uncle long legs

“jenamalone: I have my fathers nose and my mothers eyes. And my grandmothers cheekbones and my sisters courage. I have my uncles long legs and my grandfathers people skills. I have skin like my irish ancestors. But standing today in an abandoned temple naked as the day is long I realized I am more then I’ve ever been. Because it’s not about where your from or what skin your born in. It’s about what you believe. It’s about what you créate”.

potterlockianegalitarian928  asked:

Sherlock uses trick-or-treating with baby Watson as an excuse to see/spend time with Molly

I’m at least 10 months late, and I will understand if you won’t accept my excuses, but… Well, I changed the prompt a little bit, just to be able to write the story even if it’s not Halloween anymore, I hope you will accept it anyway…

It’s going to be a second part, involving another Halloween prompt, twisted  just a little… And now, here it is! 


“Are you sure?”


“I mean, are you really, really sure?”. Mary’s voice was sweetly mocking, but her daughter didn’t seem to catch it.

“Yes, Mummy!”

“Beyond any doubt? Because there will be no time to change plans, if you’ll change your mind another time…” John tried his hardest to avoid smiling at his daughter, but failed miserably. His little girl was a bundle of excitement and trepidation, and he wouldn’t want her any other way.

“Cross my heart, I won’t, Daddy! That’s what I want, what I really, really want!”

“Well then… What do you think, Mary?”

Lizzie fell on her knees, her hands dramatically in a praying pose.“Oh, please say yes, Mum! Pretty please!”

“I don’t know, she still seems a bit dubious to me… Elisabeth Sheryl Watson, are you really, really, really sure?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”, she shouted, every yes louder than the others.

“Alright, I think you convinced me. Fine, you can have a masked party for your birthday! And now, I think I’ve heard someone picking the lock on the door… Even if we gave him a key years ago! Run to your godfather and gave him the good news… I’m sure he will be thrilled!”

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