uncle jesus

  • Sodapop: So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute.
  • Steve: That's not how cookies work.
  • Sodapop: FLOOR IT?
  • Steve: NO.
  • Sodapop: HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 DEGREES FOR 1 SECOND?
  • Steve: Sodapop, you're going to burn the house down
  • Steve: Sodapop, please

My Lil Fam Bam👌🏽

This past week I’ve been watching my lil nephew, Grey, bc Chi and Ren’s work schedule has been clashing. Of course it wasn’t something I was excited to jump onto bc ya boy isn’t too great with kids lmao😂. He survived, was fed, booty clean, and knocked out before his parents came to get him everyday. 

Buttttt, today he ate almost a whole bag of Goldfish when I crashed out watching the same episode of Curious George on repeat bruh.. 😩I payed the price bc he wiped his lil dirty fingers on my brand new couch. Orange crumbs nd all. 😑If he was mine that ass would be toe up. 👏🏽Haha jp. Shit, it’s all love. Family always will come first. Couches are replaceable I guess.😅

by the rivers of babylon: a playlist for the burned man

jams for a former legate who seriously needs to chill

(once again, YT links since 8tracks won’t let me Do a Thing)

  1. grand canyon . timber timbre
  2. blood on my name . the brothers bright
  3. when jesus comes . uncle sinner
  4. god’s gonna cut you down . johnny cash’
  5. bottom of the river . delta rae
  6. bartholomew . the silent comedy
  7. devil’s resting place . laura marling
  8. river . ibeyi
  9. jerusalem . mirah
  10. stand on the horizon . franz ferdinand
  11. all these things that i’ve done . the killers
  12. amazing grace . johnny cash
  13. in the shadow of the valley . lost weekend western swing band

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Part one

Genre: angsty but fluff

Seungcheol’s figure leaned against the doorway, head resting itself there also. He watched quietly as your chest rose and fell slowly, you snuggled close to the young boy in your arms. The sight made his heart swell and he swore he could watch this all night.

He hadn’t expected you to fall asleep in his bed, you had only intended to drop by after picking up Chan’s medication. But the pained boy cried into his mother’s arms, begging you not to leave.

Seungcheol slapped the pillow onto the couch, dragging the large blanket with him as he plopped himself down. A large sigh escaped his mouth, eyes staring at the ceiling, your face remained engraved into his mind.

The light footsteps caused Seungcheol to sit up in alarm, “Chan?”

Your form appeared in his view, you ran your fingers through your hair, eyes still adjusting to the idea of being away, “Nope. Just me.” you whispered as you made your way to the couch, sitting next to him. You wrapped half of the blanket around your legs, leaning back to look at Seungcheol, “I didn’t mean to kick you out of your bed. I’ll leave in a few minutes.”

Seungcheol stared for a moment. The lamp light graced your facial features in a way that enhanced your beauty, something he never thought was possible.

“Seungcheol.” you spoke softly, a light laugh escaped your lips as Seungcheol snapped out of his state, “Chan must have made you really tired for you to space out like that.”

The silence set in. You leaned your body against the side of the couch, you’re tired eyes beginning to drift, and he couldn’t resist, “Y/N.” He whispered quieter than ever. Seungcheol moved closer, he hovered over your closed eyes and lips. He could feel your low breaths against his skin.

Your eyes shot open at the touch of his lips, “What do you think you’re doing.” You pulled away. Dragging yourself to the other end of the couch, abandoning the warm blanket. Your mind raced for a moment, a million scenarios ran through your brain. Maybe you were dreaming. Maybe it was an accident.

You stood to your feet, “I…uh. I should go.”

“Wait.” Seungcheol called and your feet froze in their spot, “can we just talk about it.”

Your voice fell to a whisper, “about what.”

“About it. About four years ago when I acted like a gigantic ass to you and about how four years later, I’m still not over you. I love you.”

You turned, “it’s late Seungcheol. I think we’re both just tired because of Chan. Let’s just forget about this.”

Seungcheol leaves the conversation there. He only watches as you collect your bag and coat and he can see the frazzled expression on your face, the expression that is suddenly rethinking everything.

“Umm,” your words come out slowly, “remember to give Chan his medication when he wakes up and then every 6 hours.”

And it ends there. The door closes behind you and a big sigh leaves Seungcheol’s lips. He proceeds into his room, laying next to his little man that breathes every so gentle.

Chan giggles loudly, his whole body filled with laughter as he tumbles to his side smiling. Seungcheol smiles in amusement, the uncles around the room surround Chan with cute gifts they picked up along the way, and their funny faces and antics make Chan enthusiastic.

Seungcheol watches as Chan attacks Soonyoung who falls to the ground exaggerating his sudden death and Chan jumps in triumph towards his father.

“I talked to y/n a few days ago.” Jeonghan takes a seat next to Seungcheol, “you kissed her?” he whispers as to not start a commotion.

Seungcheol leans back into the couch, “yeah, I did.”

“and you did that because?”

Seungcheol sighs, “I love her.”

Jeonghan rolls his eyes, “yes you love her so that’s why you kiss her out of nowhere in the dark.”

“Did you bring this up just to say that.”

Jeonghan leans in, “I’m saying this because if I don’t I’m going to have to keep setting her up with terrible guys from my office. She loves you too, she’s just scared, you know, the whole you making a joke out of her four years ago.” Jeonghan pats Seungcheol’s shoulder, “don’t mess this opportunity up, there’s only so many terrible guys I can give her.”

One by one, the many uncles take their leave. The night draws near and Seungcheol’s awakening the lamps around the room. The still and quiet apartment leaves a distaste in his mouth. Chan’s head nods every so often as he refuses to leave his dinosaur toys unattended. Seungcheol stares with envy at his son who holds no problems except for where his toys are going to sleep tonight.

“Come on buddy, time to sleep.” Seungcheol lifts the boy into his arms, Chan whines, almost bursting into tears as Seungcheol takes him away from his dinosaurs but Seungcheol presents the toys in his hands, assuring Chan that they’ll be safe for the night.

Chan snuggles into his bed, a blanket securely wrapped around him and the dinosaur toy tucked under his arm. Seungcheol shut the light off, leaving the door slightly ajar in the case of any pending nightmares. Seungcheol makes his way back to the living room, cleaning the mess created by the uncles.


Seungcheol jumps, “Jesus!” He quietly screams. His heart rate slows at your figure, donned in a black knee length dress, a jacket hangs off your shoulders, and your hair fell to your shoulder. Seungcheol’s breath is held in his lungs, “Hey.” He speaks quietly, eyes staring at you leaning against the wall.

“Chan’s sleeping?”

Seungcheol nods as he picks up another toy, “yeah, I just put him to bed. He kept dozing off with his dinosaur toys.”

You tilt your head, “Seungcheol.”

He pauses, toys overfilling his arms, “Yeah?”

The steps towards him are slow, your hand touches his shoulder, then his neck, until your arms wrap around him, bring his lips to break the distance. The toys pitter patter onto the ground, Seungcheol brings his hand to the mid of your back, pulling you closer as his lips dance with yours. The sweetness of your lipstick stains his tongue and he never wants to take a breath, he’d die with your lips if he could.

When you pull away, he whines quietly. Your foreheads are pressed together and the slight uneven breaths hang in the air.

“I don’t completely forgive you.” Seungcheol nods slightly at your words, “and, I don’t hate you either.” your nose brushes against his, and Seungcheol yearns to close the distance, “but the tiniest part of me, wants to be with you.”

Seungcheol inches his way forward, “you don’t have to forgive me, heck, remind me about it every day, as long as I get to be with you.”

The silence stills, the clock’s ticking plays in Seungcheol’s ear. The blanket hangs off of his body, the chill of the night wakes him, a warm body lays on top of his arms making it stiff. Seungcheol moves his head to rest on its side, Chan sleeps snuggled into his father’s chest, a sleepy grin appears on his face when he catches your dreaming expression resting with your hand protectively on Chan’s body. The chill of the night no longer bothers Seungcheol, the warmth of his family helps him to sleep soundly for the rest of the night.


“Hey, whose that over there?”  Craig asked, slapping J’s shoulder and nodding in your direction as you stood at the door of the school watching the students leave for the day.

“My teacher.”  J replied.  “Why?”  He glanced over at his Uncle.

“Jesus Christ, she’s your teacher?”  J nodded.  “Are you to old for parent teacher conferences?  That’s still a thing right?”


“Don’t tell Smurf when one comes up.  Tell me.”  J chuckled and Craig sent you one last glance before he pulled out of the schools parking lot and started up the road.