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Clark’s Niece - Part 6

So I don’t know if I used the right term but here they are!

Umayri - My Prince (That’s what Google Translate told me!!)

Amira - Princess


When you wake up the next day you feel more refreshed than you have in a long time. Damian is curled around you, fast asleep, and you wonder why you woke up. When the door clicks shut you have your answer. Quickly wriggling out of Damian’s hold you quickly head out to the living room.

“Uncle Lex?” You whisper

“In here, Y/N” He takes a sip of his coffee, “So you two made up”

“Yeah, we did. I love him, Uncle Lex. I love him so much that it hurts. I don’t know how I would ever survive without him”

Lex sighs, “He and I are going to have a talk on how to treat you, darling. I expect him to ask permission to take you out on a date, and be aware that when you do go out, I will be watching you, and if he hurts you, I will hurt him”

There’s a hoarse chuckle from the door, “I thought that we were over that, dad. I don’t really like to get shot, so I would appreciate it if you kept the injuries to a minimum.”

As Kon walks by he drops a kiss onto the top on your head, and you gently squeeze his arm. It’s practically a morning ritual, a show of affection and love between the two cousins. “Sit down, Kon. I’ll get your coffee, you shouldn’t even be up, you know.”

Conner flops into a chair and Lex fusses, making sure he didn’t pull any stitches. While Lex is a supervillain, and the cause of a lot of problems, he is also one of the most caring people you know. “Try not to strain yourself, son. I don’t want to have to take you back into surgery”

“Come on, dad! You know I can’t miss out on your famous coffee! It’s like the best stuff in the whole country!”

Lex chuckles, “I know, son. I would have brought you a cup”

Kon wrinkles his nose, “No way! You drink yours black! And you never add enough sugar to mine!”

Uncle Lex rolls his eyes, “You’re lucky you aren’t human, or you would have diabetes by now!”

Conner grins, raising his cup in a mock toast, “To my non-human biology!”

An hour later Damian and Clark stumble into the kitchen and get coffee. You walk over and press a kiss to Damian’s cheek, “Morning, Umayri”

“Good morning, Amira”

Uncle Clark groans, “Now they have cute nicknames for each other”

“Leave them alone, Kal. You’re the one who argued with Bruce just to get them back together. I don’t think I’ve even seen Batman nervous until then”

After breakfast, Damian approaches Lex when Y/N, Kon and Kal went out for a fly. “Mr. Luthor, I would like to have a word with you”

“Of course, Mr. Wayne. What can I do for you?”

Damian clears his throat, “I would like your permission to ask Y/N on a date”

Lex leans forward, “And why are you asking me instead of Clark?”

“I already have the approval of both Clark and Connor Kent. The only one I do not have it from is you, Mr. Luthor”

“I would like you to call me Lex, Damian”

Damian nods, “Of course … Lex.”

“I will give you permission to date my niece, on one condition”

“Name it”

“I want you to treat her like she is a princess. I want you to worship her, to love her in every way she deserves. I want you to make her happy. Do you think you can do that, Damian?”

Damian grinned, “I would have her no other way, Lex. All I want is for Y/N to be happy”

“One more thing, Damian … I want to walk Y/N down the aisle at your wedding”

Damian chuckled, “That is not my decision to make, however I will put in a good word for you”

Lex chuckles, “Yes, do that. We both know that Y/N will not be told what to do, so the decision is hers to make”

When you get back to Uncle Lex’s penthouse you can hear Damian laughing. “No! That can’t be THE Superman!”

Lex’s laugh joined Damian, “Oh yes it is! And he didn’t even know how to tie the tie, I had to do it for him!”

“I still can’t believe you hit him with your car!”

Uncle Clarks’ eyes widened in horror, “Oh no” he takes off, sprinting down the stairs, “Alexander Luthor! You put that book away right now!”

You and Conner glance at each other before you take off after Clark, “Don’t you do it Uncle Lex! I want to see the pictures too!”

“NO!!!” Clark shouts, “How did you even get those pictures!?!”

“Martha gave them to me of course.”

“Aw, no, Ma!”

Lex chuckles again, “You were such a cute kid, Clark, I don’t know how you turned into what you are now”

You roll your eyes at you uncles antics. Those two fight like they really are siblings instead of enemies.

“Y/N? Will you come with me for a moment?”

You glance up from your book, “Sure, Dami” You float behind him, holding onto Damian’s shoulders, letting him pull you along like he always does, “What’s up?”

“I had a conversation with Lex today, Beloved.”

You cock your head, “You did?”

“Yes, and he gave me his permission to do this”

Damian pulls out a ring, and goes down on one knee, “Dami …?”

“I know we are young, and that we aren’t ready to get married yet, but I love you. I love you more than I ever thought I could love a single person, and I want you to be mine. Will you promise to marry me one day, when we are ready? Will you promise that you will always be mine?”

Tears streak down your face and you nod your head frantically, “Yes, yes, Dami! Of course I will! I love you so much! Yes!”

Damian slides the black opal ring onto your finger, and stands up. You fling your arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. “I love you, Beloved”

“And I love you, Dami. I’ll love you forever”

He leans his forehead against yours, just breathing you in, relishing this moment. He runs his thumb over the ring now on your finger. They two of you stand there for who knows how long before you decide to go inside.


“Yes, Beloved”

“You get to tell Jason”

Damian groans, tugging you into one more kiss, “Of course, Beloved”

“He’ll probably try to beat you up”

Damian kisses your nose and you run your fingers gently through his hair, “I would deserve it for hurting you, my love”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you. I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore”

“I will fight for you every day, Beloved. I will show you my love for you every day to make up for any pain that I have caused you”

“And I will forgive you every day, and every time you hurt me again. I love you”

“I love you too, Amira”


That’s what I was picturing when I wrote about the Promise Ring!!

New History

Can I request a Steve Harrington x Reader where reader is Hopper’s niece who moved in to help with Eleven? Love at first sight but oh no her uncle is scary? I’d appreciate it! 

Quick Note: Requests are open!

Warnings: light swearing, a smidge of S2 SPOILERS 

Song to Listen to: Dream By Bishop Briggs 

You looked at the girl who had answered the door, and to be honest, you weren’t entirely sure what to make of her. She was shorter, with piercing eyes, and for a twinge of a moment you questioned whether or not you even had the right house. 

“Uh, Uncle Jim?” you called out, never breaking eye contact from the little girl. You heard a chorus of swear words from somewhere in the back of the cabin, and then what sounded like a bear bumbling through a china shop. When your Uncle finally made it to the front entrance, you could tell he was out of breath.

“Someone needs to work out more” You chide. 

“Someone needs to not be an asshole.” 

“Is that any way to talk to your niece?” 

That word made the small girl before you perk up, “Niece?” she asked Hopper before looking back at you. 

Hopper looked back at you, “(Y/N) is my niece. Brother’s daughter.” 

“Your brother, her papa?” The girl questioned. The whole conversation was beginning to make you uneasy. When your Uncle had mentioned he’d adopted some random child, you were suspicious. He’d been a kind man once, but life had hardened him surely. 

But you saw the small girl and the way she reacted in such a daughterly way toward Hopper. It gave you a tiny smile and you lowered yourself down to her level. 

“I’m Y/N.” You stuck out your hand, and after a moment of hesitation, she took it lightly. 

“El.” She said the name matter-of-factly, but you could tell that she was already warming up to you. El grabbed the slouchy backpack that you had dropped on the porch and carried it into the house without saying a word. You came in and closed the door behind you. 

“Well she’s not a talker, I guess?” You posed to Hopper. He shook his head before beginning to clean up some broken glass on the floor. You looked behind him and saw a broken window. “The hell happened here?” 

“It was an accident. I’ll explain later.” Your Uncle mumbled, continuing to broom up the mess. Just before the silence between you got too awkward, the sound of footsteps on the front porch could be heard. 

 A knock… a few more.

“Hopper! El! I’m sorry I’m late!” Hopper shook his head in exasperation before running his hand through his thinning hair. 

“Y/N will you get the door? I’m not in the mood.” Raising an eyebrow, you walked over to the door and opened it with caution. Bent over with his hand on the railing was singlehandedly the most gorgeous being you had ever seen. 

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Clark’s Niece - Part 4

Sorry this took so long! So there isn’t much Damian x reader fluff in this one, it’s mainly the aftermath of their fight.


You leave Gotham before anyone can talk to you, and you fly straight to Conner’s apartment. Most of the time you stay with your Grandparents, but right now you just need to be with your cousin.


“Hey, Kon. Am I interrupting something?”

Conner yaws, scratching his stomach, “Nah, I just woke up. Want some breakfast?”

Nodding, you land on his windowsill, and climb into the apartment, “Can we have pancakes?”

“Sure, Y/N” He glances back at you, “Is everything alright? I thought you were going to be in Gotham all weekend.”

You groan, flopping on Kon’s couch and burying your face in a pillow. He sits down next to you, gently removing the pillow from your face, “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

“Do I have to?”

“Considering I just got a text from Jason asking where you are, yes.”

You nod and tell him what happened he previous night. By the time you finish Kon’s eyes are red, and he looks like he’s ready to fly to Gotham.

“Kon, it’s okay, you need to calm down.”

He rolls his eyes, “I am calm, kid. Now, I’m going to make us pancakes, and call Clark. I’d rather he finds out from me, than from Batman”

“Does he have to know? I don’t want to think about him anymore, alright?”

“Don’t worry, kid. You don’t have to worry about the Bats anymore.” Conner ran his fingers through your hair gently, before he stood up. You really loved how understanding Kon could be.

It’s been about a week, and you have managed to avoid almost everyone. Kon told you about the huge fight between Superman and Batman up in the Watchtower, and how Robin hadn’t stopped asking about you. Your goal had been to stay away from everyone until just the thought of Damian didn’t hurt anymore, but of course the world never seemed to work in your favor.

“Supergirl, come in, Supergirl”

“Supergirl here, what’s the situation?”

“You are needed at the Watchtower for debrief. We have a mission for you and Superboy.”

“Of course, Batman. We’ll be there soon”

You whip around, only to find Kon already dressed and holding out your costume. Kon had changed his original outfit into just jeans and a shirt, so you had decided to steal it. Your costume looked like a female version of Connor’s old costume.

“You know, it’s a lot easier to just change into jeans. You should totally make the switch, kid”

“And look like you? No thanks. Plus, I make the leather jacket look better than you ever did” Your hair quickly goes up into a ponytail, and then you slip on the knee-high black boot. “Ready?”

Kon is floating upside down, looking bored, “I’ve been ready, but you still had to get dressed”

“I don’t like getting dressed at superspeed, I might put my shirt on backwards, like you did”

Connor whips around, and quickly flips his shirt so it’s on the right way, “Not funny”

“Oh it was hilarious, now let’s go”

You arrive at the Watchtower about 2 minutes later, you and Kon had raced.

“Superboy, Supergirl. Thank you for joining us”

“What mission did you have for us?”

“Lex Luthor has captured Superman, using Kryptonite, and has refused to give a location unless we bring the two of you to him.”

You glance over at Kon, “You do know that Lex Luthor is the other half of my DNA, and he’s the one who found Supergirl”

Batman sighed, “I am aware of these facts, and considering how he was ranting about having hi child kept from him, I assume that he is doing this, because he is angry and Superman for keeping the to of you from him”

“I talked on the phone with Uncle Lex two days ago. He asked me to come visit him, but I told him that Uncle Clark wouldn’t let me, not after his last attempt at world domination”

Flash lets out a groan, “This is seriously a family dispute? Why can’t supervillains just talk things out!! There was no need to pull out the Kryptonite! I mean that stuff could just hurt you two”

“Yeah, but I’m betting Dad will leave all of the Kryptonite with Mercy once we get there. Plus he probably has Clark under a red sun lamp at this point. The last time he really hurt Clark with Kryptonite it made Y/N cry, he promised he wouldn’t do it again”

“Do you think you can convince Lex to let Superman out?”

You shrug your shoulders, “Hopefully. We can try”

“You’ll need backup. Robin will go with you” Batman gestured for the younger man to stand up.

Kon stepped forward, getting between you and Damian, “We don’t need backup, we have each other” he growled.

“Yes, and you both can be taken out by Kryptonite, something that Robin has no weakness to”

“Superboy, it’s fine. Let’s just go see Uncle Lex, and then we can go back to your apartment”

“Supergirl, I would like to speak to you before you leave” Batman called out. He turned and walked out of the room, leaving you to follow,

“What is it, B?”

“Why haven’t you been to the Manor?”

You sigh, “You know why. I know that Damian told you”

“Yes, but I want to hear it from you.” Bruce crossed his arms, waiting for you to answer

“He was with three other girls, B. I had thought … well, it doesn’t really matter what I thought, but it hurt to see Damian like that” You lock eyes with Bruce, “To see him use some stupid playboy persona, like you do. I loved him, but I won’t sit around while he becomes you, Bruce. That’s not something I have to heart to watch” You sniffle, straightening your back, “I have to go. Robin is staying here. Superboy and I will handle this”

With that you’re gone, zooming through the Watchtower and straight out the airlock Kon will meet you at LexCorp, you know that he was eavesdropping anyway.

Mercy is the one to meet you and Kon on the roof. She quickly brings you down the stairs and into Lex’s office.

“It’s about time you two arrived. Clark has been waiting for his rescue”

You roll your eyes, “Come on Uncle Lex, let him go, and then we can go out to dinner or something”

“Yeah Dad, don’t be an asshole. I know Clark can be annoying, but Kryptonite hurts”

Lex rolls his eyes, but he stand up from behind his desk, “Very well, since you both asked so nicely. Let’s go let Clark free. I’m sure that if we leave him on the roof his little friends will be able to pick him up.”

Your head shoots up when you hear a noise from the roof, at the same time several alarms start going off and Mercy takes off running. You recognize the heartbeat, it’s Damian.

“Mercy no!!”

You and Kon sprint after her, making it to the rooftop only seconds before her. “Robin!” You shout, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to protect you!! You just take off, flying strait to your uncles arch-nemesis’ home, where he has hundreds of pounds of Kryptonite! Which is one of the few things that can hurt you!” Damian is practically scream now, “What did you expect me to do?!? Let you put yourself in danger like that?! You might hate me, but I would never let you get hurt!”

“I don’t hate you” You mumble, shifting until you are slightly behind Kon.

“If you didn’t hate me, they you wouldn’t be avoiding me. If I never see you, how am I supposed to apologize.”

“Well, isn’t this interesting” Lex drawled, walking until he can put a hand on your shoulder, “I do believe that Superman told me all about your little argument with Supergirl, Robin, and I don’t really appreciate you landing on my rooftop and harassing my niece” with a flick of his fingers Mercy raises her gun. “Now I suggest you leave before I order Mercy to pull the trigger”

Your eyes widen, you might be angry at Damian, but you don’t want him to die, “Uncle Lex, please don’t …”

“Hush child, there’s no need for you to worry. I’ve heard that the Bats are a relatively smart group of individuals.”

“Dad …”

“I said hush, Conner. I’m having a conversation with Robin right now. It’s very rude to interrupt conversations.”

Lex turns back to Damian, who still hasn’t moved, “What will it be? Should Mercy shoot you, or are you going to leave? She has Kryptonite laced bullets you know, so if either Superboy or Supergirl decided to try and save you, they would only end up hurt. The liquid Kryptonite would seep into their blood, killing them without a transfusion”

Damian is starting to look nervous. He doesn’t want to leave you, but he also doesn’t want to get shot, or risk you getting shot. “Just let him go, Uncle Lex. Come one, lets everyone go back inside.”

“I don’t think so, Y/N. He hurt you, so he deserves to hurt. It’s only fair. Mercy … shoot him”

The sound of the gunshot is deafening, your scream even more so. You shoot forward, in a desperate attempt to beat the bullet. For one, you’re afraid that you might not be fast enough to save the one person who you know that you can’t live without. Racing a Kryptonite infused bullet is almost painful, you can feel yourself get weaker the closer you get to it, but you keep pushing. Damian won’t die, not on your watch. You push yourself to go faster, will you make it? Or will you be forced to watch your best friend die?


From Dusk Till Dawn vs Ao3 tags  Part 6/10

Inktober Submission 4 (½)

These comic ones are killing me…Still Tulio and Miguel these two! XD