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Hi!!!! Don't know if you're still taking prompts but if you do, here is mine :) imagine an au where everything is different and Jamie has the chance to court Claire properly (in the 18th century) An au completely different from the show or a "what if Jack Randall never met Claire" kind of au. I can't wait to read your works as always, thank you ❤


Claire giggled as she ran through the thick grass that grew along the outskirts of the forest, ducking and diving under branches as she darted as far as she could from the ever watchful gaze of her protectors at Lallybroch.

“Claire Beauchamp…amongst the savages!” She could hear the mockery in their tone even now, her relatives aghast at the idea of Uncle Lamb bringing her to such a place, especially so close after the horrors of Culloden.

But Claire didn’t mind; in fact she prefered the vast Scottish landscapes to the dense cities of England. Here, people didn’t care as to her name, or her position. Here she was just allowed to be Claire.

Spared from the ravages of the British Army, Broch Tuarach lay hidden just a stones through from Bewley, and only a carriage ride from Inverness. The inhabitants, Clan Fraser, had escaped relatively unscathed during the conflict, having hovered only on the periphery for a time. Brian Fraser had steered his men well, keeping the majority of them on neutral ground during the conflict. Their direct relatives, Clan Mackenzie had not been so fortunate.

Still, Brian and Ellen had three young children to raise, and embedding themselves in a merciless bloody war wouldn’t have been wise.

At the thought of their wee brood, Claire’s cheeks flushed pink, the spread reaching the tips of her ears as she raised herself just high enough to see through the grass and down into the valley.

There, at the bottom of the hill with his hand shading his eyes from the sun was Jamie Fraser. The youngest of the Frasers.

Claire’s heart raced, the blood pumping thick through her veins as she slid closer to the ground, pulling her skirts around her as she tried to cover herself. Licking her lips, she could still recall the tingle she’d felt after their first stolen kiss.

Rolling onto her back, Claire gazed up at the sky, her eyes glazing over as the afternoon sun warmed every inch of her. Toeing off her ragged shoes, she slid her feet through the shorter grass beside her, enjoying the heat as it surged through her.


They had only been acquainted a month or so, him having been at school in Paris when Lamb and herself had arrived, but the moment he’d caught her eye she’d known. Smiling, she bit her lip, a strange sensation taking hold of her, making her breasts almost…ache. Clenching her thighs together, tight, she pushed herself from the ground and scuttled sideways into the dense tree line, abandoning her shawl completely as she sought refuse amongst the low boughs.  

Finding a relatively safe spot, Claire leant against a tree and closed her eyes as she inhaled a rather large breath. Something about Jamie called to her. The soft swell of his boyish chest, the way certain curls flicked from the top of his head as he moved about the place, the carefree glint that lit his sea-blue irises. Everything about James Fraser called to her.

Suddenly, a strong pair of arms gripped her waist, turning and pinning her against the trunk of the tree, his hands wrapped solidly around her wrists as he ran his nose along the length of hers.

“Thought ye could outfox me, did ye, sassenach?” Jamie purred, his pet name for her warming the butterflies in her belly as they flip-flopped.

“Maybe I was luring you out here, did you ever think of that….” she cooed in return, a roll of her hips bringing their midsections in direct contact with one another.

Both of them knew that they were skirting a fine line.

Neither of them cared.

“Aye, I ken ye might do that…wee fairy temptress that you are.” He whispered, nipping the lobe of her ear with his teeth as he finished his teasing.

Taking his lips against hers, Claire ended their conversation, pulling Jamie to her with a passionate kiss that made her belly throb and her knees wobble.

His tongue probed at her lips, gently licking her sensitive skin as she tipped her head to the side and opened her mouth, answering his silent question.

“We ha’ to tell them, Claire,” Jamie murmured between caresses, his sweet breath fanning over Claire’s burning face as she bent forwards, trying desperately to bring him back to her, needing the contact, “I want to court ye properly, no’ in secret…please…”

Picking her foot off the floor, Claire wrapped her calf around Jamie’s bottom, driving him closer to her, as close as he could possibly get –for the moment.

“What will they say do you think?” Claire returned, worry niggling on the boundary of her happy place, locked together here –alone with Jamie.

“I dinna ken precise actions, Claire,” Jamie soothed, letting go of her still-restrained hands and running just the tips of his fingers over her damp brow, shifting the wisps of hair that clung to the skin there. “But I think they’ll be pleased.”

‘I think they already know,’ is what he didn’t say, unsure as to how perceptive Claire had been on the matter.

But Claire did know, her eyes holding his as they communicated silently.

“Pleased…” Claire whispered, her tongue peeking just between her lips as she spoke.

“Alright,” she declared, an assertiveness to her tone that Jamie knew all too well, “let’s tell them….” Pausing, Claire looked beyond the tree line and back again, her brows furrowing for just an instant as she processed Jamie’s request. “B-but –tell them what, exactly?”

Jamie smirked, his lips twitching and his eyes lightening as he dipped his head ever so slightly.

“That, Claire Beauchamp –Fraser–, ye are to be my wife.”

Hal paced the worn rug, his boots ruffling the loose hairs on the weave as he stomped up and down in front of the fireplace.

“What *is* Quentin thinking?!” He muttered, ill at ease with the thought of his niece and that…*Scot*. “I told you, John. Didn’t I say!” He spat, flicking the contents of his finished pipe into the roaring embers of the fire as he twisted to face his brother.

John sat rubbing his chin, gazing at his ill-tempered brother, watching as a stray bead of sweat slid down his forehead, across his temple and down his rosy-red cheek.

“Marriage?! Has he gone daft! They’re *farmers*, Scottish farmers at that. They’re probably still harbouring fugitives of the law! And our young Claire…”

Shuddering, Hal gave John a despairing looking. “Send for them!” He finished, sensing little to no cooperation from John. “Bring them both home. I won’t have them dishonouring us like this.”

John tried not to laugh, swilling the remaining contents of his brandy around the bottom of the crystal glass he held between his fingers.

“Quentin loves Claire like a daughter, Hal,” John appeased, finally breaking his silence, “he wouldn’t let her come to any harm. You know that–”

The door slammed open, the handle hitting the wall with a soft thud as Hal’s wife, Minnie, barged her way into the sitting area.

“Hal, could I have your opinion on something…please?” She asked, batting her eyelashes at Hal in a move far too feminine for her.

Winking secretively at John, she led Hal out into the hall and shook her head, closing the wood solidly behind her.

Sighing, John took a final swig of his drink, the cool liquid setting the back of his throat on fire as it ran down his oesophagus.

Claire was just like her mother, and Hal knew it well. He’d been just about ready to remind Hal of the fact when Minnie had, rather appropriately, interrupted.

He’d send the letter, as requested, but both he and Minnie knew what the result of that action would be. And it certainly wouldn’t be Claire and Quentin reunited with them on English soil.

The letter came soon enough.

Claire was excited, bouncing on her toes as uncle Lamb ran his finger under the seal, popping the wax, his eyes flitting across the page as he read Hal’s words carefully.

His smile dropped, his hands beginning to shake as he turned to Claire, a look of distress plastered over his usually jolly features.

“Claire, darling…” he cooed, trying to calm her before he’d even revealed the news.

“He said no –didn’t he?” She whispered, her voice breaking as her heart plummeted.

She hadn’t even considered that he’d turn her down.

“He did. I’m sorry, my beauty.” Sighing, Lamb re-folded the note and placed it carefully into his pocket. “But that’s not all, I’m afraid.”

Claire saw the truth in his eyes before he’d even voiced the words.

Backing up, she shook her head as she fled the living room, her sobs echoing through the empty corridors of the big house as she slammed the door to her rooms, cupping her hand over her mouth as she slid to the floor. Letting the agony consume her. Claire crawled towards the fire and curled up on the large rug. Wrapping her arms around her knees she cried, her tears dripping onto the thin fibres of the neatly woven carpet.

“You can’t make me leave,” she wept, her words only audible to herself, “I won’t let you take me back…I won’t!”

Sneaking into her room, Jamie carefully closed the door behind him as he crept over to the fireplace and wrapped himself around her. The embers had long since died out, leaving her in a tiny frozen ball.

“I had to wait, Claire, I’m sorry…” he spoke, his warm breath fanning over her chilled flesh as she linked her frigid fingers with his hot ones, “yer uncle has been packing for ye.”

Claire shook her head, fervently disagreeing with any idea of leaving Lallybroch and Jamie.

“Hush now, sassenach,” he soothed, feeling her distress as he tried to quash her fears. “Ye havena heard the story of my parents first meeting, have ye?” He continued, hope igniting his tone as a stray flame danced to life in time with his words.

“N-no.” Claire stuttered, her eyes suddenly blinking open at the hint of optimism in Jamie’s voice.

“Then let me tell ye now, aye? …and ye ken already that it has a happy ending.”

Locking her hands with his more solidly, Claire nodded, the lead weight lifting from her chest as he began to recount one night, long before his birth, where two lovers slipped away into the night, leaving behind the dark cloud of those who wished to keep them apart…


When you’re adults but you never stopped being teenagers.


Steven Universe Season 1 & Pilot

Huntress- Part 13: Trust

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E13 so warning: SPOILERS

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Your feet padded quietly on the floorboards of the Bunker as you neared the voices. Dad had his back to you, typing away on his laptop, Uncle Dean was leaning over him, staring at whatever was on the screen. 

You had a cup of tea in hands as you wandered up behind them.

“Found a case?” You asked, making Uncle Dean jump. 
“The hell did you come from?” He looked at you with a frown.
“Europe.”You mumbled, reading the screen.

Dad chuckled before saying “Yeah, a Museum not too far away. Someone had their tongue ripped out…”
“Ouch.” You grimaced.
“…Yeah, but that didn’t kill them.” 
You tilted your head questioningly.
“Having their internal organs crushed did.”


“Sure is.” Uncle Dean huffed, his eyes squinting as he read over the article. You took a sip, the warmth of the mug spreading through to the palms of your hands.

“I take it you’re coming, Kid.” Uncle Dean looked at you expectantly. You nodded, grabbing a hair-tie from your wrist and tying your hair up into a bunche. 

Dad sighed, but didn’t say anything. He knew you’d probably end up finding a way, it was safer if you all stayed together.

“I’ll call Mom,” Uncle Dean broke the slight tension before it grew to too much “See if she wants to help out.”

“Okay.” Dad nodded, closing his laptop slightly and adjusting himself so he was facing you.
“Sleep well?” He asked in such a way you felt obliged to answer truthfully.
“Kinda.” You shrugged.
Dad nodded, thankful you didn’t outright lie, he could tell you trusted him more than you initially did.

“If you can’t sleep, it’s okay to tell me. I’m not going to be angry at you.”

“I know…thanks.” You didn’t want to offend him, but there was really nothing he could have done to help.

“Offering a tight smile, he looked up when Uncle Dean re-entered the room. “Okay, looks like it’s just gonna be the three of us,” He bitterly declared. Before you could question why he added: “Let’s go.”

You enjoyed car journeys. There was so much more land in America so the roads weren’t too busy and it gave you lots of time to listen to music or play dumb games. It was the simple things, but they made a difference.

You took out an earphone whenever they seemed to be talking about anything interesting.
“Wait, you said Mom was…”too tired” right?” Dad asked his brother, making sure he had his facts straight.
“Yep” Uncle Dean snapped. He was obviously not buying the “tired” excuse. To be fair, it was an excuse you’d often find yourself losing.

“What?” Dad frowned.
“I don’t know..I just feel like something’s going on and she doesn’t wanna talk about it.” Uncle Dean admitted his suspicions.
“She’s back into Hunting, she just needs time. We can’t expect her to be perfectly okay.”
“Yeah. I guess…”

You sighed, watching them go back and forth. Of course Mary had every right to hunt on her own, to have any secrets she wants to keep, to be away from her family and still love them. But Uncle Dean appeared to have different ideas, he was family driven and couldn’t get his head around the fact that she didn’t want to be with them all of the time.

From what Mary had told you, it sounded like she’d spent the earlier years of her life running from the Hunting life, to be dragged back in…it couldn’t have been easy.

You wouldn’t be able to cope if Dad hadn’t wanted you to stay, if you’d have to go back to live in The Chapter House…

After a solid fifteen minutes of waiting in the car, you’d just about had enough of not being able to know what’s going on. No, you couldn’t pretend to be an FBI agent, but you didn’t have to.

Instead of waiting for Dad and Uncle Dean to arrive back from the Museum, you got out of the car and marched in. You held your head high and walked straight past a few people, acting like you were meant to be there.
No one questioned you or stopped you from walking in. When you spotted the “FBI” you strode over and leaned over Uncle Dean’s shoulder: “Sup.”

He jumped, staring at you with wide eyes soon turning to a disapproved frown. You giggled, having managed to scare him for the second time that day.
“Y/N?” Dad walked over to where you were, looking confused “How did you get in here?”

“Walked through the door.” You explained, looking at the cabinets filled with antiques and relics. “Anything interesting?”
“People don’t question you if you look like you know what you’re doing.” You shrugged, earning a small smile from the pair of them. 

“Okay I’m changing my vote to a ghost, this place is full of EMF.” Uncle Dean looked down at the small machine in his hand.
“That’s actually pretty normal for a Museum, all these antiques everywhere. there’s bound to be a few pissed of spirits.” Dad gently argued.

“Hey, check this out.” Dad pointed to the front of some sort of ship, forcing you and Uncle Dean to move closer to get a better look.
“The Star.” You read, picking up an information booklet, “Sunk in 1723…”

“Wait, I know something about something,” Uncle Dean held a finger up, making you pause “Gavin McLeod.”

You scrunched your face up “Who?”

“Crowley’s kid?!” Dad looked half impressed an half confused.

“Crowley’s got a kid?” You wonder aloud.

“Yeah, uh, long story.” Uncle Dean quickly dismissed the chance to recite it for you; you were beginning to think everything was a long story. “But, this is Gavin’s ship.”

Speaking of the King Of Hell, his caller ID appeared on Uncle Dean’s phone.
“Hey Crowley.” He sighed, putting it on loud speaker.
“I can’t believe you! You idiots let Lucifer’s lovechild live?!”
“How do you know about that?” Dad interrogated.
“I don’t owe you an explanation!”
“Oh great- that’s reassuring.” You rolled your eyes.
“I guess this is a bad time to ask you if you can ask Gavin to come over?”
“Why on Earth would I want to do that?!”
“We don’t owe you an explanation.” You echoed his excuse, making him scoff.
“Look, Crowley. When we let Gavin live in our world, possibly screwing up the rest of history and time, we didn’t hunt him down. So yeah, you do owe us something.” Uncle Dean explained, unfortunately, Crowley didn’t seem convinced.
“I can’t believe you three!” He hissed before hanging up.

“That’s a fascinating story,” Rowena smiled sickly, her Scottish accent filling the room “But you said there was something in it for me?” 
Rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms and leaned back.
“We’re gonna need your help to-

“I said for me.” She sighed, collecting her things and standing up to leave. Your Dad rose from his chair, grabbing her arm and holding her in position: “Sit down.” 

She hesitated, deciding whether to do so or not.Swallowing, she sat back down. Glaring at your Dad. Her eyes fluttered back to normal as she adjusted her position, getting comfortable.

“When we discover this eye witness, we can get our valuable information and you, well, you’ll want to meet them.” Uncle Dean promised.

“Who is this eye witness?” Rowena asked, her curiosity taking over her as she waited for someone to speak.

Your Dad smirked, looking between you and his brother. 

Sandwiched between your Dad and your Uncle, the three of you watched as the coach pulled up. It was large and silver, with one of those compartments for luggage.
“Gavin!” They called as a younger man walked off of the steps. He had dark brown hair, a navy trench coat and a satchel with his belongings. He strode over to you all, his eyes falling on yours. “Gavin, this is my daughter, Y/N.”
Dad shook hands with him, gesturing to you slightly.
“Y/N,” Gavin echoed “Hello.”
“Hey.” You greeted, noting his accent was much like Rowenas.

“You’re English!” He seemed more excited about this than you’d thought he’d be.
“Sure am.” You chuckled.

“So uh….how’s my Father?” He seemed to be asking you, making you back up slightly.

“About that,” Dad cleared his throat “We may have exaggerated…a little.”
“We lied.” Uncle Dean admitted “We lied.”
“We need your help-”
“Help!” He called, frightening one of the travelers as they walked past. You giggled as Uncle Dean tried to usher him away, assuring him no help was actually needed.
“We wanted to ask you about this.” You got your phone out and held up a picture of the ship.
“That’s the Star!” He grinned, squinting his eyes to see “That’s my ship!”

“Yeah it should have been.” Dad nodded, looking up as a car sounded.
A taxi parked and a certain Witch got out. Gavin looked up, confused. “You look just like my father when he was young” She grinned.
He frowned.
“Gavin, this is Rowena, you’re Grandmother.”
“My Grandmother…She can’t be alive.”
“Neither can you, mate.” You huffed “Don’t question it.”

“I would have thought all the wreckage would still be at the bottom of the Atlantic!” Gavin grinned as he studied the front of his ship back in the Museum. He walked around it a few dozen times, looking it up and down in fascination.

“Here’s a folder of what they recovered, recognise anything?” You handed him the folder, hoping to speed things up a little without sounding too rude. People’s lives were at stake.

“Amazing.” He said, eagerly taking it from your hands.

You chuckled, rolling your eyes at him and leaning on the table behind.

“Nope…Nope…Nope” He flicked through the pages, glancing at the photos. You shared a look with your Dad, making him smirk.

“My God,” Gavin placed the folder on the table open on the page “That’s the locket.”
“The locket?” Dad questioned.

You leaned in, examining the picture and scanning the paragraph of information for anything useful or interesting.
“It’s the locket I bought…for my Fiona”
“Darlin’, you had a we girlfriend!” Rowena squealed.
“Fiona Dunken.” He said proudly.

“Hey.” Uncle Dean called you over to where he and your Dad were stood. You backed up to where they were, looking up expectantly.
“It’s missing.” He said, pointing at a stand.
“Maybe the ghost of this Fiona took it.” Dad suggested.

“My Fiona’s a ghost?!” Gavin butted in, looking insulted anyone would suggest such a thing.
“She’s vengeful, she wants clarity…She’s also very dangerous.” You sighed, knowing full well he wouldn’t want to hear this. His eyes said it all, they were shocked and barely managing to process the information you were telling him.

You stood behind your Dad and Uncle as they stormed in, shotguns armed with salt-bullets. Dad took a shot at the ghost-who must have been Fiona- she disintegrated through smoke. There was no doubt she’d be back soon.
 As she did so, you had to physically hold Gavin back so he didn’t run in to see if it truly was her. He struggled in your grip, making you press your thumb into one of the pressure points along the arm. He stopped struggling “Ow!”
“Don’t move then!” You hissed, letting him go since the ghost was gone.
Rowena watched with disapproval “Hush!”.

Holding his arm, he pouted “Okay…now what?”

“We need you to speak with her. We need to be sure it is her.” Dad explained. He lowered his gun fully and offered Gavin an encouraging smile.

“Oh restless spirit, make thy presence known to me…”

You waited on the other side of the door with Rowena, Uncle Dean and Dad. The ghost would be more likely to show if he was on his own. However, you had fully loaded firearms on the table to your right in case things got messy.

“…Fiona…’tis I: Gavin…”

You all waited in silence, straining to hear for cries of help. You had to prepare for the worst case scenario- just in case. As they spoke their voices became more and more louder and it appeared to be becoming an argument more than a conversation.
You noticed your Dad looking over to the shotguns, as if contemplating reaching for one. He licked his lips in thought before looking away. The room fell silent and you looked up at Dad.

He opened the door slowly, Uncle Dean holding a weapon just in case.

The three of you peered in to see Gavin stood in the middle of the room, watching an empty space with sorry eyes which was probably where Fiona had stood.

“Was it her?” Rowena asked, moving towards where he stood.
“Aye, it was Fiona.” He nodded slowly, his face hardened and he added “But not my Fiona.”

“So…we’re all agreed she needs to be stopped?” Dad spoke. Every nodded in response. “How? We can’t burn her bones if she’s at the bottom of the ocean?” You weren’t trying to be a pessimist, but you hadn’t any other ideas.
“Well,” Uncle Dean cleared his throat, eyeing Gavin “There might be a way to fix everything.”
“No.” Rowena snapped, meanwhile you were let to catch on. “We’re not sending him to his death. That’s not a solution.”
“Actually, I was thinking the same thing. If I go back in time and board the ship, time would go as it was supposed to.” Gavin agreed.

“You can send someone back in time?” You asked, intrigued,
“Aye, that’s how I arrived in the twenty first century. It’s a long story.” Gavin nodded.
“Isn’t everything…” You mumbled.

“Never gonna happen.” A certain King Of Hell decided to show his face. “Just because your family’s a mess doesn’t mean you get to mess with mine!” He shouted at the three of you. You frowned at the word “mess”.
“Let him go Fergus!” Rowena hissed.
“If you want to go so badly then why did you call me?!” Crowley ignored his Mother.
“You called him?” Uncle Dean said.
“Yes…I called you,” Gavin hesitated “I called you to say goodbye.”
Crowley stiffened and his head rose with realisation. 

Standing up to leave, Crowley reached out to stop his son. However Rowena held up her hand and chanted a sharp spell, making Crowley freeze. “…Mother…” He hummed, raising an eyebrow at her.

You watched with anticipation, unsure as to whether you could really have a valuable opinion on someone else’s situation. 
Gavin waled past, turning round to his Dad and saying “I’m sorry, Father…”

You watched as Dad prepared the last of the spell. Standing next to Uncle Dean, Gavin wondered over to join you both and sighed. “You ready?” You asked, glancing at his pale face.

He swallowed. “Yes.”

Dad held a blade up to his palm and sliced through, Gavin winced but didn’t say anything as he squeezed his blood into the bowl of ingredients.
“Are you sure this’ll work?” He asked.
“We’ve never actually done it before,” Uncle Dean admitted “But other family members have.”
You added “Plus Rowena tweaked the spell.”

“Hey, uh, Gavin,” Dad gently caught his attention “You’re a good guy. Thank you.”

Gavin nodded ad moved so he was stood in front of the three of you. He nodded “Hopefully, this is all for the best.” 

As Dad read the spell Fiona appeared at his side, her body translucent with a murky yellow tinge. The pair of them turned to face each other, both smiling and hands reaching for each others. Their bodies began to change so they both had a middle-ground between being see through and tangible. Then, as softly as she had appeared, they were whisked away back in time. 

You kept your eyes on the empty space. Gavin was nice. It was hard to believe Crowley was his father, although, something told you the King Of Hell had more of a heart than he let on.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket, making you roll off of your bed to get into a position where you could answer it. You looked down at the caller ID and scowled. It was him again.
Why couldn’t that bastard just leave you alone?!
You’d had it.

“What?” You snapped, finally answering.



“Finally, why are you suddenly ignoring me?” He questioned.

“Why are you always calling me?” You were trying to keep your volume to a minimum. At this point, you didn’t want your Dad getting involved.

“Look, I get that you belong with your…Dad.” He had a hard time getting the word out “But you can still work with us. The idea was that you got us into the Winchester’s good books.”

“I never agreed to the bleeding idea in the first place!” You protested.

Sam Winchester stood outside your bedroom door, leaning against the wall and straining to hear. He listened curiously.

“Y/N, you trust us don’t you?” The man asked.
You didn’t answer.
“You trust me don’t you?” He altered the question a little in hopes for a response.
“I don’t know anymore…”
“Who do you trust?” He asked in such a way you could almost hear the cogs whirring in his brain as he calculated a plan to re-earn your trust.
“I trusted Max…” You whispered.
“I know you did.”
“Your Dad?” He suggested.
My Dad?” You echoed, realising you didn’t know if you did or not. Sam lifted his head at the mention of himself. “I think I trust him…but I trusted you and look where that got me.”
“Y/N, I didn’t want to do that to you either. I’ve changed. Your Mum changed me.”
“My Mum’s dead.” You retorted “Change yourself.” 

As you approach your Dad and Uncle, they seemed to be talking about the case and how Cas still hasn’t found out much on Kelly. You silently agree before sitting down next to your Dad. 
He shoots you a frown, but doesn’t question what you’d been doing. “You okay?” He asked, perhaps hoping you’d explain.
“Mmmhmm.” You smiled.

He could have wanted to push you to say more, but Mary walking down the steps turned all attention away from you. 
“It’s been a while,” Uncle Dean expresses “A long long long while.” You kicked your Uncle’s shin from under the table, making him flinch “Ow!”
You stuck your tongue out at him, making Mary roll her eyes.

“I brought beers and burgers.” She declared. Mary placed the bags down on the table, smiling at you. You smiled back, thinking she had more to say.
“Forgiven.” Uncle Dean grinned, ripping open the case of beers.

“So, uh, what’ve you been up to?” Dad asked her, leaning back in his chair.

“Oh you know, chasing vampires, shooting werewolves, melting rugaru brains.”
Your head shot up at the mention and you squinted your eyes at her suspiciously. “What?” Uncle Dean questioned her.

She looked down and suddenly the happy family atmosphere was gone.

Realisation hit you: “You’ve been working with them…haven’t you?” She directy looked at you, guilty eyes and a tired stance. “There’s no easy way to say it…”

“I just did.” You snapped “You’re welcome.”


“Mom…” Dad sighed “We have a history with them.”

“I know, Sam. But what they’re doing, it’s incredible. We’ve saved so many lives-”

We? So you’re a we now?” Uncle Dean interrogated. The betrayal in his voice was harsh and thick. 

You watched as they went back and forth. You knew the most about The British Men Of Letters, they weren’t necessarily bad people… It was complicated and you thought you’d finally gotten out.
Truth was, you did miss parts of it. The Hunting they’d prepared you for was certainly easier and more effective. They’d practically wiped out every Supernatural species in the UK. 
It wasn’t all bad…you just wished they hadn’t kept your Dad from you for so long. And what they did to Mum… you couldn’t just forgive them for that.

“Don’t give me the face.” Mary folded her arms across her chest at her eldest.
“What face?”
The face.”
“There is no face.”
“That face!” She pointed at your Uncle, her voice loud.

“Mom…we don’t trust the Brits.” Your Dad trailed off when he spoke, noticing you becoming more and more awkward between the three of them.

“So where does that leave us?” Uncle Dean stood tall.

“Same as always. Family. Please, just hear me out.”

Part Fourteen- Pick A Side


I do not won these gifs

A/N: I’ve kinda worked my butt off all day to get this finished *phew*. Time to start planning for the next part I guess \_(-_-)_/

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Aggressively supportive dad Richard Bittle

Keeping with the theme of my previous post, here are just a few headcanons about Coach Bittle, who just really loves his gay son, okay?

  • Coach wishes he could make it to some of Bitty’s games, but his busy schedule with coaching and teaching, plus the distance to Samwell makes it difficult. Instead the Bittles have a completely ridiculous cable package just so they can watch NCAA hockey. They still can’t catch every Samwell game live, but Coach DVRs and watches every game broadcast.
  • In a stroke of really bad luck, the APUSH exam was the same week as the Frozen Four championship game, so Coach misses that too. When Bitty gets back to Madison he’s surprised to find there’s no room on the DVR to record The Great British Bake-Off because it’s full of Samwell’s playoff games.
  • Jack comes to Madison for July 4th, and he and Bitty are completely not subtle about their mooning over each other. Suzanne is really tempted to tell the boys that they know and Coach has to talk her down. Instead he suggests a series of totally urgent errands he and Suzanne need to do ‘so you boys can have some time alone.’ Dropping hints that they know also does not work.
  • When Bitty does tell his Coach he’s dating Jack, Coach plays it pretty cool. He says that Jack’s a good man and a fine athlete, so well done, Junior.
  • In public it’s a completely different story. When Jack and Bitty go public with their relationship, it’s non-stop bragging about Junior and his NHL-star boyfriend. Did you know they played in the Frozen Four together?
  • The faculty of Morgan County High School gets used to the fact that outside of football season, all Coach Bittle wants to talk about is hockey. Eventually he wins a few new Falconers fans. Possibly this is because he won’t shut up and his friends want to at least know what the heck he’s on about.
  • Fun town game: spotting Bitty and his friend ‘Mr. Crappy’ in the crowd during Falcs broadcasts. (Cue reminders the Junior used to play on Jack Zimmermann’s line.)
  • Coach’s team knows that he has absolutely zero tolerance for homophobic slurs or intolerant behavior from his players. That’s a one way ticket to being suspended from the team.
  • Coach is never going to be outgoing like his wife and son, but things are easier between him and Bitty now. Bitty doesn’t have to hide his sexuality, and he knows Coach doesn’t secretly wish his son was a QB.
  • Coach still agrees with Jack that Bitty should eat more protein.

Word Count: 1,621

Warning: None

((Um, I’m sorry if this completely sucks anon! I liked it, but I’m not sure if it was what you were looking for!))

You had heard the whispers, but you didn’t dare believe them. Theon was dead…Asha had told you such. The father of your child, your sweet barely two years old little boy, had died in the North after betraying Robb Stark and taking Iron Born into Winterfell. After killing two little boys. The thought alone had made you hope, pray, that Theon truly was dead. How could you want someone like him to be around your own son.

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#8: The Katherine reveal

I’m just gonna cut to the chase and start with the best damn part of this show, our Lady K. Every time Katherine shows up it feels like a reveal, but you know specifically the one I mean. Right after “Elena” kissed Damon, she got into the house and sliced off Uncle John’s fingers. Except it wasn’t Elena after all, it was Katherine, back to shake up Mystic Falls with her shenanigans. She was the villain back then — simpler times.

#7: Stefan teaches Caroline how to be a vampire

One of the most unexpected moments of the series was when Caroline became a vampire — but even more unexpected was the friendship with Stefan that would blossom from her new-fanged state. I’ll never forget Stefan wiping all the blood of the still insecure, neurotic, control-freak Caroline’s face and teaching her to breathe in deeply and control her bloodlust. Steroline forever!

#6: Damon says ‘I love you’

After one of the 10 million times Elena was kidnapped, Damon brought her vervain necklace back to her, along with a confession: He loves her, but he can’t be selfish with her. Stefan deserves her, he doesn’t. He then compels her to forget. Cue a super-awesome scene three years later when Elena remembers the incident after becoming a vampire. (Also, Ian Somerhalder has that “one tear down the cheek” trick pretty much patented by now, doesn’t he?)

#5: Damon and Alaric say goodbye-again

As if Alaric’s funeral weren’t sad enough, last season, Damon went to Alaric’s grave to complain about being left behind to take care of the kids (sob) and then the camera panned to Alaric’s longing, sad, WAY TOO DEAD face. Hearts across the world broke. It gave us the feeling that even now, though we haven’t seen Alaric all season, he’s around, watching over our gang. “I miss you, too, buddy.”

#4: Elena burns her house down

In what is probably my favorite episode of the entire series, Elena, wrestling with her grief over Jeremy’s death, pours alcohol over everything in her house. Damon hopes that by asking her (using the sire bond) to turn off her humanity, that she’ll calm down … but she burns the place anyway, because there’s nothing there for her anymore. Nina Dobrev’s acting was phenomenal in this episode. I’m still bitter they didn’t give her an Emmy!

#3: Katherine takes the cure

Of all the Katherine-related shockers (Uncle Mason, anyone?), this one was the craziest. We thought Elena gave Stefan the cure, but when Katherine has her stiletto on Elena’s neck and is ready to kill her, Elena smashes the vial inside Katherine’s jaw, curing her. Stefan gave it back to Elena and she used it at the best possible moment. The writers really know what they’re doing, because for all her wicked ways, Katherine is probably the most human of all the supernatural creatures on the show. And it has been WONDERFUL watching her struggle with her humanity this season. Please don’t kill her tonight, writers? [Starts prayer vigil for Katherine.]

#2: Damon and Elena’s motel kiss

I got one word for this one: HOT. There had been such insane crazy sexual tension building between these two for so long. After a day of running from Originals and tracking down ghosts, Damon and Elena have a quiet moment in bed, where she confronts him about why he hides his kind nature from other people. She becomes overwhelmed by the moment, and then pretty soon … overwhelmed by his kiss. And the best part? She RUNS to him! For a girl who swore by Stelena, this moment had me thinking twice. And who can forget the epic “Never Let Me Go” playing in the background?

#1: Elena drowns

Looking back, I don’t know how I missed the signs, but when Elena and Matt went off Wickery Bridge, I was completely surprised. The sequence was truly a landmark moment in the series, and one I wasn’t sure they were ever going to explore — Elena dies and comes back a vampire. It was the start of Elena’s — and the show’s — second era.

泡沫の記憶/Ephemeral Memories DLC Final Map Dialogue - Team Hoshido

All the kids (except for the Kanas and Shigure) have unique dialogue with certain enemies in the final map of the Ephemeral Memories/Failed Revelation/Dead Parents DLC. I thought they were pretty interesting so I wanted to translate them.

For now, here are the conversations with the Hoshido kids (including Midori). Obviously, mega spoilers for the DLC.

Here is the dialogue with the Nohr kids.

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Hannibal wrote quickly on his pad of paper and showed it to Will.

‘What are you?’

“A puppy.” Will said, blushing already. He expected Hannibal to laugh like all the other kids. But he didn’t. He nodded, smiling and nice and Will did not know what to do with that. Will skittered to change the subject. “W-What are you supposed to be?”


“Oh.” Will eyed his horns and his long, long tail that curled around him. “That’s cool.”

Hannibal smiled widely. 'I thought so too.’

Hannigram Halloween AU where kid!Will takes kid!Hannibal out on his first Trick or Treating (Hannibal is mute and new to the neighborhood and Will is an awkward lil thing with an itchy homemade costume. Crushes are quickly developed.)

*~All commissions $25 this October, more info here~*

This Fight

Shadowhunters imagines/short story

Alec x Female!Reader

Like before in my other imagine, Alec is bisexual, and this was supposed to be a one-shot originally, but evolved into a a short story. Please enjoy!

                                                       **Chapter 1**

“I’ve come to a decision that Ms. (Y/N) Sparks should be moved to another Institute. The one in Washington is more than willing to welcome her.” The Clave member apprentice Mr. Rogan Pineville informed everyone.

(Y/N) looked at Rogan as if he were crazy, what right did he have to place her in a different Institute in the first place?! “Are you mad?” She asked him, with anger seeping from her tone. “Under what pretenses do you have the power to send me away!?” She growled at him.

Rogan smirked at her. “Mr. Apollo Sparks, your uncle, remember right?” He taunted her. “Remember what he told you? That I would be a supervisor here as for my training and I have the rights to make any decisions”

“And what are the complaints?” Alec’s voice boomed throughout the room, as he entered with Jace by his side. The parabatai brothers were returning from a mission.

Rogan chuckled and faced Alec. “Oh I will surely tell you,” A dark glint passed through his eyes. “I’ve merely noticed that missions with you and Ms. (Y/N) are always ending up in arguments,” He smirked at Alec.

Alec arched a brow at Rogan’s claim.

“Ever since I’ve arrived, arguments here and there, and not to mention this, but very brutal from what I’ve heard.” He smirked at the end, and turned around to face (Y/N). “Wouldn’t you agree doll-face?” He winked at her suggestively.

(Y/N) was about to go psycho on him, but Izzy and Clary held her back, by latching on her arms, and holding her firmly.

“Excuse me, but I think you’ve overstayed your welcome.” Alec spun Rogan around, and sent him a cold glare. “And by the way, I suggest you keep this pet names to yourself.” Alec warned him.

Rogan’s smirk didn’t falter, Alec’s threat only made Rogan want to mess with them more. “And why? Last I recall is that (Y/N) is a former flame of mine.”

(Y/N) let out a bitter laugh. “Former flame? Don’t flatter yourself buddy, you didn’t even make it through one date with me.” Then a smirk spread across (Y/N)’s face. “As I recall, you decided to make out with another girl in the bathroom and everyone found out. It exploded in your face remember?”

Rogan’s smirk turned into a scowl. “Well, either way you’re coming with me to Washington. All the preparations have already been made.” He narrowed his eyes and let out a hardy laugh.

“I think not.” Alec growled, and Jace held him back before he could do any serious damage.

Rogan rolled his eyes. “I guess there’s a reason you two are together, whatever it may be, the effect has surely faded.”

(Y/N) was about to erupt, she was now beyond the point of being pissed off. How dare he insult her boyfriend?! “Excuse me?! Did you just insult Alec!?” Now all hell was about to break loose.

“By the angels, don’t (Y/N).” Izzy warned, knowing what was running through her best friend’s mind at the moment.

“I’ve had enough of him! He’s the reason why everything has gone wrong recently!” (Y/N) accused, and broke free of Izzy and Clary’s hold.

“(Y/N) don’t.” Alec ordered, and she stepped down from attacking Rogan on the spot.

Rogan, who had shrunk away, afraid of (Y/N)’s brutality. The last time he faced it… let’s just say he wasn’t just black and blue, more like in the hospital for about 2 and a half months. The girl’s got issues, that’s what he kept telling himself over and over.

“Wow, wow! What a love story!” Rogan clapped his hands with a mocking smile plastered across his face.

She looked at him with a murderous gaze, and pulled out a dagger and threw it Rogan, missing his face by an inch. “Next time it won’t _miss!” _She growled, and walked out of the room, infuriated.

Rogan stood frozen in fear for a moment, before looking at the rest of the shadowhunters that remained in the room.

Izzy glared at Rogan. “Like she said, next time it won’t miss.” Her voice was cold and they all left the room, leaving Rogan stunned and alone.

Rogan clenched his fist up into a ball, and let out a maniacal laugh. “Oh don’t worry (Y/N), it won’t miss next time, but I won’t be the target. Your lovely boyfriend Alec will.”

He pulled out his cell phone and petted it as if it were some kind of dear animal, and a cruel smirk spread across his face.

“Watch me take you to Washington babe, I’ve got a video that’ll knock your socks off!” He chuckled like a mad man, and headed back to his own room, waiting for the right moment to make his move.

“Seriously (Y/N)! You need to stop losing your cool over this guy!” Alec scolded his lovely girlfriend, whom in return scowled at him.

“How can I!? The boy is nauseating! Every-time I see all I recall what he did to me! I can’t resist the urge of becoming infuriated!” She defended herself, and crossed her arms over her chest.

Alec rolled his eyes. “You are so dramatic!” He tsked at her, causing her to look at him with an angry look.

“Dramatic? Me?” (Y/N) looked at him with a vexed look as she placed a hand on her chest, and scoffed at his claim. “Never.” She denied.

“You so are.” He fired back.

“Oh really?” She challenged him, narrowing her eyes at him. “Name a time when I was so-called ‘dramatic’.”

“Now.” He pointed out. “You’re doing it now.”

“No I’m not.” She glared at him, ready to chew him out.

“I know that look, you’re going to start yelling at me.” He said, right on dot.

Knowing he was right, she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction that he was. So she laughed and looked away. “Sorry bud, but you’re way off.” She said, as she fiddled with her necklace.

Alec shook his head at her. “You’re fiddling with your necklace, you know I’m right.” His voice held a smug tone.

(Y/N) turned to him, and shook her head. “I think not.” It took quite a lot of will power of not admitting she was wrong.

“Stubborn ass.” He says, and sits down on is bed.

“Takes one to know one.” She retorted in agitation, and walked out his room, ready to let some steam out.

As she walked down the hall, (Y/N) combed her fingers through her hair, thinking back over the last couple of weeks. Ever since Rogan had come along, he and Alec had been stressing her out like crazy. If only her uncle hadn’t flaked out on her, none of this would be happening…

** Flashback**

“My apprentice will be stationed here for a couple of weeks.” (Y/N)’s uncle said with a proud smile, and (Y/N) urged him to hurry up with the program. “I hope you don’t mind, come on in.”

A familiar boy entered the room, causing (Y/N)’ to become alarmed at the sight of him. He too was shocked when he saw (Y/N).

“YOU!” Both exclaimed, my what small world it was becoming.

“This is Rogan Pineville, my apprentice, for about 2 years now.” Her uncle proudly stated, ignoring the scene his niece and noisy apprentice caused.

“Why is he here?” (Y/N) growled at the sight of him, which only fueled her anger more. The event that happened with her before started to play in her mind.

“He’s here to help you all out with the infestation.” Her uncle said, causing (Y/N) to raise a brow at him, and question him.

“We don’t need him, you’re here.” She stated in confusion, and saw her uncle sigh. She knew bad news was about to be told to her.

“For I cannot stay this time to help you all.” He told her, and her eyes widened in disbelief.

“That’s not fair!” (Y/N) protested. “You promised me!” She stomped her foot, and glared at her uncle, as he was breaking yet another promise. Not surprising at the least though.

Her uncle combed his fingers through his hair. “I know my sweet (Y/N), but Valentine is on the move and my assistance is required.” He tried to explain to her.

(Y/N) merely shook her head, scolding herself mentally. Clearly she had forgotten that her uncle did this to her frequently.

“Please understand honey.” He gave her the puppy eyes, and (Y/N) reluctantly nodded with a forced smile.

“No, I understand.” She feigned a strong smile. “I can’t always have your time.” She laughed shortly, but was dying of hurt and agitation inside.

He smiled at her. “Thanks sweets.” He patted her on the head, and gave her a hug from the side. “Anyways, he’ll be given a set of rule powers, ok?”

(Y/N) nodded. “He can do whatever the hell he wants, but he just needs to stay away from us.” She told him, referring to herself, Izzy, Alec, Jace, and Clary. “If not, I’ll exert the right as YOUR niece to kick his butt.”

Her uncle chuckled, not taking her threat to heart, and looked at Rogan. “I’m leaving you in good hands I can promise you that.”

Rogan nodded. “Of course Sir Sparks, it’s my pleasure to be working with your niece.” He said smoothly and winked at (Y/N), whom in turn gave him a disgusted look.

“But listen to me carefully, see this as test. One fatal mistake will cost you dearly.” Her uncle said in a serious tone. “After I return in a couple of weeks, you will finish your training in Washington State.”

“But of course.” He said in such eloquence, causing (Y/N) to arch a brow at him. This was not the kind of behavior she remembered from a couple of years back.

“I bid you adieu, good luck.” He said, and exited the office, leaving the two alone.

“So…” She heard Rogan speak, and resisted the urge to sucker punch him. Out of all of the people her uncle could have chosen, it had to be this guy? Had he no standards whatsoever?

“You’re Sir Apollo’s niece.” She could hear the smirk in his tone, and it was frankly pissing her off. “What an interesting turnabout. You’ve grown far more gorgeous than I remember.” 

(Y/N) turned around, and her features held no tolerance for his bullshit. “And it would seem you’re still the creep from four years ago.” 

“Feisty girl,” He said, as he eyed her figure. “I like it.”

“Eyes up here.” (Y/N) said, feeling that he was staring at her chest longer than anyone really should. “And for your kind information, I’m already taken.” She stated proudly.

Rogan snorted at her claim, thinking she was playing hard to get. “And by whom?”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes before a smirk curled up across her face. “Keep messing with me and you’ll meet his fist.” She warned with her smirk.

(Y/N) walked out of the office and Rogan was following her like an irritating fly. She made her way over to the training room, knowing her beau would be there.

“There he is.” She smirked, proudly showing her lover off to Rogan.

His mouth was left open when he saw (Y/N)’s supposed ‘’lover’’, and boy it seemed like he was no match for the guy. “H-Him?” Rogan breathed in disbelief.

She rolled her eyes at him and winked at him in a taunting manner. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” She smirked, before looking back at her lover whom was training.

“T-the Alec Lightwood?” He stared in disbelief. 

The guy had a six back, some nice toned arms, and was pretty damn good looking, not to mention that he was so damn well known in the shadow world.

“Hey six packs.” (Y/N) teased him, as she made her way over to him. She had given him the name since Alec often trained without a shirt on.

“Ugh, hey (Y/N).” Alec said as he groaned at the silly nickname, and stopped punching the crap out of the punching bag. “What’s up?” He asked, and Rogan noticed that everything seemed all too friendly.

Was (Y/N) lying to him?

“Unfortunately my uncle Apollo can’t be with us,” She sighed, irritated and fed up. “So we’re stuck with him.” She pointed at Rogan, and Alec arched a brow.

“Who the hell is that?” He asked.

(Y/N) shrugged. “Apparently my uncle’s ‘’apprentice.” She finger quoted apprentice, causing Rogan to scowl. “And he thinks he’s got a chance with me…” She said tilting her head to the side with a sigh.

“Well, at least he can lose his job if he does this.” Alec smirked, and Rogan frowned at him, not understanding what Alec meant.

His eyes widened when he saw Alec place a kiss on (Y/N)’s lips. “Damn it, she was telling the truth…” He grumbled.

Having heard him, (Y/N) broke the kiss, causing Alec to look at her questioningly only to see a sly smile on her face. 

“You know six packs, there’s a poem about you.” She winked, and he rolled his eyes, ready to cover his ears. “Come on, listen.” She grabbed his hands, and placed them at his sides.

“Alright, shoot.” He said, and saw a bright smile spread across his girlfriend’s face.

She cleared her throat, and looked over her shoulder at Rogan with a smirk, before turning back to Alec. 

“Mr. Six packs, when will you say, I’ve found someone? Mr. Six packs,when will you say, I found someone? You’ll fall in love and say ‘'Oh no, I hurt my knee!’ ” She burst in joy.

Alec sighed, and palmed his face, half of her poems never made any sense to him, that is if they were really considered poems? 

“Thank you, thank you.” She said, and winked at Alec, and poked his chest with a teasing laugh.

Alec swatted his hand away, shaking his head at her in disapproval, but ended up smiling in the end, thanks to (Y/N)’s infectious smile…

Rogan grimaced at the duo, seems like she was telling the truth, and well, his plan of using her would go down the drain. Well, his plan of pursing was a waste of time… or was it? A devious smirk spread across his face as he eyed the couple.


“Life was simpler without Rogan around,” (Y/N) grimaced as she aimlessly walked through the corridors.

To be honest, (Y/N) had a sinking feeling that behind all these current mishaps that had been occurring somehow Rogan’s hand was behind it. Call it a hunch, but the other day, she saw him tampering with the wiring.

Luckily she was able to fix it in time, or who knows what would’ve became of them.

Lost in her own world as she carried on, an arm suddenly snaked itself around her waist, and yanked her into an empty room.

“H-hey!” She shrieked in anger and confusion, and then scowled when she saw the face of her sudden captor. “What do you want Rogan?” She snarled at him.

Rogan smirked cruelly at her, and trailed her finger down her cheek. “You.” He purred, causing (Y/N) to slap his hand away from her face.

“Watch it,” She started to threaten. “You may not leave this room in one piece.” She reached down to grab her a blade her always kept hidden.

“Nah-uh, uh-uh.” Rogan wiggled his finger in front of her. “You don’t want to do that.” He smirked at her, his features held a twisted Cheshire smirk, all too sinister.

(Y/N) narrowed her eyes at him, and crossed her arms. “And why not?” She asked, more like demanded. “What game are you playing at?”

He let out a hardy laugh. “Game? Oh no, no, no! ~ More like a proposition!” He grinned, and (Y/N) rolled her eyes at him.

“My answer is already no, and there’s no way I’m going with you to Washington.” Her tone was firm and ready to snap at him.

“Oh babe, you’ll come to Washington, trust me.” He winked at her, causing (Y/N) to look at him with immense disgust.

“How so?” She challenged, and watched him carefully take his phone out from his pocket, and swinging it in front of her face. “A phone? Wow, I’m scared.”

“Not yet dear (Y/N). Watch this video.”

The video had her and Alec in it, she wondered what significance it held.


“You’re so weak!” Alec yelled, and pushed (Y/N), causing her to slam into the wall.

(Y/N)’s features an immense look of fear.


(Y/N)’s eyes widened at the video. “W-what the hell!? This-this video is totally out of proportion!” She screeched at him.

Rogan chuckled darkly. “That we know, but the Clave doesn’t.” He smirked at her. “Domestic abuse, the reason why I’m taking you away.” He stated as if it were true in a solemn tone. “I’ll be given my position at a much quicker pace, and Alec Lightwood’s reputation is ruined once and for all.”

“Don’t you dare.” (Y/N) growled at him, merely causing dark laughter to erupt from Rogan. She pushed him up against the wall roughly, and glared at him. “What did Alec ever do to you?! He didn’t even know you existed until a couple of weeks ago!”

Rogan shrugged. “Fame is a rather difficult thing to gain in our world.”

(Y/N) moved away from Rogan, and sneered at him, “Listen to me closely,” She glared at him. “Say whatever bad about me, but never about Alec, I’ll kill for that boy.”

Rogan snorted and clapped mockingly. “Wow! You must really like Lightwood!” He puckered up his lips and make a kissing sound. “Alright, let’s make a deal. Come with me to Washington, and I’ll delete this video! ~”

(Y/N) lightly gulped, should she do it? Was it really the only way to save Alec?

“And I’ll have you know that I have more than one copy!” He sang cheerfully, and (Y/N)’s eyes widened in horror. “Deal?”

She reluctantly nodded, and shook Rogan’s hand.

“See babe! It wasn’t that hard!” His grin sickened her, his whole being sickened her. He waltzed out of the room, and (Y/N) was sending him daggers as he did so. “And we’ll be leaving in 5 days!”

(Y/N) covered her face, and felt tears roll out, what a mess they were all ensnared in. Her heart was beating wildly, how was she going to break the news to Alec?

So I hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter! There’ll be about 3 more coming soon! Hope you guys got the Qubool Hai references! _

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Pearl sometimes spits when she yells and I feel like she is unaware of this and would be mortified if someone told her

I was honestly peeing during lunch @ work today like my two bosses were talking about something random, n my main boss always has like millions of stories about his life hes like doraemon with the magic pouch, except the pouch his mouth n the items are……his stories lmao. so he’s talking about how he uncle had like 6 fingers ??? except the one finger extra didn’t have a joint connecting to the hand, so it had bones in the finger but nothing to secure it so my co-boss is like ‘so its just like…meat ?? just hangin there kinda like the turkey’s thing, gobble gobble.’ that was SO fucking funny to me I was actually tearing up n they wouldn’t stop talking n he goes on to another story about how in some religions (I think it was his religious), they think of cows of sacred so you can never hit a cow or eat a cow n the receptionist (I lov her) she’s like ‘wait so can you milk them???’ I was actually in pain from laughing so hard holy shit when he said gobble gobble I almost threw up