 1983, and everything after. His kids watched in amazement as he told them on flying vans, shadow monsters and government agents.

Their daughter had tears in her eyes when he told them how El had disappeared, but that he never gave up hope.

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Role Reversal AU | part 2 | Guys

Bookworm Chris finds himself helpless on the receiving end of a series of killer contraptions, nature loving pacifist Josh suddenly has to fight for his life, resident bad boy and general  smart ass smarty pants Matt is left hanging, and prom king Mike is going to have a hard time using his looks to get out of this night alive…

Submission: “Is this Alfredo’s daddy? If yes, why does he look so.. unusual?”

Response: noooo alfredo’s dada is the second one
this is uncle mike the weed man 

You're the Last Thing on My Mind - Michael Latta

breaking up is never easy

inspiration: you’re the last thing on my mind by aron wright

requested: yes | no

word count: 1609

warnings: one curse word

a/n: i legit feel so bad about not putting out anything in the past few days, so here’s one that i finished a while ago. i highly recommend you listen to the song while you read it 

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“you and i are packed in boxes / pictures taken from before”

mike braced himself against the counter, a water bottle held tightly in his fist. boxes were stacked in lines next to the door, each one labeled with your name and the box’s contents whether it be clothes, books, etc.

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