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Break-Up Novella.



The first part to this novella received such incredible feedback and a generous amount of notes; I am honestly so thrilled that people enjoyed the first section of it. I really am. You guys are absolutely amazing and I love you. I know I suck when it comes to writing angsty, fight/argument scenes so I’m really glad you all enjoyed it and took time to read it. 

This chapter - and probably part 4, as well - is a filler section. Not as lengthy, not as long, not as detailed. I think I underestimated some things in this series and probably could have squeezed it into three sections… Haha.

Enjoy! x

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Unky Dee Weekend

Charlie-Unky Dee drabble

Warnings: none

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Authors note: Something to get me out of my life rut. Companion piece to Fresh Dirt. Got way longer than expected.
“Unky Dee! Unky Dee! Wake up!” Someone was shoving his shoulder as Dean rolled over to look at his clock. Seven am.

“Char, it’s seven. And Saturday. Why are you up so early?” She pouted, crossing her arms in the most adorable way.

“It’s my Unky Dee weekend. Mommy and daddy are on vacation. We get the whole weekend together and you told me that we could go to the gardens and the park today.” Dean sat up, rubbing his eyes.

“Why seven am?” She frowned, hands on her hips just like her mother.

“You told me you would make me Mickey pancakes.” Dean smiled.

“That’s right monkey. I did tell you that. Come on.” He scooped her up as he stood. “Let’s go make Mickey pancakes.” Charlie was the perfect little helper, and when Dean flipped her Mickey Mouse pancake over she squealed in delight, so excited she accidentally rested a hand on the hot griddle to get a closer look. She screamed loud enough to cause Dean to drop the spatula.

“Charlie! Are you okay?” He snatched her up, bouncing on the balls of his feet and smoothing her hair. “Here, let me see munchkin.” He pulled on her arm lightly until she let go of his neck, and examined her hand. “It’s just a little burned. You scared me kiddo. Come on.” He took her to the sink and ran cold water over it until her sniffles subsided and the skin was no longer an angry red.

“I’m sowwy I scared you Unky Dee. I just hurt my hand.” Tears welled up in her eyes again, and Dean hugged her close.

“It’s okay Char. Let’s just make that the only injury this weekend okay?” She nodded. “Remember,”

“No twips to the emergency room,” she recited. Dean smiled and sat her at the table.

“That’s right. Here’s your Mickey.” While she ate happily, Dean cooked himself a couple, drowning them in syrup. He laughed when he saw Charlie wrinkling her nose at the syrup.

“Syrup is sticky and gross, Unky Dee.”

“Well it’s not too bad, especially when you-” Dean cut himself off, not completing the sentence he had started. Charlie squinted at him, head tilted, and Dean responded by shoving a too big bite into his mouth.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, Unky Dee,” Charlie said, causing Dean to almost choke.

“You sound just like your mother,” he managed to get out after a coughing fit.

“Well, mommy’s always right,” she said, grinning up at him. Dean chuckled.

“That she is.” He glanced down at her plate. “Look at you! You ate all of your Mickey! Good job monkey!” Charlie giggled. “You ready to get dressed?” She nodded, pushing herself from the table and climbing out of her chair.

“Can I wear my jeans and sparkly purple shirt with the mermaid on it?”

“You can wear anything you like. Last one to brush their teeth is a rotten egg!” He yelled, and Charlie shrieked in delight, her short legs running as fast as they could go to the bathroom. Dean chased after her, threatening tickles if he caught up. She shrieked again, making the turn into the bathroom.

“You’re a rotten egg Unky Dee!” She laughed when Dean finally got to the bathroom. He laughed with her and helped her brush her teeth, pulling out the step stool so she could reach the sink. Finally on the road, Dean popped in one of his favorite tapes, nearly driving off the road when Charlie sang along with the music.

“How do you know the words, monkey?” She looked at him in the rear view mirror, grin fading from her face.

“It’s one of your favorites. I hear it all the time. Did I do sumfin wrong?” Dean shook his head, glancing to the road again.

“No, monkey, nothing’s wrong. I’m just surprised, is all.” Charlie smiled again and went back to staring out the window, singing along to Stairway to Heaven.

It was a beautiful day, which meant the gardens were crowded. Charlie sat on Dean’s shoulders, looking at all the pretty flowers and bugs, until Dean heard her tummy growl.

“You ready for lunch?”

“Can we do burgers?” She asked, looking down at Dean.

“Of course we can. Let’s go.” After a burger and a shared milkshake and their favorite diner, Dean and Charlie were finally going to the brand new park Charlie had been dying to visit.

Dean managed to score a parking spot under a tree, and had barely unbuckled Charlie when she was off running to the slides. Dean let her go on her own; the park was designed for kids under the age of 16 and had that shredded-tire mulch to break falls. Dean sat, left ankle on right knee, arms draped over the back of the bench and he watched Charlie play and interact with the other kids.

“Which one’s yours?” He turned to find a beautiful woman standing next to the bench, hair tied up in a bun. She had on a white tank top and shorts, aviators covering her eyes and sandals on her feet. Dean sat up, removing his arm and gesturing for her to sit. He looked for Charlie, finding her brown curls on a seesaw.

“Brown curls, purple shirt.” The woman followed his gaze and smiled. “But she’s not mine. Niece,” he explained, seeing her confused face.

“She’s cute.” Dean smiled and nodded.

“She is. Yours?”

“Blonde, blue shirt.” The kid she mentioned just so happened to be the kid Charlie was playing on the seesaw with.

“He’s cute,” Dean said.

“Thanks, and he’s mine,” she added and they both laughed.

“Dean,” Dean said, sticking a hand out.

“Lindsey,” she replied.

“Cute name. Cuter owner,” he said. She blushed, brushing stray hairs behind her ears. They fell into easy conversation, talking about everything under the sun until Charlie came up with Lindsey’s boy, who was trying very hard not to cry.

“Unky Dee, Andrew has a splinter in his hand. Can you fix it?” Dean held his hand out, Andrew shyly placing his hand in it. The splinter was huge, partially sticking out but too shallow for Dean to grab with his fingers. He pulled out a leatherman, opening up the needle nose pliers.

“This may hurt, but I’ll do my best to make it quick okay Andrew?” Andrew nodded, looking at Charlie, who took his other hand in hers. Dean quickly pulled it out, and Lindsey was waiting with Neosporin and a bandaid.

“What do you say, Andrew?” Andrew looked shyly at Dean, smiling.

“Thank you Mr. Dean for fixing my hand.” Dean ruffled his hair.

“No problem, kid. Be safe, okay?” Andrew ran off, but Charlie stayed.

“Will you push me on the swing Unky Dee?” Dean picked her up and spun her around.

“Of course kiddo. Let’s go.” He turned to ask Lindsey if she’d like to go over with him, but she had gotten up and was leaving with Andrew. Dean wanted to call out to her or go over but Charlie was tugging him over to the swings and he lost his chance.

Dean pushed Charlie on the swings until she started to get droopy eyed, and he carried her back to the Impala. When he got there, there was a note stuck on the windshield. He got Charlie all buckled before he plucked the note from under the wiper.

“I’d like to see you again sometime if you’re up for it. Pretty sure Andrew likes Charlie, too :)” the note wasn’t signed, but there was a number at the bottom. Flipping it over, Dean smiled. “P.S. This is a beautiful car with a more beautiful owner.” He tucked the note in his pocket and climbed into the drivers seat. Charlie was knocked out before they got out of the parking lot, and stayed asleep as he carried her inside. Once he tried to put her in bed though, she woke.

“Can we watch tangled?” Dean laughed, walking back to the library.

“Sure. Let’s do it.” Five minutes into the movie, both were sound asleep, and that’s how Sam and (Y/N) found them the next morning, home early from vacation. Dean was on his back, left arm tucked under his head and the other around Charlie.

“He loves her,” (Y/N) said.

“She loves him,” Sam replied, noticing a piece of paper sticking out of his pocket. He carefully pulled it out, holding it so (Y/N) could read it too.

“Seems like they had a good day,” (Y/N) said, smiling at her brother-in-law and daughter.

“That it does,” Sam said, pulling a blanket over them.

Adding to the Winchester Clan

For my 4k Celebration @freewill-is-an-illusion asked: Could you maybe do a preference with Sam? Where he finds out hes going to be a dad? (love your writing btw!)

Hope you like hun!

You hadn’t been able to hold much food down for a few days. At first you had thought you were getting sick, but asides from puking your guts out you were fine. Still it wasn’t until a few days later that realization hit you while you were getting ready. Your boobs were sore, and come to think of it, you were late.

You were in a panic all the way to the store, all the way home, and  while you waited for the test results.

How could you raise a kid in this life? You never talked to Sam about having kids. You never really thought of it as an option you had as a hunter. What if he got pissed? What if he threw you out? Oh God, what if he threw you out? You couldn’t picture life without him anymore. Much less one raising a kid on your own.

The test was positive, as you feared, and you were pacing the floors of the bunker when Sam came home. His arms were around you in an instant, trying to calm you, but he was only making it worse. So you pushed him away before you could think, before he had time to react you blubbered out the words.

“Sam, I’m pregnant.” You held out the test in front of you as you waited for the shock on his face to turn into anger, but it didn’t. Instead, a big goofy grin spread across his face.

“I’m going to be a dad?” Relief washed over you as you nodded, and happiness started bubbling within you as Sam’s arms closed around, you lifting you into the air as you both laughed.

“What the hell is going on?” Dean grumbled as he walked down the stairs behind you. Sam put you back on your feet as he looked to his brother with excitement glowing from his hazel eyes.

“You’re going to be an uncle, Dee,” Sam bursted out before you could stop him. Not that you wanted too and you laughed as you saw the excitement be transferred to the older Winchester’s face as the brothers embraced each other tightly.

You had no idea why you had been so worried. This kid would have a family. More people that loved it than you ever had and you knew Sam and his brother would keep it safe. You and Sam were having a baby boy or girl and nothing made you happier.

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Meeting His Family - A Calum Hood oneshot

Could you maybe do a second part to the Calum’s family reunion thingy? Love, love, love the story...❤💋” -anon

(part i) || +masterlist

“Baby,” you heard Calum coo, a gentle shaking of your arm prompting you to open your eyes. Immediately, you grimaced and rubbed the palms of your palms against your closed eyelids, the harsh light from the window to your left causing your eyes to water.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Calum teased, quietly chuckling at you in your barely-awake state. He’d always been amused by your sleepy, just-woken-up tendencies, considering he was more or less of a morning riser. He loved to listen to you grumble beneath the bed sheets in the morning after your alarm sounded, liked to watch you fumble around the bathroom with your eyes still tightly shut, see you stumble around the kitchen as you prepared your breakfast. It was even funnier to watch you as stretched your limbs in the plush airplane seat you were previously sleeping in, your shirt raising to reveal a patch of soft skin as you lifted your arms above your head. “We’re gonna land in about ten minutes, so I figured I’d wake you up.”

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Alpha!Gabriel finally asks single father, Omega!Sam on a date

Gabriel’s favorite thing about his bakery is the children. Little girls and boys come in, and their eyes go wide when they see his display case filled to the brim with all kinds of cookies and pastries. They happily point at what they want, looking expectantly at their parents. There are some that come in weekly that he’s learned by name, and know exactly what they like.

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It Still Hurts

Part 25 of A+ Secrets

Summary:  You head out of town without telling anyone, needing to be alone to make your decision.

Word Count: 1809

Warnings:  Talk of abortion. Extreme angst. Depression.

A/N: Happy Friday! Have some angst!

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

One week. That was all it took for Dean’s life to swirl into a dark confusion. One week ago he had been at a conference back East. One week ago, his only drama and life change had been with Lisa and Ben. One week ago, he knew what he wanted.

In just one week, he found out you were pregnant, might not want to move in with him, missed the first doctor’s appointment, and hurt you so badly that he didn’t know what to do.

I’m done.

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Implicit Challenge

Part 11 of A+ Secrets

Summary: Thanksgiving Day comes with a few realizations.

Word Count: 2181

Warnings: Kinda implied smut?

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

“We just wanted to let you know that we love you,” your mom said into the phone.

“Some of us do, anyway!” your brother Bronson shouted, making you laugh. What were little brothers for anyway?

“I love some of you too,” you shot back. You could hear the rolling laughter from your family. For a second, you felt a twinge of jealousy that they were all together and you were halfway across the country. But then you buried that feeling, remembering that if you were there, they would be coddling and suffocating you. You’d get enough of that when the semester was over.

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you know what i want for an episode?? i want a monster that only appears as a dream or wish of someone it has touched so its REALLY hard to find they have to do a lot of deducing and detectivework and it feeds on emotion and its really manipulative like you sort of have to let it in for it to kill you so it dresses up as people you love, fantasy worlds, etc, but doesnt have to put you under like a djinn it just fucks with your mind . anyway

so sam and dean think they know where it is so they sneak through the house w sam in the lead and he freezes in the doorway to the kitchen and just says “oh shit” so dean moves around him and jess is at the oven, but she turns and sees them and smiles and says “there you are sam! i thought the firm was gonna keep you all night, deandra’s been waiting up for you” and then this little girl bursts in and goes “PAPA!!” and then she notices dean and screams and hugs his legs going “uncle dee uncle dee uncle dee!! did you bring any pie this time?” 

and the two of them are just standing there frozen because the only way to stop the monster is to murder it in it’s current form aka jess and sam’s daughter


anonymous asked:

Do you know which members of the boys families have Twitter? Xx

Harry: Anne Twist (x), Robin Twist (x), Gemma Styles (x), Mike Twist (x), Des Styles (x), Ella Selley (x), Matt Selley (x), Ben Selley (x), Mike Selley (uncle - x), Dee Selley (x), Larissa Selley (x)

Liam: Ruth Payne (x), Nicola Payne (x)

Louis: Jay Deakin (x), Mark Tomlinson (x), Dan Deakin (x), Keith Tomlinson (x), Lottie Tomlinson (x), Sally Deakin (x)

Niall: Greg Horan (x), Denise Horan (x), Jane Nolan (x), Grace Nolan (x), Patricia Flynn (x), Claire Flynn (x), Caroline Flynn (x), Annie Donohue (x), Claire Storey (x), Emma Horan (x), Katie Donohue (x), Katie Horan (x), Deo Devine (x), Willie Devine (x)

Zayn: Doniya Malik (x), Waliyha Malik (x), Sashaa Malik (x), Maryum Malik (x), Aaroosa Malik (x), Jawaad Saeed (x)

There are probably more, but at the moment I don’t know who else to add :) xx