uncle mike!

A more accurate representation 

Movies that deserve Oscars but won’t get any 2k15:
  • Best Whisper Scream, Jupiter Ascending, Eddie Redmayne
  • Best Detoxification of Masculinity, Magic Mike XXL, Channing Tatum
  • Best Redefinition Of Disability, Mad Max: Fury Road, Charlize Theron
  • Best Use Of A Man Staying In His Lane, Mad Max: Fury Road, Tom Hardy
  • Best John Cena, Trainwreck, John Cena
  • Best Butt, Crimson Peak,Tom Hiddleston
  • Best Excuse To Cry While Reexamining The Way You Think About Mental Health, Inside Out
  • Best Replacement Of Straight White Dudes By End Of Movie, Age Of Ultron
  • Best Scene Stealer, Ant-Man, Michael Peña
  • Gayest Movie of the Year that Wasn’t About Gay People, Man from Uncle / Victor Frankenstein
  • Best Modernization Of Existing Mythology To Reflect Modern America, Creed 
  • Best Use Of John Boyega’s Excellence To Shut Down Trolls On The Internet, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Best Movie That No One Saw But Should, Dope

Role Reversal AU | part 2 | Guys

Bookworm Chris finds himself helpless on the receiving end of a series of killer contraptions, nature loving pacifist Josh suddenly has to fight for his life, resident bad boy and general  smart ass smarty pants Matt is left hanging, and prom king Mike is going to have a hard time using his looks to get out of this night alive…

my born again christian republican uncle didn’t talk about politics once tonight EXCEPT to be like “if those people don’t want that pipeline on their land, DON’T BUILD THE FUCKING PIPELINE THERE.” even right wing uncle mike #StandsWithStandingRock, merry fucking christmas

More of a Sing thought this time.

I bet the Theater Family helps Rosita out a lot with her kids. So much in fact, that they start calling Meena and Ash sister, Johnny brother, Uncle Eddie, Uncle Moon, and Uncle Gunter. Maybe even Uncle Mike shows up every once and a while.
(Bonus points if they cry a little when they first hear their new nickname)

OK, but real quick: Ginny and Livan have a Friendsgiving together because they don’t have family to spend time with, maybe Mike crashes because he doesn’t have family anymore either.

Or Evelyn works her ass off cooking Thanksgiving dinner because every year Blip brings home a stray Padre. Except this year he brought home 3. The boys don’t mind, because they get to play with Aunt Ginny, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Livan.