uncle mel


This is quite random. Our weird Wizard Liam adopted two loud disgusting evil mole-rat babies…Our DM didn’t expect that. 

They are lovingly called Mel and Ford. Don’t ask me which is which….

Liam gets in serious protective dad-mode when in battle (ง’̀-‘́)ง. So far so good. (He even sacrificed his new cape to make a baby sling).  

Not sure if this illustration is finished yet, but I have other stuff to do. We’ll see. It was supposed to be practice anyway, but again, as usual, it got out of hand. Just like Liam’s caring nature :/.  

Starter w/ Kolyat


Mel Shepard was sipping on his coffee as he stared out at the sparkling waters of the presidium. The place cleaned up well after that chaotic attack not too long ago that wrecked the place worse than Grunt on taco Tuesday. It made him think a lot more about what happened, and how Thane helped him out for the last time.

Thane didn’t deserve to die, especially in a hospital bed like he didn’t want. At least he and Kolyat were there in his final moments, as painful was it was.

He didn’t talk to Kolyat a lot after that, but he did make sure to let the other drell know he was there if Kolyat needed anything. He felt like he owed his dear friend Thane to try to ale care of his son…even though Mel was about the same age as Kolyat and shouldn’t try to father in or…uncle him…

Today Mel had shore leave and thought it’d be nice to hang out with Kolyat and see how he was doing. He sent the drell an email saying he would meet him here. What they would do after, Mel had no idea. Hopefully he would be able to get to know Kolyat and maybe do something fun with him like shopping or shoot something.