uncle kawahira

I am AU trash

R27 probably. College (?) AU, with supernatural stuff thrown in. Incubus!Reborn.

“Let’s summon a demon!” Tsuna’s stupid roommate suggested eagerly.

“Let’s not do that,” Tsuna replied flatly, warily eying the Ominous Black Book in his roommate’s hands. Why was he friends with his roommate again? Oh right, because his roommate was one of the only people in the school who didn’t look at Tsuna with disdain.

Sometimes, Tsuna felt that the nice company his roommate occasionally provided really wasn’t worth the trouble that came with it.

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KHR Meme: Day 7

Favorite Minor Character

THIS GUY. He has so many mysteries surrounding him I just wanna scream in frustration because he hasn’t been brought up again. I mean he has a fuckin’ Hell ring, that means he is a really strong Illusionist.

Also the only other people to have been seen with a Hell ring are the following: Mukuro, Genkishi, and Fran. makes me think that they all have some connection with each other. Also I have to many head-canons with him, it’s ridiculous.

Fun Fact: According to Future I-Pin, Uncle Kawahira has been married at least “three times,” and apparently has a daughter from one marriage, since Future I-Pin once borrowed a yukata from her.

Runner-ups: Leonardo Lippi, Fuuta, I-pin, and Bianchi.