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Today I have the day off with Margot.

And by day off I mean I’m answering emails and phone calls from home.

She’s being so fussy about her teeth coming in that she needs some extra attention. All your advice is great and helpful but even then she just wants to be around Mummy or Daddy. Even Aunt Jamie and Uncle Sherlock are not good enough right now. That’s a big deal because usually Uncle Sherlock is the greatest thing ever.

- A.


I knew ye’d come, Uncle Jamie,” he said, with a tremulous smile, “but ye left it a bit late, aye?” The smile widened, then broke, and he began to tremble. He blinked hard, fighting back tears.

I did then, and I’m sorry, Ian. Come here, a bhalaich.” Jamie reached out and took him in a close embrace, patting his back and murmuring to him in Gaelic.

“Oh, aye.” Jamie looked consideringly at his nephew. “I suppose ye can lay a pallet in my room.”

“Oh, no!” Young Ian blurted. “You’ll want to be alone wi’ your wife, will ye not, Uncle?”

“What?” Jamie stared at him uncomprehendingly.

“Well, I mean…” Young Ian hesitated, glancing at me, and then hastily away. “I mean, nay doubt you’ll be wanting to… er… mmphm?” A Highlander born, he managed to infuse this last noise with an amazing wealth of implied indelicacy.
Jamie rubbed his knuckles hard across his upper lip.

“Well, that’s verra thoughtful of ye, Ian,” he said. His voice quivered slightly with the effort of not laughing. “And I’m flattered that ye have such a high opinion of my virility as to think I’m capable of anything but sleeping in bed after a day like this. But I think perhaps I can forgo the satisfaction of my carnal desires for one night — fond as I am of your auntie,” he added, giving me a faint grin.



Sanrion children AU

Jon Lannister - Sansa and Tyrion’s firstborn, named after King Jon of Houses Targaryen and Stark. Jon Lannister is a brave young man with his father’s sense of humor (and curly golden hair lol). He’s a skilled warrior like his uncle Jamie was. Sansa raised him to be everything she ever wanted in a man once. And he is everything Tyrion dreamed to be when he was a child. Jon is called a Golden Heir of House Lannister. People from the Westerlands are very proud of him. He is popular in the Riverlands also.

Catelyn and Joanna Lannister - the red-haired twins. While Catelyn is this perfect young lady like her mother is and her grandmother was, Joanna is “little Arya”. The girls are good to each other and they don’t fight that often (though Joanna fights a lot with their little brother Rickon). Cat has a little crush on Targaryen prince (but don’t say anyone).

Rickon Lannister - Youngest child. Rickon is bookish, shy and reserved young man (when he’s not arguing with Joanna). He is very intelligent and has a great political mind. He doesn’t understand, but women find him very attractive. Sounds familiar?

Season 2 Deleted Scenes Pt.3

thanks to Outlander America


The voice of my thoughts seemed to be Uncle Lamb’s. My family, and all I knew of love as a child. A man who had never spoken love to me, who had never needed to, for I knew he loved me, as surely as I knew I lived. For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary. It is all. It is undying. And it is enough.

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“He’s like a young Keith Richards - a rock ‘n’ roll hardman with a bit of a mouth on him. He says a lot but he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. Damon thought he was a bit too rock so I toned him down a bit, but in the future he’ll get into Satanism. Murdoc is a death metal bass player who wants to be the singer but isn’t pretty enough.”- Jamie Hewlett. Q Magazine | August, 2001.

Happy Birthday, Murdoc!

The Space Between and An Echo in the Bone Spoilers

[Michael] didn’t know what [Claire] was - the talk near Lallybroch painted her as everything from a witch to an angel, with most of the opinion hovering cautiously around “faerie,” for the Auld Ones were dangerous, and you didn’t talk too much about them - but he liked her. So did Da and Young Ian, and that counted for a lot. And Uncle Jamie, of course - though everyone said, very matter-of-fact, that Uncle Jamie was bewitched. He smiled wryly at that. Aye, if being mad in love with your wife was bewitchment.

- The Space Between by Diana Gabaldon

I love getting to see Jamie and Claire - especially Claire - through the eyes of other people. In the main books, we mostly get people who are very familiar with them - Roger, Brianna, Young Ian, Lord John. But Michael’s observations and opinions here show how compelling Claire is even to those who don’t know her that well personally.

bitty and jack’s daughter is a hockey fiend
  • her name is simone in my head ok
  • so ok she loves hockey
  • like more than life
  • and she’s super well-aquainted with most hockey giants
    • ofc there’s uncle chowder who plays for the san jose sharks ofc ofc
    • and papa’s teammates (uncle tater likes to carry her on his shoulders)
    • her uncle ty once took her out to ice cream with uncle jamie and uncle jordie
    • she’s played shinny with uncle sid a couple times i mean come on
    • high-fived mario lemieux and patrick roy and steve yzerman
    • gone to countless dinners with lots of nhl giants basically
  • so there’s this huge party
  • lots of pie, duh.com
  • basically everyone is there so shitty lardo & their son gavin, ransy, holtzy, chow-chow and cait & their baby pat, nursey, dexy, some of simmy’s friends and their parents, the falcs, grandbad bob and alicia, suzanne and coach JUS EVERYONE OK
  • and THEN
  • kent shows up
  • she meets kent parson for the first time
  • bc idk he never has time when he’s in providence he lives on the opposite side of the country where it’s hot
  • and for some reason juST NEVER MET HIS NIECE
  • and despite everything
  • despite the fact that fuckin’ bad bob zimmermann is her grand pere
  • and the fact that jack laurent fuckin’ zimmermann is heR PAPA
  • she is so starstruck that she can’t speak when she meets parse
  • LIKE SHE IS NEVER SHY bc duh she is her daddy’s daughter (even though she is biologically jack’s)
  • but she literally is rendered speechless when kent shows up
  • bitty is a cross between slightly jealous and incredibly amused
  • jack is just straight-up offended
  • parse loves the kid (bc everyone does come on)
  • “uncle parsey”
  • “simmy zimms” oh my fucking god help me
  • she already LOVES tater so when she finds out they’re dating she totally loses her mind
  • kent gives her a signed jersey for her birthday and she wears it the whole afternoon with her tulle skirt and rainbow leggings and refuses to take it off even when she’s supposed to go to bed
    • which is a nightmare for bitty bc he’s going to have to wash that jersey at SOME point
  • kent tells her all these embarrassing stories about jack when they were in juniors and she LOVES. IT.
  • she clings to his leg when it’s time to go, begging him to come back asap
  • jack and bitty invite kent to one of her peewee games
  • he promises her he’ll be there since he still has a couple days off
  • of course the little girl is a prodigy
  • OF COURSE i mean come on
  • simmy scores two goals with uncle parsey watching
  • kent is so ridiculously proud of his niece
  • i may or may not be in the middle of actually writing this
  • stay tuned for updates

That HBO movie about the early life of Steve Rogers was written by one of the Great Horde of Barnes Niblings™.

This kid was the one who really listened and paid attention to the family stories.  She was the one who asked questions about Great Uncle Bucky and his pal Steve Rogers, knows the time Bucky got his front tooth knocked out by that kid next door who’d been trying to tie a firecracker to a kitten’s tail and Steve caught him out at it. 

Steve landed the first punch, the kid gave him a shiner and Bucky gave him a fat lip and a shiner for Steve and his own tooth. 

This Barnes Nibling was the one who knows about the time Bucky won that stuffed elephant for that redheaded girl Dottie at a shooting gallery on Coney …. except he’d gone back to win a bear for Steve and the bear was named “Bucky” by the youngest Barnes sister. 

The family maintains that’s how “Bucky Bears” got started.  Steve had the first Bucky Bear. 

This Barnes Nibling figures out the subtext and the undercurrents - Grampy and Mama Winifred fretting with Bucky whenever Steve got hit by the yearly flu/pneumonia, the Barnes version of Chicken Noodle Soup With Matzoh Balls™ that Mama learned from her own Ma, the magical cure-all for all ills that every Jewish mama knew. 

This Barnes Nibling figures it out why Great Uncle Bucky’s sisters said “we have two brothers - Steve and Bucky” and how their hearts were broken when their brothers never got to come home from the war.

This Barnes Nibling puts pen to paper, then starts typing it out on their computer - all their grandma’s stories and their great-aunts, all their memories of Bucky and of Steve - and in a way, it’s understanding the stories of both men that brings them to an understanding of themselves, of their own identity, of who they are. 

The Barnes Nibling was named for Great Uncle Bucky, but the family calls them “Jamie."  It fits better. 

Jamie didn’t realize that writing the story would become a script, would become something that would catch the eye of a producer and a director, would end up getting a cast of actors and would go into production. 

Jamie ignores the horrified conservative historians who won’t accept the human, first-hand accounts outside of the sanitized versions of "Captain America’s” history. 

Jamie just wants to tell the story of their Great Uncles Bucky and Steve, as remembered by the ones who loved them best, who’d kept them alive in their hearts for all the years that they were believed lost, never to be found.

Jamie doesn’t really expect to meet their Great-Uncles, but a pair of slightly teary-eyed boys from Brooklyn turn up one day on their doorstep, with a couple of friends. 

Jamie gets squished into a hug by a pair of grateful, super soldiers.

And finally, they get to explain to Uncle Steve how he acquired the family nickname of “Uncle Punk” and heard Uncle Bucky laugh, that great joyful peal that Grandma described, and it was perfect.


The Steve Rogers Story, an HBO Presentation (a Blanket Fort Headcanon)

(Based on that artwork I’ve seen going around.  If anyone can link me to it, so I can link this ficlet, let me know!) :)

In which I am re-reading ‘The Wedding’ for “research”.

“Last time – next time? - I had been married in a white linen suit with alligator pumps. Frank had worn a grey Harris tweed. I had caught myself thinking wildly of Uncle Lamb, who had witnessed the wedding.

‘Pity to waste the surroundings with this modern stuff,’ he had said, casually patting Frank’s tweed sleeve. ‘It’s a genuine Eighteenth-Century Scottish chapel, you know. You ought to have got yourselves up appropriately, kilts and dirks and long gowns and such.’ Looking up at the formidable sight of my intended bridegroom, I had a sudden unhinged vision of Uncle Lamb, nodding approvingly. ‘Much better,’ he said in my imagination. ‘Just the thing.’”

Uncle Lamb, even if it is just Claire’s imaginary one, approves of Jamie. Fact, and heart-eyes. END GAME.