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Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, February 27 to Sunday, March 5.

Bit of a disappointing thing first and foremost: Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo was set to air on the 4th and 5th. They replaced it with Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, which they aired a week ago (as of this posting, 2/26). So yeah. Ew.

Something about Saturday and Sunday too: looks like they’re both days to collect Magiswords for the Magimobile app during every show. It’s like 12 Days of Magiswords all over again. A Mighty Magiswords short airs at the end of every hour from 11-4. However, this offsets shows by a few minutes. Like, something set to air at 4:00 might air at 3:56 instead because I dunno.

New this week:

  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Mon-Thurs at 5pm
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6pm
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Season premiere, Friday at 6:30pm
  • Steven Universe - Friday at 7pm
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:30am
  • LEGO Nexo Knights - Saturday at 7:45am

Top 3 shows this week:

  1. Teen Titans Go! is #1, with 165 reruns and 1 new episode this week, 166 total. 52% of the schedule.
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball is #2, with 69 reruns and 4 new episodes, 73 total. It’s 23% of the schedule.
  3. Clarence keeps #3, with 20 reruns and 6% of the schedule. If Uncle Grandpa didn’t air a half hour episode on Monday, it’d be tied.
Hawaii Five-0 Phase Three

I am totally here for another reboot of this show in twenty years, only it’ll be Grace and Will heading up the task force, with little Charlie as the science nerd rookie in the lab, Nahele the wizened and experienced consultant just back from two tours overseas, following in his ‘Dad’s’ footsteps as a Navy man, and Chin’s niece Sarah as the rookie on the beat. All of them carrying on their families’ names in the task force that now follows the rules and smashes crime even better than when their parents were leading it.
I want this show.
Perhaps I should email Lenkov and suggest it now, so that they can start planning how they’re going to link this series to that one. 👮

the real reason kira loses killer queen at the end of diu is because he becomes my husband and sleeps in a cat perch in my room and i get to bring him to family dinners and uncle jerry is like oh who’s this and i’m like it’s killer queen, my husband, while killer queen is stuffed into a casual-formal outfit and keeps blowing up the ornaments on the tree

Yo who wants to join me in forming a Flynn Carsen defense squad our mission statement is to track down and hurt everyone who ever hurt this small precious bean. First order of business we find Nicole Noon, knock her unconscious and then drop kick her across a football field and then next we bring back Flynn’s Uncle Jerry from the dead for the sole purpose of killing him all over again.

And idk maybe we track down Emily too I mean I don’t have much of a problem with her but she can get like a stern talking to or something. And idk much about that little bitch Katie but I think she likely hurt Flynn the most since he was gonna propose to her so maybe we can rough her up just  a little you know?

But yeah anyways I love Flynn Carsen and he’s been hurt too much and people need to pay WHO’S WITH ME?

Australian people

On tumblr: Yeah mate, saltwater crocs are a pain in the arse to fight. Bulls are much easier, and dont get me started on the bloody snakes. My house? I live on a hut in the wilderness and own 56.000km of bushes and sand. We only eat scorpions and koalas, although kangaroos are quite tasty. Once, I was almost killed by a lion fish, but the fish got killed by a shark before it could sting me. The shark was killed by a manta and the manta was killed by my uncle Jerry. Uncle Jerry was killed by auntie Suzie though, natural selection I guess. Aunt Suzie is great at spear shooting, and lives happily inside a cave with her domesticared bat/panther hybrid. Everything will kill you, but you should still totally come!!

In real life: *totally normal people with an accent. Overly friendly. Basically tan canadians who know how to weild knives*


Is you good?

Another fav scene of Season6 HIMYM.
  • Jerry: So, Saturday night. Time to cut loose right?? *All in agreement* Who wants to split a beer?
  • Barney: Ohh, we're not drinking here. Tonight we're going big. Let's see. What club should we hit first? There's Club WAS, there's WRONG.
  • Marshall: umm, those places are shut down a long time ago.
  • B: Oh no.
  • M: OH NO shut down too.
  • Ted: There's WHERE.
  • J: Where's WHERE?
  • Lily: WHERE's where WAS was, isn't it?
  • B: No, WAS wasn't where WHERE was. WAS was where WRONG was, right?
  • J: Okay..
  • T: Not OKAY. That place is lame.
  • Robin: OKAY is LAME? I thought LAME was a gay bar. Or is that WRONG?
  • M: That's WRONG. That's not wrong.
  • B: Guys, focus.
  • R: Ohh I like FOCUS. Let's go there.
  • T: Where?
  • R: Not WHERE, FOCUS.
  • L: I thought FOCUS was closed.
  • B: No, WAS was closed. Once WAS shut down and reopen as CLOSED.
  • M: So CLOSED is open.
  • R: No, CLOSED is closed.
  • J: I don't know. THIRD BASE, right?
  • R: Eww. THIRD BASE is all frat guys.
  • L: I'll go any place, okay?
  • T: Not OKAY. OKAY is lame.
  • R: OKAY is not LAME. LAME is a gay bar.
  • L: Guys, shut up.
  • B: No, SHUT UP shut down. I can't believe I don't know the clubs anymore.
  • M: Guys, just pick a club, okay?
  • T: Not OKAY.
  • All in unison: OKAY is LAME. Gay bar.
  • M: For the record, umm I was in there once by accident, I'm sure it's pronounced La-me.
  • B: It's hopeless, isn't it?
  • *Club HOPELESS*