i’m not looking forwards to the uncle grandpa/steven universe crossover


because now it’s officially canon that not only does the being known as “uncle grandpa” exist outside the realms of space and time

but within multiple realities at once

  • he is more powerful than an eldritch old god- he doesn’t need summoning or any sort of slumber
  • the boundaries of whatever reality he occupies do not apply to him

  • he is a chaotic, benevolent, omniscient, mercurial, constant god-like entity in not only one universe but every universe

but in steven universe? he breaks the fourth wall multiple times in the preview alone, reverses and rewrites a timeline, and doesn’t change his stylization to fit the universe in which he presently resides. this lends itself to only one conclusion

there is only one Uncle Grandpa and he exists in all universes simultaneously

it is canon

imagine any universe/setting you can think of and uncle grandpa canonically exists in it by default

  • Halo? yes
  • Dragon Age? yes
  • Arthurian legend? yes
  • Pride and Prejudice? yes
  • Gotham City? yes

cartoon network has created an all-powerful being that transcends all time, space, and realities at once, which by definition must include our own

and i am afraid

we should all be afraid

I was super bummed out about Pizza Steve ruining my original Mr. Gusite picture… but Uncle Grandpa felt bad and… I dunno how… he called in a favor and got the CREATOR of Steven Universe, REBECCA SUGAR, TO DRAW MY GEMSONA! I guess Uncle Grandpa’s got connections at Cartoon Network!

Thus ends my gemsona experience! Thanks for reading everyone!


“Uncle Grandpa’s Grampie Awards” (Clip)